Review of No Umbrella video
Submitted by Bill D., MT-BC, Neurologic Music Therapist, Seattle, WA - July 20, 2014:

With their sophomore video single, No Umbrella, Continuous Audio Transmission has the observer reminiscing about the days of MTV when they actually played music videos. Performers, in an effort to get their music heard and to gain more exposure, originally used this limitless, creative medium to expand their audience. Unfortunately today, producers, managers, and directors focus the images more on shock value and the music itself becomes secondary.

From the first notes of the piano and spoken word intro the listener is drawn into a visual and audio journey. When the guitars and drums explode into the speakers, the music starts building and the story expands and leaves you hanging on what comes next. Although the length and musicality brings back nights listening to Queensryche's: Operation Mindcrime and Dream Theater's: Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory, this updated feel brings another level to the experience. The driving musical composition combined with intelligent lyrics invite multiple listens to fully grasp the complexity, but still stands on its own without visuals.

Adding the visual content to the mix creates layers of subtleties that bands in recent history tend to overlook in favor of blatant generic images of unattainable Facebook fantasies. The visuals in "No Umbrella" don't take away from the music, but rather add a background that supports the music, which, at its core, is what songwriting and performing are all about.

Independent artists of this level of musicianship should be celebrated and shared. I'm absolutely not against bubblegum pop music, and have my fair share of guilty pleasures in music, but being a musician I'm also a fan of musicians using their creativity, talent, and desire to focus on what matters most...the music.

Continuous Audio Transmission
releases No Umbrella - July 14, 2014:

CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION have simultaneously released NO UMBRELLA, the fifth single from their debut project, and an accompanying video as well, the second music video uploaded to their YouTube channel, CAT4Rock.

There are still six songs left to complete from the current project. The next song slated for completion is their cover of Triumph's Fight The Good Fight.

Continuous Audio Transmission
releases Ship Of Fools Video - March 4, 2014:

CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION have released a video for SHIP OF FOOLS. This is their first video, and is available for viewing via their YouTube channel, CAT4Rock.

Work has already begun for their next video. The song selected is to be announced at a future date.

Continuous Audio Transmission
releases Ship Of Fools - November 23, 2013:

CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION have released SHIP OF FOOLS, making it the fourth single from their debut project.

Commented guitarist Jeffrey Smoots, principal writer of SHIP OF FOOLS: "I like odd time signatures, as they can inspire new and interesting rhythms. However, they can also sound clunky and off-balance. For me the trick is to make the odd time signature sound natural and flowing. This is something my heroes, Rush and Kings X, have mastered. This is what I tried to do with Ship of Fools.

"Without me mentioning those intentions, I think Nick did likewise with his words and vocal melody. He was able to float his lines over the guitar parts most expertly. This is a skill honed by years of practice and a wide range of musical influences. I must tell you I was excited when I first heard his vocals along with the music. That moment, that first time you hear the music and vocals come together, can be magic, or a ho-hum-needs-work, or a disaster. For Ship of Fools, it was magic.

"Let me talk about Wayde for a bit. Wayde got a copy of the song, and knocked out rhythm guitar that matched my base tracks perfectly. Even as far as every down and up pick. That muscular, chunky sound coming from the rhythm guitars? That's Wayde's guitar. His rhythm playing is fantastic. I think perhaps people overlook his rhythm playing, focusing on his solos. I'm saying, check out that chunky rhythm too. That said, Wayde's solo on this song is just right: combining melodious skill, shred, and interesting rhythm. In fact, we crafted the drum fills in his solo to match his syncopated execution.

"I am happy and also proud to be part of a band that has this level of collaboration, this level of empathy, this level of talent. Each song we've worked on has been a journey, watching the germ of the idea transform into a unique musical organism. Each song is made better by everyone's contribution. We all have standard-issue musical egos, but those egos, that passion, is used to serve each song.

"I hope you like Ship of Fools, and all the songs by Continuous Audio Transmission. Each is a labor of love. I apologize they take so long to get released, but we don't release them until they are truly ready. I hope you'll look forward to more songs to come in the following months. I do! "

There are still seven songs left to complete from the current project, and the band are still working on pre-production for their first video.

Continuous Audio Transmission
releases Vampire Desire - April 12, 2013:

CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION have released VAMPIRE DESIRE, making it the third single from their debut project.

Commented guitarist Wayde Cooper, principal writer of VAMPIRE DESIRE: "This song was written back in 1990, and was played in our live shows through 1992. We ended up going into Triad Studios in Redmond, WA to record our next CD, but due to other personal commitments we never got to finish this song. Fast forward 23 years later - this song is now completed!

"With the help of great storytelling and incredible vocals, Nick has taken this song in an amazing direction since it was first written. With age this song has matured into a strong, powerful song that I believe holds up to today's music. Nick really painted a great picture with his words; listening to how he gives the words feeling, it creates an image that's easy to identify.

