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Dec 22, 2018: Nick updates the News Page for the CAT web site (the one you're reading right now).

Dec 20, 2018: Nick shares the "Pet Official Trailer #1 (2016) Dominic Monaghan, Ksenia Solo Thriller Movie HD" video, and Wayde mentions that Ksenia Solo is his favorite actress.

Dec 19, 2018: And amazing coincidence is uncovered after 27 years: both Wayde and Nick share very similar stories from their longstanding respect for Queen's album "Queen II." Nick talks about Hot Space and shares the "Queen - Cool Cat (Official Lyric Video)" video. Nick shares three videos from a self-help guru who makes a pretty solid case against wasting one's time with 21st century entertainment.

Dec 18, 2018: Jeff shares the "Queen - Live at the Bowl 1982 - FULL SHOW [DVD REMASTERED]" video. Jeff asks Wayde and Nick which song they should work on next after FTGF.

Dec 17, 2018: Jeff shares the "Fleesh - What I Found (Official Full Menu Album w/ Lyrics)" video. Nick shares the "KIDS REACT TO QUEEN" video.

Dec 16, 2018: Jeff shares the "Andy Timmons Queen "You Take My Breath Away/Bohemian Rhapsody"" video.

Dec 15, 2018: Jeff shares the "Helloween Wacken 2018 Full HD!" video, which has since been blocked by Kontor New Media Music, as though it really matters if someone uploads the video.

Dec 14, 2018: Jeff sells his last Gibson, a black SG, and gets good news from the dentist.

Dec 12, 2018: Jeff shares the "LoLa & Hauser - We Are The Champions" video. Nick discovers the convenient power of wget. After three viewings in one week, Nick adds "First Reformed" to his top ten favorite movies list. Nick shares the "Heartbreaking Truth - Anna Graceman (Cover) by Charlotte Zone", "Anna Graceman - "Heartbreaking Truth"" and "Anna Graceman - Heartbreaking Truth" videos, and comments that Anna Graceman has already reached a status that many professional musicians never reach: others doing covers of her songs. Nick shares the "Bohemian Rhapsody for Symphony Orchestra and Solo Viola - THE STUDIO RECORDING" video.

Dec 11, 2018: Wayde and Nick wish Jeff good luck on his trip to the dentist. Jeff's consulting gig gets extended.

Dec 10, 2018: Jeff shares the "Lola Astanova - We Are the Champions - Queen (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" video. Nick watches "Enter The Dragon" with his son for the first time.

Dec 8, 2018: Jeff shares the "The Many Worlds Theory by Sean Carroll" and "Sean Carroll: The Paradoxes of Time Travel" videos. Jeff and Nick talk scientific philosophy.

Dec 7, 2018: Jeff wonders if he should try to get a job at a local music store. Both Wayde and Nick think that's a great idea if he decides to do it. Jeff shares a picture of an imported Vox guitar that looks like a toilet seat. Nick shares the "Erasing Hell by Francis Chan" video.

Dec 3, 2018: Wayde finishes his main solo and end harmony part for FTGF, and has a positive outlook for the rest of the songs. Jeff catches his first cold in over a year, and is dreading a trip to the dentist. Nick mentions his relatively recent decision to cut back on his eating. Wayde shares his own experiences with trying to stay healthy. Nick recommends "Bruce Lee's Secret" as an excellent example of what makes cheap Chinese martial arts movies so fun to watch.

Dec 2, 2018: Wayde seeks clarification on a guitar harmony part for FTGF. Jeff shares the "Opera singer's reaction: how good was Freddie Mercury in 1981?" video.

Nov 29, 2018: Jeff gives a quick rundown of what he did to update the FTGF bundle file to the Bandlab version of Sonar. Jeff tries to upload the new bundle file for FTGF to the CAT server, but it keeps timing out. Nick and Jeff troubleshoot the problem. Nick realizes that the permissions scheme he runs on the CAT server is resetting the download each time it runs, so he adjusts it to a less frequent rate. The Minecraft server is back online. Jeff shares the "Ranjit Barot - John McLaughlin: DRUM SOLO RIFF RAFF" video.

Nov 28, 2018: Jeff mentions Peter Orullian's heavy rock project, which sparks some interesting conversation. Nick recalls a similar anecdote regarding a former musical partner from years back who faded away in ignominy. Jeff shares the "Bart Ehrman & Daniel Wallace Debate Original NT Lost?" video. Jeff and Wayde's conversation turns to Grunt Truck. Jeff continues editing the FTGF mix and shares a screenshot. Nick shares the "EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies" article and ponders the possibly biblical ramifications of the technology. Nick recommends a Queen documentary on Amazon Prime.

Nov 27, 2018: Jeff works on the FTGF mix and decides to re-record some of his solo.

Nov 26, 2018: Jeff shares the "Making Of The Prophets Song" video and suggests that it might be a cool effect to try on a future song. Nick shares the "Evolutionism Loses Berkeley Debate - 160 Professors Defeat by Creation Scientist" video.

Nov 24, 2018: Jeff gives a rundown of what's left to do on FTGF. Jeff remembers his high school girlfriend had a 70's Beetle back in the day.

Nov 21, 2018: Nick ponders the fate of the Volkswagen Beetle. Nick shares the "Last tribe stuck in a Stone Age time warp" article, and ponders the fascinating contrast between the islanders' lifestyle and the rest of the modern world's.

Nov 20, 2018: Jeff shares the "1955 Volkswagen Beetle - Jay Leno's Garage" video. Wayde explains to Jeff and Nick who Brett Stine is.

Nov 19, 2018: Jeff shares the "Scorpions.Live at Wacken Open Air.2006.avi" video. All the guys agree Scorpions are a great band. Jeff remembers a show he saw once where the sound was so loud he thought he was going to have chest fractures. Wayde confirms this with his own Scorpions live experience. Jeff and Wayde congratulate Nick on the piano he plans on buying, and Wayde talks about the one his family had when he was young. Jeff looks at more job opportunities on Indeed.

Nov 18, 2018: Jeff gets his solo done for FTGF, and loves playing his PRS Mira through the UAD Apollo audio interface.

Nov 15, 2018: Jeff shares the "Inside The Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody mini documentary, 2002) 3 of 3" video. Nick finishes Jeff's Nether portal access, and gives Jeff some advice on surviving the Nether. Jeff dies in Valenzueland from an exploding bed in the Nether. Nick shares another essay.

Nov 14, 2018: The scientific discussion between Wayde and Nick continues, and morphs into religious philosophy.

Nov 13, 2018: Jeff watches the Queen show at Wembley from 1986. Jeff shares the "Rami Malek shares Bohemian Rhapsody Funny Moments" video. Wayde talks about science after reading one of Nick's essays. Nick joins the discussion on science. Nick shares the "ALITA BATTLE ANGEL Trailer 3 (2019)" video. Nick shares his essay on The Convenient Multiverse.

Nov 12, 2018: Jeff shares the "Windows1 (1985) PC XT Hercules" video. Jeff also shares a video that has since been removed by YouTube. Nick writes a review of Bohemian Rhapsody for Jeff and Wayde. Nick shares the "History of Microsoft Windows (Windows 1.0 - 10)" video.

Nov 11, 2018: Jeff watches the "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie, and shares his opinion about it.

Nov 10, 2018: Nick and Wayde continue to discuss current political issues.

Nov 9, 2018: Jeff buys the Suhr SE100 amp plugin for the Universal Audio Duo sound card, and talks about its pros and cons. Jeff gets another job offer, and gives it some thought. Wayde shares anecdotes regarding his own simultaneous job offers. Jeff shares a photo of a guitar that's like a combo of Dweezil's, Steve Vai's and Jason Becker's guitars. Jeff shares the "Characterizer (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)" video.

Nov 8, 2018: Jeff's PRS Mira was easier to play than his Strat tonight.

Nov 7, 2018: Jeff accepts a consulting gig. Jeff shares a link to the "Charvel Limited Edition Justin Aufdemkampe Signature Pro-Mod SD24 - Transparent Red" page, because it reminds him of his orange guitar. Kiesel puts Jeff's Vader in their list of Vaders. Nick shares the "Candace Owens - Liberty University Convocation" video.

Nov 6, 2018: Nick writes an essay about the ridiculous Legal Marijuana Now party.

Nov 5, 2018: Wayde finishes his rail to the badlands in Valenzueland. Nick and Wayde discuss the sorry state of political affairs in the United States. Nick explains how he converts the Minecraft centimeter/meter measuring system to feet and miles for the cycling stats in Valenzueland. Nick shares a link to the Minecraft Wiki's page for the Alpha level format.

Nov 4, 2018: Wayde is 70% done with the massive project of building a railway to the badlands in Valenzueland. Jeff shares the "Phil Collen (Def Leppard) - Guitar Lesson" video.

Nov 3, 2018: Jeff shares the "Alex Rudinger - STORM (Kaz Rodriguez)" video, and Wayde loves it.

Nov 1, 2018: Nick shares his latest essay, this one on the Politics of Envy.

Oct 31, 2018: Jeff considers switching his web hosting service to the one Nick uses.

Oct 30, 2018: Cold is gone, Nick's voice is back.

Oct 29, 2018: Nick shares with Jeff his great experience using the Kate text editor.

Oct 27, 2018: Nick shares the "Rush A Farewell To Kings" and "Steve Bannon on how the strategy that elected Trump is going global | Four Corners" videos.

Oct 26, 2018: Jeff continues feeling free and hopeful as he takes a break from the workforce.

Oct 19, 2018: Wayde changes his personal email due to too much spam.

Oct 17, 2018: Jeff resigns from his job, and looks forward to greener pastures. Nick and Wayde congratulate Jeff on his decision, and Wayde shares his own past negative job experiences. Nick talks about the political climate and how it could possible help CAT. Nick shares with Jeff the particulars about the provider he uses for his web site.

Oct 13, 2018: Jeff shares the "Brian May’s Red Special - The Book Launch" video.

Oct 12, 2018: Wayde discusses his iron farm's progress. Nick shares a couple of videos from Fleccas Talks. Nick realizes there's something he can do with his voice only when he's ill.

Oct 11, 2018: Wayde has plans to build his own iron farm in Valenzueland.

Oct 9, 2018: Nick shares the "Astroturf and manipulation of media messages | Sharyl Attkisson | TEDxUniversityofNevada" video.

Sep 30, 2018: Jeff shares the "J.S. Bach: Fuge BWV 998" video.

Sep 27, 2018: Nick starts preliminary work on his paper regarding an alternative theory to evolution.

Sep 26, 2018: Manjaro is reigning superb on

Sep 25, 2018: Jeff shares the "Brand NEW IBM PC AT + Model M! Unboxing & Setup [LGR]" video.

Sep 22, 2018: Jeff sends Nick not only his Snark Tuner, but several sets of new strings for his guitar!!! Rock!!! Nick starts playing guitar again.

Sep 21, 2018: Jeff works on FTGF and proposes solo arrangements, and talks about guitar choice and other recording plans. Jeff shares the "Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Live At The Apollo)" video.

Sep 20, 2018: Nick catches a cold.

Sep 19, 2018: Nick shares the "Alita: Battle Angel | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX" video.

Sep 18, 2018: Nick shares a link to the spec sheet on the WD Black series drive. A page on Jeff's personal web site sends Nick down memory lane to the Axis days.

Sep 16, 2018: All the plugins seem to work well with Jeff's new soundcard.

Sep 15, 2018: Jeff installs a UAD Apollo Twin USB sound card, and declares it AMAZING! Nick shares links to three Trilogy Media videos.

Sep 14, 2018: Nick shares the "Focus - Hocus Pocus Live '73" video and brings a smile to Wayde's face regarding Jan Akkerman. Nick shares the "Greta Van Fleet - When The Curtain Falls" video.

Sep 13, 2018: Nick lets Jeff and Wayde know that his favorite hard drive is on sale at Newegg, the Western Digital Black. Nick provides YouTube links in order to hear Kate Bush's "The Ninth Wave" in order and in its entirety.

Sep 12, 2018: Jeff celebrates his 25 year anniversary with his wife. Nick goes off on a tangent about RealID and the red star of The Federation from Rush's 2112.

Sep 11, 2018: The guys continue to talk about job-related issues. Jeff shares the ""Digital Man" Rush/Cover/Live fan video/board feed YYNOT" video.

Sep 8, 2018: Nick shares the "Minecraft - Tutorial: Quick & Easy Item Sorter (With Overflow Protection)" video.

Sep 7, 2018: Wayde finds a new Badlands biome in Valenzueland. The guys talk about job-related issues.

Sep 5, 2018: Nick helps Wayde with the coordinate system in Minecraft. Nick shares the "Minecraft - Walking to The Edge - How Long Till World Border?" video. Nick shares links to a couple of older essays online.

Sep 4, 2018: Jeff and Wayde talk about FTGF guitar parts. Jeff admits that he likes to get each and every fret de-grunged and sparkling when he cleans a guitar neck. Wayde ditched Platinum Sonar for Bandlab's version, and suggests that Jeff and Nick do the same. Jeff agrees and plans on making sure all his 3rd party plugins register properly in Bandlab. Nick provides a link to the DDLC on Steam.

Sep 2, 2018: Wayde uploads his Bandlab executables to the CAT server. Nick shares a link to the Doki Doki Literature Club download page, and raves about the game.

Sep 1, 2018: Due to incompatibility issues between his front room computer and studio room computer, Jeff downloads and installs the Bandlab version of Sonar. Wayde offers to provide all his Cakewalk executables if Jeff needs them.

Aug 31, 2018: Jeff's Internet connection was only running at .17 Mbps, and today his service provider finally fixed it. Jeff shares the "How did the Apollo flight computers get men to the moon and back ?" video. Nick updates the CAT files status page.

Aug 30, 2018: Nick shares the "method- there’s good inside (the method song) – full version" video. Nick comments on the coincidence between the following two videos: "Genesis - Mama (Official Music Video)" and "Kate Bush - Mother Stands for Comfort". Nick does his bi-annual keyboard cleaning.

Aug 29, 2018: Nick upgrades the CAT server to an SSD, in an effort to shrink write and read times for the Minecraft server and eliminate lag.

Aug 27, 2018: Nick talks about the wild, wild West of Linux, after having to reassign UUIDs to his partitions due to an oversight while installing.

Aug 26, 2018: Wayde helps Nick with his anacron concerns.

Aug 25, 2018: Wayde and Jeff help Nick troubleshoot a lag issue on the Minecraft server. Jeff shares a screenshot of his dig in Valenzueland.

Aug 24, 2018: Nick shares the "Ship of Fools" video from Emberwilde Productions. Nick discusses issues surrounding the structure of reality. Nick reverts the Minecraft server back to 1.13 from 1.13.1 due to consecutive crashes. Nick starts watching the news again, and shares some videos to physics theory.

Aug 23, 2018: Nick shares a link to the new ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, Wayde is amazed by its specs, and Jeff talks about the practical uses of ray tracing, as well as the real time rendering that Blender is promising for its upcoming release.

Aug 22, 2018: Nick runs into a strange problem where one of his Linux boxes switches to IPV6 without prompting from the user. Wayde shares his experience with ifconfig, talks about the downside of having to learn how each Linux distribution gets things done at the command line, and shares links to some good web admin tools.

Aug 20, 2018: Jeff shares the "Barrimore Barlow - Jethro Tull: DRUM SOLO" video, and a link to Curious Droid's YouTube channel. Wayde gets lost in the wilderness for six days in Valenzueland and then killed by a creeper. Nick shares a link to the IDquest channel on YouTube.

Aug 15, 2018: Nick discovers a bug in the Comcast gateway modem software, where the published IP is not the recognized IP.

Aug 15, 2018: Nick finishes building the new CAT/Minecraft server with new parts and a screaming Ryzen 7, and is currently installing and configuring vsftpd and Minecraft.

Aug 15, 2018: Jeff gets his new Beyerdynamic mixing headphones today, and Wayde talks about his Sennheisers. Jeff shares the "Steve Perry - No Erasin'" video. Jeff shares a link to Kitbash3D.

Aug 14, 2018: Jeff shares the "JRS M4R 12 releases 2018 08 14b DRAFT" video that he created himself, and a couple of links to lyric video templates.

Aug 13, 2018: Jeff tries out a $29 prebuilt After Effect slideshow, talks about possibilities for lyric videos and shares links and a screenshot. Nick admits that he does judge singers as he listens to them.

Aug 12, 2018: Jeff shares the "Yngwie Malmsteen live in Houston 08.02.2018" video, and he and Wayde discuss Yngwie's disappointing current course. Nick tells Jeff and Wayde that his family uses Discord to communicate while playing Minecraft.

Aug 11, 2018: Jeff shares the "Family of a man who stole and crashed a plane is 'stunned and heartbroken" article and the "Rik Emmett - "Magic Power" 5.16.15 at Daryl's House Club" video. Jeff shares a screenshot of Valenzueland that displays the transparent chunk glitch, and one of the horse he tamed and saddled.

Aug 10, 2018: Jeff shares a screenshot of his homestead in Valenzueland. It took Wayde days to clear off the top of the mountain and build his walls of doom around the top of the mountain. Jeff needs chickens for feathers and arrows. Jeff shares the "Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing: The Legendary Fight That Changed History" and "Referees vs Fighters in MMA & Boxing" videos. Wayde considers headphones to join the Discord conversations in Valenzueland. Nick shares his latest online essay.

Aug 8, 2018: Wayde talks about his experiences so far with his EVH 5150III LBXII amp. Jeff shares the "Original Color Footage Of Bruce Lee's 1967 Long Beach International Karate Championships Demo" video. Nick shares the "Bruce Lee VS Pro Fighters: "He could beat us all, We had no chance"" and "Jim Kelly Speaks On Bruce Lee's Fighting Skills" videos.

Aug 5, 2018: Jeff keeps running into caves, mining shafts and scary stuff in Valenzueland. Jeff changes the strings on his guitar. Nick shares the "Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull interviewed on GTK - 1974" video.

Aug 4, 2018: Nick discusses his ideas for his own vocals in FTGF.

Aug 3, 2018: Jeff uploads a new mix of FTGF, and includes a long list of things to work on. Jeff provides a screenshot of FTGF in Sonar for Facebook.

Aug 2, 2018: Due to an out-of-breath moment at Costco, Nick decides to get back to exercising regularly.

Aug 1, 2018: Jeff releases CWIB for digital distribution. Wayde gets killed by a spider in Valenzueland. Jeff finds out that controllers don't work with Minecraft Java version on PC.

Jul 31, 2018: Wayde makes a mountain castle that connects to catacombs in Valenzueland.

Jul 30, 2018: Jeff and Nick talk more about FTGF backing vocals. Jeff chooses HeinleinFreak for his Minecraft player name. Wayde and Jeff log into Valenzueland for the first time. Jeff shares the "Meshuggah "Future Breed Machine" raw multi-tracks [UNBOXING]" video. Nick provides a few good beginner Minecraft Survival tips for Jeff and Wayde.

Jul 29, 2018: Jeff discusses his current mixing choices for Fight The Good Fight. Jeff plans on purchasing Minecraft (for PC) sometime today. Jeff and Wayde discuss guitar parts for FTGF. Nick shares the "Dennis DeYoung of Styx talks Lady" video. Nick provides a bunch more information about Valenzueland to Jeff and Wayde.

Jul 28, 2018: Nick shares the "Loverboy - "Take Me to the Top"" video.

Jul 27, 2018: Jeff uploads CWIB to CDBaby, and fills out all the requisite digital paperwork. Jeff and Wayde discuss what may or may not be the best way to market the song.

Jul 24, 2018: Nick uploads the new version of Crazy Where I've Been to YouTube and includes a link on the CAT Facebook page. Jeff shares the "MUST SEE! The BEST "Shot In The Dark" cover on youtube. By Ozzy Osbourne, cover by Larry Smith" video. Jeff takes note that Bandlab has been regularly updating Cakewalk since they acquired it. Nick finishes coding in every possible stat in 1.13 Minecraft, and develops a new way to cycle the stats that requires very few command blocks. Nick writes blurbs for the CDBaby release notes for Crazy Where I've Been. Nick shares the "Backspin: Sebastian Bach on 'Skid Row'" video.

Jul 23, 2018: Jeff shares more potential artwork for CWIB. More plans are made for CWIB's release.

Jul 22, 2018: Jeff and Nick discuss arrangements for Fight The Good Fight.

Jul 21, 2018: Nick launches a new world for his family's Minecraft server, in honor of the 1.13 update, and names it "Valenzueland." His family plays on the server ALL DAY, and Nick extends another invite to Jeff and Wayde.

Jul 20, 2018: Wayde gives the new CWIB mix 10 Jazz III guitar picks. Jeff plans on joining Wayde on Nick's Minecraft server. Jeff shares more potential artwork for CWIB. Nick and Jeff talk about Google's disappointing changes in YouTube since they acquired it. So far, Nick has recoded 3,210 objectives for his Minecraft stat system, and still isn't done. Nick discusses why it isn't paranoid to distrust Google.

Jul 18, 2018: Jeff uploads new mix of CWIB. Wayde joins Nomad's Land, Nick's Minecraft multiplayer world, and right after that, the Minecraft 1.13 update arrives. Jeff shares the "Angry Grandpa Plays PUBG - This Man is Awasome" video. Nick finds out that the 1.13 update completely changes the command line system, forcing him to have to completely recode all his player statistics, and recreate the method by which they're displayed in the game.

Jul 17, 2018: Wayde chooses the name Dharmapala for his Minecraft player name, and installs Minecraft. In response to Jeff's and Wayde's interest, Nick explains the simple rules of his family's Minecraft server, and rolls out the red carpet to them. Nick admits he doesn't like a part of his vocal in the current uploaded mix of CWIB. Jeff offers to take off the effect that is affecting Nick's vocal in that one small passage. Nick provides a link to the Minecraft Wiki.

Jul 16, 2018: Jeff ponders Bitnami, PostgreSQL and PHP, and Wayde shares his experience with it. Jeff again expresses interest in playing on Nick's family Minecraft server, and Wayde expresses interest as well.

Jul 15, 2018: Jeff shares several different versions of a graphic for CWIB. Nick discusses CAT's cover of FTGF at length.

Jul 14, 2018: Wayde installs Hitfilm, and mentions he has around 30 songs he's never finished. Wayde talks about his own pairs of glasses for driving and reading. Jeff ponders the CDBaby release of CWIB, and whether to continue the previous graphical theme for the artwork. All the guys again sign off on the final mix for CWIB. Nick reinstalls Hitfilm, and uploads the lyric video for CWIB.

Jul 13, 2018: The guys all decide that the current mix of Crazy Where I've Been is the final one. Jeff shares the "Allan Holdsworth Band feat. Jimmy Haslip & Gary Husband - Jarasum Jazz Festival" video. Wayde considers building his own overdrive pedal and shares a link to a page for the 808 Overdrive Overdrive Kit from Arcadia Electronics. Jeff uploads final mastered version of CWIB to the CAT server. Jeff shares his own experience losing important original project files.

Jul 12, 2018: Nick goes looking again, and the full and complete (and in good quality!) episode of "A Firing Line Debate: Resolved: That the Evolutionists Should Acknowledge Creation" was uploaded on Feb 7th, 2017 to YouTube, and Nick shares his favorite moment on it, when Berlinski embarrasses Scott's feeble attempt to denigrate Berlinski's reference to Alfred Romer in his commentary article, starting around 48:56.

Jul 11, 2018: Wayde shares the "Red Panda Bitmap Bitcrusher" video, and mentions that he's been trying to come up with a way to make his guitar sound like an 8bit computer. Jeff shares the "Freddie Goes to Hollywood: How ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Finally Got Made" article and the "Marc Martel - How To Sing Like Freddie Mercury" video.

Jul 10, 2018: Nick creates a fluid permissions scheme for the CAT server to avoid the danger of a static security structure. Nick shares a screenshot of his Linux desktop, which is a shot of an IBM XT 286.

Jul 9, 2018: Jeff uploads the latest mix of CWIB to the CAT server... twice!

Jul 8, 2018: Jeff uploads the latest mix of CWIB to the CAT server. Jeff and Nick discuss their Minecraft experiences. Nick shares a special html page of screenshots from his family's current Minecraft world "Nomad's Land."

Jul 7, 2018: Nick talks more about the upcoming Minecraft 1.13 update. Jeff shares the "EPIC Underwater Lost City of ATLANTIS in MINECRAFT!" video. Jeff's XBox version of Minecraft updated to the Update Aquatic. Wayde decides to download Minecraft and check it out, and Jeff adds his voice to how great the game is.

Jul 6, 2018: Jeff mixes for three hours straight, and discusses details in procedure. Nick discusses his plans to build a powerful computer just for the CAT and Minecraft servers, as opposed to using his old computer as is the current setup. Jeff shares the "[Minecraft Computer Engineering] - Quad-Core Redstone Computer v4.0 [200 sub special!]" video.

Jul 5, 2018: Wayde works on his fingering for the harmony parts in FTGF. Jeff plans on downloading a demo of a Waves plugin.

Jul 2, 2018: Nick shares extended thoughts about the current CWIB mix.

Jul 1, 2018: Jeff uploads the latest mix of Crazy Where I've Been to the CAT server.

Jun 29, 2018: Jeff shares the "Outerra - Full Scale Procedural Planet Earth" video. Nick mentions a few of the talking points in the paper on special creation he plans to write eventually.

Jun 28, 2018: Wayde shares the "Silent Amp Recording Torpedo Captor, Morgan Amp, Mooer Radar" video.

Jun 26, 2018: Nick mentions that he had to wear glasses for the first time to pass the vision part of his license renewal, and Wayde shares a joke about the exceptionally extended expiration date of the driver's licenses where he lives. Wayde shares a ton of links for amp ideas.

Jun 25, 2018: Nick's new ISP installs the new connection today, and with it come amazing upload and download speeds, making it perfect for not only the CAT server, but the Minecraft server as well. Nick mentions plans to move away from firewire to a USB device when the current CAT project is complete.

Jun 24, 2018: Wayde talks about the Presonus Studio One 4 he bought and it's performance so far, and shares the "Studio One: Low Latency Monitoring - Blue Z vs Green Z" video. Wayde shares the "Digital Audio Latency Explained" article.

Jun 23, 2018: After a few days of recording, Wayde decides to return the Steinberg box, and lists the many reasons why he was disappointed in it. Jeff and Wayde discuss many of the available units at length. Jeff shares the "Line 6 POD HD500 vs HELIX LT #1 | Same basic settings - different tones" and "LINE 6 HELIX VS. POD HD: Does the Helix really sound better? (Amps, Cabs, and FX Compared)" videos. Wayde shares the "Synergy Syn-1 Single Module Tube Preamp Demo Video By Shawn Tubbs" and "BEST NEW GEAR? - Mooer Radar Speaker Cab Simulator" videos. Jeff has a question regarding USB compatibility. Jeff discusses the CWIB mix so far and real drummers versus programmed ones. Nick and Jeff continue to discuss artificial intelligence.

Jun 22, 2018: Jeff mixes CWIB for three hours straight.

Jun 21, 2018: Jeff shares the "See The Light" video. Wayde discusses his experience so far with the Steinberg box. Nick and Jeff discuss the future of AI. Nick shares the "Alice In Chains - Rooster (Bass Track)" video, commenting on all the string buzzing that you can't hear in the final mix. Nick discusses how he records his vocals.

Jun 20, 2018: Jeff asks Wayde about his impression of the Steinberg audio converter box, due to latency issues Jeff currently has with his own recording equipment.

Jun 19, 2018: Jeff shares the "What it’s like to watch an IBM AI successfully debate humans" article, and comments on the future of AI. Jeff continues to work on the CWIB mix, and shares a screenshot for the CAT Facebook page. Jeff shares a bass playing video that YouTube has since removed. Jeff shares the "The Best Sound for MS-DOS Games - Roland MT-32" video.

Jun 15, 2018: Nick changes the CAT server IP again8

Jun 15, 2018: Jeff plans on doing some screenshots of the CWIB Sonar file for possible Facebook posts.

Jun 13, 2018: Wayde installs the Bandlab version of Cakewalk, and everything seems to work the same as Sonar Platinum did. Wayde and Jeff discuss the apparently seamless transfer, minus a few features.

Jun 11, 2018: Nick mentions a TV show that he and his wife are really enjoying, called "Rectify." Nick changes the IP of the CAT server again, when a home wireless device hijacks the server's IP at reboot.

Jun 10, 2018: Jeff shares the "COTE D'AVER Live At OBSCENE EXTREME 2015 HD" and "Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE" videos. Nick comments on all the positive aspects of being in CAT. Nick shares the "Anna Graceman - "Heartbreaking Truth"" video, and is blown away by Graceman's abilities, her being only 15 in the video.

Jun 9, 2018: Jeff works on the mix for Crazy Where I've Been.

Jun 8, 2018: Jeff finishes his background vocals for CWIB, and looks forward to mixing on the weekend. Nick shares his son's YouTube channel, and the "BLENDER 2.68a CHROMA KEY INSTEAD OF AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL" video.

Jun 6, 2018: Nick changes the IP of the CAT server and mentions a pending fiber optics upgrade.

Jun 5, 2018: Nick and Jeff have a deep cultural discussion, including thoughts on haves and have nots. Jeff shares the "BRUJERIA - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock 2017" and "SKINDRED - Warning - Bloodstock 2017" videos. Nick predicts that Anna Graceman will one day be HUGE. Nick finishes the third and last season of Halt and Catch Fire, and recommends it.

Jun 4, 2018: Wayde drives back to his previous state. Wayde enjoys the HELL videos and shares the "Ghost - "Square Hammer" - Live in Phoenix, AZ 10/25/16" video. Nick and Wayde discuss how their former home city has greatly changed due to homeless people and the local high cost of living. Nick shares the "Kinto Sol - Ella Se Fue" and "Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee" videos.

Jun 1, 2018: Jeff shares the "Bouree Bass Cover", "HELL - Darkhangel - Live from Bloodstock (OFFICIAL LIVE)" and "HELL - Something Wicked This Way Comes - Bloodstock 2017" videos. Nick shares the "JETHRO TULL - WOND'RING AGAIN (HQ)" video, one of his favorite Jethro Tull songs.

May 31, 2018: Jeff plans on recording background vocals for CWIB this weekend, then mixing. Jeff remembers the ASCII version of Star Wars. Jeff shares the "Nuclear Bomb Craters Pacific Proving Grounds from Google Earth" video. Jeff's Sony 7506 headphones are getting ragged.

May 30, 2018: Jeff mentions that he uses GIMP at his work. While working on his son's YouTube project, Nick shares the "GIMP Tutorial: 3D Text Effect" and "GIMP Tutorial: Liquid Dispersion Effect " videos.

May 29, 2018: Nick shares the "Legalizing Marijuana Is Fine But Don't Ignore The Science On Its Dangers" article.

May 26, 2018: Wayde loves Meditation 12 from Jeff's solo project, and Jeff discusses the history of the song, including a lot of interesting details. Jeff also talks about some cool mixing lessons and information he gleaned by Meditation 12.

May 25, 2018: Jeff finishes the 12th song in his Meditations For Robots project. Nick shares the "Aerosmith - Eat The Rich" video.

May 21, 2018: Jeff shares the "Video Frame Rates: What You Need to Know" video.

May 19, 2018: Nick returns from his road trip. Nick finds out that Jeff is also a big fan of Bruce Lee. Nick discusses the genius of John Carmack and recommends the book "Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture."

May 18, 2018: Jeff shares the "The Future of Ray Tracing" video, and the work that went into the software blows Wayde's mind.

May 16, 2018: Jeff shares the "Bohemian Rhapsody | Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX" video.

May 14, 2018: Wayde shares a map of where he is moving back to.

May 13, 2018: Jeff makes profiles on Monster, Indeed and Freelancer. Jeff and Nick talk about Jeff's new job prospects. Jeff wants a new-old-stock Peavey Wolfgang. Jeff talks about the time he and his wife saw the Scorpions play live. Nick and Jeff discuss the lead vocals on their pending cover of Fight The Good Fight.

May 12, 2018: Wayde gets promoted at work and gets ready to move back to the state he lived in previously.

May 11, 2018: Wayde thinks the Vox headphone amp is cool, and talks about Fender, Marshall, Vox, Kemper, Fractal and Line 6. Nick is disappointed to realize that the FTGF vocals won't be done before he leaves on his trip. Nick shares a more recent video from the Wagakki Band, and a beautiful ballad "Lullaby of the Desert" from their 5th album.

May 10, 2018: Jeff notices a cool looking job on Nick shares a screenshot and talks about his guitar, a red Peavey Patriot from the 80's.

May 9, 2018: Jeff mentions that he has an extra Snark tuner he could mail out to Nick. Nick receives his Vox Lead headphone amp in the mail, and says it works great.

May 8, 2018: Nick shares the "WITCH DOCTOR (David Seville) 1958 original version" video, #1 in 1958.

May 7, 2018: Nick has a bunch of questions regarding the mix and plans for FTGF.

May 6, 2018: Jeff's lawn mower won't start. Nick does a bunch of software installation and file transfer. Nick notices that Manjaro has usurped Mint's previous top spot on

May 5, 2018: Jeff decides to give the Waves CLA Vocals Plug-in and Waves Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series Plug-in Bundle a try. Nick shares a screenshot of a ridiculous edit of Amy Adams's Wikipedia page, clearly demonstrating that Wikipedia is not the most reliable source on the Internet. Nick looks into Chris Lord-Alge and ends up sharing the "Tom Lord-Alge Mixing Drums with T-RackS 5" video. Nick also shares the "Tom Lord Alge, Part 1 - The Road to Spank" video, pointing out the no-longer-legendary status of Pro Tools.

May 4, 2018: Nick asks Jeff and Wayde about headphone amps, then finds some impressive demonstrations of the Vox line. Wayde returns the Yamaha THR100HD due to disappointing performance.

May 2, 2018: Nick shares a trio of Christina Aguilera videos with praise for her talent.

Apr 29, 2018: Nick experiences a crash course in grub recovery. Jeff shares the "Scoring Family Guy" video.

Apr 28, 2018: Jeff shares the "18 string (one of a kind) guitar - a closer look" video; he and Wayde agree it is more of a stunt than a guitar.

Apr 26, 2018: Nick goes on an extended trip down memory lane and uses Google maps street view to 'walk' the same long trek he did from grade school home when he was 9 or 10 years old. Jeff shares the "RealFlight 8 on Steam - My Thoughts" video. Jeff shares a picture of a guitar with interesting wood grain and color. Nick shares the "D.O.A. (Edit)", "Jungle Fever - Chakachas (1972)" and "Cheech & Chong - Santa Claus and his Old Lady" videos.

Apr 25, 2018: Jeff shares the "The Gibson "Headless SG" is Real! | See the Meme Up-Close For the First Time | Review + Demo" video. Nick shares the "The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother [ Lyrics] HQ Audio" and "E.L.O. (evil woman) wear your headphones" videos.

Apr 24, 2018: Nick can't wait for Equalizer 2 to hit theaters, as well as some other new movies coming out this year.

Apr 23, 2018: Jeff deals with rude eBay bidders, and Wayde confirms his own experiences with them. Nick shares a crapload of Jethro Tull videos.

Apr 21, 2018: Wayde discusses his love for getting a good tone from his guitar and getting the energy recorded, and how playing with an amp changes the way he plays. Nick gets into the Ready Player One trailer. Wayde mentions that he read the book (Ready Player One). Jeff agrees with Wayde about playing with an amp as opposed to a modeler, and shares a link to the "Synergy HBE Module Review - Compared with a Friedman BE100" video. Jeff expounds further on the possibilities with different setups in terms of varying latency. Wayde is a fan of Synergy and also likes the Steinberg audio interface.

Apr 20, 2018: Jeff shares a link to a Greta Van Fleet video that YouTube has since taken down. Wayde orders a Yamaha THR100HD from zZOUNDS.

Apr 19, 2018: Nick shares the "Alice Cooper - Poison" video and comments on its lyrical similarities to CWIB.

Apr 18, 2018: Jeff shares the "5 video games from the 1980s worth playing again today" article. Nick shares the "Rufus ft Chaka Khan - You Got The Love [+ Interview] Soul Train 1974" video.

Apr 17, 2018: Wayde shares a link to the VALVULATOR® GP/DI Direct Recording Amplifier.

Apr 15, 2018: Nick and Wayde discuss the snowy weather. Jeff and Nick ponder what some of the terms mean included in the Facebook boost information. Nick notices that Wayde deliberately took down his personal web site in order to eventually recreate it. Nick shovels 10 inches of snow.

Apr 14, 2018: Jeff reports on the results of his Facebook boost for CAT.

Apr 13, 2018: Jeff is excited about the Steinberg UR-RT, that lets you monitor with zero latency. Wayde shares his excitement and a link to a UR-RT2 with a great price tag. Jeff tries using a $10 boosted Facebook post for CAT with a link to a YouTube play list, to see if it makes a noticeable difference in sales. The guys all agree to finish up the first CAT CD with Cakewalk Sonar, and then decide at that point whether to stay with that software or move on to something else. Wayde and Jeff continue their conversation about Bandlab taking over Cakewalk. Jeff joins the conversation about Gibson's bad company decisions and adds that Fender and Kiesel have been making good decisions in contrast. Nick and Jeff discuss Amazon, Bezos, capitalism and corporate culture models. Jeff shares the "Head Over Heels Cover - Tears For Fears" video. Nick shares the "Black Sabbath ~ War Pigs" video and it's original version with classical soundtrack "Motherland - Short Film (Fiction)".

Apr 12, 2018: Jeff and Wayde are dubious about Bandlab taking over Cakewalk. Jeff shares the "Realistic Camera Shake in Blender - CGC Weekly #2" video.

Apr 11, 2018: Nick shares the "Gibson Guitars - What's the Deal?" video, and then he and Wayde discuss Gibson's business model mistakes that may result in bankruptcy. Nick shares the "AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (from Live at River Plate)" video.

Apr 9, 2018: Nick shares the "The Billionaire Philanthropist" article and discusses Jeff Bezos.

Apr 7, 2018: Nick shares the "Jethro Tull - We Used to Know" and "Was Hotel California based on a Jethro Tull song?" videos.

Apr 6, 2018: Continuing the previous conversation with Jeff, Nick provides several links to different songs that demonstrate the value of vocal timbre. Nick shares the "Mick Jones and Lou Gramm going acoustic", "Juke Box Hero (Acoustic Live at the GRAMMY Museum)" and "Heart - Alone- (Live) Acoustic" videos.

Apr 5, 2018: Jeff has an epiphany regarding how to sing more powerfully in his head voice without forcing it. Nick confirms the epiphany with his own experience. Nick makes plans to drive out to see his dad.

Apr 3, 2018: Jeff shares the "How to sing with a MIXED Voice | with singing examples | #DrDan" video, and comments that Dr Dan is his new favorite vocal coach guy.

Mar 29, 2018: Jeff shares the "Okay Samurai" YouTube channel, with thoughts of possibly using the software and techniques for future CAT videos. Nick considers a name change.

Mar 28, 2018: Nick shares the "FOREIGNER - Blinded By Science ( HQ )" video.

Mar 26, 2018: Jeff shares the "Blueprint to Cut" video, and Wayde comments at length about Schwarzenegger's tenets, and how they apply to him.

Mar 25, 2018: Wayde shares his new phone number.

Mar 23, 2018: Jeff shares the "Bill Burr gives Philly a talking to... (Full Version)" and "Famous Comedians VS. Hecklers (Part 3/5)" videos.

Mar 19, 2018: Jeff shares more pictures of Kiesel guitars in different colors painted on natural wood grain bodies. Jeff asks Nick what would be necessary in order to play on Nick's family Minecraft server, and Nick provides all necessary details and then some.

Mar 18, 2018: Jeff gets back into the studio, fires up Sonar and becomes a musician again for a while. Jeff sees an Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGMM31 and thinks of Nick's son due to the guitar's smaller form factor. Nick considers buying one for his son and one for himself.

Mar 17, 2018: Jeff buys a Kiesel, and Wayde is saving up for the Zeus Z6. Nick fixes a login password issue on the CAT server. Nick shares the "Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells) Christmas Light Show! WATCH END! - Trans-Siberian Orchestra)" and "Halloween Light Show 2015 - Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr)" videos.

Mar 16, 2018: Jeff shares a video that has been since been taken down by YouTube, of referees getting involved in arranged fights.

Mar 12, 2018: Nick shares a link to the search engine, and gets excited at the prospect of anyone defeating Google, since Duckduckgo still gets little love despite it being just as good as Google, but without the spying. Jeff shares a video of classic Phil Keaggy that has since been taken down on YouTube, and discusses childhood memories of hearing Keaggy and other Christian music in heavy rotation on his father's stereo.

Mar 11, 2018: Jeff shares the "3 Canadians Playing Separate Ways Using the AxeFx III" video. Nick shares the "Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists" article, and comments on how much it sounds like the 15-year fuel-cell carrot the Bush administration loved to dangle.

Mar 10, 2018: Now that the CAT/Minecraft server is up and running, Nick turns his attention to setting up his new computer, and uploading all the backed up files.

Mar 8, 2018: Nick nukes and reworks the CAT/Minecraft server and raves about Kate Bush, sharing the "Kate Bush - The Kick Inside Full Album" which has of course since been taken down by the jackasses at WMG. Jeff checks in and thinks he may be able to get back into the studio and knock out some backing vocals, and shares a picture of a Kiesel orange sparkle guitar. Wayde expresses love for his own Kiesel guitar.

Mar 7, 2018: Nick yammers on about the upcoming Minecraft update 1.13, and the current state of his family's Minecraft server, which now boasts 14 players, and 140 cycling stats on the sidebar.

Mar 6, 2018: Wayde arrives in Jeff's home state after a three day car journey that included burned out headlights. Jeff announces that things are whack. Nick has weird network problems between the CAT/Minecraft server and local connections.

Feb 28, 2018: Nick gets the new bearing assembly installed in his house's heat pump, and it's back to quiet as a mouse in a nice warm house. Nick shares the "THE DARKNESS - I Believe In A Thing Called Love [Hammersmith. Nov 2011]" and "The Darkness- Black Shuck" videos.

Feb 26, 2018: Nick shares the "The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Official Music Video)" video. Nick shares links to the old and new trailers for the new Death Wish movie, and comments on the contrasts.

Feb 25, 2018: Jeff shares the "Improvisation Piano Exercises from Chick Corea" video. Wayde and Jeff discuss Chick Corea and Wayde shares the "Chick Corea Electrik Band - Beneath The Mask Full Album" video. Jeff shares the "Cakewalk Sonar lives!" article, and a link to Bandlab's Cakewalk web site, potentially great news for CAT.

Feb 23, 2018: Jeff shares the "Steve Fishell explains how pedal steel guitar works" video. Nick shares the "JUDAS PRIEST - Victim of Changes ! “.. just Wowww!!” [HDadv] [1080p] 1983", "Judas Priest - Diamonds And Rust ACOUSTIC !!" and "Women - Foreigner" videos.

Feb 22, 2018: Nick's laryngitis turns into brochitis, and his house is cold while he fixes the heat pump that he already fixed in November. Nick shares the "Chilliwack - Don't It Make You Feel Good" video. Jeff shares the "Donald Fagen talks about JOSIE pt 1" video. Wayde and Jeff discuss Steely Dan's Josie. Nick shares the "Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous (Official Video)" video and comments on its irritatingly monotonous and yet catchy hook. Nick shares the "Ronnie James Dio - Dream On" video.

Feb 21, 2018: Nick shares the "Donnie Iris- Love Is Like A Rock" video.

Feb 16, 2018: Nick gets a sore throat, talks about Styx, complains about talent-poor 'modern' music, and shares the "Styx - Crystal Ball", "Styx - Man In The Wilderness" and "Styx - Pieces Of Eight/Aku Aku" videos.

Feb 15, 2018: Wayde can't wait to get out to Jeff's area. Nick and Wayde discuss Apple's strange isolationist proprietary methodologies, and their exorbitant pricing models that are no longer justified by the hardware in their machines. Jeff considers rewriting the verses and pre-chorus in Blood On Your Hands. Wayde considers redoing all his rhythms on the songs yet to be finished for CAT's first CD. Jeff shares the "This new text bomb crashes most Mac and iOS apps with a single Unicode symbol" article. Nick shares the "MIT Spinout Insurify Raises $2 Million To Replace Human Insurance Agents With A Robot" article. Nick and Wayde discuss the value of technology and what it may or may not portend for the human race in the foreseeable future, directly referencing Industrial Society and Its Future by Kaczynski. Nick talks about his CAT to-do list.

Feb 14, 2018: Jeff shares the "Rig Rundown - Greta Van Fleet" video, and expresses surprise at their youth. Nick shares the "Children Of The Sun - Billy Thorpe (lyrics) HD" video.

Feb 13, 2018: Nick shares the "The HomePod is the point of no return for Apple fans" article and comments on the odd choice Apple made to isolate their users from current standard connection technologies.

Feb 10, 2018: Wayde is impressed with Jeff's new Godin guitar. Jeff shares a Soundcloud track of him doing a freeform noodle with a piano sample on his Godin. Jeff shares a picture of his Godin with TriplePlay OEM installed, and considers replacing the current whammy with a Hipshot.

Feb 9, 2018: Jeff receives his Godin electric guitar with the Fishman Triple Play pitch to midi converter built in, and has mixed feelings although it tracks way better than his Roland GR/Roland ready Strat did. Jeff enjoys playing synth patches through the Godin though.

Feb 8, 2018: Jeff shares an article called "Chinese jumbo drone flies humans."

Feb 3, 2018: The Corsair RAM that was approved in the Nick's new motherboard's QVL turned out to be a serious problem, even though it had consistently tested with no errors. The new G.Skill RAM is running perfectly, Linux installed with no issues, and Windows 7 worked with none of the errors registered while running Corsair RAM.

Feb 2, 2018: Nick gets the replacement RAM in, installs it on the motherboard, and all tests are looking great. Wayde begins preparations for moving out to Jeff's area. Nick and Wayde join the discussion regarding Apple's less-than-stellar business model of selling their customers low end equipment at high end prices. Jeff shares an article about game streaming via the Cloud. Nick shares the "Mohini Dey at 2018 winter NAMM" video.

Feb 1, 2018: Jeff ponders the 2000 watt power of the HeadRush FRFR-112. Jeff confirms the common thread of image, music and video people getting fed up about not being able to upgrade their Macs much. Jeff agrees with Wayde about the monster playing of Mohini Dey. Jeff also likes Greta Van Fleet. Jeff plans to invite Wayde and Nick to his Google storage to see some rough vfx videos he made to learn 3D tracking, etc.

Jan 31, 2018: Nick creates a VM hackintosh and is surprised to find that the terminal in OS X is like Linux but with proprietary restrictions. Nick imagines that Apple would never make a Superbowl commercial to remind people that when they buy an Apple in 2018, they're actually buying a PC running Unix, with a sexy outer shell, hipster Apple logo and a desktop GUI they can get with free mods from either Linux or Windows.

Jan 30, 2018: Wayde talks about the unreasonable prices for relatively sub par digital/modeling amps, and the foolishness of great software coupled with weak, older hardware (e.g. the Apple MacBook Pro). Wayde orders the HeadRush FRFR-112, with plans to possibly eventually get a Synergy SYN1 Preamp.

Jan 29, 2018: Nick uses a local computer parts dealer to test the motherboard, and narrows down the new PC hardware problem to the motherboard's RAM. Nick shares the "AMAZING YOUNG BASSIST MOHINI DEY", "The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Live at Rock Am Ring) (2007)" and "The White Stripes - 'Seven Nation Army'" videos.

Jan 28, 2018: Jeff tries his first camera tracked visual effects shot.

Jan 27, 2018: Wayde considers playing Minecraft. Nick takes the opportunity to invite Wayde and Jeff again to his Minecraft server. Jeff shares the "Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing Live ft Mohini Dey" and "A. R. Rahman Meets Berklee - Thee Thee & Malargale ft. Prasanna & Mohini Dey" videos. Jeff and Wayde identify with Nick's current new computer woes. Wayde loves Mohini Dey. Wayde finds the combination of Arabic and Spanish music amazing and considers incorporating it into some of his own compositions. Wayde also says Charvel makes amazing guitars. Nick continues to slog forth with troubleshooting his new computer, and has so far eliminated the video card and the power supply. Despite all the new computer drama, Nick's current computer is now hosting 11 players on his Minecraft server.

Jan 25, 2018: Nick experiences problems with his new computer build that he's never run into before, and is getting agitated at all the troubleshooting he's had to do to find the stubborn issue. Jeff says he would play a bright yellow and black bengal-tiger-striped guitar just to annoy scoffers of metal/glam metal/glam/heavy rock/long hair music.

Jan 23, 2018: Jeff shares the "How Nuno REALLY plays He-Man Woman Hater by Extreme" video.

Jan 19, 2018: Wayde discusses the doable possibility of using an amp simulator for live shows, and talks about his own experiences with similar setups. Wayde shares the "See the iRig BlueBoard app on iOS in action" video.

Jan 17, 2018: Jeff's family's illness woes continue.

Jan 16, 2018: Nick decides to take the plunge and orders parts for a new computer online, with the plan of using his current computer as the new Minecraft/CAT server, which he already started to do, which means his computer has to stay on 24/7 until he gets the new computer built. There are now 8 players loggin into the Minecraft server.

Jan 13, 2018: Nick's family Minecraft server runs into problems due to the hardware not being powerful enough, so Nick considers building a new box just for Minecraft and CAT files. Nick shares a link to an internal firewire PCIe card.

Jan 2, 2018: Jeff muses over Synergy Amps and shares a video about them.

Jan 1, 2018: Jeff is dealing with multiple illnesses in the family. Jeff shares some pictures of a Linda Auchterlonie Department 56 Christmas Village. Nick shares a video that has since been pulled by YouTube. Nick learns a lot about running a Minecraft server.

Dec 26, 2017: The guys wish each other Merry Christmas. Nick invites Jeff and Wayde to play on his brand new family Minecraft server that he runs from his house.

Dec 24, 2017: Jeff and Wayde discuss their experiences buying and selling guitars on eBay. Nick is excited that it's still possible to buy a flip phone instead of a smart phone, and buys one to replace his current phone that broke.

Dec 23, 2017: Jeff puts the Schecter KM-7 MK-II guitar on his wish list. Nick recommends going with a Ryzen processor if Jeff builds his own PC.

Dec 22, 2017: Nick updates the CAT web site News Page (the page you're reading now). Nick shares the "Anika Nilles - "Synergy" [official Video]" video. Jeff adjusts the output resolution of CAT's Blender work to 2.35:1 / 1920 x 817 pixels. The guys discuss finally finishing the initial CAT CD in 2018. Nick fills out and mails many Christmas cards. A previous conversation segues to dark matter. Jeff considers building a new workstation for video creation and 3D work. Jeff observes that most of his continuing education comes from How To videos on YouTube. Jeff discusses various 3D graphics details. Jeff and Wayde discuss guitar pedals. Nick backs up the CAT server. Nick has ideas for new songs after the CAT CD is completed. Nick may have to take medication.

Dec 19, 2017: Today Nick is a Christmas-card filling-out-and-mailing machine. Nick shares the "Pushing LGBT Topics Onto Children is Bullshit" video.

Dec 18, 2017: Nick and Wayde discuss a video about some Sweden families feminizing their male children.

Dec 16, 2017: Jeff shares an article about opening Sonar projects in other DAWs, and a link to a Daz interior he thinks looks cool. Nick shares links to the other two interiors he envisions for the TAR video. Nick sees the new Star Wars movie.

Dec 15, 2017: Wayde comments that if he ever goes to Argentina or Spain, he's never coming back, due to the very attractive female members of those populations. Nick shares two Becky G videos, "Becky G, Bad Bunny - Mayores (Official Video)" and "Becky G - Sola (Official Video)". Nick shares the "Cheap Trick - Dream Police @ Greek Theatre, 9/23/11" video.

Dec 14, 2017: Nick finally migrates his Windows 7 Pro installation from the Optiplex it was on originally to a more powerful computer, so his son can play any game he wants to, including Minecraft. Nick also upgrades his wife's Linux installation to the same distro Nick uses (KDE Neon).

Dec 12, 2017: Jeff confirms that CAT should be doing all their camera and rendering work in Blender, most specifically version 2.79.

Dec 10, 2017: Wayde shares a link to with Nick due to Nick's ISP changing his IP address too frequently as of late.

Dec 9, 2017: Nick shares a link to

Dec 8, 2017: Jeff shares the "Low-Budget Filmmaking: Creating an Apocalyptic World", "CREATING A SCI-FI FILM (60 Minute Filmmaking Tutorial)", "Blender 2.7 Tutorial #52 : 10 Essential Camera Tips" and "Making Sci Fi Movies on a Shoestring Budget : #ITSAFILMTHING" and "Paul Gilbert (Mr Big) Gear Run" videos. Jeff copies the CWIB bundle file to his recording studio computer, in order to record his background vocals. Jeff updates the TAR Blender file with two important adjustments/fixes. Wayde discusses his experiences with clean and distortion guitar sounds, using various equipment. Wayde shares a link to his someday amp, V40 The Duchess. Nick elaborates on the details of the video prop.

Dec 7, 2017: Jeff shares the "W.A.S.P. - Live @ Stadium, Moscow 30.11.2017 (Full Show)" video. Nick discusses production ideas for the TAR video, including the creation of a real-world prop.

Dec 6, 2017: Wayde comments on the Cakewalk situation, and expresses his disappointment in Gibson's bizarre decision. Jeff casts his vote for Cubase when it comes time to switch from Sonar. Jeff uploads a video of the vault door opening to the CAT server. Jeff uploads the current Blender TAR video render file along with a link to instructions on how to unpack it, etc. Jeff shares the "How to Make Atmospheric Lighting in Blender" and "Volumetric Lighting in Blender" videos. Nick shares a link to the "His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!" video.

Dec 5, 2017: Wayde does some vetting of several DAW software other than Sonar and outlines the pros and cons he's noted so far, and comes up with a list of three viable candidates for future CAT use, those being ProTools, Cubase and Studio One 3. Nick's wife gets quoted in an online news article.

Dec 4, 2017: Wayde shares his plans for where he will be over the summer of 2018, and looks forward to working on music with Jeff in person again. Jeff produces a render of the bank vault for upload to Facebook. Nick still brainstorming ideas for shots in the TAR video. Nick shares a link to a page with Robert Rodriguez's budget production techniques for El Mariachi.

Dec 3, 2017: Jeff does an excellent full render of the bank vault with Blender, and then ponders 16:9 versus 2.35:1 formats for the TAR video. Jeff recalls some of the Blender tricks he used for previous music videos, and sings the praises of Blender's many advantages.

Dec 2, 2017: Jeff does some exhaustive exploration of the 3D space the TAR video will be in, working with Daz and After Effects. Jeff does some experimentation with Blender as well, and finds some surprisingly positive results. Nick throws in a bunch of ideas about what could be done within the framework of the 3D virtual environment.

Dec 1, 2017: Jeff and Nick discuss different rendering engines, including LuxRender and Eevee for Blender and shares the "Eevee - Next Generation Graphics For Blender 2.8", "3D & Real Footage Compositing with Blender" and "Blender Compositing Tutorial: 3D Objects Animation and Images" videos. Jeff shares exports of some frames from Hitfilm of test TAR video footage, and discusses some technical problems. Jeff shares the Hitfilm composite, redone with flat 2D images rendered out of Daz Iray, and discusses issues. Jeff buys the 3D plugin for After Effects.

Nov 30, 2017: Jeff buys a Daz 3D interior and starts experimenting with TAR test footage, and sharing screen shots. Jeff compares Hitfilm with the Iray render engine, and finds Hitfilm to be faster, Iray to be better quality and both to have pros and cons. Jeff shares links to Blender, Hitfilm and After Effects, and discusses the processing limitations of his current PC. Jeff uploads the Daz 3D files to the CAT server so everyone can work on them. Jeff shares a render for his Meditations for Robots series (#11). Nick talks about features in Blender and rendering engine options.

Nov 29, 2017: Jeff discusses virtual camera techniques that could possibly be used in the TAR video, and the logistics of working with Hitfilm, as well as intending to trying it out in Blender as well. Jeff shares a screen shot of the pitfall of moving the camera around too much against 2D images, and a shot of the original rendered TAR room with bricks for walls. Nick really likes one of the Daz interiors for a future CAT video. Nick goes wild and shares a bunch of links from the Daz site for possible video locations. Nick considers a jail cell for Blood On Your Hands and a bank vault for That's All Right, and shares a link to a favorite bank vault.

Nov 28, 2017: Jeff brings up Daz 3D again, and ponders how useful their pre-rendered work could be for CAT, and then shares multiple links to different prepackaged interiors from Daz 3D. Nick brainstorms some CAT video ideas. Nick finds old files relating to the TAR video when they had first begun working on it years prior, and uploads them.

Nov 27, 2017: Jeff uploads a new version of the original work-in-progress TAR video with Hitfilm and After Effects, and explains the process in detail. Jeff also brings up several relevant points regarding the pending procedures necessary to bring the TAR video to life, and shares several screen shots. Nick talks about possibilities for CAT in the near future.

Nov 25, 2017: Jeff dumps Sony Vegas to recreate the original TAR video rendering work in Adobe Premiere, and shares a screen shot. Nick loved the Rankin/Bass claymation Christmas specials when he was a child. Out of convenience, Nick finds a double use for the CAT server: a game server for AssaultCube, a free to play FPS in Linux (there are also versions for Crack OS X and Windoze). Nick also shares a link to Xonotic, which is a cross platform FPS that was forked from Nexuiz.

Nov 24, 2017: The guys wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Jeff shares a photo of his two furry babies, Buster and Lilly. Wayde announces that 2018 will be his year of travel and sightseeing.

Nov 22, 2017: Nick writes a blog essay lampooning Gibson for dumping Cakewalk. Nick shares random thoughts about Pearl Jam and their identifiable plagiarism of both Billy Joel (Joel's 1987 tantrum on a Russian stage mimicked in a 1991 PJ video) and Ted Nugent (Free for All riff in Even Flow). Nick shares an article from about Uber's massive hack, and comments that in a digitally controlled world, the lowly son of a ditch digger becomes king.

Nov 21, 2017: The guys are agitated and dismayed by Gibson's decision to discontinue support for Cakewalk.

Nov 20, 2017: Nick's son is now into Terrible Ted and his Digits of Dread.

Nov 18, 2017: Jeff works on his background vocals for Crazy Where I've Been.

Nov 17, 2017: Jeff answers Nick's question regarding the best fps setting in the Canon 70D for good slow motion shooting/playback. Nick shares several articles regarding the persistent jackass organizations referred to as "copyright trolls," and comments on the unrelenting greed demonstrated by the members of the RIAA and MPAA. Nick shares some of the funny exclamations from his son during their OpenArena LAN games. Nick shares a link to an article called "Another Lawsuit Tries To Force An ISP Into Being A Copyright Cop."

Nov 16, 2017: Wayde shares a link to the vSphere Hypervisor, and explains how he has increased security by isolating different network access purposes with one Linux OS for each in a virtual environment. Nick finally learns about the differences between NAT, Bridged and Internal network options in VirtualBox, and considers the possibilities for a virtual computer lab to save space in his man cave. Nick shares a link to Wired article about the idiotically foolish philosophies and actions of one Mr. Anthony Levandowski.

Nov 15, 2017: Nick and his son have their first two man LAN party. Nick lusts after the Avera 55" UHD 4K monitor. Nick decides that the ASRock AB350 Pro4 AM4 AMD Promontory B350 will be the motherboard for his next computer build. Nick asks Wayde for advice with his firewall issues while LAN gaming in Linux.

Nov 14, 2017: Nick's bearing assembly goes fine, but then the electrical connections get jostled too much between the zone valves and the aquastat. A friend of Nick's brother comes over and finds the electric problem. Nick shares the "Spike Jones Der Fuehrer's Face" video.

Nov 13, 2017: Jeff shares a link to the Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer throwback. Nick repairs the bearing assembly on his home's baseboard heating water pump. Nick drools over an LG 43" UHD 4K monitor.

Nov 12, 2017: Jeff shares the "PICKLE RICK! After Effects FACE REPLACEMENT Tutorial" and "Uli Jon Roth Metamorphosis of Vivaldi Four Seasons" videos. Nick shares the "Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires (EP) (2017)" video.

Nov 10, 2017: Nick finishes the 256bit RSA certificate implementation on the CAT server and everyone logs in successfully.

Nov 9, 2017: Nick stops procrastinating and implements TLS/SSL security on the CAT FTP server.

Nov 8, 2017: Nick updates the CAT project status page. Nick shares the "XaoS Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom with Rotation and Color Cycling" and "XaoS - Interactive Fractals" videos as possible ideas for the CWIB lyric video. Nick shares the "RUSH - Best intro EVER!!!!!!!!!!" video, and adds it as a link to his personal home page. Nick's son's new favorite band is Iron Maiden. Nick ruminates over how he will perform for the TAR video.

Nov 7, 2017: Nick offers some suggestions for non-musical CAT band videos based on the Peter McKinnon video's ideas.

Nov 6, 2017: Jeff shares the "$15 DIY steadicam in 15 minutes!" and "How Peter McKinnon gained 1 million subscribers in under 1 year" videos. Nick talks about OpenArena and binging on Netflix.

Nov 5, 2017: Jeff researches affordable DSLR camera stabilizers and shares the "Good & Affordable Steadicam (Yelangu s60t)" video. Jeff shares links to an Autopilot Camera Stabilizer, Steadicam Merlin 2 and Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2 3-Axis.

Nov 4, 2017: Jeff shares the "Mooer: Red Truck - Direct to soundcard demo" video.

Nov 3, 2017: Nick deletes the previous three lyric videos and uploads new ones rendered with lighter backgrounds to the CAT YouTube channel. Nick and Jeff discuss the current color scheme for CAT single releases, and what color would be most appropriate for Crazy Where I've Been. Nick's new lighting kit arrives in the mail. Nick ponders the color scheme being used for CAT's debut album singles, and asks Jeff and Wayde what colors they should use for the remaining pending releases.

Nov 2, 2017: Nick uses Hitfilm Express to create simple lyric videos for three previous CAT releases and uploads them to the CAT YouTube channel, then reconsiders them due to the backgrounds being a bit too dark.

Oct 31, 2017: Jeff shares a link to a video explaining the keying process.

Oct 30, 2017: Jeff and Nick discuss lighting issues for HD camera footage. Nick orders a new lighting kit. Jeff discusses working with chroma key in After Effects, and shares a screen shot of him working with Nick's test footage. Nick continues to work on better security for the CAT server. Jeff suggests the possibility of using a pre-rendered environment for the TAR video, instead of him creating a custom one. Jeff looks at Element 2 by Video CoPilot. Jeff uploads the most recent Sonar bundle file for Fight The Good Fight to his Google drive. Jeff discusses free versus paid options for working with 3D files and post processing. Jeff shares a link to yet another high quality HD video made with a smart phone. Jeff and Nick discuss gimbal stabilizers. Nick shares the "The Goose" Muvizu video and "iPhone 8 Plus vs LG V30 & Pixel 2 XL | Camera battle" video.

Oct 29, 2017: Nick uploads his initial TAR video test footage for Jeff to experiment with. Jeff adds the most recent Nick vocals to CWIB. Jeff prepares to double Nick's backing vocals with his own voice. Jeff buys some LED lighting to replace the big bulky fluorescent lighting he had, and considers another, smaller green screen purchase. Jeff shares several screen captures of mixing CWIB and initial shots of the TAR video pre-production for uploading to the CAT Facebook page. Jeff reminisces about the old days when you had to fight with only four tracks on a cassette multi-track recorder, and contrasts that against current day desktop PC abilities, which far exceed anything we had back in the day for music production. Jeff shares a couple of screen grabs of Nick's test footage, with drop shadow, etc. Jeff shares two links to DAZ3D. Jeff shares some space on Google drive to share CAT files while Nick continues to work on the CAT server. Jeff finds his old Carrara file for the virtual room he created years back.

Oct 27, 2017: Nick shares a video of his favorite drummer, Anika Nilles, called "Anika Nilles - "Mallay/RTB Outro" [official Video]."

Oct 26, 2017: Nick hacks an online article to remove all the pop ups, ads, signup and obnoxious crap the original site had on the page, and then uploads the clean, easily readable version to his own server for Jeff and Wayde to enjoy. Which article was it? Well, it was about Greta Van Fleet's rise to fame, but the original web site? That's a nunya. Nick asks Wayde about a camera idea he has for the That's All Right video. The CAT server experiences a security breach from a random web crawler's user, allegedly hailing from Kazakhstan.

Oct 25, 2017: Wayde helps Nick troubleshoot the CAT server some more. Nick puts in another call to Centurylink before he figures out with one hundred percent certainty that the problem is local. Nick tries all kinds of settings changes until he finds the magic sauce, and successfully tests it across the WAN with his nephew Brandon. CAT server back online!

Oct 24, 2017: Nick dances with the FTP devil into the wee hours, and throws in a phone call to Centurylink just in case they have someone who can actually help with what appears to be a network issue. Nick shares his excitement about the new Plasma Vault encryption software later in the evening. Wayde helps Nick troubleshoot the server.

Oct 23, 2017: Nick comments on the increase with a few weeks of GVF's Highway Tune from about 25k views to almost four million. Nick updates the CAT song status chart. Jeff and Nick discuss which Sonar bundle file he can use to re-record his vocals for Fight The Good Fight, and how to mix the a Capella intro. The CAT server refuses logins after an Internet outage local to Nick, pretty much dumping all over Nick's plans to re-record Fight The Good Fight tonight. Jeff helps Nick troubleshoot.

Oct 19, 2017: Internet outage in Nick's neighborhood puts the CAT server out of commission for about eight hours. Nick shares a link to

Oct 18, 2017: CAT turns their comments back on for their YouTube videos. Jeff shares the "Rosanna cover by Richie Castellano & Andy Ascolese" video. Nick shares the "Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (LP - RE - USA - Rhino/Warner Bros. - 2010 - R1 1871)" video. Nick discovers BitChute and shares that info with Jeff and Wayde. Nick mentions a new video idea he has for More Than A Dream. Nick jokes around about the healthy egos of BSD developers. Nick asks Wayde a bunch of network related questions.

Oct 17, 2017: Wayde discusses his favorite version of BSD (TrueOS), and shares some interesting information about his own computer-based work history. Jeff shares the "More Than A Feeling - The Band Geeks with Bumblefoot" video. Nick shares three newer Hitler parody videos. Nick finds out more about Greta Van Fleet and shares four more videos of them. Nick mentions that the server has 220GB of free space, and that he'll be backing it up once a week. Nick shares the "Linus Torvalds: Why Linux Is Not Successful On Desktop" video.

Oct 16, 2017: Nick announces that the server is ready. Jeff and Wayde log into the new CAT server successfully. Jeff shares the "GOJIRA - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock 2016" and "Dimmu Borgir & Orchestra - Live at Wacken Open Air 2012 [Full Show]" videos. Jeff and Nick agree on their preference for singers who sing melodically.

Oct 15, 2017: Jeff shares the "Rick Latham Warming Up!" video. Nick reports that the server appears to be working, just have to test it over the Internet.

Oct 14, 2017: Jeff shares the "How to Shoot a Commercial with ONLY 2 Lights" and "LG V30 vs. $50,000 RED Weapon - Replicating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene" videos. Jeff and Nick are blown away by the optical power of the LG V30. Nick makes more progress and finds more dead ends in the server setup. Nick ends up hosing the OS and has to re-install it.

Oct 13, 2017: Nick recommends the movie Colossal right when Wayde was already watching it! Nick shares an unlisted video of his son playing drums.

Oct 12, 2017: Nick updates the guys again on his FTP server status. Nick explains why his son goes by the name Pirate Frank.

Oct 11, 2017: Nick learns a bunch of new useful Linux commands during his FTP server adventures, and gets closer to Jeff and Wayde logging in.

Oct 10, 2017: Jeff plans on integrating Nick's latest vocals into Crazy Where I've Been over the weekend. Nick reports more positive progress in getting the new CAT server up and running. Nick shares a link to a cool place in GitHub.

Oct 9, 2017: Wayde gives Nick some great advice from his own FTP server adventures. Jeff shares the "6 Rules for Cinematic Editing" video. Nick plans on having logons for Jeff and Wayde to test on the new CAT server in the evening. Nick shares a list of some vsftpd issues he's been trying to resolve, and reports on server progress.

Oct 6, 2017: Jeff gets more great news from his doctor, and things are on the up swing. Jeff shares the "Blackened - Meshuggah Version (Metal Cover by Morten Müller)", "Filmmaking Gear: $500 vs $50,000", "Closer To The Heart - Rush - Harp Guitar Cover - Jamie Dupuis", "Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen - Harp Guitar Cover - Jamie Dupuis" and "Brin Addison - Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 15 string Harp Guitar" videos. Jeff shares a link to an ad for a Synergy X20 Opus at $2,450.00. Nick shares the "Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah" video. Nick comes up with a possible idea to get a higher profile for CAT. Nick discovers the existence of Greta Van Fleet and shares links to videos of all four songs from their debut EP, plus a live performance of one.