"Bring in Jeff Smoots with his amazing talents to add depth and maturity to the song and you have a masterpiece. Jeff not only helped make the song what it is today, but mixed and mastered it with lots of detail to give the song its presence. Jeff added detail to the drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals and brought all of Nick's and my performances to life. With each new release the songs from the past shine brighter in the future.

"As a musician I hope you enjoy each new release from Continuous Audio Transmission!"

The band is currently doing video testing and shooting early footage for their upcoming debut video. The video is for the song THAT'S ALL RIGHT, and is slated for release some time in April or May 2013.

There are still eight songs left to complete from the current project, and the most likely candidate for next release is SHIP OF FOOLS, a song based on a short story of the same name by Ted Kaczynski. Band members have indicated that the next song release will be delayed by concentrating all efforts on finishing the debut video.

Continuous Audio Transmission
releases That's All Right - December 8, 2012:

CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION have released THAT'S ALL RIGHT, making it their second single of 2012. They are currently in pre-production for an accompanying video, which they plan to release to YouTube during the first quarter of 2013.

Commented vocalist Nick Valenzuela, principal writer of THAT'S ALL RIGHT: "I originally wrote That's All Right back in the Axis days. The melody remains pretty much the same, but after twenty extra years of life since those days rocking in Seattle, my perspective changed and I felt the words just weren't honest anymore. So I rewrote the verses to reflect a sentiment that I find some expression in every day.

"There's an incredible amount of teamwork that goes into every song we record. Despite the fact that one of us has to pen some original music to get the ball rolling for each song, by the time we're all done fiddling with it, it's always greater than each of us could have imagined it individually.

"Usually, when one of us brings a song in, that person also programs the drums and plays the bass as well. Although I wrote That's All Right's original chord progressions and vocals, Jeff is the one who composed the excellent drums and bass for the song. Also, Wayde's playing style came through loud and clear in his initial interpretation of my original riffs. And let us not overlook the amazing guitar solos both Jeff and Wayde played, and of course Jeff's exceptional work during mixdown. All these elements are in every song we record, regardless of who originally wrote the music."

The band is still working on timetables to try and release two more songs before the end of the year. Scheduling has been a challenge, but it looks hopeful that at least one of the following two songs will also be available before 2013:

* Vampire Desire
* Ship Of Fools

Continuous Audio Transmission
releases More Than A Dream - August 25, 2012:

Three and a half years after forming CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION, Wayde Cooper, Jeff Smoots and Nick Valenzuela have released their first single, MORE THAN A DREAM. Their Internet recording process, which is becoming more and more in vogue, was not the cause of the long production time. The protracted project's delays are caused by that bane of musicians everywhere: day jobs.

Commented guitarist Wayde Cooper, principal writer of MORE THAN A DREAM: "When I first wrote the song back in 1991 I was trying different song writing approaches, mostly trying to come up with a theme that would stand the test of time. Although the song went through many rewrites I think this final version is where the song was predestined to be. Between Nicks well thought out vocals and melodies and Jeff's awesome guitar work and ear for making all the instruments work together it wouldn't be what it is. Although I wrote the song, it took all 3 of us to make More Than a Dream come to life.

"Seems like inspiration comes at strange times, but with this song I had the inspiration early on and like fine wine this song matured into something I'm really proud of. Hope you enjoy the music - more to come!"

The band still plans on a total of eleven songs for the initial project, and currently have a total of four songs slated for release by the end of 2012, and possible YouTube videos as well.

The next three singles planned for 2012 release are:

* That's All Right
* Vampire Desire
* Ship Of Fools

Continuous Audio Transmission
recording announcement - October 1, 2011:

Guitarists Wayde Cooper and Jeff Smoots, and vocalist Nick Valenzuela, all musical veterans of former Seattle progressive rock band AXIS, have launched a new project called CONTINUOUS AUDIO TRANSMISSION. All members reside in different states, but this has not prevented them from creating music together. Following in the footsteps of legendary rock band BOSTON, the three musicians have decided to forgo the standard studio environment, and take their time fashioning the project in their 'basement.' This being the 21st century, their collective basement is an Internet server.

Commented vocalist Nick Valenzuela: "Our songs are being recorded with current technology, but the soul of our music is pure classic rock. Distorted guitars playing catchy rhythms and melodic, flashy guitar solos, and lyrics that ponder subjects a bit less cliché than self-promotion."


* Wayde Cooper - Guitar, Bass and Drums
* Jeff Smoots - Guitar, Bass and Drums
* Nick Valenzuela - Lead Vocals

The band has already written ten songs for the project, and is currently in the process of recording them. They've also added one cover song to the lineup: "Fight The Good Fight" by Triumph.

The original songs to be included on the CD are, in alphabetical order:

* Blood On Your Hands
* Crazy Where I've Been
* Devil In Disguise
* In The Stars
* More Than A Dream
* No Umbrella
* Roll That Stone
* Ship Of Fools
* That's All Right
* Vampire Desire

The band is scheduled to film a video for their first single, "More Than A Dream," which will be released to YouTube in 2012.