Oct 5, 2017: Nick reports more progress on the new CAT server, and shares a link to Kris Occhipinti's channel on YouTube. Nick shares the "Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8700K review: The best gaming CPU you can buy" article.

Oct 4, 2017: For the past few weeks, Wayde has been working with his TH3, and finds that the Lynch Box Mr. Scary amp model with the 4x12 Randall LB George Lynch cab sounds amazing. Wayde also has an amp setup for his Keisel that is freakishly Greg Howe perfect, and is a fan of the DV Mark Maragold amp. Wayde's also been testing the Helix Native and Amplitude 4. Nick updates the guys on the new CAT server status.

Oct 2, 2017: CAT decides to start posting in Facebook again, after a long hiatus. Nick finishes updating the News page you're reading right now. Based on Jeff's and Wayde's advice, Nick decides to go with Hitfilm Express to create the lyric videos, and CentOS for the home-based FTP server. Jeff works on more robot artwork for his solo project. Wayde explains his studio video recording setup, and shares a link to his "How I make my YouTube Videos by Wayde Cooper" video. Nick decides to start posting in his Twitter account again, does a Facebook post for CAT, and considers making his own cool YouTube channel after seeing what Jeff and Wayde have done with theirs.

Oct 1, 2017: Jeff is digging his Adobe subscription. Jeff gives some helpful advice on what software he could use to create simple lyric videos for CAT releases. Jeff decides to end his Meditations for Robots series with 12 songs instead of 16. Jeff shares the latest rendered graphic for the last song. Nick asks Jeff for advice on what software he'd need to create simple text lyric videos for previously released CAT songs that don't have any representation in the YouTube CAT channel yet. Wayde and Jeff provide Nick with a TON of good info.

Sep 30, 2017: Nick shares a copy of song lyrics he wrote in 2006, and talks about recent changes in his schedule that will free up more time to work on CAT stuff. Nick asks Wayde for advice on how to setup the CAT server with his own hardware, and is encouraged when he discovers his upload speeds are four times faster than they used to be.

Sep 29, 2017: Jeff loves reverb. Nick shares the "The Cowsills Hair 1969 IN COLOR !!" video. Nick shares the "Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival - cover - Tori Matthieu - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy" video as a gift for Jeff and Wayde, and shares the "This Father's Day, Go Ask Dad | Gillette 2017" video because it's cool. Nick also shares the "Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane - Official video clip HQ" video.

Sep 26, 2017: Nick truly loves his KDE Neon installation, and attaches a screen shot of his current desktop. Nick ponders the original price of the Apple 1 and shares the "Why APPLE logo is bitten???" article.

Sep 23, 2017: Nick shares the "Crash Course Computer Science Preview" video, which is the first in an excellent series about computer science by Crash Course from PBS.

Sep 18, 2017: Wayde reports that the FTP server crashed, losing all data, and the backup failed as well, but he plans on having it up and running again in a few days. Jeff plans on working more on the CWIB mix on the weekend, and mentions even more unsettling events going on at his day job. Nick zips up his finished harmony vocal files to a single file, then uploads it to his personal server, and shares the link so Jeff can download it, in lieu of the now unavailable CAT server. Nick sets his email client up to play the original AOL "You've got mail!" sound when he gets an email in his inbox.

Sep 17, 2017: Jeff discusses the problems caused by 6ms latencies. Wayde returns to an old email, due to Nick's email server bizarrely blocking his messages. Nick shares the "Guys and Dolls 1955 Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" and "Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat (Don Henley)" videos, to demonstrate how effective Don Henley is at interpreting a piece of music.

Sep 16, 2017: Nick shares the "Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin Tribute): Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson - 2012 Kennedy Center Honors" video.

Sep 14, 2017: Jeff and Wayde talk about Kempers. Jeff shares the "FEARED Covers MESHUGGAH - Future Breed Machine Feat. Fredrik Thordendal" video.

Sep 13, 2017: Nick figures out it was Cinnamon itself that was the problem the whole time, so he nukes the partition again and this time decides to try a newer distro, KDE Neon.

Sep 12, 2017: Jeff is still using an optical mouse from either 2005 or 2010.

Sep 11, 2017: A thorough standard cleaning *and* complete disassembly with cleaning could not get Nick's ~, 5, 7, 8 and Numlock keys to work anymore, so Nick finally retired his Microsoft Natural keyboard after 23 faithful years of service. Nick had an identical keyboard he acquired at a thrift store years before, so he simply swapped them out.

Sep 10, 2017: Jeff receives his ESP LTD EC-1000 from Sweetwater with Evertune bridge, and he's blown away, attaches some pictures of the guitar, and raves about several awesome features. Jeff shares the "Building a 40 Year Old Computer - Obsolete Geek" and "Why is major "happy?"" videos. Nick shares a link to the AMD RYZEN 5 1600 6-Core 3.2 GHz (3.6 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 65W Desktop Processor at Newegg.

Sep 9, 2017: Jeff lusts after a Grape woodgrain Kiesel. Nick decides that Equifax, Transunion and Experian can all eat his shorts. Nick is experiencing the same crashing he was going through with both previous versions of Mint, now in his Manjaro installation.

Sep 7, 2017: Nick shares a series of seven different articles about current events in chronological order that together illustrate a situation that is summed up thus: Geneticists, bio-technologists, robotics engineers, nanotechnologists, artificial intelligence researchers: there's a very high degree of probability that they won't think of every contingency before marching "forward."

Aug 30, 2017: Nick shares the "Scientists Bust Up Black Hole Theory Using World's Most Powerful X-Ray Machine" article. Nick shares a link to an exhaustive computer hardware chart.

Aug 29, 2017: Jeff shares the "the best GPU for Blender?" video. Manjaro is closing the gap further toward Nick's dream of abandoning Windows forever. Nick attaches a screen shot of his Manjaro desktop. Nick discovers and shares the awesome site

Aug 28, 2017: Nick shares the "The Song Was Written Impossible For Human But She Nailed It. Charismatic Jane Zhang!" video. Jeff shares the "Laura sings the "Diva Dance" from the Fifth Element" video.

Aug 27, 2017: Being fed up with the same audio problem he experienced in the older and newer versions of Mint, Nick decides to nuke that and install Manjaro 17 Cinnamon instead. Jeff lusts after another Kiesel guitar, and shares the "Traditional Japanese Modern Music Shamisen Epic" video. Nick tries to effectively answer Jeff's question about all the different versions of Linux. Nick shares his first thoughts about Manjaro, having never used a version of Arch before. Nick goes wild checking out the Wagakki band, which was in the video Jeff shared earlier today. Nick shares the "和楽器バンド / 千本桜", "【和楽器バンド】天樂 【Wagakki Band】Tengaku" and "和楽器バンド / 「戦-ikusa-」/Wagakki Band「Ikusa」Music Video" videos.

Aug 26, 2017: Jeff shares the "EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic Harmonizing PLL" video. Nick encounters a sound configuration problem in the new Mint.

Aug 23, 2017: Nick begins planning his computer lab. Nick shares the "Linux Command Line Tutorial For Beginners 1 - Introduction" video for Jeff, and also shares a link to a great channel for various programming tutorials.

Aug 22, 2017: Jeff attaches his latest Meditations for Robots song, along with single artwork and brief details about the song and art. Wayde weighs in on Black Arch and Kali Linux. Nick and Wayde continue to discuss all things Linux.

Aug 19, 2017: Nick continues to yak about his new OS.

Aug 18, 2017: Nick considers forwarding his game ports and hosting online games with Jeff and Wayde.

Aug 17, 2017: Wayde gives a huge thumbs up to ClearOS has a home web server, and mentions his current preference for TrueOS. Nick upgrades to the new Mint 18.2 Cinnamon, and attaches a screen shot of his new desktop. Nick shares the "The Sound of Silence (acoustic Simon & Garfunkel cover) - Mike Massé and Jeff Hall" video. Later Nick continues to fiddle with his upgraded OS, and attaches another screen shot of his desktop. Nick recommends VMWare Workstation 12 to Jeff.

Aug 16, 2017: Nick recommends CentOS to Jeff based on DistroWatch's top 100 list, and suggests using VirtualBox as a testbed before moving to the actual hardware at his job. Nick shares the "[Linux Mint 18.2] Cinnamon is the Best Linux Desktop Environment" video.

Aug 15, 2017: Jeff seeks a free server OS that he can implement at his day job. Nick shares an article about Firefox fighting back, and the "It's A Wonderful Life (1946) - James Stewart - George Bailey's Speech to Potter & the Loan Board" video. Nick is forced to deal with more computer proprietary restriction nonsense thanks to Microsoft and Google, the two evil twins. Nick shares the "Linux Mint 18.2 Cinnamon" video and a link to

Aug 12, 2017: Jeff's career mind wanders a bit again.

Aug 10, 2017: Wayde's finally seeing light at the end of his temporary tunnel. Nick continues working on updating the News page you're reading right now.

Aug 7, 2017: Nick shares the "What Is A Social Justice Warrior (SJW)?" article.

Aug 4, 2017: Jeff shares the "Michael Jackson - Beat It: Isolated Vocal Track", "Don't stop me now- lead vocal only", and "Queen - Somebody To Love (Only Freddie's Vocals)" videos. Jeff has a sudden quandary about the final backing vocals in CWIB. Jeff works on the new bundle file for CWIB, and uploads it to Wayde's FTP space. Jeff mentions a few additional things he wants to try in the mix. Jeff wonders if he should sell his Fender Strat, and buys a new Bill Lawrence L500XL from Becky Lawrence. Jeff shares the "Yngwie Malmsteen 02/08/2017 London live @ O2 Forum Kentish Town HD pt.1" video of Yngwie being the big cheese. Listening to the vocal only videos Jeff shared allows Nick some final clarification on a Kansas song lyric: whereas everywhere you look on the Internet, the lyric is printed as "Nothing equals the splendor", but the actual lyric is "Naught can equal the splendor", which is much more poetic and appropriate. Nick shares the "A HA Take on me Vocals Only", "Heart - Barracuda (vocals only) VIDEO" and "It had to be GOD blessing Patti LaBelle with the holy spirit sending the crowd into a frenzy [Live]" videos. Nick also shares the "Queen - More Of That Jazz - (Official Lyric Video)", "Queen - Dead On Time (Official Lyric Video)" and "Queen - Mustapha (Official Montage Video)" videos.

Aug 3, 2017: Jeff uploads a new mix of CWIB to the CAT server. Jeff's mind is blown by the Melodyne pitch shifter and he explains how it has helped the CWIB mix so far. Jeff shares the "Whitesnake Here I Go Again Vocals Only", "More Than a Feeling - Boston - Vocals Only", "Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son: Isolated Vocal Track", and "Dio - Holy Diver (Vocals Only) [Studio Version]" videos. Nick shares the "The Equalizer - Official Trailer - In Theaters 9/26", "DEATH WISH Official Trailer (2017) Bruce Willis, Eli Roth, Revenge Movie HD" and "Death Wish - Trailer" videos.

Aug 2, 2017: Jeff shares the "Michael Angelo Batio - Freight Train w/DV Mark Multiamp" video.

Jul 31, 2017: Nick orders a Netgear GS308-100PAS Ethernet Switch, 8 Ports - 10/100/1000Base-T from Newegg, to use at his family's LAN parties.

Jul 30, 2017: Nick shares the "Let's Play - Donkey Kong (NES)" video, featuring five minutes of GameHorder drunken awesomeness. Jeff shares the "Marco Parisi plays Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" on the Seaboard RISE at Musikmesse 2016" video. Jeff shares the "How to legally post a cover song video on YouTube" article. Jeff shares the "Rickenbacker Bass Gets Outed For What It Is" video.

Jul 29, 2017: Jeff wants a 2 or 3TB SSD to hold his sample libraries. Nick shares the "AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processors" video, and a link to the WD Gold 10TB Enterprise Class Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM Class SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3.5 Inch on Newegg.

Jul 28, 2017: Wayde shares a link to the AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8-Core 3.6 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 95W YD180XBCAEWOF Desktop Processor on Nick shares a link to a review of the Ryzen 3 1300x, and attaches a picture of the very sexy MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard that is featured in the article.

Jul 27, 2017: Jeff discusses the advantages of graphical UI for EQ that doesn't feature analog knobs. Jeff shares the "Welcome To The Jungle [Guns N' Roses] Drum Cover by A-YEON" video.

Jul 26, 2017: Jeff provides a detailed rundown of the Slate plugins, and compares them to Sonar's Pro Channel for vocals, bass and guitar, providing screen shots of the mixing software as well. Nick shares the "Pirates of Silicon Valley [1999] scene -- Microsoft to "Big Blue": I Know You Want Apple" video.

Jul 25, 2017: Jeff shares a link to an Alexander pedal called Syntax Error. Jeff dicusses his adventures with football and Scrabble with Grandma, then switches gears, sharing a Cakewalk blog article and discussing the use of smallish speakers for helping get the right mix for a song. Jeff takes a two month chance on the slate everything plugins pack, due to using their Virtual Bus Compressor and Virtual Tape Machine on the master output on all his songs, and I loving them.

Jul 24, 2017: Nick proposes recording some harmonies for his lead vocals for Crazy Where I've Been. Jeff offers to double the harmonies with his own voice. Nick shares a link to his Combat Arms clan page at

Jul 22, 2017: Jeff uploads a new mix of Crazy Where I've Been to the FTP server, with a quick rundown of what's different, and what's left to do. Jeff shares an article and a video about a Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody - Hyde Park July 1st, 2017. Jeff shares an article about the Fantomen playing Hagstroms.

Jul 21, 2017: Jeff shares a link to Zazzle's new customizable swag as it pertains to CAT merchandise.

Jul 20, 2017: Jeff shares the "Extreme photoshop manipulation: cyber angel sci-fi art (speed art)" video, and comments that it gives him ideas for CAT videos, album art and song art. Nick shares the "Atari 2600 Emulator in Minecraft [Technical Version]", "BASIC Programming Language in Minecraft" and "SNES Code Injection -- Flappy Bird in SMW" videos. Nick shares the "Photoshop Has Gone Too Far" video.

Jul 19, 2017: Nick and Jeff continue discussing Intelligent Design. Nick shares a recipe he synthesized from a bunch of Internet recipes for homemade vegetable soup. Nick listens to Led Zeppelin I while he straightens up his man cave.

Jul 18, 2017: Jeff plans on having another mix of CWIB ready sometime late tonight. Jeff shares a link to Nitro's latest album.

Jul 14, 2017: Jeff and Nick continue discussing Intelligent Design.

Jul 13, 2017: Jeff shares the "AMD Threadripper prices undercut Intel's Core i9 by as much as $1,000" and "15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense" articles. Jeff attaches a picture of a woodgrain Kiesel with numbered frets.

Jul 12, 2017: Nick gives Jeff some legal methods of getting access to Darwin's Black Box without actually having to buy a copy.

Jul 11, 2017: Nick and Jeff continue discussing Darwinism and Intelligent Design. Nick mentions discoveries of soft tissue in some dinosaur bones.

Jul 10, 2017: Jeff's day job goes through some upheaval, and a friend of Jeff's gets laid off from Microsoft after 15 years. Wayde talks about discrepancies in carbon dating methods. Jeff ponders his future at his current company. Nick and Jeff have a lively discussion regarding Darwinism and Intelligent Design, and Jeff expresses an interest in irreducible complexity. Nick shares a comic strip about imagination versus evidence. Nick shares the "Darwin Was An Ideological Figurehead, Not A Scientist (Ep. 11)" video and the "Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God" article.

Jul 7, 2017: Jeff shares the "Rodney Holmes w Keller Williams -TLA- 2/13/16" video. Nick shares the "Rick Springfield - Rock Of Life" video. Jeff and Nick talk about Ratt. Nick shares the "Ratt - Loving You Is A Dirty Job - HQ" video.

Jul 6, 2017: Jeff talks about his vocal range and the songs he likes to sing along with to keep his voice in good condition. Nick is still getting over bronchitis.

Jul 5, 2017: Jeff suggests that CAT work on In The Stars or Roll That Stone after Crazy Where I've Been is finished. Jeff shares the ""Dr Feelgood" Vince Neil@Resorts Casino Atlantic City 6/23/17" video. Nick updates the private CAT song status page. Nick shares the "Being a Millennial - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 63" video.

Jul 4, 2017: Nick shares the "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist" video.

Jul 3, 2017: Jeff works on CWIB some more, cutting out some parts and planning out keyboard parts to add back, some piano and some strings. The guys talk about the Rush cover band. Jeff announces that he ain't paying $1000 for a _______ CPU. The guys ponder a strange message from GoDaddy. Wayde sells his Carvin 2x12 and still loves his TH3 and BIAS FX. Wayde updates Jeff and Nick on the difficult things that have been going on in his life since January, including selling everything he had except for his DAW, Kiesel and Ibanez RG321.

Jul 1, 2017: Jeff shares the "Lotus Land (RUSH tribute band) - 'Marathon'" video.

Jun 30, 2017: Jeff shares the "MESA/Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 Official Demo" video, because it reminds him of a Marshall, and it doesn't make popping noise when changing channels. Jeff thinks about buying a guitar amp once his Les Paul and PRS are paid off. Jeff provides a long list of amps he's been looking at buying, and names the Peavey as the best deal.

Jun 28, 2017: Jeff looks forward to buying a Kiesel guitar when he's got other things paid off. Nick continues to talk about Combat Arms. Nick shares the "Intel Core X vs. AMD Ryzen Threadripper: What we know so far" article.

Jun 27, 2017: Jeff attaches a picture of a lime-green Kiesel with numbered frets. Jeff shares the "Electro-Harmonix Platform Stereo Compressor" video.

Jun 24, 2017: Jeff worked on the Crazy Where I've Been for three hours tonight, and talked about many of the cool things he did with the mix. Nick agrees that the section removals were a great idea. Nick tries to convince Jeff and Wayde to play Combat Arms.

Jun 23, 2017: Jeff plans on working more on the CWIB mix this weekend. Nick recommends the Colin Hay documentary.

Jun 22, 2017: Jeff gets food poisoning. Jeff attaches a picture of a cool red pearled guitar. Wayde loves the idea of a one-pickup guitar, and Jeff sympathizes.

Jun 15, 2017: Jeff shares the "How to make cheap video look expensive - After Effects Tutorial" video, and the "YT" video that explains how YouTubers make money. Jeff also shares a Buddy Rich memorial video which has since been taken down by YouTube due to copyright squawking. Wayde is blown away by the huge amount of features in Adobe After Effects.

Jun 13, 2017: Jeff wonders if the pending update will allow him and Nick to visit each other's Minecraft worlds.

Jun 11, 2017: Jeff shares the "Minecraft Is Getting An Update That Will Change Everything" article, and wonders about the Linux version.

Jun 7, 2017: Nick rants about social justice warriors.

Jun 5, 2017: Jeff shares the "First Look at Eevee: Blender's Realtime Rendering Engine" video, and discusses the advantages of Blender's real time rendering. Nick shares a link to a page that had a ton of links to free CG resources that has since been removed.

Jun 2, 2017: Wayde ponders living in Nick's home state.

May 29, 2017: Jeff shares the ""The Curtain Falls"- YYNOT (Rush tribute/original band)" and "The Analog Kid Bass Cover" videos.

May 25, 2017: Jeff shares the "Black Hole Sun (acoustic Soundgarden/Chris Cornell cover) - Mike Massé and Bryce Bloom" video, and ponders Mike's fluttery vibrato.

May 24, 2017: Jeff shares the "Best Vocal Mics for Metal" article.

May 23, 2017: Jeff talks about a new compressor plug he's using on Nick's vocals, and talks briefly about the guitar mix. Wayde's email server issues slow him down in keeping current.

May 20, 2017: Jeff uploads a rough mix of Crazy Where I've Been to the CAT server.

May 18, 2017: Nick and Jeff discuss Stallman's ideas about free software at length.

May 17, 2017: Jeff has some legit questions about free software. Nick shares the "The next ransomware attack will be worse than WannaCry" article.

May 16, 2017: Nick shares the "Richard Stallman: Apple fanboys are foolish people" video.

May 11, 2017: Jeff shares the "MUSIC THEORY FOR PRODUCERS AND EVERYONE ELSE" video.

May 10, 2017: Nick suggests using a CR-2032 battery for Jeff's mobo.

May 6, 2017: Jeff shares the "TNT 10,000 Lovers LIVE Studio 1 NRK" video.

May 5, 2017: Jeff ponders whether or not replacing his HDD with and SDD would have any benefit on the HP Pavilion PC he mixes on. Nick wonders how "Telefunken" can justify $9000 for a single microphone.

May 4, 2017: Jeff shares a link to the Sweetwater Vocal Mic Shootout, and expresses surprise that the less expensive and the outrageously expensive mics kinda sound the same. Jeff explains why it's hard to hear the difference between regular and even tempered tuning.

May 3, 2017: Nick suggests testing the RAM slots on Jeff's DAW in addition to trading out RAM. Jeff shares a video of Paul Stanley that has since been taken down. Nick shares some cost comparison information regarding the R7's and i7's.

May 2, 2017: Jeff shares the "IS RYZEN 7 FASTER THAN 2X XEONS?" video.

May 1, 2017: Jeff shares the "Microtonal Bach Experiment - Which Tuning Sounds Better?" video.

Apr 29, 2017: Jeff discovers that it was bad RAM in his DAW, and decides to put a new CMOS battery in the mobo for good measure.

Apr 21, 2017: Jeff shares the "Slash Chords- What Are They and How To Use Them" video. Jeff also shares the "All Of Me - Django: Gypsy Jazz Guitar, sample library demo" video, with the declaration that he will buy it someday.

Apr 20, 2017: Jeff and Nick discuss Motorola processors.

Apr 19, 2017: Nick and Jeff discuss AMD and Intel.

Apr 18, 2017: Nick is excited about the new Ryzen line and shares articles and links to Newegg pages with the new AMD processors.

Apr 17, 2017: Jeff shares screenshots of the three-story house he built in Fallout 4, and also shares screens from his rendering work for his Meditations for Robots series. Jeff then shares the "Allan Holdsworth - Devil Take the Hindmost - Solo Cover by Miguel Torres" video.

Apr 15, 2017: Nick is still cheering from the sidelines for ReactOS, as nothing less than full abandonment of Windows (and Mac OS as well, for that matter) is what Nick looks forward to someday.

Apr 14, 2017: Nick's wife uses Linux Mint, but needed Windows 7 on her home computer (for work), so Nick went to his favorite mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar store, and found an old box for $10 that was stripped of RAM, HDD and video card, but was originally licensed to run Windows 7. So Nick bought it, used spare parts to get it running, installed Windows 7, installed Linux Mint, set it up to dual boot and voila! A working, functioning Linux/Windows 7 computer for less than the cost of Windows 7 itself.

Apr 13, 2017: Jeff is getting better slowly, and shares the "Lennart Green - FISM act" video.

Apr 10, 2017: Nick shares the "Doom WASN'T 3D! - Digressing and Sidequesting" video.

Apr 8, 2017: Nick shares the "The Mummy - Official Trailer #2 [HD]" video. Wayde agrees that The Mummy looks good, and that Sofia Boutella will make it that much better. Wayde leaves for Vegas and a ME vacation with 400 shred-tastic songs on his USB. After a month of being ill, Jeff visits the doctor and gets some medicine.

Apr 4, 2017: Wayde digs the purple fireman and mentions his intentions to check out Oregon on his way north.

Apr 3, 2017: Jeff shares the "The Capt. Meets Paul Gilbert (2017) - Shred Alert!" video, and comments on the convenience experienced should Paul Gilbert move near him instead of Oregon. Nick shares a link to the DOSBox site, and gives Jeff instructions on how to play the original Zork on his current computer.

Mar 29, 2017: Nick discovers VMWare Workstation 12 and makes a bunch of VMs of old OSes for memory lane.

Mar 27, 2017: Nick gets the BSOD in his Windows gaming partition, so spends the entire day backing up, nuking, re-installing Windows and copying back files. Without Linux, of course, it would have been a real disaster.

Mar 20, 2017: Jeff's main DAW dies, and ponders what kind of hardware he should use for his replacement. Wayde gets the CAT server figured out, using Proftpd on the FTP side, and Ubuntu Server 16.04LTS, using only terminal commands for setup. Jeff shares a link to a page that has a list of all the hardware he chose for a custom ADK build. Wayde shares some info regarding Intel chips with Jeff, then lists the hardware he selected for his own computer build.

Mar 18, 2017: Nick discusses new star formation at length.

Mar 16, 2017: Wayde rents an online server for CAT files, and is working through some issues in Adobe Premiere.

Mar 15, 2017: Nick and Jeff talk about No Man's Sky. Jeff considers using his MS Office 365 as a temporary CAT file server, and is in sore need of some sleep. Jeff and Nick reminisce about old PC games. Jeff expresses an interest in irreducible complexity. Nick recommends "Darwin's Black Box" by Michael Behe. Nick shares a link to The 8-Bit Guy's YouTube channel.

Mar 14, 2017: Wayde starts renting a rehearsal studio. Jeff is seeking some good screen capture software. Nick suggests Monosnap.

Mar 13, 2017: Nick shares the new entry in his blog. Nick shares a link to the No Man's Sky Steam store page for Jeff, as the reviews continue to improve with new updates. Nick buys a vintage shooter game from Steam he had never heard of before, called "Redline."

Mar 11, 2017: Nick receives his new video card, and tries to force a crash by playing Combat Arms for five hours straight while also playing movies in Netflix on the second monitor. No crashes, and the card runs 20 degrees Celsius lower than his previous card. And the new Doom rocks.

Mar 9, 2017: Jeff shares the "Intervallic Rock" video, commenting that it's part Allan Holdsworth, part Eric Johnson.

Mar 8, 2017: Having narrowed down his computer crashing problem to video card or PSU, and because his brother in law bought him the new Doom for Christmas, which requires more video RAM than his current video card has, Nick orders the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 06G-P4-6163-KR, 6GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) from Newegg.

Mar 7, 2017: It's snowing where Jeff lives. Nick goes on an extensive troubleshooting odyssey on his computer due to frequent inexplicable crashes while playing games in Windows.

Mar 3, 2017: Nick shares the "Dio - Rainbow In The Dark [HD]" video, and goes into a deep analysis of Dio's lyrics with the conclusion that he must have been a serious believer in God to have written some of his most well known lyrics.

Mar 2, 2017: Jeff shares the "Vocal Mixing For Pros - Using EQ, Compression and FX | Featuring Michael Johns" video, and mentions that he's never needed a de-esser for Nick's voice. Jeff shares the "Ep.28 How to Sing - Falsetto vs Head Voice?" video.

Feb 22, 2017: Wayde ponders changing careers and how he might spend his summer. Nick shares his experiences in Columbus.

Feb 20, 2017: Jeff shares a link to FaceGen Artist Pro.

Feb 19, 2017: Wayde takes the CAT FTP server offline as he prepares to move, and comments that his iPad sounds amazing using Positive Grids BIAS FX Amp sim. Wayde comments on some of the less desirable aspects of working in the IT industry. Nick talks extensively about the PC FPS game called Chrome, and shares a link to the "Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat Walkthrough - Part 3" video. Advanced Battlegrounds was just the re-release name for Chrome.

Feb 12, 2017: Jeff shares the "Steel Panther with Surreal Panther - Eyes of a Panther (O2 Academy, Leicester)" and "Steel Panther - Kanye & Weenie Ride (Live At The SSE Arena, Wembley, London) 14/3/15" videos.

Feb 11, 2017: Jeff shares the "Steel Panther interrupted by a huge boat during live concert" and "Hunting Girl Bass Cover HD" videos. Nick comments on Jethro Tull's innovative musical arrangements.

Feb 6, 2017: Nick shares the "The Mummy (2017) - Official Trailer" video.

Feb 5, 2017: Jeff worked on CWIB vocals tonight, shared his thoughts about the 1176 and CA-2A compressors in Sonar, and gave a complex breakdown of how he's attaining the desired sound for the vocals. Jeff shares the "Erlend Krauser performs with the #KemperProfiler and a Charvel Guthrie Govan San Dimas Flame" video, and figures if someone else can make a video like that, he can as well. Wayde reveals plans that include the possibilities of living near Nick or Jeff. Nick offers up a long list of reasons why it would be cool for Wayde to move to his area.

Feb 4, 2017: Wayde shares Jeff's attraction to the orange sparkle Kiesel.

Feb 3, 2017: Nick shares a link to a video of his son's Christmas show. Jeff dreams of owning an orange sparkle Kiesel.

Feb 2, 2017: Jeff shares the "The Major 3rd Problem of All Guitars in the World" video.

Jan 26, 2017: Jeff is growing tired of IT as a career.

Jan 25, 2017: Wayde co-miserates with Jeff over their respective IT day jobs. The guys talk about their home network setups.

Jan 24, 2017: Jeff shares the "The 20 LONGEST GERMAN WORDS and What They Mean" video.

Jan 23, 2017: Jeff makes more progress on mixing CWIB. Jeff gets a serious bandwidth boost with a new modem on his Internet connection.

Jan 19, 2017: Jeff shares a link to Line 6 Helix.

Jan 18, 2017: Nick carps about his horrible upload speeds.

Jan 17, 2017: Wayde announces some major upheavals in his living and working situations, and that CAT's FTP server will be down for a while as a result. Jeff shares the "Brutal Assault 21 - Animals As Leaders (live) 2016" video because of who may be his favorite new drummer. Nick highly recommends Mr. Robot.

Jan 10, 2017: Nick shares the "Peter Kaukonen - 1972 Black Kangaroo" video.

Jan 7, 2017: Nick talks about his new way to play Minecraft: Ultra Hardcore Survival.

Jan 6, 2017: Nick waxes nostalgic about his bohemian/minimalist days in Columbus.

Jan 5, 2017: Nick joins Jeff and Wayde's discussion about the TH3. Jeff's in the process of selling a total of ten guitars. So far Wayde has sold three guitars, his Randall Iso cab, Palmer PDI-3, all his pedals he decided not to use (since the TH3 has amazing effects), his old M-Audio Monitors, and his 57 microphone. Wayde still plans on selling his Peavey XXX II and Schecter KM7. Wayde also plans on selling his couch, coffee tables and end tables and cleaning out his apartment, and only keeping his studio stuff. Nick shares a link to Minecraft's "Hour of Code," a site for children to learn coding concepts. Nick shares the "Sammy Hagar - This Planets On Fire (Re Mastered)" video.

Jan 4, 2017: Jeff saw the article "Lego's new kit teaches kids to code" and shared it because of Nick's son.

Jan 3, 2017: Wayde's Randall Isolation Cab sold, but his Schecter Blackjack SLS 7 and Peavey XXX II are still for sale.

Jan 1, 2017: The guys all wish each other Happy New Year. Wayde continues discussing the TH3 and how he not only found his solo tone, but his rhythm tone and clean sound. As a result Wayde plans on selling all his outboard stuff. Jeff totally agrees about the advantages of the TH3, and uses it exclusively. Wayde also mentions that by using the TH3, his picking technique has gotten even tighter. Jeff talks about putting together his own custom guitars, and talks about his current project that includes a Warmoth neck and a Seymour Duncan Little ’59 tele-sized bridge pickup.

Dec 30, 2016: Wayde comes up with all sorts of amp and cab combinations with the TH3, and labels it bad ass. Jeff and Nick discuss the retailer who runs the originalstormtrooper site, and how he is able to create and sell the gear without licensing from Disney.

Dec 28, 2016: Nick shares his plans to simply things by getting rid of tons of books, unused clothing, crappy PC games, and unnecessary PC equipment.

Dec 27, 2016: Jeff sells six of his guitars! Wayde sells his Ibanez and plans to sell three more guitars, paring down to just his Kiesel. Wayde also plans on selling his Peavey XXX 2 and some pedals. Wayde is liking the TH3 so far and his Toneforge Guilty Pleasure plugin, and thinks the BIAS FX is fun to use. Due to the currently lower latencies, Jeff makes the switch to recording everything dry and using amp sims. Jeff would still like a small, good sounding amp for the pleasure of playing through it once in a while. Wayde agrees about recording dry, and shares a list of really good amp sims that are free of charge. Wayde lists as his favorite site right now. Jeff shares the site

Dec 25, 2016: The guys all wish each other Merry Christmas. Nick's wife gives him the greatest T-shirt of all time: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" in binary, with green text on black shirt. :)

Dec 23, 2016: Nick highly recommends the Black Mirror series.

Dec 22, 2016: Nick experiences sub-sub-sub zero weather, and wonders when the Steam sale is going to start. Nick shares the "Kansas The Spider / Portrait (He knew)" video.

Dec 21, 2016: Nick shares his opinion regarding Jeff's question about Mike Vescera's voice. Nick shares the "Livin' Thing Jeff Lynne's ELO Live with Rosie Langley and Amy Langley, Glastonbury 2016" and "THE LANGLEY SISTERS - BAD BOY BLUES" videos.

Dec 20, 2016: Jeff is curious about Mike Vescera's evolving voice, and shares four videos of then and now of Mike singing.

Dec 17, 2016: Jeff plans on trying some Star Trek teleportation effects in his home videos. Nick shares the "Portal Combat" video, and asks Jeff an editing question.

Dec 7, 2016: Wayde mentions how Aquilas Priester is one amazing drummer, even though the band is over-the-top crazy. Jeff shares the "Premiere Pro Advanced Colour Correction Tutorial" video and talks about his Premiere and After Effects experiences. Wayde admits he's learned a lot about Premiere Pro through YouTube videos.

Dec 6, 2016: Jeff shares the "Wake Up - Noturnall's new single!" video and observes the overplaying during the performance.

Dec 1, 2016: Jeff continues to mix Crazy Where I've Been, using Sonar's built in compressor, instead of the way he previously processed the vocals.

Nov 30, 2016: Jeff takes the plunge and buys an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Wayde discusses his experiences with Photoshop and Premiere.

Nov 29, 2016: Nick greatly praises the new singer for Queensryche, and weighs in on Jeff's Norton software issue. Nick shares the "Honeymoon Suite - New Girl Now" video, and finally catches up on season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Nov 27, 2016: Jeff shares the "Queensryche-"Queen of the Reich" Allstate Arena-Chicago 9-26-15 2-cam HD" video, bringing attention to the new singer.

Nov 26, 2016: Jeff continues to heal, and figures out what was slowing down his computer: Outlook extensions in his browser that Norton re-enabled after a Norton update. Nick buys a cool game called TIS-100 from Steam.

Nov 24, 2016: The guys all wish each other Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 21, 2016: Jeff shares the "NASA's 'Impossible' Propulsion Engine EmDrive Passes Peer Review" article. Nick shares the "Mystery Warfare (Minecraft Animation) [Hypixel]" video.

Nov 20, 2016: Jeff shares the "Modão Internacional - Toto I'll be over you (Cover)" video.

Nov 19, 2016: Jeff's desktop PC may be dying, and he ponders the Xeon. Wayde explains the key differences between the Xeon and i7.

Nov 18, 2016: Nick wonders how Blue Oyster Cult got the airy, Gregorian-ish sound in their background vocals, and shares "Blue Oyster Cult: Divine Wind", "Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin' For You" and "Blue Oyster Cult: I Love The Night" as examples.

Nov 11, 2016: Nick expresses doubt regarding the veracity of doomsday claims made by climate scientists.

Nov 10, 2016: Jeff is intrigued by the Rosewood neck version of the Malmsteen Fender. Wayde likes the Malmsteen Fender as well, especially the scalloped neck. Jeff and Nick discuss Global Climate Change.

Nov 9, 2016: Nick shares the "What President Trump Will Mean for Earth’s Climate" article, and wonders what all the fuss is about.

Nov 3, 2016: Nick shares the "Muse - Madness" video, because he hears the song for the first time that morning on the radio and was blown away. Jeff and Nick discuss Mutt Lange and his known techniques.

Nov 1, 2016: Jeff and Nick continue to discuss his vocals in CWIB. Jeff explains in more details his plans for mixing CWIB.

Oct 28, 2016: Jeff's editing Crazy Where I've Been, and loving it. Jeff and Nick discuss some production possibilities for Nick's vocals in CWIB.

Oct 22, 2016: Jeff shares an article called "Hear Steve Lukather's Isolated Guitar from Toto's "Rosanna" " and discusses how he plans on increasing vocal delay and reverb on CAT songs as a result. Wayde comments on mixing more reverb into his own tracks as well.

Oct 19, 2016: Nick and Jeff discuss some Silicon Valley philosophies. Jeff shares "WATCHTOWER - Concepts of Math: Book One (album trailer)."

Oct 18, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video of the amazing MODO Bass. Wayde shares a link to an article about the same bass. Nick shares the article "Tech Billionaires Want to Destroy the Universe" and philosophizes about the ramifications.

Oct 12, 2016: Jeff considers buying a sea-foam green Charvel.

Oct 8, 2016: Wayde runs updates on CAT's FTP server.

Oct 6, 2016: Wayde considers moving to Nick's neck of the woods. Nick provides details about life in his home state.

Oct 4, 2016: Jeff's surgical wounds are healing. Wayde updates the CAT FTP server.

Oct 2, 2016: Jeff shares "Rik Emmett (Triumph) Red Barchetta (Rush cover tribute) 2012."

Sep 30, 2016: Jeff shares an Arnold video that has since been replaced with "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

Sep 26, 2016: Jeff shares "Colomban CriCri Jet - Display Flight - Edith Piaf" and expresses incredulity that it flies with two tiny jets.

Sep 25, 2016: Jeff shares "Octavarium // Full Band and Orchestra Cover," and ponders what would happen if the same amount of energy was applied to writing new music.

Sep 24, 2016: Nick shares a link to where the awesome UserPatch for "Age of Empires II The Conquerors" is located.

Sep 22, 2016: Nick shares some thoughts (praise for Henley) about word choice in a passage of Desperado by The Eagles.

Sep 21, 2016: Jeff shares "The Trooper - BURN (ao vivo Rock'n Roll on Night) [HD]." Nick shares the "Led Zeppelin When The Levee Breaks by Zepparella" video.

Sep 18, 2016: Jeff talks about acquiring the Spitfire Audio string libraries and what kinds of mixing techniques he would use them for. Nick shares the "Minecraft | SURVIVAL ISLAND! | Small Island Survival!" video and advises Jeff and Wayde to turn off the sound while watching.

Sep 16, 2016: Jeff gets great news from his doctor. Jeff finishes and shares a bonus track from his Despair to Peace album.

Sep 15, 2016: Jeff shares a link to Impact Soundworks' Gypsy Jazz sample library.

Sep 13, 2016: Wayde's shared video about resonance frequency experiments reminds Nick of an old electric football game he had as a kid.

Sep 12, 2016: Jeff shares a Wikipedia page paragraph about Binaural Beats.

Sep 11, 2016: Nick's interest in Minecraft is renewed by discovering a new way to play: Island Survival. Jeff admits he still plays Minecraft from time to time. Jeff shares a photo of a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH HT, in orange blaze. Wayde shares a link to an "Amazing Resonance Experiment!"

Sep 9, 2016: Jeff shares a picture of an awesome pink Jason Becker guitar, and Wayde wants one too. Jeff's bass arrives, and it's a keeper.

Sep 7, 2016: Jeff's mother-in-law passes away over the weekend.

Sep 4, 2016: Jeff shares a link to "Somebody to Love - FlashMob Unasp."

Aug 30, 2016: Jeff shares a link to "The 3 Kind of Chord Movement - Writing Music for Pop Songs pt 2 - Why These Notes." Jeff prepares to work on the latest CAT song after he finishes a remix of his Despair to Peace album.

Aug 28, 2016: Jeff shares a link to "Why These Chords - Writing Music for Pop Songs."

Aug 27, 2016: Wayde shares a link to Great White North featuring Geddy Lee.

Aug 26, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video called, "Tutorial: Writing an Epic Fantasy Track using Symphobia." Nick shares the "" and "" videos. Nick also shared two other similar ones of Cheech and Chong, but they are gone now and of course carry inspiring messages in their wake, those being "This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." and "The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.". Kiss our butts WMG, and eat our shorts YouTube for terminating another user account to avoid legal hassles from whiny copyright complainers.

Aug 25, 2016: Jeff shares an article called, "A new class of galaxy has been discovered, one made almost entirely of dark matter."

Aug 24, 2016: Jeff orders a sweet bass from Sweetwater.

Aug 22, 2016: Jeff's mother-in-law falls ill.

Aug 19, 2016: Jeff shares a video of Billy Sheehan playing live.

Aug 18, 2016: Nick talks at length about the movie "Red White & Blue," and shares the "Unforgiven (9/10) Movie CLIP - I'm Here to Kill You (1992) HD" and another video, which was the trailer for Red White & Blue, but has since been made unavailable "This video is unavailable." Thanks Google and YouTube, you rock! (not really)

Aug 16, 2016: Jeff shares a video of a dude with a great sounding bass.

Aug 15, 2016: Jeff shares a video of Dawkins and Krauss talking about how the universe came from "Nothing." Jeff shares a page with videos of the current crop of heavy players, who can't seem to play a decent guitar solo.

Aug 12, 2016: Jeff shares a video of an electron microscope showing slow motion footage of a needle riding a vinyl LP, and a video of No Man's Sky. Wayde shares Jeff's excitement about No Man's Sky enough to buy it. Wayde also picks up Battlefield 4 and The Division.

Aug 11, 2016: Nick and Jeff talk about a bunch of cosmic what ifs, in terms of astrophysics and the quantum universe, and how they eventually grew bored of Minecraft. Wayde buys a Playstation 4 and gets into 7 Days to Die. Nick continues to wax philosophical about known aspects of modern physics. Nick shares the "Minecraft: Singleplayer Survival - Episode 1 | The Beginning" video, the first one in a series by the uploader.

Aug 10, 2016: Jeff shares a link to "How the Quantum Eraser Rewrites the Past" by PBS Digital Studios. Nick and Jeff talk about Ken Tamplin, who had released a great song in 1990 called "Goin' Home," and Nick couldn't remember his name until Jeff reminded him. As a result, Nick shares the "Tamplin and Friends - Goin' Home" video.

Aug 6, 2016: Jeff shares a link to Clutch's A Quick Death in Texas. Jeff shares another Racer X cover, and thinks it would be fun to cover Gone Too Far.

Aug 4, 2016: Jeff shares a link to an article called, "IBM creates world’s first artificial phase-change neurons." Nick waxes philosophical about the complex structures of physical reality.

Aug 3, 2016: Nick changes a line in Devil In Disguise to avoid confusing the listener.

Aug 2, 2016: Jeff shares a link to the Mexican made Fender deluxe roadhouse Strat, then shares another Strat link, which is even better.

Aug 1, 2016: Jeff carves out some time to work on the latest CAT song, and explains in details some of his planned vocal production techniques. Wayde goes down memory lane with Vampire Desire.

Jul 31, 2016: Jeff shares a video of a cover of a Racer X song.

Jul 30, 2016: Nick shares the "Neil Young - Southern Man" video.

Jul 29, 2016: Jeff shares a video of Neil Young performing two songs live, and is surprised by the power of his voice.

Jul 28, 2016: Wayde contemplates moving back to Seattle.

Jul 26, 2016: Jeff shares the update regarding his pending surgeries.

Jul 23, 2016: Nick shares the "Pilot - Magic (1975 - HD)", "the Cowsills - the Rain,the Park & Other Things (edited from 2 performances)(1966)", "Fighter-Christina Aguilera with lyrics" and "Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass (Live & Acoustic)" videos.

Jul 22, 2016: Jeff and Wayde discuss multi-scale guitars. Nick finishes up Sons of Anarchy.

Jul 21, 2016: Jeff gets excellent news from his doctor! Wayde experiences a run of bad luck, including multiple sprained fingers and a broken big right toe. Wayde shares a link to a page for the Kiesel DCM6. Jeff shares a link to a great review of three of his Meditations for Robots songs. Jeff shares a link to a video of Jimmy Rosenberg playing Gypsy Jazz.

Jul 16, 2016: Jeff shares a picture of Jerry Garcia playing a guitar with numbers on the frets.

Jul 13, 2016: Jeff takes an indefinite break from CAT due to some health concerns. Nick plans how to improve his Devil In Disguise vocals. Nick makes changes to the words in Roll That Stone to take away the sarcastic tone and replace it with less obscure clarity.

Jul 12, 2016: Nick finishes the background vocals and re-recorded lead vocals for Crazy Where I've been, and uploads them to the CAT server, then writes out an exhaustive description of all 36 new tracks. Nick shares his latest blog entry.

Jul 4, 2016: The guys all wish each other a Happy July 4th.

Jun 28, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video of John Williams scoring Indiana Jones.

Jun 26, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video of a guy demonstrating plug in hosting on slave computers, over gigabit ethernet.

Jun 25, 2016: Wayde shares a new song he wrote, called Your Majesty, and decides to release it as a single. Nick comments on how much Axl Rose now looks like Meatloaf.

Jun 24, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video of someone writing music for television.

Jun 22, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a PRS SC 245 Artist Package - McCarty Sunburst with Pattern Neck at Sweetwater. Jeff's mother in law has a new heart valve installed. Jeff talks about different options for processing Nick's vocals. Jeff recaps CAT's current song progress. Wayde ponders the state of completion of a guitar harmony part in Fight The Good Fight.

Jun 21, 2016: Jeff takes note that Sony sold off Vegas to Magix, and discusses Adobe software. Wayde mentions his use of Adobe Creative Cloud, and discusses Adobe software as well.

Jun 16, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a Racer X video that was removed due to a copyright claim by Bruce Bouillet. We saw it before you took it down, Brucie. Ha!

Jun 14, 2016: Jeff shares a Guilford Guitars article about Bruce of Racer X.

Jun 13, 2016: Nick shares a video of Axl Rose making a fool out of himself onstage, but it has since been removed by the copyright Hitlers: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by SME." Wayde comments that it would have been better to have the singer from Krokus play with AC/DC than Axl Rose. Jeff has an illness in the family.

Jun 12, 2016: Nick explores the idea that his vocal timbre might be more important than his technique. Nick shares a link to Lee Triffon's Different Sun on Soundcloud.

Jun 11, 2016: Nick's five year old Acer monitor dies, so he picks up another 22" monitor at a local mom and pop computer shop for $63.

Jun 8, 2016: Nick shares the "Apple and Steve Jobs' Biggest Mistakes Ep 1 - The Macintosh" video, and comments on Steve Jobs's cult of personality. Jeff shares a link to a video of Mike Masse playing Space Oddity with Jeff Hall. Nick highly recommends playing both Portal games. Nick talks about Eatliz and their former and current singers. Nick shares the "Old computers did it better!" video.

Jun 3, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video of the amazing Senri Kawaguchi. Wayde mentions some atheism-based YouTube channels he likes. Nick shares the "How to be an Atheist (Funny) - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 17 - with JP Sears" video, and a few others by Sears.

Jun 2, 2016: Jeff notices Sonar for OSX is arriving in the fall.

Jun 1, 2016: Nick shares the "Spain: Vegan activists use their bodies to protest meat industry *EXPLICIT*" video, and includes the comment on that page from user "John Galt."

May 26, 2016: Jeff shares an article about how US government agencies are still using Windows 3.1, floppy disks and 1970's computers.

May 24, 2016: Jeff shares a Carvin Audio post about Bass EQing, and information about tempo.

May 20, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video that shows a weird bar over the pick guard, for sweeping. Nick shares the "PC History - Apple Lisa, Microsoft Windows 1.0, Linux Slackware 1.01 - The first GUI OS" video.

May 19, 2016: Jeff shares a link to a video about Dark Energy, and admits he's addicted to the PBS Space Time series. The guys talk about Windows and Linux and how they relate to Digital Audio Workstations. Nick mentions that he can get down to 4ms latency with his Firebox sound card.

May 18, 2016: The guys continue to discuss recent developments regarding Cakewalk.

May 17, 2016: The guys discuss recent developments regarding Cakewalk.

May 14, 2016: Nick shares an excellent side-by-side comparison between PC and console gaming he found online.

May 13, 2016: Nick shares the "Lennox Vs. Dawkins Debate - Has Science Buried God?" video. In response to Jeff's fart observations, Nick observes his flatulence levels rising after eating Cool Whip.

May 12, 2016: Wayde and Nick continue discussing philosophical matters. Jeff reminds them about the value of a good fart joke.

May 11, 2016: Nick shares the "Richard Dawkins admits to Intelligent Design" and "Signature in the Cell: Stephen Meyer Faces his Critics, pt. 2: Q&A and Debate" videos.

May 10, 2016: In response to interest expressed by Wayde, Nick shares links to four videos featuring John Lennox, three of which are no longer available due to "The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement." Thanks, copyright cry babies and YouTube jackboots, for taking away more excellent content. Nick also shares the "Lawrence Krauss vs John Lennox - Science, the Universe, The God Question - 2013" video.

May 9, 2016: Nick shares the "Queen - Live at LIVE AID 1985/07/13 [Best Version]" video, and mentions that the main reason why Freddie was the most entertaining vocalist he had ever seen perform live was because Freddie made him laugh.

May 7, 2016: Wayde and Nick's deep philosophical discussion continues.

May 6, 2016: The guys continue discussing their use of GIMP, and how classical musicians and conductors relate to music. Wayde shares a list of authors he likes, including Dawkings, Harris, Hitchens, Hawking, Krauss, Hecht, Nye and Tyson. Wayde mentions his Adobe monthly plan. Wayde and Nick have a deep philosophical discussion, and Nick shares a list of his favorite authors as well, including David Berlinski, Edward Feser, Terry Eagleton, John C. Lennox, Phillip E. Johnson, William A. Dembski, Gerald L. Schroeder, Stephen C. Meyer, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells and Michael Denton.

May 4, 2016: Nick shares a link to the GIMP site and lists some of the cool features of the graphics software, as an alternative to Photoshop for Jeff. Wayde is on chapter two of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Wayde and Nick begin a discussion about Dawkins and some New Atheism concepts. Jeff has to use GIMP at work since they refuse to buy Adobe products. Nick attaches a screen shot of his new donkey in Minecraft. Nick shares the "Neil Tyson tired of God" video.

May 3, 2016: Jeff shares a video link of why classical musicians feel rhythm differently.

May 1, 2016: Nick shares detailed descriptions of his adventures in his current Minecraft world.

Apr 29, 2016: Nick updates the CAT News page you're reading right now. Wayde has some email technical issues. Jeff starts a Wikipedia page for Wayde, his favorite guitarist. Jeff uploads a video to YouTube of a walk around fly around in his Minecraft Village. Nick shares a web page full of screen shots of his current Minecraft world, called "Nomad."

Apr 28, 2016: Jeff shares some great screen shots of his Minecraft world. Nick discusses changes in his Minecraft gameplay based on experiences so far. Nick learns about End Cities from the Minecraft Wiki.

Apr 27, 2016: Nick shares a link to a video by a guy who uses humor to refute evolution.

Apr 26, 2016: Jeff finishes and shares his sixth track from his Meditations for Robots CD.

Apr 25, 2016: Nick shares a link to the excellent John Cale version of "Hallelujah."

Apr 24, 2016: Jeff shares a video of an interesting breakdown of a Steely Dan song.

Apr 22, 2016: Jeff shares a video of a Uli Jon Roth interview. Nick scores a great deal on four hard drives at his favorite local "mom and pop" computer store.

Apr 21, 2016: Jeff reminisces about his first PC, a 486 from Lucky Computer.

Apr 20, 2016: Nick shares a video of David Berlinski publicly embarrassing Eugenie Scott by using her own ploy against her in a debate.

Apr 19, 2016: Nick shares a video of David Berlinski saying something funny. Jeff shares a link to a scientific study that was performed on Freddie Mercury's vocal recordings, and a funny video from Gear Gods. Jeff also shares a link to a Fixed Point Foundation debate between David Berlinski and Christopher Hitchens. Nick finds a 386 motherboard and when he looks it up on YouTube, there's a video of what looks like the same board, with the same corroded battery problem. Nick finds a great web site and shares the address:

Apr 18, 2016: Nick uploads a video of Day 193 from his Nomad world. Nick manages to get an old 386 to boot to C:\ by manually entering the cylinder, head and sector settings in the BIOS.

Apr 17, 2016: Jeff discusses his new video uploads to his YouTube channel.

Apr 16, 2016: Nick dies for the first time in his Nomad Minecraft world, on day 244, victim to a hidden Creeper. Nick also relates several of his more notable accomplishments so far in his "legit" survival world. Nick uploads a video of Day 53 from Nomad, and videos of farm reconfiguration and house building. Nick enjoys new videos from both Wayde and Jeff on their respective YouTube channels.

Apr 14, 2016: Nick shares two video excerpts from a Sir Mix-a-lot interview.

Apr 13, 2016: Wayde discusses his minimalist living approach, and provides useful information about the best way to upload video to YouTube. Nick backs up personal emails, does some spring cleanup around the house, and sorts through a box full of legacy circuit boards. Nick ponders skipping YouTube and uploading his videos to the CAT server. Nick shares a video about building your own 386 PC from 1991 parts, and links to three awesome YouTube channels that have uploaded episodes of The Computer Chronicles.

Apr 12, 2016: Jeff shares a video about how to create and upload social media banners in Photoshop. Wayde experiences Outlook issues that prevent him from downloading legitimate emails. Nick reminisces about his 1989 keyboard composition/sequencing days.

Apr 11, 2016: Jeff shares a link to an IBZ Shreddage guitar sample library.

Apr 8, 2016: Jeff shares videos of a keyboardist doing amazing guitar covers, including faithful solos. Nick decides to spawn a new world with cheats turned off, and set to Normal, in order to play Survival the way it was meant to be played. Nick calls his new world "Nomad," and shares a video of day 9.

Apr 7, 2016: Jeff shares a video of Malmsteen and Vai playing solos in harmony on stage live.

Apr 6, 2016: Nick uploads his first couple of Minecraft videos to YouTube, and shares more farming insight. Nick experiences crazy-long upload times for his videos. Jeff builds a corral and gets a couple of sheep into it. Nick creates his first Nether Portal, but waits to step through it. Nick talks about the fun of the game automatically generating his first Iron Golem due to increased villager population.

Apr 5, 2016: Jeff shares more of his Minecraft adventures. Jeff earns 29 cents in royalties from YouTube plays of his solo project music. Nick shares some tips on villager breeding and crop farming in Minecraft, and further investigates the map size limitations of the Xbox One version.

Apr 4, 2016: Jeff finds a village in Minecraft, and builds a big wall around it. Nick enumerates the 20-plus steps it takes to kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, and considers doing some screen recording of his gameplay. Nick is shocked to learn how much smaller a Minecraft world is in the Xbox One version.

Apr 3, 2016: Nick shares a screen shot of himself shooting a Minecraft zombie right between the eyes at close range.

Apr 2, 2016: Nick notices that CDBaby has created simple videos for all five CAT releases so far. Nick dabbles in Jack White for a night, after a recommendation from a friend. Nick shares another Nightwish album link, this time for Oceanborn.

Apr 1, 2016: After weeks of planning, Wayde changes his eating habits to see what happens, and unfortunately finds out how judgmental others can be. Jeff and Nick discuss Minecraft matters. Nick shares a third web page full of Minecraft screen shots.

Mar 31, 2016: Nick shares some links to some Nightwish songs, after a friend tells him about them. Nick offers some Minecraft tips on spelunking and finding villages.

Mar 30, 2016: Jeff and Wayde discuss the new Dream Theater release.

Mar 29, 2016: Jeff still hasn't found a village in his Minecraft travels.

Mar 27, 2016: Nick shares more screen shots of his Minecraft world, after he decided to live with local villagers.

Mar 24, 2016: Jeff shares a video about recording gameplay on a PC.

Mar 22, 2016: Nick shares an article about some of the ridiculous stuff going on in public schools.

Mar 18, 2016: Jeff shares a video of a Metallica song where Jason's bass is turned up louder than the actual record, and the song sounds better overall as a result, causing one to ponder just why Lars and James thought Jason's bass didn't seem to matter. Nick shares some Minecraft screen shots via email, and talks about his latest achievements in the game.

Mar 16, 2016: Nick provides some insight into playing Minecraft, based on lessons learned so far.

Mar 15, 2016: Wayde returns from a trip to Las Vegas, enjoying family, shows, and the High Roller. After arriving home from Las Vegas, Wayde promptly catches the flu, which has oddly happened every time he's visited there in the last three years. Jeff continues playing Minecraft. Nick continues to blather on about his own Minecraft adventures, and shares screen shots of his home base and remote mining site.

Mar 14, 2016: Jeff and Nick discuss the possible differences between the PC and XBox One versions of Minecraft. Jeff downloads it and begins to play.

Mar 12, 2016: Nick shares more experiences and observations about Minecraft. Jeff gets even more curious about the game.

Mar 11, 2016: Nick discusses his Minecraft experiences so far.

Mar 10, 2016: Jeff considers Minecraft, and ponders how current pundits would classify CAT's music. Jeff shares a link to some new old-school thrash. Nick confesses that he's been playing Minecraft obsessively every night for four days since buying it.

Mar 9, 2016: No Man's Sky reminds Jeff of an old RPG called Traveler. Jeff gets a green light at work to escape the clutches of Microsoft proprietary databases.

Mar 7, 2016: Jeff expresses interest in Microsoft's decision to include a future version of SQL Server for Linux. Nick shares a picture that plots out the entire enormous Linux family tree from the very beginning in 1992.

Mar 4, 2016: Nick updates this News page, shares a link to a page he made for his Combat Arms clan, and shares a link to a page that has a full LEGAL version of the 2005 Adobe Creative Suite for free download, and other older Adobe software as well.

Mar 3, 2016: Microsoft Office's wonderful update causes one email from Wayde to Jeff to be sent 14 times.

Mar 1, 2016: Jeff and Wayde discuss Wayde's new Sea Foam Green custom made guitar, which Wayde can't stop playing since he received it. Nick decides that Mike Masse is officially his favorite cover artist.

Feb 29, 2016: Jeff reports his second straight week of tennis elbow, and shares another Mike Masse cover video, this one of "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi. Wayde recommends that Nick lock himself into a room and drop lots of acid for his cold, then remembers he hasn't had the flu in six years, and provides a superb action shot of Serena Williams poised to annihilate the tennis ball with her impressive biceps and forearms. Nick ponders if dropping acid could possibly alleviate some of his cold virus misery. Nick suggests that an ergonomic mouse may help with Jeff's tennis elbow, and offers a link to the one his wife uses at her work and at home.

Feb 27, 2016: Nick confesses that it's been a long time since he's been as sick as he is right now with his current cold/lung crud.

Feb 26, 2016: Jeff shares a video of a Boss SY300 demo, and reminisces about the GR 33 he used to have, but sold because it wasn't getting the job done.

Feb 24, 2016: Jeff shares an amusing video called "Djent 2016."

Feb 19, 2016: Jeff relates similar problems to Wayde's with his own work environment.

Feb 18, 2016: Wayde experiences frustration with a part of his work environment.

Feb 17, 2016: Jeff shares a video about good ways to film dialogue. Nick proudly shares a screen shot of a great game of Combat Arms Cabin Fever Extreme he just finished with impressive stats.

Feb 15, 2016: Jeff shares an article called "Music Theory: Exploring The 432 Hz Tuning Debate." Jeff shares another *excellent* Mike Masse cover video, this time for "I Love You" by Climax Blues Band.

Feb 13, 2016: Wayde is now coming up on two months waiting for his custom guitar. Jeff reminisces about the fretless bass he ordered once. Wayde chimes in with his own nostalgia about lost former guitars.

Feb 12, 2016: Jeff shares a great video of Lars Ulrich screwing up over and over again live. Nick plays SkiFree on the site that Jeff shared with old Windows games.

Feb 11, 2016: Jeff's dad scans an old newspaper ad that listed a show that Axis played back in the day, along with two other bands at a now defunct club called Mad Dogs, and Jeff shares the scan. Jeff shares a link to an awesome site that provides free access to lots of old Windows games, from as far back as Windows 3.0; the games are setup to automatically start DOSBox from the browser, so no technical knowledge of setup is required to play the games. Nick flips his wig in happiness at such a great find. Nick goes into more detail regarding his plans for coding his game for Windows first, then porting to Linux and after that iPhone and Android. Nick uploads three of the first game screens (intro, main menu and main UI). Nick plays town crier for Steam and sends Jeff and Wayde a list of links to amazing deals on some classic game packages. Nick shares a list of his haul from the current Steam sale: 15 great games for a total of $19.99.

Feb 9, 2016: Nick triumphantly announces the completion of his game creation document, and looks forward to coding the first screens of his "DOS" game. Jeff is impressed with the H4, and discusses different recording techniques. Wayde shares a link for an app for audio syncing. Wayde ponders multiple kinds of equipment for his instructional videos and beyond. Jeff offers some insight regarding lavalier mics. Nick comments that he hasn't used his own Sony ECM-CS3 lavalier mic yet. Wayde has a good first impression of the DR-40, using 24bit at 44.1 KHz. Jeff and Nick love Wayde's new guitar instruction videos on YouTube. Nick and Wayde discuss how Nick is coding his game and his plans for its release at some point.

Feb 8, 2016: Jeff shares a Buckethead video. Jeff and Wayde discuss Wayde's Jim Dunlop Jazz III’s 1.5mm guitar picks. Wayde shares a picture of a Dunlop Tortex 1.5mm pick. Jeff is amazed at Buckethead's prolific album production, and Wayde calls Buckethead a machine (of album releases), sharing a link to Buckethead's site. Jeff receives his VB.NET book and skips around the chapters before he dives in. Jeff shares an article from called "Have Gravitational Waves Finally Been Spotted?" Wayde does more research on the Zoom H4nSP and Zoom H5, and does some testing with his Shure SM58 and Sennhieser E906.

Feb 7, 2016: Wayde creates and uploads some sweet guitar instructional videos to his personal YouTube channel, and discusses the technical aspects of how he made the videos with Zoom Q8, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Sony Vegas. Wayde shares a link to the Rode VIDEOMIC GO. Wayde buys a Zoom H4n Handy Recorder, and shares a link to it.

Feb 6, 2016: Nick updates the News Page and paraphrases Peter Hitchens in an email response.

Feb 5, 2016: Jeff shares a video of Dimmu Borgir. Nick shares a link to the Steam store page for the new version of Doom by id software, due for release on Friday, May 13 of this year.

Feb 4, 2016: Jeff reports favorably on his ad blocker's performance so far.

Feb 2, 2016: Jeff tries out AdBlock in Chrome and wonders about other ad blocking plugins and apps. Jeff shares pictures of three different Kiesel guitars. Wayde reports his experience with AdBlock Plus, and mentions that he's a big fan of Kiesel guitars. Nick shares a few videos of Shaft by Isaac Hayes, including one of his performance of the song at the 1972 Academy Awards. Nick is surprised again by the excellent performance of Kate, his preferred text editor.

Jan 30, 2016: Nick shares a video of Gabriella Quevedo playing Sweet Child O'Mine live.

Jan 29, 2016: Jeff shares a video of an excellent Hotel California arranged for single finger style guitar by Gabriella Quevedo, and a video called "Guitars companies, who makes who?" Nick double checks to make sure Jeff still wants to play test his game upon alpha completion.

Jan 28, 2016: Jeff shares a video of five realistic compositing tips while doing green screen work, and a video of Eric Martin singing Def Leppard music live. Jeff shares a video about a potential origin of matter and time.

Jan 26, 2016: Wayde reports seeing Ghost live in 2015, and says they put on a really good show. Jeff shares a video of Rory Hoffman talking about his career in the music biz. Nick comments on the irony of Satan worship.

Jan 24, 2016: After two days of testing different screen capture software, he reports that Action! and Camtasia work great, and uses a virtual software called VoiceMeeter Banana which seems to solve all his problems. Shortly after, Wayde creates an improved video of the process on YouTube. Jeff wonders about latency settings on the Banana ASIO. Wayde delves deeper into ASIO settings in OBS, Action! or Camtasia.

Jan 22, 2016: Jeff shares a picture of a hot rod orange guitar and confesses he wouldn't mind owning one someday. Wayde's JBL LSR305 5" Active Studio Monitor arrives and he shares a picture of it integrated into his music production studio. Wayde shares a picture of his green screen setup. Jeff considers reclaiming the downstairs bonus room and buying a dehumidifier for it. Jeff shares another Ghost video and confesses annoyance with their pro-Satan shtick. Nick pronounces orange and green to be the best colors on earth since 1981.

Jan 21, 2016: Jeff shares a picture of a delightfully pink guitar, and Wayde and Nick praise the power of neon while quoting David Bowie.

Jan 20, 2016: Nick and Wayde discuss their daily vegetable consumption. Jeff shares an article from MyNorthwest about The End Zone, and Nick shares his memories of the "short-lived club in downtown Kirkland in an old Tradewell supermarket from the 1950s." Nick shares a link to a new game on Steam called "The Deadly Tower of Monsters."

Jan 19, 2016: Just in case Jeff gets curious about C again in the future, Nick provides more resources and info about the language.

Jan 18, 2016: Nick shares information about PHP and MySQL for Jeff, as another alternative for a home-brewed web-accessed database. Nick shares another great cover by Mike Masse, this time a guitar and bass acoustic version of Space Oddity that showcases how well the song was written.

Jan 17, 2016: Jeff shares a video of Metal Church playing one of their songs in an abandoned nuclear power cooling tower. Jeff decides to dive into VB.NET, motivated principally by the necessity to update a database model at his job. Jeff's thoughts about buying a 'real' amp keep getting squelched by his satisfaction with the sounds he gets from his Overloud TH2. After a weekend of testing, Wayde shares his experience with using Bias FX, which turn out to be a problem in terms of latency when Bias Amp is installed.

Jan 16, 2016: Jeff ponders on whether to delve further into Visual Basic technologies, or jump ship to C or Python. Wayde buys Bias FX for his iPad Air and an IK Multimedia iRig2 to turn his iPad into an amp, and is very pleased with the results at the low price point, much to his surprise. Wayde considers buying Bias FX for Desktop as a result. Wayde shares his experience with coding in VB. Nick shares a link to the trailer for the upcoming movie "10 Cloverfield Lane," and a link to the video of a short film the director had done independently in 2011.

Jan 12, 2016: Both Wayde and Nick express an interest in seeing Steel Panther live.

Jan 10, 2016: Wayde and Jeff discuss Wayde's use of Vegas Edit for his green screen work. Wayde discusses a WordPress template he's using for his web site.

Jan 8, 2016: Wayde updates his personal web site to WordPress, and provides a link to it for Jeff and Nick to enjoy.

Jan 7, 2016: Nick shares a video of La Villa Strangiato by Rush.

Jan 6, 2016: The guys all honestly discuss their personal struggles to find more free time to work on the CAT project.

Jan 5, 2016: Jeff shares a video of someone playing all the parts of an orchestrated passage with guitars instead of brass instruments.

Jan 4, 2016: Wayde explains more about OBS, and it's potential use for him and CAT.

Jan 3, 2016: Jeff commends Wayde for his Palmer review. Jeff shares a video that explains V7 to 1 tension/resolution, among other things.

Jan 2, 2016: The guys wish each other Happy New Year. Wayde creates a quick how-to video for Open Broadcast Software. Wayde makes sure Jeff and Nick can still get into the CAT server via FTP.

Dec 28, 2015: Wayde shares a link to the games Outlast and I Am Bread.

Dec 24, 2015: The guys wish each other Merry Christmas. Nick reminds Jeff and Wayde about the Steam Christmas sale.

Dec 22, 2015: Jeff shares the results of his paid Ship Of Fools pimping on Facebook.

Dec 16, 2015: Jeff shares the results of his paid No Umbrella pimping on Facebook.

Dec 10, 2015: Jeff considers pimping CAT music videos on his Facebook page.

Dec 9, 2015: Jeff shares a video of The Winery Dogs playing Fooled Around And Fell In Love by Elvin Bishop, and the guys all comment on Billy Sheehan's bass sound on the song.

Dec 7, 2015: Wayde continues to work on his setup and getting his guitar tone dialed in, and loves his new Palmer speaker-simulator-attenuator.

Dec 1, 2015: Nick shares another blog entry.

Nov 27, 2015: Jeff finishes his custom Telecaster, and then notices that Dean Zelinsky released a Telecaster-style guitar with a beveled front, compound radius neck, and contoured back. Wayde toys with the idea of selling all his guitars and getting two customized Carvin Telecasters. Wayde receives his Palmer PDI-03 today and pronounces it AWESOME, and explains in detail his current guitar sound setup. Nick shares a simple web page he created for his Combat Arms clan.

Nov 26, 2015: The guys wish each other Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 25, 2015: Jeff shares a video that has tips on how to shoot video footage effectively with a green screen.

Nov 21, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Ghost playing live, and comments on their top drawer songwriting.

Nov 20, 2015: Nick shares another blog entry.

Nov 16, 2015: Nick buys a new pair of headphones for recording when his old faithful pair finally bite the dust.

Nov 15, 2015: Wayde discusses his desire to turn his Dell Procession T7400 int an NAS Server by using FreeNAS, and shares a link to the software. Wayde also mentions OpenMediaVault, another excellent server alternative. Nick experiences an odd Windows 7 restart keyboard bug that is only repairable by unplugging his rig and popping out the CMOS battery.

Nov 14, 2015: Wayde discusses the hard drive failure that necessitated the server maintenance, and shares details about the new hardware. Wayde shares a link to Seagate's Personal Cloud storage site. Jeff gets his Fender Strat back from the doctor, with a new bone nut, Hipshot hardtail bridge, and Plek, and discusses the emotions generated from playing such a nostalgia-inducing guitar.

Nov 13, 2015: Jeff starts to warm up to WordPress, and shares his observations about its efficacy as a web page designer. Wayde performs some much needed CAT server maintenance, namely updated drives and more memory. Nick apologizes for how long his vocal are taking.

Nov 11, 2015: Nick shares a recent blog entry that features an old episode of Front Line with William F. Buckley Jr., David Berlinski and Phillip E. Johnson.

Nov 10, 2015: Jeff looks for a decent way to extract HD video from YouTube, and both Wayde and Nick make recommendations.

Nov 6, 2015: Wayde expresses interest in using a professional editor when his first book is completed, and Nick offers to refer Wayde to his own previous editor. Nick talks about what it was like to write and publish his first novel.

Nov 5, 2015: Wayde asks Nick about an aspect of exposition in fiction writing.

Nov 4, 2015: Jeff shares a link to Native Instruments String Ensemble and discusses the details of its advantages. Jeff shares a phone picture of his in-progress mongrel guitar, with body from a Fender Modern Player Telecaster, neck from Warmouth, and stainless steel frets, SS6115. The neck smells like maple syrup, and reminds Jeff of breakfast when he plays it.

Nov 2, 2015: Nick's three year old gets his first blister from drumming.

Oct 30, 2015: Jeff shares a list of bands that created his favorite background vocals. Wayde takes a day off from work and spends it changing all passwords to all accounts and utilizing other methods to insure greater security on his personal computing systems. Wayde buys a Mac Mini and says it's been really smooth, and shares some insight with Nick about how Gnome 3 is like a better version of Mac OS X. Nick talks about his approach to the background vocals in Crazy Where I've Been is new and hopefully cool.

Oct 29, 2015: Nick shares three more videos of his three year old playing the drums for the first time.

Oct 28, 2015: While working on the new WordPress version of his web site, Jeff shares a video he's using as a guide, called "How To Make a WordPress Website - 2015."

Oct 27, 2015: Nick shares a video of his son playing drums for the first time on his third birthday.

Oct 26, 2015: Jeff wonders if he should be learning how to use WordPress, and Wayde shares his experience with it. Jeff considers redoing his personal web site with WordPress.

Oct 24, 2015: Nick shares a video of a drummer explaining the difference between a good and a bad drummer, and since he happened to play a tiny snippet of a song on his laptop as an accompaniment, the *jackasses* at UMG forced him to pull the video. Nick shares a video of Giulia Marta Vallar playing the Stairway to Heaven solo on a sunny beach, and one of Andreia Gomez playing an Insight solo.

Oct 20, 2015: Jeff shares a video of five allegedly real possibilities for interstellar travel. Nick ponders the unfortunate coincidence of eagerness to work on CAT music and catching a cold which makes his singing sub par. Nick is happy that Airborne appears to have bought him one more day of non-sickness.

Oct 19, 2015: Wayde asks Nick about how Nick published a book in 2004, and which software he used. Wayde buys Scrivener and Vellum in order to start writing his 3 book series he's been piecing together the last two years. Jeff shares a link to a Gibson guitar that has a "sale" price of $20,799.00. Both Jeff and Wayde appropriately comment on the ridiculous price point. Nick comments on the plethora of family birthdays he experiences every year in October.

Oct 18, 2015: Wayde finishes his guitar solos and harmony arpeggios for Crazy Where I've Been, and uploads his work to the CAT server. Wayde also finishes his solos and main harmony parts for CAT's cover of Fight The Good Fight by Triumph. Wayde still working on end guitar parts for FTGF. Wayde and Jeff discuss measures 74 and 75 in FTGF. Nick experiences a "breakthrough" with the realization that his theory regarding the actual origin of thought is testable at the moment brains can be successfully replicated with 3D printing techniques.

Oct 17, 2015: Jeff buys a baked maple guitar neck. Nick has an idea about vocal processing and asks Jeff about it.

Oct 16, 2015: Nick decides to re-record vocals for FTGF, now that it seems his voice is up to the task again.

Oct 15, 2015: Nick shares a link to VirtualBox for Jeff.

Oct 11, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Jeff Scott Soto performing Queen songs live.

Oct 10, 2015: Nick shares a link to a rare recording of Van Halen while they were still in High School.

Oct 8, 2015: Jeff goes shopping for a different host for his personal web site; Wayde and Nick offer suggestions.

Oct 6, 2015: Jeff shares a picture of a T-shirt that depicts the often stressful life of an IT manager, then writes some funny pseudo code to reflect the situation: Select * From Users where Clue > 0 0 Rows Returned

Oct 4, 2015: Wayde speaks happily about Linux.

Oct 3, 2015: Jeff receives his 12-string electric guitar in the mail and dubs it good and super fun to play. Jeff shares a link to some Ample Sound guitar sample libraries that are scary good. Nick happily discovers that the new version of Linux Mint that he installed includes native support for the Canon 70D camera.

Oct 2, 2015: Jeff shares two articles: "IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors" and "What is the YouTube -13 LUFS Loudness Reference Level?" Jeff shares a video of Carmine Appice giving a drum lesson. Nick talks more at length about Combat Arms and the new singleplayer mode.

Oct 1, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a musician who plays giant, 10-string bass guitars, and notices that he looks like the now deceased bass player for Axis. Nick shares a video of Jon Davison singing with Yes. Nick shares a screen shot of his latest victory in Combat Arms. Nick is excited about the new singleplayer mode in Combat Arms.

Sep 29, 2015: Jeff shares a video of the Foo Fighters playing a cover of Tom Sawyer by Rush.

Sep 28, 2015: Jeff shares an amusing video of two guys communicating by playing Morse code messages on their guitars. Wayde and Jeff discuss the compatibility of Sonar with different versions of Windows.

Sep 26, 2015: Jeff uploads new bundle file for Crazy Where I've Been.

Sep 26, 2015: Wayde shares a picture of a classic model Gittler guitar that he would buy.

Sep 25, 2015: Jeff and Wayde discuss their use of Acronis image creation software. Wayde and Nick discuss WIM imaging.

Sep 24, 2015: Jeff orders a new electric 12-string guitar. Jeff shares a video about the Dark Net going mainstream. Nick shares a link to Clonezilla, which he moved to from Macrium.

Sep 23, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Dee Snider rocking live onstage, and a back palm video for magic nerds.

Sep 22, 2015: Jeff shares a video he uploaded to YouTube for his fourth song on his Meditations for Robots CD. Nick reports his first impressions of the Cinnamon UI, and shares a screen shot of his new desktop.

Sep 21, 2015: Jeff talks about the re-amping of his original guitar parts for CWIB through the Overloud TH2 amp modeler effect. Jeff joins in the discussion Wayde started about his tone journey, with a detailed account of his own journey. Both Wayde and Jeff dig deeper into the tone journey discussion. Nick performs digital house cleaning with low level formats and partitioning, and goes with Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon for his principal OS.

Sep 20, 2015: Wayde explains in detail his "where is my tone journey," and talks about the many recording options available.

Sep 19, 2015: Jeff finishes his solos for Crazy Where I've Been.

Sep 18, 2015: Jeff shares an article about Microsoft using Linux to run their own cloud. The guys discuss their current operating systems. Wayde observes that Microsoft has been in bed with Suse Linux for years.

Sep 16, 2015: Jeff shares an excellent poster chart for lighting schemes.

Sep 14, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a Joe Satriani guitar lesson about mixing Major and Minor scales. Nick receives the external mic for his Canon 70D in the mail, and returns his lighting bulbs for stronger ones.

Sep 12, 2015: Nick shares a New York Times review by David Albert of "A Universe From Nothing" by Lawrence M. Krauss.

Sep 11, 2015: Jeff shares a video of an excellent Blender animation called "Cosmos Laundromat - First Cycle."

Sep 8, 2015: Jeff shares videos of Anna Sentina playing YYZ by Rush and Take the Power Back by RATM.

Sep 6, 2015: Wayde adjusts his Outlook settings and discovers over 70 emails from Jeff and Nick.

Sep 5, 2015: Jeff shares a video called "An Afternoon with John Polkinghorne," that addresses science and religion.

Sep 4, 2015: Wayde shares an article about Tesla Motors unveiling the Powerwall, a battery that can power your home off the grid. Jeff shares a video about how a quantum computer works, and one of Nuno Bettencourt playing onstage with Steel Panther. Wayde gets excited about the off-grid possibilities for his plot of land. Nick finds a new LPer he really likes named GalleyUK, due to the LPer's preference for games made with the Build engine created by Ken Silverman, and shares link to the LPer's playlist and his play through of Blood.

Sep 3, 2015: Jeff shares a Michio Kaku video.

Sep 2, 2015: Jeff's power is restored. Jeff shares a video of a Gittler guitar demo.

Aug 30, 2015: Jeff experiences a power outage, due to a tree that fell across some power lines during a sudden windstorm.

Aug 29, 2015: Nick buys all the supplies for building his DIY lighting rigs for filming CAT video footage.

Aug 28, 2015: Nick shares a phone recorded video of an altercation where one guy knocks down six other guys.

Aug 26, 2015: Jeff experiences an ultimately non-life-threatening health scare. Jeff comments favorably on Nick's blog post about Apple users. Nick talks about his weed-pulling terrace project that's taking all summer. Nick shares a link to a Brit Floyd video.

Aug 25, 2015: Jeff shares a picture of a Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Artisan 7-string guitar, and a video by Stephen Wolfram about the origins of mathematics. Nick shares footage from the upcoming new version of Doom by id software.

Aug 24, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a card trick.

Aug 22, 2015: Nick sees Brit Floyd live and is blown away by their musicianship and stage presentation.

Aug 21, 2015: Jeff shares a video of the space/time continuum analogized as a loaf of bread. Nick shares some of the interesting things he learned about the structure of the universe while in Columbus, Ohio.

Aug 20, 2015: Jeff hopes to get caught up with emails and CAT related stuff this weekend. Jeff shares a video of a TED talk by Donald Hoffman.

Aug 19, 2015: Jeff shares a video by the "Mathologer." Nick shares a blog essay about Apple computer hype. Nick disagrees with a conclusion of the "Mathologer."

Aug 17, 2015: Nick shares his new personal daily schedule in detail. Nick decides not to use natural lighting for his TAR footage, and instead looks into DIY lighting from components available at the hardware store.

Aug 12, 2015: Wayde observes that Jabra makes some awesome headsets, headphones and mics, and Jeff also recommends Rode. Jeff does research on the use of mics with the Canon 70D. Nick shares a link to an external mic he's thinking about ordering for the Canon 70D.

Aug 11, 2015: Jeff shares an article about the Saudi Aramco network hack in 2012.

Aug 10, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a TED talk by Thad Roberts about visualizing eleven dimensions, and a TED talk by George Smoot. Nick comments on determinism, and George Smoot's video as well.

Aug 8, 2015: Jeff discovers an auto-generated CAT song on YouTube.

Aug 5, 2015: Jeff uploads a rendered video using Nick's original footage and Hitfilm's chroma key setup, and shares several thoughts about the process. Nick has lighting questions.

Aug 4, 2015: Nick shares an impressive movie short that was rendered in Blender 3D.

Aug 3, 2015: Nick uploads two green screen test videos for Jeff to experiment with.

Aug 1, 2015: Nick spends the entire day at the hospital, where his brother undergoes microsurgery to stop a nosebleed that won't stop on its own.

Jul 30, 2015: Jeff shares an article called "Obama rolls out initiative to boost US supercomputer capability," another step toward Skynet. Jeff shares a photo of a Becker Tribute guitar that he likes. Jeff's 3 year old computer monitor dies.

Jul 29, 2015: Jeff shares an article about a musician who's also a fashion model. Jeff reminisces about his first electric guitar. Jeff talks about effective ways to use Breverb in a DAW. Jeff has been watching Yngwie Malmsteen covers by YouTube guitarists.

Jul 27, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a Tokyo band covering Yngwie Malmsteen. Wayde secures his digital data with a VPN and password client. Nick shares a video that a student made for Eatliz's song "Mix me." Nick discusses some alterations he'd like to make to the visual representation of That's All Right.

Jul 26, 2015: Wayde has been intentionally writing guitar lines to emulate vocal lines, and give the rhythm guitars more movement for melody. Wayde looks into Eventide's and Lexicon's plugins. Jeff has been using Breverb lately, and Sonitus reverb for his synthesizer pop songs. Wayde agrees that Breverb is a great choice. Jeff shares a link to a 1983 Gibson Challenger Natural, which is just like his first electric guitar. Jeff shares a picture of a double cutaway Telecaster, and wonders why they don't put jumbo frets on it.

Jul 25, 2015: Nick recommends The Last Superstition by Edward Feser, and shares a link to quotations from the book.

Jul 24, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Lawrence Krauss and William Lane Craig discussing life, the universe and nothing. Wayde shares a new song he's been working on, called Your Highness.

Jul 23, 2015: Jeff shares an article called "Dire warning of sea level rise from world's most famous climate scientist," surprised that the new prediction for future sea level rises are 10 feet in the next 50 years. Nick writes a blog entry about the subject.

Jul 22, 2015: Jeff finds an auto-generated video for one of his songs on YouTube; the video was uploaded by CDBaby.

Jul 21, 2015: Jeff shares a picture of a Fender Telecaster with jumbo frets, and wonders why more Fenders don't have them, and Wayde agrees.

Jul 20, 2015: Jeff shares a CNET article called "Cute robot politely shows self-awareness."

Jul 18, 2015: Jeff creates yet another cool female robot for his Meditations for Robots CD, using DAZ 3D Pro and Photoshop.

Jul 17, 2015: Nick shares another blog entry addressing fringe, weakly supported science. Nick shares a video of Aric Improta playing a unique and entertaining drum solo. Nick shares a video by his favorite LPer, GameHorder.

Jul 16, 2015: Anike Nilles is Wayde's favorite drummer right now, and the guys all discuss her chops. Nick extols the advantages of not subscribing to cable or Dish. Nick comments on the preposterous idea that human beings could destroy the planet, and points to work by Alan Weisman that demonstrates how the entire earth would erase all traces of our handiwork in as little as 10,000 years through decay and invasive biology.

Jul 15, 2015: Jeff shares multiple links to different female models from DAZ Studio that could be used in a CAT video for Vampire Desire. Nick and Jeff discuss how much footage to shoot for each shot of a live action CAT video.

Jul 14, 2015: Jeff shares links to DeepDream Animator demos and downloads.

Jul 13, 2015: Jeff shares an article "Scientists: Sun's irregular 'heartbeat' could mean future freeze." Nick writes a blog entry in response.

Jul 12, 2015: Nick shares another video of Anika Nilles.

Jul 11, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a cover by Mike Masse of Come Sail Away. Nick shares a video of Mike Masse and a bass player performing Africa by Toto live in a pizza shop. Nick warns Jeff and Wayde of ever converting to CenturyLink.

Jul 10, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Avery Molek, an eight year old drummer, playing "The Dance of Eternity" by Dream Theater. Jeff shares an article about IBM unveiling the world’s first 7nm chip. The guys all express boredom with cookie monster vocals, although Wayde digs bands that have both clean and cookie monster. Wayde discusses the crippling effects of his previous exercise regimen, and what he currently does to maintain good health. Wayde observes that it seems like everyone is using a Sharc processor nowadays. Nick has been on a TV fast for over a month with no regrets.

Jul 9, 2015: Jeff shares a link to a video of a guy with a cool Austrian accent who provides a beginner's tutorial for making 2D animated videos in Blender. Wayde is digging the Eventide YouTube demos. Nick shares a Blender for Noobs video, and a video of Gwen McCrae singing "Rockin Chair."

Jul 8, 2015: Nick shares a video of Becky G, along with a snarky comment. Nick comments on the huge disparity in views between Katy Perry's Dark Horse and Rush's Xanadu, and hints that it was probably not influenced by the quality of the music.

Jul 7, 2015: Jeff considers CrazyTalk 7 for a future CAT video, and shares a link to a demo of the software. Jeff and Wayde discuss how Wayde happened upon the Hurdy-Gurdy and other obscure instruments. Wayde returns the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 SansAmp Multi-Effect Pedal because of flimsiness and placement of delay at the end of the chain... and no effects loop! Wayde orders the Eventide H9 as a possibly better alternative. Wayde comments on Nick's blog post about Linux and observes how sad it is that people get brainwashed into keeping up with the Joneses by overpaying for Apple products when Linux offers so much more and is free of charge. Nick ponders the power of nostalgia.

Jul 6, 2015: Jeff and Wayde discuss the Hardtail's jumbo frets and 9.5 radius, which play pretty darn good. Jeff observes that Phil Rudd from AC/DC was also busted with Meth as well. Jeff recounts in detail the incidents surrounding the theft of his father's musical instruments, and his own efforts to recover them.

Jul 5, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Oscar Peterson and Joe Pass, which has been since been ruined by a copyright claim by Regal Recordings Limited. Wayde has almost all Oscar Peterson's recordings. Jeff shares an article called "JOURNEY Drummer DEEN CASTRONOVO Was High On Meth At Time Of Last Month's Arrest," and the members of CAT are suitably unimpressed. Jeff observes that Phil Rudd from AC/DC was also busted with Meth as well. Jeff shares pictures of his dad's 1977 Strat, and of the 2015 Limited Edition 70’s Hardtail Stratocaster he just bought to replace it (his dad's was stolen in 1985).

Jul 4, 2015: Wayde wishes Jeff and Nick a Happy Fourth of July. Wayde upgrades to Cakewalk Platinum, re-images his DAW, and shares links to two guys playing a Nyckelharpa and a Pajot Hurdy-Gurdy, a song from Eluveitie, and a song from Anna Murphy.

Jul 2, 2015: Jeff and Nick discuss current states of artificial intelligence. Jeff considers doing more CAT lyric videos for YouTube. Jeff elaborates on the fact that most guitarists are not adopters of new technologies, as they still use passive pickup designs from the 1930's to 1950's. An orange blaze guitar catches Jeff's attention, but Visa card says NO! Wayde comments on his new work environment, and makes an observation about the musical ability of people who buy $10,000 guitars. Wayde suggests the possibility of doing simple illustrations for CAT videos, and simple static videos that have CAT graphics in the background.

Jul 1, 2015: Jeff shares an article about artificial intelligence that exhibits irritation during exchange with programmers. Jeff and Nick discuss the disappointing profit motive in just about every modern decision. Nick delves deeper into the article about AI that Jeff shared.

Jun 30, 2015: Jeff shares an article about LightWave optical pickups. Amazon discontinues Artist Stores, thus removing the CAT page that had links to CAT music, pictures, bio, etc. Jeff wonders if CAT should upload some music to YouTube for free, such as lyric videos, etc.

Jun 29, 2015: Jeff shares a picture of a Carvin with a cool paint job. Nick's problems with CenturyLink continue.

Jun 28, 2015: Nick shares a link to his latest blog entry.

Jun 27, 2015: Wayde discovers some plagiarism by Kiss of Albert King (Love Gun, 1977 from The Hunter, 1967). Nick discusses Erewhon by Samuel Butler, in particular the three chapters in section titled "The Book of The Machines," and also shares a link to a letter to the editor that Butler wrote under the pen name Cellarius in 1863 that foresaw the enslaving effects of current computer technologies.

Jun 26, 2015: Jeff analyzes how the studio engineers created the sound for Amy Lee's voice for Evanescence's recordings. Jeff works on CWIB and discusses the guitar arrangement with Wayde. Jeff shares another of his robot pictures for his new CD. Jeff fights chronic dry throat. Jeff discusses procedural generation and shares a link to the e-on software web site. Nick wins his first PvP Arms Race (deathmatch) in Combat Arms and shares the screenshot. Nick shares a video of Amy Lee talking about how the label had forced Evanescence to include a rapper in Bring Me To Life, despite the band's objections. Nick puzzles over how major studios take singers with weak acoustic voices and make them sound powerful.

Jun 25, 2015: Wayde digs the Richie Kotzen RKS, but decides to buy the Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 instead. Jeff uses the Tech 21 for his bass guitar.

Jun 23, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Whitesnake and observes that Coverdale's voice is still in good shape. Wayde shares a recent photo of Vinnie Vincent that makes Vincent look like an old woman, and Jeff ponders Vinnie's current cocaine use. Jeff shares a Rush video of Losing It. Wayde shares an INXS live video of Never Tear Us Apart. Nick shares his mind blowing experiences with matching up Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.

Jun 22, 2015: Wayde wishes Nick Happy Father's Day. Nick is too scared to continue playing Slender: The Arrival at night in the dark, and decides to play it during the day.

Jun 21, 2015: Jeff wishes Nick Happy Father's Day. Nick enumerates the full list of awesome deals he scored from the spring Steam sale. Nick talks about his son's most recent developments.

Jun 20, 2015: Wayde cuts out the deadwood. Nick scores an original copy of a rare FPS called CyClones for only $1.99 at a local used media disc shop. Nick sees a local Pink Floyd cover band and is impressed by the female member who sings Great Gig in the Sky spot on.

Jun 19, 2015: Jeff just couldn't bring himself to settle for a canned drum loop for his song, and made up his own sequence.

Jun 18,, 2015: Jeff shares an article about a new game coming out called "No Man's Sky" that will have a potential 18 quintillion planets. Nick recognizes the full number of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 possible planets as the largest possible unsigned long integer available in compilers running on a 64-bit operating system. Nick can't stop playing Bully Scholarship Edition. Nick discovers and shares several videos from an amazing German drummer named Anika Nilles.

Jun 17, 2015: Wayde buys the GTA III bundle from Steam and has a great time rampaging. Nick shares a video of Foreigner live playing Urgent with Kelly Hansen. Nick unveils his new Unicode programming insignia.

Jun 16, 2015: Wayde changes jobs. Nick picks up Bully Scholarship Edition on Steam for $3.74, and explains why the game is fun. Nick and Wayde talk about the GTA III bundle on Steam. Nick works on the CAT web site News Page. Nick informs Jeff and Wayde that System Shock II is currently on sale on Steam for only 99 cents.

Jun 15, 2015: : Jeff tries to play banjo and fiddle, and finds a site that has country music loops. Jeff gets the drums into the Crazy Where I've Been bundle file. Jeff ponders men/women relationships along with Wayde. Jeff remembers his mullets from the old days. Jeff gets excited about playing Fallout 4, and considers a 65 inch screen for it.

Jun 14, 2015: Nick reminds Jeff and Wayde about the spring sale on Steam.

Jun 13, 2015: Jeff finds a politically incorrect but very funny video of a Richard Pryor roast.

Jun 12, 2015: Nick praises Steven Tyler's songwriting talent. Nick provides and links to videos to illustrate the idea of how particular techniques can make a video seem more profound regardless of lyrical content. Nick shares the now famous article by Eric Metaxas that was published by the Wall Street Journal on December 25, 2014.

Jun 11, 2015: Nick is plagued by more problems with CenturyLink.

Jun 9, 2015: Nick experiences monumental problems with CenturyLink billing practices and their customer service. Nick shares a video of a band that wrote and recorded together from different states who eventually played live together.

Jun 8, 2015: Jeff shares another robot picture he produced for his new Meditations for Robots CD. Wayde ponders the way men and women relate to each other. Wayde talks about how proactive he must remain to stay ahead of spammers. Jeff finds a $9,999.00 guitar and recognizes it as insanity, while Wayde appropriately mocks the price. Something Wayde says reminds Nick of a scene from Enter the Dragon. The guys discuss former relationships.

Jun 6, 2015: Jeff shares a picture of what both his Charvels look like. Wayde does a lot of research on the Palmer PDI03 Speaker Simulator with Loadbox, and shares some links about it. Jeff observes that Rush has been using the PDI03 for years. Jeff finds a video of a mediocre drummer garnering YouTube views by having two scantily clad girls walking around him with cameras as he drums.

Jun 5, 2015: Jeff reminisces about how far back his love of green and orange (and their neon versions as well) goes, and shares a list of guitars he plans on selling in order to buy a surf green Fender Stratocaster. Wayde talks about how well his use of Windows 10 has been going, and uploads the latest version to the CAT FTP server.

Jun 4, 2015: Jeff loves the new neon lime green Carvins, and Wayde digs them too. Wayde plans on tuning his next CD to 432Hz, since it's healing and is in line with the universe. Jeff ponders why we abandoned 432Hz for 440Hz tuning. Wayde does some research into the 440Hz issue, and shares his information. Wayde also notices that tuning to 432Hz allowed him to match the note easier with his voice. Jeff shares a picture of his Telecaster after upgrading bridge and pickups.

Jun 3, 2015: Nick updates the CAT song completion chart.

Jun 2, 2015: Nick shares a video of Changes by Yes, and of The Raven by the Alan Parsons Project.

Jun 1, 2015: Nick uploads his intro to FTGF to the CAT server.

May 31, 2015: Jeff stocks up on all the metal Toontracks. Nick shares a video of the movie Kung Fury. Nick discusses the a Capella intro he recorded for FTGF.

May 30, 2015: Nick shares a video of Mike Masse doing a cover of Boston's Amanda, and provides a brief update of his progress on CWIB and FTGF.

May 29, 2015: Jeff works on Crazy Where I've Been on his desktop PC instead of his laptop, and re-amps his guitars for better guitar tones.

May 28, 2015: Jeff shares a new song from his Meditations for Robots CD and new graphics for it.

May 27, 2015: Nick shares a video from Daryl's House that shares little-known trivia about Van Halen, Sammy Hagar and Daryl Hall. Nick ponders the manifestations of creativity and where they truly come from.

May 22, 2015: Jeff talks about his dream life of combining musical success with anonymity. Jeff and Nick discuss how major label studios produce vocals. Nick asks Jeff a question about his former moisture ant problem. Nick shares a video of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry performing Dream On acoustically as a tribute to the persons who died in the Boston Marathon bombing. The guys discuss privacy issues on the Internet.

May 20, 2015: Jeff decides to buy a Telecaster, and then his wife gets in an accident that delays that plan (his wife is okay, car is smashed). Nick gives a detailed tour of how to get started in Combat Arms.

May 15, 2015: Jeff takes a look at Combat Arms.

May 14, 2015: The guys discuss the weather in their respective geographic locations.

May 13, 2015: Jeff shares articles about the CHIP, a Kickstarter project for the world's first $9 computer, and the Microsoft decision to release versions of Visual Studio for Linux and Mac. Nick surmises Microsoft's decision was predicated on their inevitable loss to Linux in the future, in terms of user base numbers. Wayde shares links to three different tiny PCs. Wayde shops for a decent webcam, and ponders the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. The guys all dislike long, boring meetings at work. Nick has an epiphany that the $9 computer could facilitate an extremely affordable Beowulf cluster supercomputer.

May 12, 2015: Jeff ruminates over the quality of his singing voice. Jeff ponders the fate of Nuno Bettencourt. The guys all relate stories of excellent original songs they dreamed of that they couldn't remember properly after waking up.

May 7, 2015: Jeff and Wayde are impressed with the Fallon/Black version of More Than Words. Jeff discovers a great Boston cover artist named Mike Masse. Wayde confirms the interesting results of his own self-Google searches. Wayde discusses some fun activities he's been enjoying that may have slowed down music production. Wayde suggests that he and Jeff practice guitar together via Skype. The guys all discuss their current slump in CAT production. Nick talks about his favorite online FPS, called Combat Arms.

May 4, 2015: Nick dreams of an epic original song, then gets distracted soon after waking; later he can't remember the music anymore.

May 2, 2015: Jeff shares a link to a Red Dragon Cartel video, and ponders their vocalist musical chairs.

May 1, 2015: Jeff shares a link to Full Metal Disney.

Apr 30, 2015: Jeff does his semi-annual self-Google and finds some interesting results. Jeff acknowledges some life situations that have slowed down his music production.

Apr 29, 2015: Wayde shares a link to the release of the Midi Guitar 2 by Jam Origin.

Apr 28, 2015: Jeff considers using digital reverb to create vocal depth in song production.

Apr 24, 2015: Jeff shares a link to a Friedman BE100 Tube Amp, which has THE rock sound he hears in his head, but is a bit cost prohibitive at this time.

Apr 22, 2015: Jeff shares a video of a modded version of Skyrim.

Apr 21, 2015: Jeff finishes another video in Blender, this one using 360 degree panoramic images and a giant sphere.

Apr 16, 2015: Nick and Jeff discuss using one's HDTV as a computer monitor for gaming.

Apr 14, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Tony Harnell singing with Skid Row. Jeff and Wayde ponder the fates of both Skid Row and Tony Harnell.

Apr 10, 2015: Nick discusses gaming consoles he's owned in the past, and his reasons for why he'll never buy another one.

Apr 9, 2015: Wayde and Jeff discuss gaming consoles.

Apr 4, 2015: Wayde's head cold keep moving around.

Apr 3, 2015: Nick shares an article about Warner Bros and their draconian copyright shenanigans that result in an inability to access old classic games, but with the acknowledgement that WB's actions are unfortunately much more widespread among publishers than seems proper or practical.

Apr 2, 2015: Jeff acknowledges the great features of Black Magic cameras. Wayde shares links to several new interesting Internet browsers. Nick praises his local mom and pop computer store over the bigger national chains.

Apr 1, 2015: Nick mentions his own recent spam explosion, and wonders which email re-seller was responsible.

Mar 31, 2015: The guys briefly consider remaking War by Edwin Starr. Wayde shares a new interest in Black Magic cameras. Wayde changes his personal email address due to excessive spam.

Mar 30, 2015: Jeff has to take his new puppy to the vet hospital, to the tune of $1200 for an upset stomach.

Mar 28, 2015: Jeff shares an article about May and Taylor signing off on Cohen to play Freddie in a biopic about the singer of Queen.

Mar 25, 2015: Nick shares a video of Edwin Starr's War.

Mar 24, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Nick Rhodes' favorite synthesizers, observing that one does not have to play piano to play keyboards. Jeff shares an article about two people playing the same classical guitar together at the same time.

Mar 23, 2015: Wayde and Jeff discuss Jeff's experience with mastering one of his CDs at Diskmakers. Jeff shares pictures of his new puppy.

Mar 20, 2015: After a two year immune streak, Nick falls to the sword of the common cold. Nick confirms Jeff's praise of Rob Halford.

Mar 19, 2015: Jeff ponders Rob Halford's clever vocal arrangements. Jeff and his wife adopt a new puppy.

Mar 16, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Layne Stayley and Alice in Chains live from 1992. Jeff remembers playing the Offramp with his old band Hybrid, and Wayde remembers playing the same place with Axis, before Nick joined the band. Jeff also ponders Steinberger Synapse guitars. Wayde produces a very good list from memory of the venues played by Axis back in the day. Wayde's not decided on whether to get a Bolt Plus or a Holdsworth. Jeff and Wayde remember one show at Pier 1 where the new bass player didn't know Axis music well enough, and made the show less than stellar. Nick reminisces about the Off Ramp as well, and remembers Axis playing the Firehouse in Ballard.

Mar 15, 2015: Jeff reminisces about Silvertone guitars.

Mar 12, 2015: Jeff renews his excitement in orange guitars. Wayde likes the orange and also Kiesel Racing Green. Wayde and Jeff had always talked in the past about getting matching guitars with opposite fluorescent colors. Nick explains why he stopped drinking milk. Nick weighs in on Windows 8 and 8.1, and discusses his favorite operating systems from the past. Nick announces that he'd love to have Wayde and Jeff play orange and green guitars in CAT videos.

Mar 11, 2015: Jeff gets Komplete 10 and discovers there are 13 DVDs to download. The guys discuss whether to move on to Crazy Where I've Been or Devil In Disguise. Jeff reports 31 cents earned from Sync and Licensing, which is interesting, as the revenue comes from videos Jeff hasn't uploaded yet. Jeff lays out the current stats for CAT digital downloads, and totals for revenue generated. Jeff likes the new PRS S2 Vela.

Mar 10, 2015: Wayde shares a huge list of things he's recently accomplished, and a list of things he still would like to get done. Jeff discusses his music gear, methods, and issues with his current setup. Jeff orders the upgrade for Native Instruments Komplete. Jeff and Wayde discuss dietary issues. Wayde and Jeff discuss Windows 8.1. Jeff explains in detail how he creates the CAT lyric videos, including using Blender, Hitfilm and Sony Vegas. Jeff reports his music production computer's specs.

Mar 9, 2015: Wayde looks into green screens, and sees one on that he likes. Jeff shares a link to She's a Beauty by The Tubes, and thinks it might be fun for CAT to cover someday. Nick confesses that an upper back injury has been producing some muscle tightness that shrinks his upper vocal range by a few notes.

Mar 8, 2015: Wayde asks Nick which voice emulator Nick used on No Umbrella. Jeff wonders about his own vocal situation, in regard to practice time, space, etc.

Mar 5, 2015: The guys discuss Whitesnake guitarists. Wayde finally buys a bed for his empty apartment. Wayde wants one guitar that has everything for playing rock, metal, jazz and fusion. Jeff shares a video of the making of a Carvin Jason Becker guitar. Nick finishes clearing out his downstairs for shooting CAT video footage, and shares his projected dates for project completion. Nick shares a video of Seventeen by Winger.

Mar 1, 2015: Wayde looks into Google AdWords. Jeff talks about his experience with AdWords, and he and Wayde discuss the possible monetization of CAT videos on YouTube. Wayde ponders which Carvin guitar he wants to buy, considering things such as 3+3 tuners, pickups mounted in the body, and 24 fret necks. Jeff realizes that Gibson bought Cakewalk, and is not sure what to think of the deal.

Feb 27, 2015: Nick discusses Game of Thrones at length, and talks about its pluses and minuses.

Feb 26, 2015: Wayde begins Law and Order Special Victims Unit, and realizes there are a lot more seasons than he thought.

Feb 18, 2015: Jeff tries out the Overloud TH2 and thinks it sounds better than the Amplitube.

Feb 17, 2015: Jeff shares an article about bit rot, and a link to the project, which aims to preserve old digital programs. Jeff also mentions, a favorite site of Nick's. Nick comments on the greed and governmental bullying that has tainted a once-free Internet experience.

Feb 15, 2015: Jeff uploads a new Sonar bundle file to the CAT server of Fight the Good Fight. Jeff retires his Windows XP laptop from active mixing, and decides to use his Windows 7 64bit desktop OS instead after upgrading to the latest version of Sonar. Jeff also orders a Focusrite USB audio converter box.

Feb 14, 2015: Nick and Jeff discuss green screen backgrounds for Nick's upcoming CAT jabber video, including possible backgrounds from, and Flickr.

Feb 13, 2015: Nick shares a video that exposes eco- and animal rights terrorists.

Feb 12, 2015: Nick gets ready to shoot jabber footage for CAT, and asks Jeff if he knows of any good places to find public domain backgrounds for green screen.

Feb 8, 2015: Wayde continues discussing his favorite TV shows, and some he plans on watching.

Feb 7, 2015: Nick asks Jeff and Wayde if they watch Game of Thrones. Nick and Wayde discuss their favorite TV shows. Nick asks Jeff if it is possible to digitally speed up the vocal intro without hurting the sonic quality, as he now feels he recorded it too slow from the rest of FTGF.

Feb 4, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Guthrie Govan teaching a technique. Wayde is a big fan of the Aristocrats.

Feb 2, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Brad Paisley and Avery Drummer Molek live.

Feb 1, 2015: Jeff uploads a screenshot from a high resolution 360-degree panoramic skydome he created. Nick considers the pre-release version of Windows 10.

Jan 31, 2015: Jeff likes Blender's Cycles render engine better than the previous Blender render engine. Jeff shares a video of the Electro-Harmonix C9 Organ Machine, and likes it better than his B9.

Jan 30, 2015: Wayde reports that Windows 10 doesn't seem to have any problems with Cakewalk so far.

Jan 29, 2015: Jeff shares a list of his favorite sound models from Amplitube. Jeff shares a video of Uli Jon Roth playing Little Wing.

Jan 25, 2015: Jeff shares screenshots from a video he's working on for his song Skyward.

Jan 23, 2015: Nick admits that if there's a heaven, and he gets to go, he wants to spend the equivalent of a few thousand years playing through all the video games he's collected in the last 20 years. Nick's currently reading Nature's Destiny by Michael Denton.

Jan 22, 2015: Jeff shares a link to an EVH Stripe Series Star guitar. Jeff shares a video of The Skablins playing live in Seattle at the Folklife Festival. Jeff shares a picture of a Carvin Becker guitar with numbers on the frets. Jeff is getting huge and liquidy tones from the IK amp modeling. Jeff shares an article about Yamaha acquiring Line 6. Nick shares a video by Charlene deGuzman called I Forgot My Phone.

Jan 21, 2015: Wayde pines for his old Peavey USA Vandenberg and Jackson USA custom shop dragon tattoo guitars, and is saving up to buy a Carvin.

Jan 20, 2015: Jeff re-acquires an old favorite guitar, a Dean USA 84 Lacewood with Floyd.

Jan 18, 2015: Jeff shares a link to a company that has resurrected old speech synthesis engines, and another link from the same company that reproduces old video game sounds.

Jan 17, 2015: Nick shares his personal to-do list.

Jan 16, 2015: Even though he has an industry pass, Wayde decides to skip the NAMM show this year. Wayde's fingers are almost healed enough for playing again. Nick shares his love of Combat Arms with Jeff and Wayde.

Jan 15, 2015: Jeff and Nick discuss Tony Harnell's voice. Wayde and Jeff further discuss Fender's recent financial transaction. Nick shares the original MTV video for RATT's Lay It Down [side note: in what is now the classic jerk move by Google since they took over YouTube, the HQ version of the video was taken down later].

Jan 14, 2015: Jeff shares an article about Fender's subsidiary KMC Music, Inc. selling its owned and licensed percussion brands to Drum Workshop, Inc. Jeff shares a video of TNT playing a Swedish Rock Festival.

Jan 9, 2015: Due to latency issues, Jeff figures out a workaround for recording with Amplitube and the POD. Nick shares a video of Meytal drumming.

Jan 8, 2015: Jeff shares an article about the Intel Compute Stick.

Jan 6, 2015: Jeff experiments with Amplitube.

Jan 3, 2015: Jeff shares a video of Tony Harnell performing with TNT. Wayde has to put up with major B.S. at his day job. Nick experiences desktop envy after seeing Wayde's wallpaper, icon and widget arrangement.

Jan 2, 2015: Wayde shares a list of goodies he brought back from storage in his previous state of residence.

Jan 1, 2015: Wayde's fingertips are cracked so bad it's painful to play guitar, so he decides to make a doctor's appointment. Nick and Wayde discuss their favorite Linux distributions. Nick experiences disappointment when he discovers that PartedMagic, gparted and the KDE partition tool all failed to successfully create a 4TB GPT partition on his new drive that could allow him to format the entire drive with NTFS (for universal storage); he discovers to his amazement that only diskpart from Windows 7 could accomplish the task.

Dec 31, 2014: Nick and Wayde discuss system widgets for Linux, such as Conky and System Monitor. Nick goes crazy and buys a bunch of games on sale on Steam.

Dec 30, 2014: The guys wish each other Happy New Year. Jeff expresses some disappointment in his POD HD distortion, as everything plugged into it tends to sound the same. Wayde admitted he sold his POD the previous year for that exact reason. Nick shares a family Christmas picture, and a shot of his Mint desktop.

Dec 25, 2014: The guys wish each other Merry Christmas.

Dec 24, 2014: Nick emails Jeff a belated birthday present.

Dec 23, 2014: Nick scans for rootkits and decides to delete his partition and reinstall Mint, after pondering over several possible false positives. Jeff admits that next Rush, Kings X are just about his favorite band. Nick shares the most recent screenshots from the Quake Revitalization Project.

Dec 22, 2014: Jeff finishes and uploads a new rendered video, called Imperial Star Destroyer Patrols Agrarian World.

Dec 21, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a bass from Kings X that has a lot of girth. Nick shares a link to an amazing deal on an HGST 4TB Deskstar, then an even more amazing deal on a Western Digital 4TB drive.

Dec 20, 2014: Nick shares three videos of two possible future drummers for C.A.T. Wayde says thumbs up to Jeff's bass player but thumbs down to the drummers, and doesn't see himself in the Kings X video Jeff found. Wayde finds a better drummer with an Anika Nilles video. Wayde picks up a Kingston SSD for his main computer, and scans for a bad stick of RAM. Jeff and Wayde work on harmony solo for Fight The Good Fight. Wayde puts a new 500k volume pot in his Ibanez RG321 and re-solders it. Nick shares a link to a new 8TB Ultrastar drive, and reminisces about how only 20 years before drives only came in single digit gigabytes. Nick laments that he seems to have lost 2 or three notes from his vocal range in the passing years.

Dec 19, 2014: Jeff creates a rendered scene with an Imperial Star Destroyer in space, then creates more with the Destroyer flying over a poppy field with blue sky overhead. Nick and Jeff discuss computer viruses, malware and tools to combat them in both Linux and Windows. Jeff thinks he spots Wayde in a Kings X tour video. Jeff spots a possible future bass player for CAT playing a Kings X cover.

Dec 17, 2014: Nick updates the News page you are reading right now.

Dec 16, 2014: Wayde continues to work on harmony solo parts of Fight The Good Fight. Nick likes Jeff's idea of trying a subtle rhythmic delay on the intro parts of Fight The Good Fight.

Dec 15, 2014: Nick shares his productivity schedule for the rest of the month.

Dec 13, 2014: Wayde's hands are feeling good again, so today is guitar recording day. Wayde's power supply is not enough to keep his DAW running, so Wayde buys a new one. Nick offers Jeff any help he needs with building a new PC.

Dec 12, 2014: Jeff considers building a new PC to replace his HP desktop.

Dec 11, 2014: Nick shares a picture of Mariska Veres, circa 1970, and links to four of The Shocking Blue's more popular songs. Nick shares a video of Judas Priest playing Touch of Evil live.

Dec 9, 2014: The marketing guy at Dean drops the big NO hammer.

Dec 8, 2014: Wayde could not sleep the night before.

Dec 7, 2014: Wayde was able to play his guitar for the first time in three weeks, thanks to Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme. Wayde's excessive overtime at work is drawing to a close. Jeff finishes the clean parts he wanted to add to the verses of Fight The Good Fight. Jeff would rather play guitar than do laundry.

Dec 6, 2014: Nick announces a reformat of himself.

Dec 4, 2014: Jeff has been experiencing chronic throat dryness, which may delay his vocal additions to Nick's FTGF intro. Jeff wonders if True Moisture's Guitar Hands cleansing lotion is any good. The guys discuss sex robots from Japan.

Dec 3, 2014: Jeff uploads an initial mix of Nick's a Capella intro for CAT's version of Fight The Good Fight. Nick shares a Rita Ora video for laughs. Jeff responds with a comment on Jess Greenberg's YouTube assets.

Dec 2, 2014: Wayde is still battling dry, cracked finger issues that prevent him from playing his guitar.

Dec 1, 2014: Jeff finds out some Dean marketing people might want to add CAT videos to their playlist on the Dean YouTube channel. Jeff shares a video on his YouTube channel that he created for his song Cornfed, and discusses his positive experiences with Hitfilm as he created it. Jeff shares a Carpathian Forest video.

Nov 27, 2014: The guys all wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 25, 2014: Nick shares an old picture of Denise Richards as a vampire, and notices that Richards is in every deleted scene from Starship Troopers. A local shop offers 2.2GHz Athlon 64 computers for only $19, so Nick decides it's time to experiment with a Beowulf cluster, and buys five of them. Nick praises Taylor Swift's argument against streaming music.

Nov 24, 2014: Nick joins the amusing commentary on Geoff Tate.

Nov 22, 2014: Jeff shares a 1987 video of Queensryche live, when Tate was still amazing. Wayde and Jeff trade amusing anecdotes about the once-great Geoff Tate. Jeff shares a picture of Jim Beseda's daughter playing Jim's bass.

Nov 21, 2014: Jeff shares a video of Frank Zappa's Black Page. Nick remembers his TR-404 drum machine, the predecessor to the now famous TR-808, and how before Lenovo took over Thinkpads and made them awesome, IBM allowed them to fall into "Stinkpad" status.

Nov 20, 2014: Jeff shares a video of an old Dream Theater live show. Jeff considers getting custom CAT graphics put on at least one guitar. Despite HP's questionable use of UEFI, Nick still sets Linux up on his wife's laptop after destroying all factory partitions and writing zeroes to the entire drive. Nick then relegates Windows to where it truly belongs: a dying vestige of the past in VirtualBox. Note to anyone reading this: if you want to use the operating system of the future now, do *NOT* buy an HP computer! Nick wonders how long it will take to breach the GPT disk size threshold.

Nov 19, 2014: Wayde is using to restore the data on his dead drive. Wayde discusses HP and Dell; loves HP monitors, not a fan of their computers. Wayde's two Dell computers are beasts, and will do anything you throw at them. Jeff doesn't mind his HP desktop, but hates the Beats Audio feature. Jeff discusses all the crap TSRs and services that Windows 7 has running in the background, and how he keeps his lean and mean DAW disconnected from the Internet. Wayde discusses Lenovo T440s and X-1 Carbons. Wayde put 113 hours in at his job in two weeks. Nick picks up a USB 3.5 Floppy drive to transfer old software to current storage media. Nick also finds a cool device on the Internet that can do the same for 5.25 floppy disks. Nick shares how to get around the non-support for pre-Windows 98 operating systems in VirtualBox.

Nov 18, 2014: Wayde still waiting for the data to be pulled off his dead drive, and decides to rerecord all his parts for Fight The Good Fight since they were lost on the dead drive. Jeff is down to 900MB of free space on his music mixing laptop. Jeff discusses the symptoms of his virus, and the circumstances surrounding the incident, and how Symantec just happened to produce a fix while Jeff was in the middle of fighting it himself. While trying to set up his wife's laptop to dual boot, Nick encounters firsthand the ugly reality of HP's decision to use UEFI settings to discourage people from trying operating systems other than the crappy Windows 8 they ship with their computers.

Nov 15, 2014: Jeff shares a video on the best way to use color in Photoshop, and mentions how cool the online color wheel is.

Nov 7, 2014: Wayde shares some speed test results for his new rockin' modem, a Motorola SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0. Jeff is in love with the ES-335 Lemon Burst Gibson. Wayde has enjoyed playing the ES-339 Studio, ES-39, and the Les Paul Classic Double Cutaway. Nick asks Wayde about his backup scheme for his server. Wayde discusses his ISP and the OS he uses on the CAT server.

Nov 6, 2014: Wayde experiences complete data loss of his four jazz songs when one of his DAW drives shorts out on boot.

Nov 5, 2014: Wayde discovers that his router is bad, and has been working 11-hour days for the past month, making it very difficult to get anything else done.

Nov 4, 2014: Jeff kicks around the thought of building a PC to do renders for Blender, Hitfilm and Vegas, and he ponders what kind of research would be necessary to do it correctly. A coworker of Nick's who used to work in the music industry in California, tells Nick he's really into CAT's music, and a friend of his with a similar background is as well. Nick is excited about Black November at Newegg.

Nov 2, 2014: Jeff faces the permanent loss of important data due to the virus. Jeff shares thoughts about changes and additions to the current CAT recording of Fight The Good Fight. Nick tinkers with four computers that someone was going to throw away, and finds out they all have at least a 2GHz processor, which means they can be used for Age of Empires II Conquerors LAN parties. He learns an ugly lesson in the process though: never place a dirty or scratched optical disk in a good drive, because it can literally cause the good drive to cut grooves into good disks and go bad. Nick has to buy a replacement optical drive at a local computer shop.

Nov 1, 2014: Jeff acquires a Windows virus that he can't kill, so decides to reformat and restore his most recent Acronis disk image.

Oct 31, 2014: Nick ponders a CDBaby article.

Oct 30, 2014: Nick shares a Crossfade video. Nick has his annual physical. Nick's jaw is almost back to normal after his steel beam incident. Nick thinks the Ello manifesto is timely and cool.

Oct 28, 2014: Jeff shares a video about Automated Dialogue Replacement, and is excited about playing X-Wing again. Jeff installs X-Wing, and finds out it won't run without a joystick. Nick is excited about discovering the OpenRA project. Nick installs his new RAM and proclaims it Bamalama Kickassarama. Nick discusses joysticks for PCs.

Oct 27, 2014: Jeff discusses various camera settings at length. Jeff shares an article announcing Hitfilm 3 Pro. Jeff reminisces about two games he once played, that are getting re-released and updated: X-Wing and Tie Fighter. Nick finds the former drummer (Rich Beddoe) of Finger Eleven the most entertaining part of the Paralyzer video. Nick talks about and Minecraft's destruction of all previous video game records.

Oct 26, 2014: Nick can't log into the CAT server, and gets a new password from Wayde.

Oct 25, 2014: Jeff has a major guitar-picking revelation about upstrokes. Jeff shares a video of greenscreen and DSLR tips, and an article about Prolost Flat camera settings.

Oct 23, 2014: Jeff shares a video of how to turn teeth into fangs in Photoshop, and a Troy Grady Cracking the Code video. Wayde discusses his picking techniques. Nick goes to Red Robin for a Banzai burger.

Oct 21, 2014: Nick accidentally whacks his head against a steel beam at great velocity, and has to visit the emergency room. Nick upgrades his BFP (Box o' Fragadelic Power), and shares a picture of his current awesome Mint 17 KDE desktop.

Oct 8, 2014: Wayde shares another video of women vocalists polyphonic singing. Nick ponders streaming live performances by CAT.

Oct 7, 2014: Nick praises Runic for their progressive approach of seeing downloaders who don't pay as free advertising, and scoffs at Blizzard's paranoid attempts to control "piracy" by creating worse and worse DRM schemes, as well as not including LAN play in their newer titles.

Oct 6, 2014: Jeff and Nick discuss ways to shoot and edit their video for Fight The Good Fight. Jeff discusses ways to record better sound while shooting footage with the Canon 70D. Wayde shares a video of polyphonic overtone singing. Nick discovers, to his utter shock, that the original lead vocalist of The Shocking Blue was a woman.

Oct 5, 2014: Jeff suggests all CAT members film their Fight The Good Fight performances in their own respective studios, for the eventual YouTube video. Nick suggests a rendered opening sequence for their upcoming Fight The Good Fight video. Nick again severely criticizes Microsoft for purposely making it so difficult, via their implementation of UEFI, for new Linux users to try out a distribution.

Oct 4, 2014: Jeff does some looking around for Ensoniq sound libraries. Wayde has a lot of fun playing his Gibson, with great clean sounds for days. Nick suggests that CAT record a video of the three members playing in a studio.

Oct 1, 2014: Jeff's wife has an emergency appendectomy. Wayde rewrites his 4-song jazz album for the 20th time, and thinks the new Mr. Big is really bluesy. Nick shares videos of the entire Queen concert in Montreal in 1981.

Sep 30, 2014: Jeff explains some of his playing techniques for the Fight The Good Fight solos.

Sep 29, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix of Fight The Good Fight.

Sep 28, 2014: Jeff uploads a new bundle file for Fight The Good Fight.

Sep 26, 2014: Nick returns from vacation with incredible pictures from the American Computer & Robotics Museum in Bozeman, Montana.

Sep 25, 2014: Jeff works on Fight The Good Fight harmony parts and creates midi tracks for the solos to make them easier to learn.

Sep 24, 2014: Wayde suggests Jeff find out if he can get an exhibitor pass for the 2015 NAMM show.

Sep 22, 2014: Jeff shares a video of how to color grade video footage.

Sep 15, 2014: Nick uploads the secret FTGF vocals (an a Capella intro for the song), and provides a detailed explanation of their construction.

Sep 14, 2014: Jeff shares a video of Rik Emmett playing Fight The Good Fight that sounds like his guitar is tuned down. Nick lets Jeff and Wayde know about his upcoming vacation between the 17th and 24th. Nick shares videos of Triumph playing Never Surrender live, and the official video for Somebody's Out There.

Sep 11, 2014: Jeff uploads a Sonar bundle file of Nick's digitized solo album to the CAT server. Wayde thinks Collings guitars are sexy and awesome, and Jeff agrees. Wayde considers selling his Schecter Blackjack SLS-7 string and getting a Gibson LPJ. Wayde agrees with Jeff that the Les Paul Futura is a nice looking guitar.

Sep 10, 2014: Jeff shares a video of Highway Star. Wayde works on his four jazz songs. Jeff receives a cheap guitar from Sweetwater that weighs a ton, plays it for five minutes, decides to send it back. Nick gets close to finally finishing his secret FTGF vocals.

Sep 7, 2014: Wayde shares some helpful tips on how to deal with the problems Microsoft and HP created when UEFI was introduced with Windows 8. Wayde shares a video of a jazz song he's working on for his next solo EP, and discusses the song's construction in detail.

Sep 6, 2014: Jeff shares a video of "How to Drum Solo in 10 Easy Steps," and two videos of Phil Keaggy. Nick is very angry about Microsoft's and HP's decision to use UEFI in such a way that it makes it difficult to impossible for an average computer user to try out Linux.

Sep 5, 2014: Wayde shares links to the MK809III Mini PC and to

Sep 4, 2014: Nick loads The Full Monty into VirtualBox and tinkers with it. Nick installs and plays with Puppy's Racy, Wary and Precise versions as well.

Sep 2, 2014: Jeff has a functioning kitchen again.

Sep 1, 2014: Jeff shares three videos of his current favorite new band, Circus Maximus. For Jeff's benefit, Nick writes a long, Rod Serling-like list of features that make Linux better than Windows or Mac.

Aug 31, 2014: Jeff discovers jamkazam and the Space Engineers video game.

Aug 30, 2014: Jeff gets his tax refund, and buys a guitar with jumbo frets and 13" radius. Nick discovers PCLinuxOS's version called The Full Monty, and proclaims it kickass, and a much better solution for multiple desktops than Windows 8's lame offering. Nick downloads the Full Monty iso and burns it for future fiddling.

Aug 29, 2014: Nick keeps restarting work on his secret FTGF vocals, because he still isn't satisfied with his results.

Aug 28, 2014: Wayde shares a funny video of someone "building" a computer.

Aug 26, 2014: Jeff decides to make a video of the harmony parts he composed for the Fight The Good Fight solo. Wayde discovers that Brian May is a rocket scientist. Wayde enjoys his opportunity to play an ESP TL-6 NAT. Jeff shares a picture of a large spider discovered in his bathroom. Nick and Wayde discuss their respective experiences with unwanted rodents. Nick talks about Jethro Tull's albums and live shows.

Aug 25, 2014: Jeff shares a video of John Mayer's Ice Bucket Challenge. Wayde and Jeff experiment with musical note telepathy. Jeff shares an article about Jethro Tull.

Aug 24, 2014: Wayde considers signing up for Andreas Oberg's jazz guitar lessons. Nick is bummed that he has to miss a performance by God Save The Queen, due to an upcoming vacation. Nick shares a video of God Save The Queen playing Bohemian Rhapsody live, and is extremely impressed by how well they managed to reproduce the experience of actually seeing them live (as Nick did three times in the late 70's and early 80's). Nick realizes he forgot to watch the social media webinar he signed up for.

Aug 22, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a grouper eating a shark, an article about missing light in the universe, and a 2014 live video of Saxon. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo gets Jeff's attention. Jeff learns the reason why bagpipes sound so unique and identifiable. Wayde catches up on emails and updates the CAT server. Nick comments on the missing light in the universe, and declares that it's a huge clue regarding not only the age of the universe, but also the size. Nick says he didn't even know what a grouper was until he played the PC game called Fate.

Aug 21, 2014: Jeff shares a picture of the damage the moisture ants did to his kitchen's wet wall, and a picture of the new sheetrock.

Aug 20, 2014: Jeff figures he'll try out the new CD Baby Music Player. Jeff plays his Fight The Good Fight solo parts.

Aug 18, 2014: Jeff's recent home repairs come closer to fruition. Jeff shares a video of two guys communicating by playing binary notes on their guitars.

Aug 16, 2014: Nick comments on quantum computing. Nick is excited about hearing Queen's Rock It (Prime Jive) on the satellite feed speakers at work, and can't believe they played such a little-known album cut. Nick shares an article called "The Great Chinese Exodus."

Aug 15, 2014: Jeff shares some Geoff Tate quotes and an article about an electron's quantum behavior. Nick shares a link to, and talks about playing it back in his Columbus days. Nick comments on a Scott Rockenfield quote.

Aug 14, 2014: Nick shares a video of John Carmack speaking about the physics of light at a QuakeCon 2013, and heaps praise on Carmack for some of his more stellar accomplishments.

Aug 13, 2014: Jeff shares a rendered shot from one of his own video animations (the Ambergris video). Nick shares a video of Thomas Crane, a Freddie Mercury impersonator from Australia. Nick reminisces about how and were *the* places to go back in the day.

Aug 12, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a pretty decent Dio tribute band playing Rainbow in the Dark, a video of Ken Tamplin giving vocal lessons on how to sing like Ray Gillen, another Ken Tamplin instruction video, a video of Marc Martel singing Bohemian Rhapsody, a video of Klaus Meine singing a Queen song, an article about fuel-less space travel, and an article about a new USB specification. The guys discuss how Marc Martel would be better to front Queen than Adam Lambert. Wayde shares a video of a Useless Box. Nick shares an HD 1981 video of Queen playing Somebody To Love live in Montreal. Nick shares a video of a strange gyroscope-driven object that seems faked. Nick experiences screen jagging during playback of Canon 70D videos on his computer, only to realize it's because his version of Linux includes open source versions of NVIDIA drivers, instead of the real thing.

Aug 11, 2014: Jeff attempts to acquire a price-match for one of his guitars; the guys then discuss their various relatives' coupon use. Wayde observes that the new Mr. Big is coming out soon. Jeff shares a bluegrass video. Jeff has to shower at a relative's house. Jeff and Wayde discuss the details of their solo guitar parts for Fight The Good Fight. Nick mentions that his two favorite albums by Styx are Grand Illusion and Pieces of Eight.

Aug 10, 2014: Jeff replays the harmony solo parts for Fight The Good Fight, and discusses several additions and changes. The city turns off Jeff's water until the water main is replaced.

Aug 9, 2014: Jeff shares a rare Triumph video for A World Of Fantasy, a video of Rik Emmett playing Magic Power live in San Antonio, and a video of Rik playing Fight The Good Fight live in 2013. Wayde says when he saw the Styx concert earlier in the year, they nailed every song perfectly. Nick shares a bunch of information about his family's LAN parties. Nick scoffs at how the Malthusian theory (regarding the effect food availability has on species populations) was the principle that Darwin used to validate his theory of natural selection, yet has been demonstrably false prior to 1859, especially as applied to humans.

Aug 8, 2014: Jeff can't buy the Fender Blacktop Jaguar HH, but he likes the shape. Jeff shares a video demo of the Electro-Harmonix B9, an article on the site, and a video of Jennifer Batten playing a Michael Jackson tribute. Wayde finishes watching Haven, Revolution and Alphas, and is Hulu-hooked on Salem, Deadbeat, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Almost Human, Night Shift, Undateable and 24.

Aug 7, 2014: Nick goes to the race track and eats hot dogs. Nick has a cool vocal idea for Fight The Good Fight, but decides to keep it a secret until it is recorded and uploaded. Nick cancels his Netflix streaming in order to get more done.

Aug 6, 2014: Jeff's simple kitchen update turns into a nightmare that includes mold, water damage, an ant colony and leaking water main. Jeff admires the beautiful Gibson Limited Edition 2014 RD Artist guitar. Jeff shares a couple of videos regarding setting up a DSLR. Jeff receives his Electro Harmonix B9 pedal and isn't blown away, but decides to keep it; he also discusses its features at length. Jeff shares eight videos by The Civil Wars. Jeff returns to working on two animated videos for songs from his solo CDs. Wayde shares an altered version of Frozen's Let It Go. Nick signs up for a webinar about social media. Nick shares a video by Meghan Trainor called All About That Bass. Nick shares three Rasputina videos and vows to see Melora perform if she ever plays in his city.

Aug 5, 2014: Jeff likes the orange color for the displayed Charvel Super Stock SD1 FR on Wayde likes the SD1 as well, and also the Desolation Skatecaster SK-1 FR. The Skatecaster reminds Jeff of the Fender Jazzmaster.

Aug 4, 2014: Nick shares an article from The Onion.

Aug 3, 2014: Jeff discusses details regarding the Fight The Good Fight guitar solos. Jeff considers using a 160 ISO setting on his camera, and has been experimenting with Aperture Priority mode. Jeff decides to create a video of his composed solo parts. Wayde really likes the Joe Duplantier Signature model Charvel guitar.

Aug 2, 2014: Jeff realizes he has to rerecord the finalized solo guitar parts for Fight The Good Fight. Wayde uses Powertab and Tuxguitar for his musical transcriptions. Nick shares a link to a Santana album, and the track list. Nick shares a flyer from a local computer shop. Wayde follows Nick on Twitter.

Aug 1, 2014: Jeff and Nick discuss ASA settings for the Canon 70D. Jeff shares a video of Dafnis Prieto Latin Drumming. Nick likes some of the cool automated features of the Canon 70D.

Jul 31, 2014: The guys discuss the necessity for more content in their social media channels. Nick creates his Twitter page and updates his domain page to make simple connections to all the CAT social media. Jeff shares an article about the hackers that recovered NASA's lost lunar photos. Jeff shares links to Technicolor profiles for the Canon 70D. Nick quotes a passage from The Doors, spoken by Val Kilmer. Nick speculates on numbers of views that YouTube videos get. Nick changes his contact link on the CAT web site to point to his domain page. Nick follows Wayde on Twitter.

Jul 30, 2014: Jeff shares a link to the DigiTech Luxe pedal. Jeff considers contacting Rik Emmett when CAT finishes and releases their cover of Fight The Good Fight. Jeff orders a Resomax wraparound bridge for his ESP, and Wayde admits he is a fan of Graph Tech. Jeff shares a Sarah Longfield video of Djent music, and Wayde mentions meeting her at the NAMM show. Wayde reminisces about his Roland Jazz 120. Nick says the Canon 70D ROCKS!

Jul 29, 2014: Wayde retires a personal email address due to spam. Jeff receives his ESP Hybrid II in the mail. Everybody loves the harmony guitar parts that Jeff composed for Fight The Good Fight. Wayde requests a video of Jeff playing all the harmony parts composed for FTGF.

Jul 28, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix of Fight The Good Fight. Jeff works out a guitar solo harmony for him and Wayde for the CAT cover of Fight The Good Fight. Jeff shares an article about pure lithium cells for phone batteries.

Jul 27, 2014: Jeff shares an article about Chris LaRosa leaving Google to start his own company, and CAT discusses why LaRosa would want to leave so soon after YouTube was going to implement a user-unfriendly advertising setup. Nick hopes it will be to start up a superior alternative to YouTube.

Jul 26, 2014: Wayde shares a video of Rick Graham's amazing transformation. Jeff gets Nick's solo tape in the mail. Jeff has questions about Radio Aktywne. Nick shares a video about how internment camps in the U.S. are not just a conspiracy theory ("Americans May Be Locked Up in FEMA Concentration Camps Admits Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia"). Nick does some investigating into Radio Aktywne.

Jul 25, 2014: Jeff visits his doctor and gets good news regarding his state of health.

Jul 24, 2014: Jeff shares an article about Pat Torpey's unfortunate diagnosis, and one about Dave Mustaine. Jeff gets and email from Elliot Rubinson at Dean about flying guitars.

Jul 23, 2014: Jeff and Nick discuss a Technicolor image profile that allows for greater freedom during the editing process. Nick and Jeff discuss Jim Beseda, and how much he is missed. Jeff and Wayde discuss using Facebook groups to get the word out on CAT. Jeff considers getting a guitar skin with CAT art. Jeff shares a great shot taken with his 70D and stock lens. Jeff shares a mock-up of CAT art with the ASG guitar template. Nick shares a Triumph live video from 1983, and points out how they ended their shows with Fight The Good Fight.

Jul 22, 2014: Jeff contacts Dean Guitars to let them know about No Umbrella. The guys all approve digital distribution for No Umbrella. CAT decides to not list Queensryche as a "similar" band on their CD single page. The band celebrates their first $4.72 earned via digital download. Jeff considers selling his Zelinsky Les Paul in order to buy more guitars from Sweetwater. Wayde likes Jeff's purchase ideas, and mentions one of his own favorites, the E-II ST-1. Wayde gives Nick an Internet High-Five for his new 70D, and Nick returns it with gusto. Nick watches an instructional video for the 70D. One of Nick's coworkers comes up to him three times during a single shift to tell him how much he loves No Umbrella. Nick plans his first jabber video for the CAT YouTube channel, and is still learning about his new camera.

Jul 21, 2014: Jeff suggests a page on the CAT web site for reviews, and considers buying a Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox and Speaker Simulator for his studio. The guys discuss the value of reviews. Jeff shares information regarding ISO settings for the Canon 70D. Jeff likes the idea of a movable, modular pickup system. Nick looks around for a good deal on a new Canon 70D, and ends up buying one from Costco. Nick suggests that CAT reviews be placed in the Press page of their web site. Nick adds Bill Dluhosh's review of No Umbrella to the Press page and album notes on CDBaby, and updates the Music Store app on Facebook to include all five current CAT releases.

Jul 19, 2014: Jeff uploads two older Sonar bundle files to the CAT server, for Devil In Disguise and In The Stars. Nick shares the custom invitation he made for his family's most recent LAN party.

Jul 18, 2014: Jeff receives a package from Nick that contains Nick's solo project on tape, so Jeff can transfer it to a digital Sonar bundle file. Nick makes a request regarding a past solo played on Devil In Disguise.

Jul 17, 2014: Jeff proposes CAT work on two songs at once, and everyone agrees it's a good idea. Nick discusses cosmic concepts at length. Nick shares a couple of humorous videos featuring fake hacking that pretends to be real.

Jul 16, 2014: Wayde shares a video of an artist who performs Dark Horse in 20 different musical styles. Nick shares a link to a friend's band on

Jul 15, 2014: Wayde recommends Guns N' Roses Appetite for Democracy, Live at the Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas, 2014. Jeff shares a video about The Existence of Nothing. This spurs the beginning of a deep discussion regarding God and the Cosmos.

Jul 14, 2014: Continuous Audio Transmission releases its fifth single, No Umbrella, and also releases an accompanying video to YouTube (for video, see link to CAT's YouTube channel at the top of this page). The guys all give each other a group hug. Jeff discovers a cool Brian May guitar instruction video. Nick points out that other famous British guitarists refer to Brian May as "The Govnah."

Jul 13, 2014: A minor visual glitch is discovered in the No Umbrella video; Jeff inspects both Hitfilm's and Vegas's elements, then produces a new rendering and uploads it. Jeff does the administrative work for the CDBaby upload of No Umbrella. Jeff shares an article that ponders whether or not IBM is planning to move away from silicon processing chips. Nick discusses the IBM article in depth.Jeff ponders 128 bit and larger operating systems. Wayde predicts 10 years before 128 bit OS's hit the market. Jeff and Wayde discuss the hot weather in their respective cities. Wayde shares a link to a Wayne's World clip. Wayde discusses the Hitchens/Gomes/Kushner panel in depth. Wayde reads a book outside in 109 degree weather. The guys inspect the latest render of No Umbrella, and it passes with flying colors. Jeff shares a link to a video of Orson Welles discussing cold reading, a video of Penn and Teller, and an article about the Brian May signature guitar. Jeff takes two of his old computers apart and Nick jumps at the chance to acquire a couple of the peripherals.

Jul 12, 2014: Jeff uploads three final audio versions of No Umbrella. Jeff uploads the final version of the No Umbrella video to the CAT server. Jeff shares a video of a flaming ball of gas visual effect, then shares his own version. Jeff shares all the Creative Commons information for photos used in the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares a video of a public discussion that includes Christopher Hitchens and Peter Gomes. Jeff creates the new graphic for the No Umbrella release. Jeff shares a link to an interesting artist support program. Wayde gets his 12-string acoustic guitar back from storage. Jeff uploads a final render of the No Umbrella video.

Jul 11, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video.

Jul 10, 2014: Jeff shares a super cool video of some hard and floppy drives actually playing Stairway To Heaven. Jeff shares a link to the Arduino web site. Jeff considers buying an overdrive pedal from a somewhat local manufacturer. Jeff and Nick discuss Adam Lambert and Freddie Mercury. Jeff puts in long hours to complete the video rendering for No Umbrella. Jeff shares a link to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Jul 9, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares a video of the Pro 2 analog synthesizer. Jeff puts finishing touches on the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares an article about Adam Lambert and Queen. Nick realizes, with great disappointment, that the part of a Kasabian song that he thought was cool turned out to be a direct ripoff of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.

Jul 8, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Jeff bemoans YouTube's practice of re-compressing uploads.

Jul 6, 2014: Jeff uploads two new mixes of No Umbrella, and a new version of the No Umbrella video. Wayde returns from his mini-vacation. Jeff and Wayde discuss the last 8 measures of No Umbrella.

Jul 4, 2014: Jeff loves his new Washburn Firebird style guitar. Jeff shares an article about the possibility that quantum mechanics may have been being misinterpreted for the last 100 years, and Nick steps onto his soapbox regarding scientific dogma. Nick writes new lyrics for a possible new CAT song. The guys wish each other Happy 4th of July.

Jul 3, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video, with many new effects and features added.

Jul 2, 2014: Jeff shares another photo of a local sunset. Jeff's kitchen gets measured for new cabinets. Nick and Jeff discuss branding as a method of helping people become more familiar with CAT music. Nick shares a link to a Nixie Pixel video to demonstrate how Google is officially operating as an Evil Empire. Nick shares a link to Amanda Palmer's brilliant TED talk regarding how musicians should seek compensation for their art. Nick ponders the relevance of image for CAT. Nick considers being more active with social media relating to CAT.

Jun 30, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Jeff mentions an article about poor people in Nepal being scammed out of their kidneys.

Jun 28, 2014: Jeff shares more results of his Easter Eggs in No Umbrella.

Jun 26, 2014: The guys all agree that a simultaneous release for No Umbrella is the way to go. Wayde takes the CAT server down for hardware and OS upgrades, then restores the server to its former state due to the server VM not recognizing the FTP hard drive. Jeff shares a result of some of his Photoshop experimentation. Jeff loves the bass tone in Let It Go by Loudness. Wayde and Jeff discuss Loudness. Jeff experiments with rendering effects and Easter Eggs in the No Umbrella video, and shares the results. Nick suspects that Microsoft knows that Windows OS's will become obsolete eventually, and are slowly moving more and more toward hardware for their main business model.

Jun 25, 2014: Wayde considers redoing the CAT server with VMware ESXi Hypervisor architecture. The guys discuss whether or not to release both the mp3 and video for No Umbrella at the same time. Jeff shares a video about retouching photos in Photoshop.

Jun 24, 2014: Jeff ponders re-commissioning the graphic artist CAT has hired in the past, to create some new content. Jeff prefers a banjo cover of Raining Blood to the original by Slayer. Nick and Jeff discuss what could be done about Nick's interlaced video camera footage. Jeff shares four videos about DSLR rolling shutter. Jeff and Wayde both love Hammond organ sounds. Nick films a test of his SD80 camera, and uploads it to the CAT server for examination.

Jun 23, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix of No Umbrella, with lots of changes. Wayde drives to the Grand Canyon while listening to No Umbrella really loud. Nick considers breaking his "PC games only" rule because The Warriors PS2 game looks just good enough.

Jun 22, 2014: Jeff films the sunset, and shares the results. Jeff shares a video of the Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ machine, and video of the same machine recreating Blade Runner sounds.

Jun 21, 2014: Jeff does shutter speed tests on his Canon and reports the results, including uploading another video of his dog Buster in the backyard. Nick shares a link to Megaforce by 707.

Jun 20, 2014: Jeff shares an article about the current state of quantum computers. Wayde ponders which of his solos he wishes to keep for the final No Umbrella mix. Nick shares a link to The Warriors in 720p on YouTube.

Jun 19, 2014: Wayde tests the new No Umbrella mix on three different kinds of speakers. Jeff shares a camera angle tutorial. Nick shares three videos of very realistic Japanese robots. Nick shares a link to Tom Davies's simple but brilliant PC game called FPS-MAN.

Jun 18, 2014: Wayde shares two articles about YouTube's pending actions regarding the removal of musical artists who don't want to pony up the dough for using YouTube as an advertising mechanism for their own music... translation: Google once again demonstrates its membership in the growing list of evil empires. Nick responds to the articles with the expected vitriol. Jeff uploads a video test of his Canon's slow-motion feature.

Jun 17, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix of No Umbrella. Jeff reports on his lens testing. Jeff shares a video of a Finnish bluegrass group covering Iron Maiden's "The Trooper." Nick records and uploads the requested additional lead vocal track. Nick suggests an Einstein quote for the beginning of the That's All Right video. Nick discovers that he can control his browser from the bash command line, which means he can control it from a C program.

Jun 16, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a real life water-based hoverboard. Wayde discusses his weekend Paddle Boarding adventures. Jeff tests different lenses on his Canon. Jeff uploads a video test of his dog inspecting weeds in his yard.

Jun 15, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix of No Umbrella, with various tweaks. Nick and Jeff commiserate regarding working early shifts. Wayde and Jeff wish Nick a Happy Father's Day. Wayde buys another Schecter guitar. Jeff and Wayde discuss his newest guitar specs.

Jun 13, 2014: Wayde shares links to a couple of his own videos to demonstrate off-camera audio results. Jeff shares a video of Sebastian Bach as Freddie Mercury. Jeff shares a link to a free Eventide plug-in. Jeff tests depth-of-field on his Canon and shares a photo of the result. Jeff works some more on the No Umbrella video. Nick shares a 1975 live performance of Eli's Coming by Three Dog Night.

Jun 12, 2014: Jeff shares a video about neutral density filters, and a video about off-camera audio. Nick discusses his plans for shooting initial footage for the That's All Right video.

Jun 11, 2014: Wayde finishes and uploads new solos for No Umbrella. The guys continue discussing the specs of their new cameras. Jeff shares a link to another Canon camera available at Costco. Jeff shares a video about DSLR shutter speed.

Jun 10, 2014: Jeff buys a Canon 70D DSLR, and loves it. The guys discuss various camera specs. Jeff loves the sound of the Scarbee Rickenbacker bass. Nick finalizes his sources for the statistics to be used in the That's All Right video.

Jun 9, 2014: Wayde re-records his solo parts for No Umbrella. Jeff shares two articles about the Eugene Goostman chat program's success in fooling thirty-three percent of the human judges in a Turing Test. Jeff shares another video about filming with a DSLR, a video about tracking shots with a tripod, and two videos about how to shoot and edit a music video. Wayde shares a video of Rik Emmett playing Fight The Good Fight in 2013.

Jun 8, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix of No Umbrella, trying some new EQ tweaks. Jeff requests that Nick sing one more additional track of the high background part at the end of No Umbrella. Jeff describes his background vocal contributions in detail. Jeff shares a video on camera handling. Jeff finds another online contest for CAT to enter. Wayde returns after four happy days at Comicon. Nick notices a strange coincidence between Touch of Evil by Judas Priest and Vampire Desire by CAT. Nick makes positive comments about Fallen by Evanescence and Ann Wilson as well, and shares a video of Heart performing live in 1977.

Jun 7, 2014: Wayde shares a link to the Lytro camera web site.

Jun 6, 2014: Wayde buys a Nikon Coolpix P530 and loves it. Jeff shares a video on DSLR film making.

Jun 5, 2014: Nick discusses Godel's Incompleteness Theorem, and how it has been applied to the possibility of Strong AI. Nick shares two previews to the upcoming movie Lucy.

Jun 4, 2014: Jeff attends his nephew's birthday party, and enjoys his new mulching mower. Jeff shares a video about stop motion and Phil Tippet. Jeff encounters Kurt Godel's incompleteness theorem.

Jun 2, 2014: Jeff finishes his contributions to the No Umbrella background vocals. Wayde reminisces about his dial up experiences. Jeff shares a Wizzard video. Jeff shares a link that teaches the Parallax video technique.

Jun 1, 2014: Nick shares an article about three million people still using AOL dial-up service.

May 30, 2014: The guys discuss the possibility of using a homemade Linux server farm to render CAT videos. Nick discusses a very cool local mom and pop computer store, and his long standing fantasy of building a Beowulf cluster. Nick shares a link to an informative computer channel on YouTube.

May 29, 2014: Wayde decides to remake all the old Axis songs into fresh Cakewalk files. Jeff discusses ideas about CAT's pending cover of Triumph's Fight The Good Fight. Wayde considers buying the Nikon D3200. Jeff is fascinated by the ESP Evertune bridges. Nick offers his 1990 solo album as possible inspiration for a future CAT song or songs.

May 28, 2014: Jeff shares a link for a video technique he'd like to try, digital matte painting. The guys discuss resurrecting some old Axis songs. Jeff shares a link to the Ken Rockwell photography site. Wayde digs out an old Axis promo photo, and shares it. Nick starts shopping for a DSLR.

May 27, 2014: Jeff shares a video of Steve Perry's first live performance in 19 years. Jeff listens to a Holdsworth instructional video as he works. Jeff shares an article about the title of the new Queen album. Wayde returns from his trip to Denver, loaded with instructional and concert videos. Wayde considers buying the Coolpix P520. Jeff completes eighty percent of his background vocals for No Umbrella. Jeff and Wayde discuss the technical specifications of some DSLR cameras. Jeff shares two articles about making excellent DSLR videos.

May 26, 2014: Jeff prepares to add his voice to the background vocals on No Umbrella, and discusses his work on the drums. Nick has a new idea for the pending That's All Right video.

May 25, 2014: Jeff shares a Marshall Harrison video, and Wayde shares two of his own videos that he made on the same technique, uploaded two years earlier.

May 24, 2014: Nick examines a popular fan-made video for the song Sail by Awolnation.

May 22, 2014: Wayde shares a video on a vocal microphone shootout. Wayde heads to Denver to clean out his storage unit.

May 21, 2014: Jeff shares a video that discusses and demonstrates 19 tone equal temperament on guitar. Jeff shares a video of the official video for Smoke On The Water.

May 20, 2014: Jeff shares a video of Soundgarden covering Spinal Tap's Big Bottoms. Nick discusses the version numbering system for his unfinished pc game. Nick shares four videos of a fellow in Hong Kong who fights invisible opponents on the MTR subway.

May 19, 2014: Wayde and Jeff both think they may have some old computer peripherals that Nick might be interested in.

May 18, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares screen shots of the adjusted guitar images for the No Umbrella video.

May 17, 2014: The guys discuss the guitar animation movement in the No Umbrella video.

May 16, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Wayde updates the CAT server. Nick shares a link to

May 15, 2014: Wayde shares a picture of a drool-worthy taxicab yellow Soloist SLX guitar.

May 14, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Nick has a new A/C system installed after five years without.

May 13, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares an article about H. R. Giger. Jeff shares some screen shots from No Umbrella that contain Easter Eggs. Jeff decides to replace one of the photos, and shares some alternate choices.

May 12, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares a video tribute to Jason Becker, created by Chris Mike. The guys discuss aspects of the No Umbrella video. Jeff shares a video about matte painting in Blender. Nick shares a Downfall parody video of Hitler trying to find Wally.

May 11, 2014: The guys all approve of the photos currently being used for the No Umbrella video. Jeff ponders releasing both the mp3 and video for No Umbrella at the same time.

May 9, 2014: Jeff expresses a desire to include Easter Eggs throughout the No Umbrella video.

May 8, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the No Umbrella video. Wayde shares a link to a site that synthesizes voice from typed words.

May 7, 2014: Jeff uploads two new versions of the No Umbrella video. The guys discuss which rain effect they like better, Blender 3D's or Hitfilm's.

May 6, 2014: Jeff uploads three new versions of the No Umbrella video, with several tweaks. Jeff provides links to public domain photographs, so everyone can help choose photographs for the No Umbrella video. Jeff finds a whole bunch of cool pictures and shares them. Wayde and Jeff discuss Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0.

May 5, 2014: Nick and Jeff discuss possibilities for the No Umbrella video. Wayde weighs in on the article about the NSA. Wayde discusses how he arrived at his web site's main background picture. Jeff uploads two mp4 ideas for the No Umbrella video, and a screen shot as well. Both Wayde and Nick like the idea, and Jeff shares more screen shots with different visual adjustments, including a C.A.T. Easter Egg.

May 4, 2014: Jeff uploads a new mix for No Umbrella. Wayde completes the new version of his personal web site, the most excellent version so far. Jeff shares a disturbing article about cyber-contractors and the NSA. Nick ponders the possible importance of creating videos for all the completed CAT songs. Nick goes on about Eatliz and their latest singles.

May 2, 2014: Nick and Wayde discuss their experiences with various Internet browsers.

May 1, 2014: Jeff shares a Bee Gee & AC/DC mashup video, and a new song from Winger. Jeff shares pictures of a PRS guitar and a Fender.

Apr 30, 2014: All the guys give the first rough mix of No Umbrella an enthusiastic thumbs up. Wayde suggests that the No Umbrella intro should be recorded with piano instead of the current 12-string guitar. Jeff observes that Wayde's IT infrastructure set up at his apartment is superior to the one at Jeff's own job. Jeff shares an article on songwriting. Jeff tries Firefox and digs it. Jeff also likes Chrome. Wayde tries out the FG-X Virtual Mastering Processor demo.

Apr 29, 2014: Jeff uploads a rough mix of No Umbrella. Jeff discusses some of the pitfalls of using other DAWs in conjunction with Sonar Producer. Wayde posts a comprehensive review of all the DAWs he tested. Wayde takes the CAT server offline to add more RAM.

Apr 28, 2014: Wayde experiments with other DAWs: Cubase, Protools, Reaper, Samplitude, FL Studio 11, Motu, Reason, Studio One 2, and plans on trying Ableton Live as well... and finds that Cakewalk, Cubase and Reaper are the easiest to use.

Apr 27, 2014: Nick shares a link to a favorite Kitchen Nightmares episode, and Wayde confesses that he too is a fan. Wayde and Jeff discuss a shortcoming in Sonar Producer's midi name assignment feature. Nick ponders the value of compression in sound engineering.

Apr 26, 2014: Jeff discusses a very uncomfortable procedure he once endured, that included a tube and a passageway he would rather not have had it inserted into. Wayde joins in the previous procedure discussion with his own experiences. Nick experiments with network software in bash. Wayde discusses his use of ntop for Linux administration. Jeff projects that No Umbrella will have well over 100 tracks. Jeff's preferred USB port takes a permanent dump. Wayde continues to experiment with B3 organ ideas for No Umbrella. Jeff shares two videos of Misha Mansoor's programming tips. Wayde discusses his own approach to drum programming. Jeff decides to buy the new Steven Slate compressors for CAT's drums.

Apr 25, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a helicopter doing a loop-de-loop. Nick has a procedure.

Apr 24, 2014: Jeff shares a Laura Cox video. Nick discovers a spiritual metaphor in a scene from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971.

Apr 23, 2014: Wayde replaces the CAT server with a faster one that runs Windows Server 2012 R2, but plans on buying additional RAM. Jeff has a tremendous migraine. Jeff shares an article and video about how Robert Heinlein thought rocket ships would land. Wayde downloads and installs Waves v9 r15.

Apr 22, 2014: Wayde shares links to both the Kano computer, Miniand Tech and Cubox web sites. Nick digs the Cubox. Jeff tries the demo for Steven Slate's virtual buss compressors.

Apr 21, 2014: Jeff writes and records a solo for No Umbrella that he thinks is a keeper. Jeff is digging the 1991 and 1999 Badlands albums. Jeff finds a wicked Halo 4 sniper rifle prop.

Apr 20, 2014: Wayde is loving the Ibanez RG652FX Prestige, and shares a picture of it.

Apr 18, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a street drummer called the "MAD Drummer." Jeff shares a picture of a PRS guitar he is smitten with. Wayde considers re-recording his solos for No Umbrella. Nick finds yet another reason to love Linux.

Apr 17, 2014: Jeff shares a video that features GoPro camera footage. Wayde sets up a Plex TV server and shares his adventures with it. Jeff continues to work on his No Umbrella solo. The Music Store app is working again on CAT's Facebook page.

Apr 16, 2014: Jeff finishes and uploads his Autumn in the Park video to his YouTube channel. Jeff gets a reply from Steve Slate.

Apr 15, 2014: Nick finishes the lead and background vocals for No Umbrella, and uploads them to the CAT server. The guys discuss which song to complete after No Umbrella, and agree on Fight The Good Fight, the only cover in their debut CD.

Apr 14, 2014: Jeff and Wayde discuss more about how his guitar playing video came together.

Apr 12, 2014: Jeff shares a David Coverdale video. Jeff and Nick really like a guitar-playing video that Wayde uploaded recently to his personal YouTube channel. Wayde discusses how he got his sound for the video.

Apr 11, 2014: Jeff works some more on his solo for No Umbrella.

Apr 10, 2014: Jeff applauds Apple for including low latency audio processing in the iPad.

Apr 9, 2014: Jeff works on his solo for No Umbrella. Jeff shares an article about the Heartbleed vulnerability. Wayde shares a link to the PositiveGrid web site.

Apr 8, 2014: Jeff shares a video of Whitesnake, live in Japan in 1984, and a video from Yngwie Malmsteen's first album. Jeff and Wayde discuss both Whitesnake and Malmsteen.

Apr 6, 2014: Jeff ponders the effectiveness of promoting the iTunes page for C.A.T. music.

Apr 5, 2014: Jeff finishes re-recording his guitar rhythm tracks for No Umbrella.

Apr 4, 2014: Jeff shares a Wampler Pedal video.

Apr 3, 2014: Jeff's Facebook ad experimentation only makes the process more confusing, in terms of what people prefer to click on. Jeff finds an online contest for metal bands. Jeff shares another screen shot from his latest solo project video. Wayde sees Joe Bonamassa play live.

Apr 1, 2014: Jeff works on a video for his song "Autumn in the Park," and shares a screen shot. Nick gets a nasty stomach bug.

Mar 31, 2014: Jeff plays No Umbrella for another hour, despite the highly uncomfortable fallout of his cold virus.

Mar 30, 2014: Jeff and Wayde discuss Wayde's strong, crisp and chunky rendition of No Umbrella. Jeff gets a reply from the CEO of Dean guitars. Wayde discovers that the Megadeth web site isn't very secure.

Mar 29, 2014: Jeff plays No Umbrella for two hours straight, blackening his fingers in preparation for re-recording his guitar parts.

Mar 28, 2014: Jeff and Wayde discuss the different tuning for No Umbrella. Jeff shares some sexy guitar pictures.

Mar 27, 2014: Jeff shares an article about possible super-earths beyond Pluto. Wayde shares a link to

Mar 26, 2014: Jeff continues work on Ambergris, and shares more screen shots. Wayde would love to play on some Zephyr Silver Humbuckers, but the price points are way too high to justify it.

Mar 25, 2014: Jeff continues work on Ambergris.

Mar 24, 2014: Jeff discovers's little scam regarding virtual server usage: once you finish rendering, they throttle back the transfer rate to 1 megabit per second, producing excessive billable hours. Jeff receives the Spinal Tap album he ordered, called "Back from the dead," and is disappointed by its sub par content. Nick writes the first 1,021 words to the sequel to The Mantis.

Mar 23, 2014: Jeff shares an article that reminds him of Nick's still-unreleased fiction book called "The Mantis." Jeff continues his video work on Ambergris, and shares screen shots. Nick discusses The Mantis and Richard Stallman. Nick confesses that his gaming blog lies stagnant because he just doesn't have enough time to post any reviews.

Mar 22, 2014: Wayde shares links to some great deals on Torpedo cabs and pedals. Jeff continues his video work on Ambergris. Nick finds yet another rare PC video game treasure at Half-Price Books.

Mar 21, 2014: Jeff works on another ocean animation, this time for his song, "Ambergris." Nick migrates all computers in his house to Linux Mint, permanently abandoning Windows XP, in anticipation of April 8's support end deadline. Nick turns an old home file server into a kick ass Windows 98 retro gaming machine.

Mar 20, 2014: Jeff tunes down to D and practices his parts for No Umbrella. Jeff decides to fire up his XXX amplifier. Wayde provides sheet music for part of No Umbrella. Wayde discusses ideal cabinet sizes for recording. Nick is impressed with all the features added to Sonar in his upgrade.

Mar 19, 2014: Jeff finishes and uploads his Electric Taco video to his YouTube channel; watching the video made Wayde hungry enough to go to Chipotle. Nick identifies and classifies all the techniques used in 2Cellos videos.

Mar 18, 2014: Jeff experiments with virtual servers for rendering CAT animations. Nick takes notes on 2Cellos videos.

Mar 17, 2014: Jeff has an idea for a customized Stylus guitar pick. Jeff considers getting a small tube amp for recording, once his Charvel is paid off. Jeff considers the Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox. Jeff and Wayde discuss their experiences with Stylus guitar picks. Wayde is a big fan of the Torpedo C.A.B. and Torpedo Live, and still loves his Triple X 2 amp. Jeff considers re-recording his rhythm guitar parts for No Umbrella. Nick installs his Cakewalk upgrade.

Mar 16, 2014: Jeff shares an article about some unreleased Freddie Mercury recordings. Wayde discusses his grandmother, and the strong constitutions of people who lived through the first two world wars and the Great Depression. Nick shares a video of Adam Lambert playing live with Queen. The guys brainstorm ideas for new CAT advertising.

Mar 15, 2014: Wayde returns from a trip regarding personal family business.

Mar 14, 2014: Jeff provides more statistics regarding his Facebook ad experiment. Jeff shares a video of Bernie Marsden. Nick recalls the "rule of seven" in advertising.

Mar 11, 2014: Jeff provides the current statistics on his Facebook ad experiment. Wayde and Nick discuss details about the structure of the universe. Nick shares the video Threw It On The Ground by Andy Samberg. Nick receives his Sonar Producer X1 upgrade in the mail.

Mar 10, 2014: The guys reject the music business standard of bands being whorish and acting out like idiots in order to capture imaginations. Wayde observes that many people who create and maintain web sites are not very mindful of online security issues. Nick mentions his disgust at Adam Lambert's prime time faux pas at the 2009 AMA. Nick uploads the press release for the Ship Of Fools video. Nick sings the praises of VirtualBox. Wayde and Nick discuss their experiences hacking online.

Mar 9, 2014: The guys discuss the viability of Lambert as front man for Queen, based on his previous public antics.

Mar 8, 2014: Jeff shares an article about the dubious pairing of Queen and Adam Lambert. Jeff shares a KXM video. Jeff points out what an inspiration Doug Pinnick is at the age of 63. Nick ponders the possibly evil nature of Edward Bernays.

Mar 7, 2014: Jeff explains the Facebook ad control interface in depth. Wayde and Jeff ponder whether or not Cakewalk software is transferable. Nick is excited about upgrading to Sonar Producer X1. Jeff shares a video of the great Liona Boyd. Wayde shares his discovery of the new Schecter nine-string guitars. Jeff continues experimenting with Facebook ad content. Jeff and Nick discuss the odd phenomenon of successful non-sequitur marketing, and further CAT videos.

Mar 6, 2014: CAT's YouTube channel now has 4 subscribers. The guys again consider doing lyric videos for all completed CAT songs. Nick finds a video that demonstrates how the "world's fastest guitarist" video hoaxes are created with digital trickery. Jeff digs Winger's album Karma. Jeff and Wayde discuss another Winger album, called "Pull." Jeff shares a screen shot from a video he's making, featuring flying guitars, hearts and tacos. Initial results from Facebook advertising do not look promising. Nick shares a Downfall parody of Hitler taking too much Viagra. Nick discusses CAT web site links and press releases. Nick shares the Morten Faerestrand video that exposes and explains the "world's fastest guitar" video hoaxes.

Mar 5, 2014: Jeff shares a clip of the "world's fastest guitarist;" Wayde exposes it as fake, referencing videos that explain how it's done. Jeff experiments with Facebook ads.

Mar 4, 2014: Continuous Audio Transmission releases its first video to YouTube: Ship Of Fools. (See link to CAT's YouTube channel at the top of this page). Nick explains the complex plot devices in his first novel. Nick updates the CAT YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Mar 3, 2014: Jeff discusses some future video-making plans. Nick updates the News page and uploads the Ship Of Fools video to YouTube in the wee hours of March 4th. Nick provides a recap list of all the items to be included in the Ship Of Fools YouTube page. Nick suggests that all CAT members do some videos of themselves talking about things relevant to CAT. Nick tries to free up more time to devote to the CAT project.

Mar 2, 2014: Jeff works up some text for the YouTube description before the SOF video is uploaded to the C.A.T. YouTube channel. Jeff shares a video of Daryl Kellie playing an acoustic guitar version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Jeff experiments with Blender's particle system by generating broken hearts and raining tacos, and shares pictures of his work. Jeff shares a video of a 1994 Rush concert.

Mar 1, 2014: Jeff tweaks the Ship Of Fools video some more, then uploads the latest version to the CAT server. Both Wayde and Nick love it, so they all vote it as the final version.

Feb 28, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video, this time in all its 1920x1080 glory. Wayde receives his Gibson Midtown guitar, shares pictures of it, and likes the way it plays and sounds.

Feb 27, 2014: For the sake of security, Nick moves his home Internet connection to wired and turns off the radio broadcast in his modem. Wayde and Nick sing the praises of keystroke shortcuts for Windows 8.

Feb 26, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video. Wayde shares an article about the passing of Paco de Lucia. The guys discuss computer operating systems, including the merits of Linux Mint and Windows 7, and how the crackerz will have a field day with Windows XP starting on April 8th.

Feb 25, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video. Jeff shares a video of two cellists playing Highway To Hell in a music store with Steve Vai.

Feb 22, 2014: Jeff takes a picture of his Mike Lull bass for the SOF video. Nick admits to three feet of accumulated snow.

Feb 21, 2014: Wayde orders the Gibson Midtown guitar in Vintage Sunburst. Wayde shares a video of gypsy jazz chords. Wayde and Jeff discuss the Midtown's construction. Nick uploads yet another snow adventure video.

Feb 20, 2014: Jeff shares a video of a dot matrix printer playing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, and videos of head voice versus falsetto and vibrato. Wayde likes the Gitane Macaferri-Style D-500 Django D-Hole Jazz guitar. Wayde discusses the four musical genres he wants to tackle.

Feb 19, 2014: Nick and Wayde discuss the Nye-Ham debate at length.

Feb 18, 2014: Nick's roof develops an ice dam, thanks to extreme weather conditions, and he uploads another winter adventure video to the CAT server. Nick is surprised by Ken Ham's argument in the highly publicized debate with Bill Nye, and ponders how much we accept as fact when conclusions from the same evidence can differ so greatly.

Feb 17, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video.

Feb 16, 2014: Wayde goes to a local music store and plays a Gibson Midtown Custom guitar, and likes it a lot. Jeff continues working on the SOF video solo section, and shares screenshots.

Feb 14, 2014: The guys discuss whether or not to stream their music free on their web site. Wayde uploads pictures of his guitars for the SOF video solo section.

Feb 13, 2014: Jeff shares pictures of the solo section of the SOF video.

Feb 12, 2014: Jeff has a major bad day at work, while Wayde stays home due to food poisoning.

Feb 10, 2014: Jeff takes some pictures of his guitars for the solo section of the Ship Of Fools video. Wayde discusses some guitarist controversy on Facebook. Jeff shares a video of Metallica music played as bluegrass style with banjo. Jeff shares some good tips on camera film speeds for taking guitar pictures. Jeff discusses the current collection of effects being used on the SOF video.

Feb 8, 2014: Nick decides to cut back on hours at work, so he can find more time to work on the CAT project.

Feb 7, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video. Jeff shares two science articles on the universe.

Feb 6, 2014: Jeff receives his new (used) drum brain today, and sets out to play. Jeff shares a video of people with horrible tattoos. Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video.

Feb 5, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video, with ship sinking at the end.

Feb 4, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video. Jeff shares more pictures of possible ships for the video.

Feb 3, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video, with ship floating in the water.

Feb 2, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the Ship Of Fools video. Wayde sells his Fender American Strat on eBay in only four hours. Jeff ponders more ship models for the video, and presents pictures and links for Wayde and Nick. Jeff finds a Roland TD-4 drum module on eBay. Jeff and Wayde discuss drum brains. Wayde finds a picture of himself on the web at the NAMM show.

Feb 1, 2014: Jeff figures out why the wave animations have been too slow in the SOF video.

Jan 31, 2014: Jeff ponders what kind of ship to feature in the SOF video. Jeff likes the LR Baggs Lyric Nylon String guitar, and shares a picture of a pretty Fender Jazz bass and a PRS guitar. Jeff considers Toon Boom animation. Wayde mentions that he ran into an old mutual friend of Wayde and Jeff's at NAMM.

Jan 30, 2014: Jeff shares a link to Vox's Apache Series guitars. Wayde shares a link to Carparelli guitars. Nick uploads a video of his snow shoveling adventures. Nick shares a link to "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by The Hollies.

Jan 29, 2014: Nick has to have his car towed to the shop, due to problems caused by the extremely cold weather. Nick shares an article about why rock and roll may be coming to an end in terms of what the major labels push, combined with the democratization of the musical landscape, thanks to digital distribution, legal or not.

Jan 28, 2014: The guys discuss ways to stay healthy. Wayde shares a play-by-play of his three days spent at the NAMM show. Nick wants to go to E3.

Jan 27, 2014: Jeff wrestles with some limitations in Blender rendering.

Jan 26, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the SOF video to the CAT server.

Jan 25, 2014: Nick hosts a LAN party.

Jan 24, 2014: Jeff uploads a new version of the SOF video to the CAT server. Wayde sends Jeff cool guitar pictures from NAMM.

Jan 23, 2014: Jeff shares a picture of a revised credit from the SOF video.

Jan 21, 2014: Wayde prepares to attend the NAMM show.

Jan 20, 2014: Jeff uploads the latest version of the Ship Of Fools video. Nick shares a video of Alice Cooper's Poison, and Joan Jett's cover of Dirty Deeds.

Jan 19, 2014: Jeff likes a seven-string nylon guitar.

Jan 18, 2014: Wayde sees Styx perform live.

Jan 17, 2014: Jeff discovers that Steve Lynch was in Seattle, and teaching guitar.

Jan 16, 2014: Jeff shares a link to GJ2 guitars, and a Rainbow video. Nick shares a disturbing article about Comcast's xfinitywifi and Home Hotspot features.

Jan 15, 2014: Jeff shares a link to the world's worst web site ever. The guys discuss details regarding the SOF video. Jeff shares pictures of the latest renderings of SOF from Blender and Vegas.

Jan 14, 2014: Jeff shares an article about guitar pickup science. Jeff shares a link regarding video editing in Blender, enabling Nick to move forward with working on a lyric video for That's All Right.

Jan 13, 2014: Jeff works on fog animations for SOF video, and uploads two new versions with fog. Jeff likes the Friedman BE100.

Jan 12, 2014: Jeff ponders adding fog to the SOF video, and shares pictures of him doing so. Jeff uploads new version of SOF video, with camera moving toward icebergs.

Jan 11, 2014: Jeff uploads three new versions of the Ship Of Fools video, each with different visual effects. Jeff digs Blender. Jeff and Wayde discuss Hammond B3 processing methods. Jeff adds ice bergs to the SOF video. Jeff imagines his and Wayde's guitars scrolling through the guitar solo portion of the SOF video. Jeff uploads two more versions of the SOF video, this time with icebergs. Jeff considers moving the camera toward the icebergs during the video.

Jan 10, 2014: Jeff adds the moon to the night ocean rendering, and uploads the new video to the CAT server. Wayde observes that he's liking PRS guitars more and more.

Jan 9, 2014: Jeff shares an article that claims the universe has been measured to 1% accuracy. Wayde downloads Jammit and buys the Deep Purple Highway Star song to get a better understanding of how they got that organ sound. Jeff works on how the lyrics will be presented in the Ship Of Fools video. Jeff ponders 3D environmental elements for a future Vampire Desire video. Jeff shares pictures of the ocean rendering, but at night instead of day.

Jan 8, 2014: Jeff shares pictures of more work on the Ship Of Fools video, with many aspects tweaked and altered. Jeff uploads the latest version of the SOF video to the CAT server.

Jan 7, 2014: Wayde likes the Jammit software tool. Nick deals with frozen kitchen pipes and cars that won't start, thanks to extreme subzero temperatures.

Jan 6, 2014: Jeff shares more pictures of ocean animations, with several different effects and filters. Wayde takes the rotors out of the Hammond B3 and uploads the new file to the CAT server. Nick shares a link to an old Jerry Lewis bit, and comments how much he influenced Jim Carrey.

Jan 5, 2014: Jeff surfs and vets many, many sailboat 3D models. Jeff uploads a rendered excerpt of the evolving Ship Of Fools video, with several proposals to Wayde and Nick about how it should appear.

Jan 4, 2014: Wayde sells his Line 6 HD500, and looks forward to recording everything from this point forward with his Peavey Triple X2 and Carvin amps. Jeff shares shots from his Blender work on a stormy ocean animation. Nick languishes in 20-below-zero degree weather, while Wayde relaxes out on his patio reading a book in 72 degrees.

Jan 3, 2014: Wayde accidentally takes an energy pill instead of an aspirin, and stays up very late with a headache.

Jan 2, 2014: Jeff is digging the PRS SweetStock SE Custom 24 in natural spalted maple.

Jan 1, 2014: Jeff works on rendering ocean waves for the Ship Of Fools video. Jeff shares a live Dio video and a Jake E Lee video.

Dec 31, 2013: The guys all wish each other a Happy New Year. Jeff uploads three new files for No Umbrella: an updated bundle file, a .wav file and an mp3. Jeff and Wayde discuss the equipment Wayde used to record his guitar parts for No Umbrella. Jeff blows his mind on virtual particles. Wayde sends Jeff more Hammond B3 files to import into the No Umbrella organ tracks. Jeff watches Wampler videos in anticipation of going analog with his amplification. Jeff shares a video of 11 year old Aidan Fisher playing onstage with Steel Panther. Wayde loves the Peavey Classic 30 2x12. Nick shares the updated lyrics for No Umbrella, and a ton of favorite quotes from the original Robocop.

Dec 30, 2013: Jeff figures out how to create a sky dome in Blender, and shares several pictures of his work. Wayde spends the entire day enjoying a movie marathon, watching Prometheus, Aliens (all 4) Predator, Alien vs Predator and Predators. Jeff loves his self-modified Charvel guitar.

Dec 29, 2013: Jeff considers buying an Orange Tiny Terror TT15JR Jim Root #4 Signature 15W Tube guitar amp head. Jeff shares a video of Andy McKee playing Everybody Wants To Rule The World.

Dec 27, 2013: Wayde goes down to a music store and plays a Gibson Les Paul Traditional, and really likes it. Jeff likes the pickup layout on the Gibson Les Paul Futura Min-Etune (2014 model). Jeff and Wayde discuss the pros and cons of Gibson guitars. Wayde likes the compound radius neck on the Studio Pro guitar. Jeff considers buying either a Carvin Legacy or a Blackstar HT METAL 5H. Wayde shares a video of the Gibson Les Paul Classic 2014.

Dec 26, 2013: Wayde likes the Gibson Les Paul Classic 2014 in seafoam green. Wayde rebuilds his personal music web site out of boredom.

Dec 25, 2013: The guys all wish each other a Merry Christmas. Nick shares several videos of his favorite newer band, Imagine Dragons.

Dec 24, 2013: Jeff shares an article about England giving a royal pardon to Alan Turing, about six decades too late. Jeff shares another article, this about Yamaha buying Line 6.

Dec 23, 2013: Jeff ponders PRS's decision to add Floyd Rose tremelos to some of their high end products.

Dec 22, 2013: Wayde spends 18 hours rebuilding the foundational tracks for No Umbrella from scratch and uploads the bundle file to the CAT server. Jeff offers Wayde a cool organ sound from his collection, and they discuss ways to best engineer it. Jeff plans on revamping his personal music web site, and ponders the latest web site composing applications. Wayde shares his web site secret sauce: Dreamweaver CS6 and Photoshop CS6.

Dec 21, 2013: Jeff shares a video of Chicago's Magical Piano.

Dec 20, 2013: Jeff shares pictures of his self-modified Zelinsky Tagliare.

Dec 19, 2013: The guys discuss their musical future together after the initial (current) C.A.T. project is completed, with an eye on doing things that may not fit the current mold. They all agree that experimentation is king. Nick mails his first book to Wayde.

Dec 16, 2013: Wayde procures an exhibitor employee badge from one of his endorsers for the NAMM show from

Jan 23 to 26. Nick considers including CAT music in his computer game, if it ever gets finished.

Dec 15, 2013: Jeff shares a video of Jim Hall performing on Johnny Carson in 1992. Wayde temporarily uploads a parody love song to his YouTube channel, and Nick actually thinks the chord progression (as played) has potential to be a serious song.

Dec 11, 2013: Jeff loves the American Special Jazzmaster in black. Jeff and Wayde discuss the upcoming crop of female guitarists. Nick discusses hooks in songs from the seventies.

Dec 10, 2013: Nick shares a video of Leon Russell's Tight Rope.

Dec 9, 2013: Nick brings Google's special graphic to the guys' attention, as it commemorates Grace Hopper. Nick provides a link to Ada Lovelace's wikipedia page as well.

Dec 8, 2013: Jeff shares more photos of his evolving space station.

Dec 7, 2013: Jeff shares photos of an orbiting space station for an animation he's working on.

Dec 5, 2013: Wayde shares body modifications videos from YouTube.

Dec 4, 2013: Nick updates News page, finds out he needs bifocals, gets in a minor car accident due to a winter storm, and shovels snow until past midnight.

Dec 2, 2013: Jeff shares a video of a friend of his named Scott Clark, and a project that Scott is involved in, and a video of Jordan Rudess's home studio.

Nov 29, 2013: Wayde experiments with guitar sounds again, this time with the Dunlop FFM1. Wayde also shares some YouTube clips of the processor in action.

Nov 28, 2013: Jeff uploads the most recent version of the Sonar bundle file for No Umbrella to the CAT server. The guys all wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 26, 2013: Wayde and Jeff discuss their favorite guitars.

Nov 25, 2013: Wayde plans on additional guitar parts for No Umbrella, using his new Vintage Organ Native Instruments sounds. Jeff loves his new Charvel guitar.

Nov 23, 2013: CAT's fourth single, Ship Of Fools, is officially released! Wayde updates all the Facebook pages he's associated with, informing them of the CAT release. Nick updates the Press release page on the CAT web site.

Nov 22, 2013: Jeff likes the Washburn Paul Stanley PS10 Starfire, despite it being a rip off of a Gibson Firebird. Jeff shares a video of a piano made by Leonardo Da Vinci, and a song by Slaughter. The "Music Store" app by CDBaby still isn't working on the CAT Facebook page.

Nov 21, 2013: Nick reminds the guys of their previous idea of releasing lyric-only videos of CAT songs to YouTube, at least as placeholders until they have time to finish production on official videos.

Nov 20, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix for Ship Of Fools. Wayde and Jeff discuss Charvel guitars. Nick watches a YouTube LP video by GameHorder as he works on the News Page update.

Nov 19, 2013: Wayde shares an a cappella version of Under Pressure by Queen and Bowie. Jeff creates the graphic for the Ship Of Fools single release. Nick updates the CAT project status file page and adds Ship Of Fools lyrics to the Music page on the CAT site.

Nov 16, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix for Ship Of Fools. Jeff shares a video of an artist creating, a Stryper video, and another Steel Panther video. Wayde listens to the new Stryper album on Spotify. Jeff shares a screenshot of a finished space ship model he created in Blender. Jeff shares a video of Klaus Meine singing Dust In The Wind.

Nov 13, 2013: Jeff shares a shot of a space ship model he built in Blender.

Nov 12, 2013: Jeff learns more about Blender rendering techniques, including how to make his space ship engine glow.

Nov 11, 2013: The guys agree on the square chorus effect for the bridge vocals in Ship Of Fools. Jeff thinks he may have crapped out on first person shooter games; Nick provides gaming encouragement.

Nov 10, 2013: Jeff uploads multiple mixes of Ship Of Fools, for the sake of effects comparison. Wayde scoffs at Gibson's lame hype concerning their Kirk Hammett Flying V guitar.

Nov 9, 2013: Wayde narrows his pending camera purchase to two candidates, both similar models from Nikon. Wayde ponders cool guitar mixing techniques from the 1970's.

Nov 8, 2013: Nick shares a video of David Berlinski speaking about evolution.

Nov 7, 2013: Jeff shares a video of Loudness. Jeff and Wayde discuss Loudness and Racer X.

Nov 6, 2013: The guys discuss different effects to try on the bridge vocal in Ship Of Fools.

Nov 5, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Ship Of Fools. Jeff shares a laugh about Wiley Brooks, and more rendering work in space. Wayde provides an excellent list of progressive rock bands to check out, including Vicinity, Illusion Suite, Lalu, Until Rain and Thought Chamber. Jeff shares a video about Timothy Leary's little-known computer games. Nick shares a link to his fledgling site for PC game reviews, and waxes fanboy-like about Tim Sweeney's impressive accomplishments.

Nov 4, 2013: Jeff receives his tremolo from England and it's the wrong diameter. Jeff shares screen shots of his renderings of space. Jeff discovers Blender's ability to put audio in three dimensions. Wayde finds some excellent sites for surfing safer. Jeff shares an article about works of art that look like photographs.

Nov 3, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Ship Of Fools. Wayde buys and enjoys Ayreon's The Theory of Everything. Jeff learns about particle systems and makes a star field skybox.

Nov 2, 2013: Jeff downloads the Vinyl plugin, for use with Ship Of Fools.

Nov 1, 2013: Wayde plans on attending the pending Fates Warning show. Jeff recommends Bubba Hotep. Wayde looks for new books to read. Nick recommends the movie "Red, White & Blue."

Oct 31, 2013: Nick has trouble with his NVIDIA driver and Windows 7, and Jeff and Wayde offer useful advice. Nick later discovers his noobish mistake: the login screen was treating his HDMI connection as the primary one, and Nick had the TV turned off during the process.

Oct 30, 2013: Wayde enjoys Metallica and Ghost BC live.

Oct 29, 2013: The guys all blow their minds on fan-made Star Trek Original Series continuation episodes. Wayde's Schecter SLS C-7 arrives, and Wayde pronounces it awesome. Jeff shares a video of Whose Line Is It Anyway bloopers. Jeff rants about the antiquated thinking of the guitar manufacturers. Jeff wonders about scalloped neck guitars. The Schecter Banshee FR-P catches Jeff's eye. Wayde discusses the Banshee and Tagliare with Jeff.

Oct 28, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Ship Of Fools. The tremolo arm wobbles, so Jeff returns the 25th Anniversary guitar. Wayde discusses Floyd Rose Speedloaders as a solution to Jeff's tremolo problem.

Oct 27, 2013: Jeff has a migraine all day, and compliments Kasdan for his contributions to Star Wars. Jeff notices that the ship's bell that Nick recorded at Trader Joe's is almost exactly the correct pitch for Ship Of Fools. Jeff experiments with fluid simulations in Blender. Nick praises the movie Grand Canyon.

Oct 26, 2013: Nick discovers a fan-made Star Trek reboot on, and is blown away by the quality.

Oct 25, 2013: Jeff orders a whammy bar from England.

Oct 24, 2013: Jeff shares more Steel Panther videos. Nick comes down with a cold after a long streak without one.

Oct 23, 2013: Jeff receives his 25th Anniversary Ibanez. Jeff enjoys the new Fates Warning CD. Wayde likes Arch-Matheos. Jeff has questions about RAID technology. Jeff acknowledges that playing in the seated classical style does lead to faster playing. Wayde checks out Ibanez guitars at Guitar Center and Sam Ash. Jeff shares an article about the greed of fast food profiteers, and the guys discuss the problem. Nick discovers VeggieTales.

Oct 22, 2013: The guys discuss where the ship's bell might end up for Ship Of Fools. Jeff shares more Steel Panther videos. Jeff decides to replace the original bridge on the Tagliare, due to the B string sounding like a sitar. Wayde notifies the guys about some affordable used dual Quad-core processor computers. Nick pronounces Macrium a kickass piece of software.

Oct 21, 2013: Jeff finishes his video for The Enemy of My Enemy is My Meatloaf a second and final time.

Oct 19, 2013: Jeff ponders the economics of using server farms. Nick ponders Linux Beowulf clusters.

Oct 18, 2013: Jeff admires Surf Green Strats by Carvin, and experiments with a render farm, using Blender. Nick discovers another annoying Windows infraction: when reinstalling XP, you can't acquire online Windows updates until you update the native IE6 to at least IE8; what stinks about that is there are no dialogue windows or any other indications that this is the case... the user is apparently supposed to just figure it out.

Oct 17, 2013: Nick and Wayde discuss games and their gaming computers. The guys all discuss the various wood types used for making guitars. Nick discovers Macrium as an excellent free alternative to Acronis. Wayde digs Clonezilla.

Oct 16, 2013: The guys review the ship's bell sound effects gathered thus far. Jeff discovers he can recreate his live playing guitar with Warmoth. Nick enthusiastically extols Blood, the greatest game ever made with Silverman's Build Engine. Nick shares videos of Blood, and also of Quake 1 played with the Dark Places engine. Wayde and Nick love the green and orange versions of the Gibson M-IIIs; Nick because those have been his two all time favorite colors since the IBM text-only monitors that flew either of those colors.

Oct 15, 2013: Nick records the captain's ship's bell at Trader Joe's, for possible use in the song Ship Of Fools. Wayde admires the new line of Gibson M-IIIs.

Oct 14, 2013: Nick shares a video of Anna Graceman's Time Machine.

Oct 13, 2013: Jeff finishes his video for his solo project single "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Meatloaf."

Oct 11. 2013: Nick reformats his computer in response to a virus.

Oct 10, 2013: Wayde orders the American Special Telecaster. Jeff comes down with his first cold of the year, and shares some of his Outlook artwork. Jeff finds some ship's bell samples for SOF. Wayde and Jeff discuss how certain guitar playing techniques can possibly cause physical discomfort. Nick loves Filezilla, and shares a video of old-school FPS mayhem, courtesy of Dukematch.

Oct 9, 2013: The guys discuss the negative consequences of genetic modification in our food supply. Nick shares an awesome video of people playing a telekinetic trick on unsuspecting customers in a coffee shop.

Oct 8, 2013: Jeff decides to try out iZotope Vinyl on Ship Of Fools. Jeff shares an article about developments toward fusion power. Nick discusses how five years spent in Ohio turned him from a technophile into a neo-Luddite.

Oct 7, 2013: Nick discovers the unintuitive fact that router distance from the wireless NIC doesn't effect upload speeds, just download speeds.

Oct 5, 2013: Jeff shares another Steel Panther video. Wayde experiences a minor glitch in Sonar Producer. Nick has bandwidth problems with Comcast again.

Oct 4, 2013: Jeff and Wayde praise Warmoth for not giving in to Gibson's legal threats. Jeff and Wayde talk about their respective ultimate guitar lineups. Wayde would love to buy a Steve Vai guitar, but would rather not pay seven thousand plus dollars for it. Nick shares an excerpt from Industrial Society and Its Future. Jeff speculates on the makeup of our physical world. Jeff shares a video of the Boston Dynamics WildCat. Nick notices a cosmic coincidence concerning the birthdays of the three members of CAT.

Oct 3, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix for Ship Of Fools. Nick shares a link to the site for eduke32.

Oct 2, 2013: Jeff receives the second tremolo he ordered, and it fits. Jeff shares a video of a boy and his dog. Jeff and Wayde discuss tremolos and the advantages possible if guitar manufacturers all agreed on universal formats for their various working parts.

Sep 30, 2013: Jeff's new hard drive docking station arrives, and he works on recovering the data on the crashed computer. Jeff discusses various software and hardware decisions which were precipitated by the Dell crash. Nick and Wayde also discuss their hardware and data backup schemes. Nick sings the praises of his eSATA docking station.

Sep 29, 2013: Jeff's old Dell PC badly crashes, placing him into damage control mode. Jeff shares Steel Panther videos.

Sep 28, 2013: Wayde purchases the upgrade to Sonar X3 Producer. Nick blows his mind on playing Dark Side Of The Moon while watching The Wizard of Oz. Jeff shares an amusing article that reports a new device that actually eliminates online ads while you surf. Jeff works on the rendering of his The Enemy of My Enemy is My Meatloaf video, and shares the details of his design work and a snapshot.

Sep 27, 2013: Jeff shares a video of a legendary 1975 Queen concert. Jeff receives a new tremolo for his Tagliare, but it still doesn't fit to satisfaction. Nick scores a working 10/100 8-port switch at Goodwill for seven dollars, excited about the LAN gaming prospects.

Sep 26, 2013: Jeff shares an article about potential real-life light saber technology. Nick shares a video of his favorite song by Meatloaf, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad.

Sep 25, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Ship Of Fools. The guys discuss their current recording gear.

Sep 23, 2013: Jeff discusses using a Bladerunner on his Tagliare. Jeff dreams aloud of building a Warmoth guitar. Wayde and Jeff discuss Dream Theater's new CD. Gibson purchasing Cakewalk catches Jeff's and Wayde's attention, and they speculate on the outcome if the deal goes through. Jeff finds a software that isolates individual instrument tracks from finished digital releases (Jammit).

Sep 22, 2013: Jeff does extensive online research for Tagliare parts.

Sep 21, 2013: Jeff discusses the virtues and vicissitudes of his Zelinsky with new parts, and decides to buy a Wilkinson WVS 50K Chrome Strat "Classic" Style Vibrato Bridge for his Tagliare. Wayde talks about Wilkinson bridges he has used.

Sep 20, 2013: Jeff shares a Freddie Mercury video of Barcelona live.

Sep 19, 2013: Jeff shares an article about how the Big Bang may not have spawned the universe after all. This sparks discussion among all the band members regarding the origins of the universe. Nick rails about the hypocrisy demonstrated by the current scientific community regarding macroevolutionary evidence-related contradictions. Nick watches "Queen: Rock Montreal" and shares his own experiences in his youth of seeing Queen play live in Seattle. Nick is impressed by the YouTube comments in several 1970's song hit videos.

Sep 18, 2013: Jeff's new guitar pickups arrive. Nick notices that the CDBaby "Music Store" app is not streaming properly on the CAT Facebook page.

Sep 17, 2013: Nick and Jeff discuss the possibility of adding a "radio" effect to the bridge vocals in SOF. Nick propounds his own choice of belief for what reality is: broken down to its smallest "parts" it is not even matter or energy, just information. Nick shares a more detailed account of his vocal training, and a video of a Redbone live performance of Come And Get Your Love.

Sep 16, 2013: The guys discuss whether or not Jeff should add another four measures to the beginning of the bridge in Ship Of Fools. The guys discuss how Nick got the vocal sound for SOF. Jeff and Wayde discuss volume pots for their guitars. Jeff receives the noiseless springs for his Zelinsky Tagliare. Nick mentions his two books by Penrose, in reference to the microtubule idea from Jeff's shared article yesterday.

Sep 15, 2013: Another fan buys a CAT T-shirt, and the guys discuss what they're going to do with their miniscule portions of the profit. Jeff finds a fascinating video of 32 metronomes that auto-synchronize with each other, and an article about consciousness and quantum processes in the brain.

Sep 14, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Ship Of Fools. Wayde shares some interesting trivia about the bands Coven, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Anton LaVey. Nick recommends the British movie "Triangle."

Sep 13, 2013: Wayde and Jeff discuss Fast Track pickups. Wayde and Nick discuss online movie streaming services. Jeff shares a Doom redesign video.

Sep 12, 2013: Wayde and Nick wish Jeff a Happy Wedding Anniversary. Jeff gets a Dean Zelinsky guitar and a vintage Rush Signals platinum album from his wife. Jeff orders some DiMarzio pickups for his Zelinsky. Nick is excited that Red Box streaming is trying to compete with Reed Hastings's questionable business practices, aka Netflix.

Sep 11, 2013: Jeff gets into Duck Duck Go, and Nick says that isn't a bad search engine either.

Sep 10, 2013: Wayde listens to a lot of New Metal and Jazz, and writes an instrumental for his next solo single release. Jeff continues to work on a video for his upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.

Sep 7, 2013: Nick shares a video of a bunch of teens performing a cover of Dream Theater's Pull Me Under.

Sep 6, 2013: Jeff shares an article about how the NSA and GCHQ invade our privacy by defeating digital encryption. Jeff assaults his ears by listening to a live Mick Mars guitar solo.

Sep 5, 2013: Nick is currently, and has been, inundated with reclamation projects for his house.

Sep 3, 2013: Jeff shares a screenshot from his sky dome work in Blender. Jeff compliments Wayde on the guitar tones he achieved in his latest CD solo project release. Wayde discusses how he produced those tones.

Sep 2, 2013: Wayde shares some links to cool Washburn Parallaxe guitars.

Sep 1, 2013: Jeff considers buying the Jet City iso box. Jeff does some cool work in Carrara and Blender. Jeff shares an online article about growing mini brains from stem cells. The guys discuss doing simple lyric videos first for songs on the CAT YouTube channel.

Aug 31, 2013: Wayde takes the CAT server temporarily offline to update it to Microsoft Server 2012, and set up the FTP server to upload and download faster. Jeff confesses a teenage crush on The Bionic Woman. Jeff shares a link to a Sony Vegas technique. Wayde finishes his solo and harmony guitar for Ship Of Fools, and uploads the new bundle file.

Aug 30, 2013: Nick updates News page.

Aug 29, 2013: An artificially aged "Geddy Lee 1972 jazz bass" briefly gains Jeff's curiosity. Nick's hard drive docking bay arrives, and he pronounces it awesome.

Aug 28, 2013: Nick shares a link to a video about a conspiracy theory involving possible mind control techniques being used on some Hollywood starlets.

Aug 27, 2013: Jeff shares an article about electronically-assisted telepathy (real, not science fiction). Nick figures out why he can't log completely into the CAT server: his newly installed, craptastic Xfinity modem's firewall setting was too high. Nick comments on Creedence Clearwater Revival being one of the greatest American rock bands. Nick shares a link to one of his favorite Outer Limits episodes.

Aug 26, 2013: Jeff likes the new Black Sabbath record, and makes good progress on editing and mixing Ship Of Fools, and uploads a giant 942MB bundle file of the currently 105 tracks of the song. Jeff requests that the CAT web site bio page on Wayde includes the Varney article, Wayde agrees to update. Wayde reveals his use of Photoshop and Dreamweaver for his personal web site. Jeff shares an article about Bdelloids having foreign DNA from bacteria and fungi in their chromosomes. Jeff considers writing a song in the vein of Smokin' by Boston. Jeff ponders the possibilities for his home recording studio. Nick's room-unit A/C fails as well, removing all chances of a cool area in the entire house as the latest heat wave melts his face.

Aug 24, 2013: Wayde completely revamps his personal web site ( Jeff shares a chart of digital distribution sales for CAT songs thus far, and rejoices at the exit of Steve Ballmer from Microsoft. Jeff shares a link to a video of a huge sinkhole that dissolves the ground around tree roots. The guys decide to hold off on advertising this quarter. Jeff shares a link to a video of hybrid guitar picking technique, featuring J.S.Bach's E Major Prelude.

Aug 22, 2013: Nick goes into detail about the one PC game that has eluded him for the 17 years he's been collecting them: "Kingpin: Life of Crime."

Aug 21, 2013: All three CAT members all agree that they should have YouTube videos for all their single releases, even if the visuals are as simple as the CD cover art and lyrics superimposed. Wayde mentions a Discovery Channel show called Out of Egypt. Wayde wants to know what it is about the Gibson Citation guitar that makes it worth $33,000. Nick recommends "Chariots of the Gods?" by Erich von Dӓniken to Wayde.

Aug 20, 2013: Nick installs Windows 7 Pro 64bit, and begrudgingly gives it 293GB of space; it becomes his third currently installed OS, behind Linux Mint and Windows XP. Nick shares a CDBaby article about YouTube's importance to current bands.

Aug 19, 2013: Jeff finds an article about ancient Egyptian jewelry made from meteorites.

Aug 18, 2013: Nick finishes up a major garage cleanup project.

Aug 16, 2013: Jeff has a horrible day at work thanks to some numbskulls messing around with his network hardware connections, but gets a boost when his Dean Colt arrives. Wayde chimes in about the dingbats he has to deal with at work. Jeff, Wayde and Nick all enthusiastically sing the praises of Taco Time.

Aug 14, 2013: Jeff offers to write a review of Wayde's new CD on the CD's CDBaby page. Wayde explains the equipment he used for the CD.

Aug 13, 2013: Jeff continues to work on fire animation for his The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Meatloaf video. Jeff's StrettaVita with Z glide neck arrives, and after playing it, he pronounces it wicked. Wayde considers buying a Tagliare Z Glide Custom.

Aug 12, 2013: Nick is amazed at 100,000-plus domino stacking he sees on YouTube.

Aug 11, 2013: Jeff shares a link to the web site, that specializes in DIY engineering.

Aug 10, 2013: Wayde buys a DiMarzio John Petrucci Crunch Lab DP228 pickup for his Ibanez RG321 guitar, and plays a John Petrucci 6 string guitar that felt like a pleasant part of the female human anatomy.

Aug 9, 2013: Jeff finds videos of a YouTube user named disneydiva7 singing a very high-vocal-range song from The Fifth Element, and a video of a little girl singing Plava Laguna. Jeff shares a video of more guitar porn, this time of some Telecasters. Nick thinks GuitarBots could be a cool way for beginners to learn guitar. Jeff shares an article about a company that decides to shut down their encrypted email service to keep the NSA from spying on their customers. Nick watches "Inside Job" and gets additional ideas for the TAR video.

Aug 8, 2013: Jeff shares an article about how English speakers are increasingly using self-centered words in their vocabularies; Nick is not surprised at all, and expected as much from the western-world denizens of the 21st century. Jeff proposes as a possible advertising venue for CAT. Jeff creates a cool animation of burning letters for his solo project song "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Meatloaf." Jeff shares a video of a Duran Duran bio where they actually talk about the music itself.

Aug 7, 2013: Wayde uploads his new instrumental album and waits for approval from CDBaby. Jeff shares an article about how mobile communication device GPS can be defeated with a simple carrying case. Nick's power comes back on after just under 24 hours, and discovers hail damage to his roof and window treatments. The guys discuss big picture concepts.

Aug 6, 2013: Jeff orders a Dean Colt and plans on selling his Palomino.

Aug 5, 2013: Jeff is amazed by 41-megapixel camera technology, and Wayde and Nick follow suit in amazement.

Aug 4, 2013: Nick talks about instruments he used to play.

Aug 3, 2013: Wayde shares a video of an interview with Carol Kaye. Jeff shares a picture of his electric sitar.

Aug 2, 2013: The guys all agree to finish No Umbrella next, after Ship Of Fools is released. Wayde is not impressed with Tate's Frequency Unknown. Nick shares a moment of generic, non-Buddhist shakabuku. Jeff thinks about buying either a Strat type guitar or Les Paul. Wayde plans on buying a new pickguard for his Strat, and comments that the only other guitar he would buy right now is a Telecaster. Jeff indulges in more guitar porn, this time a couple of StrettaVita Customs. Wayde likes the StrettaVita BT. Jeff and Wayde both ponder the possibility of quality guitars coming from Indonesia, and various aspects of their guitars' parts. Nick shares a scientific paper he found about applying S.E.T.I. standards to 'everyday' DNA.

Aug 1, 2013: Jeff takes note of Dean Zelinsky's new company. Jeff shares three links to his current favorite band, Circus Maximus. Jeff finishes background vocals for Ship Of Fools, decides to keep melodic harmonized solo section, and adds sitar parts to various sections of the song.

Jul 31, 2013: Jeff listens to Tate's "Frequency Unknown" and is not impressed with the song writing; Nick can take it or leave it. Jeff shares a video of Scott Hughes punching holes in scales.

Jul 30, 2013: Nick uploads some test videos to the CAT server.

Jul 27, 2013: Jeff shares an article about another suspicious hacker death right before a Black Hat conference.

Jul 26, 2013: Jeff uploads a new video clip, this time of the CAT logo on fire; Wayde confirms that "Stuff on fire is good." Wayde gives his Fender American Strat some new shoes: Tone Zone in the bridge and Air Norton in the neck.

Jul 24, 2013: Nick frets about his delayed progress in the CAT project, due to multiple domestic duties and projects that have recently taken most of his free time.

Jul 20, 2013: Nick decides to experiment with natural lighting for his TAR video footage.

Jul 19, 2013: Jeff uploads another shot of his Float the Boat video experimentation.

Jul 18, 2013: Nick and Jeff discuss their lighting choices for shooting video footage. Nick needs more lighting if he still plans on shooting in the basement.

Jul 17, 2013: Jeff gets food poisoning the night before, and is still recuperating. Wayde is near completion for his most recent solo project. Nick shares a link to Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise video. Nick finishes clearing out the basement enough to assemble his green screen equipment.

Jul 15, 2013: Nick ponders replacing his entire air conditioning system, and paying professional "tree people" to remove a fallen tree hazard from the backyard.

Jul 14, 2013: Wayde rocks out to the Scorpions while he works out.

Jul 13, 2013: Nick refers to the Microsoft-NSA connection as just one more great reason to use Linux, since the source code is open for all to see. Nick recommends "Indie Game: The Movie" to Jeff and Wayde.

Jul 11, 2013: Jeff shares an offensive Chemical Brothers and Dio mashup. Wayde plans on switching over to his Peavey Triple X 2 for the rest of the CAT songs (rhythm and solos). Jeff shares an article about how Microsoft handed over the keys to the NSA. Jeff takes some tests to check his current IT knowledge, and does well. Nick recommends occasional use of self-hypnosis as a sleep replacement when eight hours of real sleep are not possible.

Jul 10, 2013: Jeff reveals that his place of employment may shut down. Jeff also researches video cards; Nick recommends EVGA. Wayde mentions the American Musical Supply and ZZSound payment plans. Jeff completes his background vocals for Ship Of Fools, except for the bridge section. Jeff adds a little guitar solo over the second pre-verse section, single guitar lines at the end of each chorus, and Brian May stacked single lines. Nick fixes his garage door with help from neighbor, and prepares to enter his 1,000,000 degree attic to attempt some sort of repair on his air conditioner.

Jul 9, 2013: The guys discuss their own computer specs, and Jeff mentions Blender hardwire requirements while seeking to improve rendering performance. Jeff decides to re-record his harmony guitar solo part for Ship Of Fools, and Wayde requests tabs for it. Wayde gets into an online game called "Tera." Jeff runs up against Windows 7 Home Premium RAM limits.

Jul 8, 2013: Wayde returns from a fun mini-vacation in California.

Jul 7, 2013: Nick's garage door cable snaps, and his air conditioner waits until the hottest and most humid week of the year to start overflowing water onto the ceiling from the attic.

Jul 6, 2013: Jeff works on Ship Of Fools, adding a solo over the break and also under the second-to-last chorus. Jeff tries to use his old computer to help do the video rendering for Float the Boat, but it's way too slow. Jeff likes the Marshall SL 5 Slash Signature Combo. Nick is impressed with what some independent filmmakers did with $25,000 (Ghost from the Machine).

Jul 4, 2013: The guys all wish each other Happy Independence Day.

Jul 2, 2013: Wayde stops off at Carvin on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood in order to play some Allan Holdsworth guitars. Jeff and Wayde talk about Fender guitars. Jeff makes more progress with his Float the Boat video in Blender. Nick waxes nostalgic about his first computer again, and declares that if he ever had tons of money, he would search for a pristine replacement for it someday.

Jul 1, 2013: The guys discuss One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and The Tall Man. Wayde and Jeff discuss Wayde's new guitar revamp project for Thing 2. Jeff waxes nostalgic over a 1983 Gibson Challenger, his first electric guitar, bought with money from a newspaper job and purchased from Kennelly Keys.

Jun 30, 2013: Wayde's old POS bass dies, so he orders an Ibanez SR605. Nick recommends the movie "The Tall Man" to Jeff and Wayde, and includes a connection to "Thought As A System" by David Bohm.

Jun 29, 2013: Wayde shares pictures of his two Ibanez guitars, dubbed "Thing 1" and "Thing 2," Thing 2 being the most recent addition.

Jun 28, 2013: Jeff shares Carvin guitar porn, so Wayde shares some back.

Jun 27, 2013: Wayde and Jeff discuss how Wayde achieved his guitar sound in his solo instrumental, "Lady Death."

Jun 26, 2013: Jeff learns how to set depth of field in Blender, and shares a scene he plans on using in his video for his solo song, "Float the Boat."

Jun 25, 2013: Jeff and Nick discuss how well the latest version of the TAR video turned out. Jeff tweaks the virtual screens in the virtual room and tries to imagine what they might use for foreground content in the TAR video. Nick experiences spotty service from Comcast.

Jun 24, 2013: Jeff checks out Virtual Buss Compressors by Slate Digital.

Jun 23, 2013: Jeff uploads a new version of the TAR video, which is currently a chronologically accurate collection of still shots, to the CAT server.

Jun 21, 2013: Jeff has stand in shots for everything in the TAR video except the split screen shots, and works some more on the virtual room.

Jun 20, 2013: Jeff considers replacing his Warmouth with a Carvin. Jeff and Nick discuss possible copyright procedures for future CAT music. Jeff uploads an updated shot list for the TAR video. Wayde leaves for a vacation in Las Vegas. Wayde uploads a cover of a Jason Becker tune (Perpetual Burn) by Jeff Loomis. Nick is upset about all the rights trampling disguised as a crackdown on "copyright infringement."

Jun 19, 2013: Jeff's beloved dog Cindy passes away.

Jun 17, 2013: Wayde and Jeff wish Nick a belated Happy Father's Day. Wayde is looking at, and saving for, a really good camera. Wayde wonders if using would be a good idea for financing the rest of the CAT CD. Jeff verifies that Vegas and Hitfilm can handle .mov files, and targets 1920x1080 at 24fps for the CAT videos. Jeff and Nick discuss floor possibilities for virtual room in TAR video.

Jun 16, 2013: Jeff shares more virtual room links, and links for screen possibilities. Wayde finds himself in a Wikipedia page for hybrid picking guitarists.

Jun 15, 2013: Jeff uploads a Vegas file of TAR shot markers, and some sample shots. Jeff shares a link to lots of white metal textures, and futuristic interiors.

Jun 14, 2013: Wayde shares his latest solo instrumental, "Unstoppable," and shares current settings for his Peavey Triple X II as well. Jeff creates TAR shot list shots up to shot 17, discusses issues like skin tones and backgrounds, proposes possible color schemes, seamless textures, film effects and light tweaking. Nick discusses details regarding TAR video production.

Jun 13, 2013: Jeff uploads five more shots from the TAR video composite. Wayde uploads his still shots to the CAT server.

Jun 12, 2013: Wayde's Peavey Triple X 2 arrives, and he is extremely happy with its pure tone and range. Jeff learns even more about Hitfilm's abilities, such as transparent walls, shadow casting, virtual lighting and depth of field blurring. Jeff uploads several still shots to illustrate these findings. Jeff converts shot list times to 24fps, and uploads the new shot list. Wayde and Jeff discuss proper shot angles for composite still shots. Jeff and Nick discuss color correction. Nick shares a link to an Outfield video.

Jun 11, 2013: Nick finishes the Ship Of Fools vocals requested by Jeff, and adds a couple more tracks as well. Jeff uploads the first part of the Hitfilm TAR video composite. Nick has trouble getting into the CAT server, so Wayde resets his password, and Nick uploads the new vocal tracks. Wayde's gear goal is to finish up the CAT project with a strong new guitar tone. Wayde observes how Marshall, although a really good amp, tends to fall behind current changes in music. Wayde gets interested in a game called The Division. Jeff explains the Hitfilm composite shot and discusses methods of getting good green screen shots in the software.

Jun 10, 2013: Jeff finds a cool site called

Jun 8, 2013: Wayde does extensive work on his solo instrumental song, "Voiceless." Wayde shares it with the guys and they both like it. Jeff plans on going through the TAR shot list and create a Hitfilm composite for each camera angle, and uploads some experimental shots in Hitfilm. Wayde goes to his nearest Guitar Center and tests the Peavey 6505, Triple X II, 6534 and 3120. Jeff wonders how they would compare to his own amps.

Jun 7, 2013: Jeff shares a video of Glenn Gould playing complete Goldberg variations of J.S. Bach. Wayde is angry about the Santa Monica College shooting.

Jun 6, 2013: Jeff digs deep into, and Nick comments on, TAR video issues, such as background screens, 3D objects in the room, resolutions for entire video as well as slideshow animation on screens, and requests that Nick build the slideshow in either Photoshop or GIMP, since Hitfilm can't import Powerpoint files. Jeff also finds a Vegas tutorial that describes how to set up split screen shots.

Jun 5, 2013: Jeff does some exhaustive research and testing with Hitfilm2 and Blender, all the necessary specs for all CAT members' HD cameras, and all processes for conversion to the output required for YouTube upload. With that information, Jeff creates a pipeline that keeps video conversions to a minimum.

Jun 4, 2013: Jeff reports that someone the band doesn't know purchased a CAT t-shirt. After over two weeks since Nick removed wmiprvse.exe from his computer, there still have been no evident adverse effects.

Jun 3, 2013: Jeff uploads some still-shot experiments with simulated green screen technology, positioning all three CAT musicians in their virtual space intended for the TAR video. Nick is concerned about his own recent slow output for the CAT project, and Wayde reminds him that he's been busy with his own solo project, so no worries. Wayde goes to the gym to take out his frustration over the Carvin Belair issue.

Jun 2, 2013: Jeff confirms the same noise issue that Wayde experiences, and has had to take the same actions as Wayde to get around the problem.

Jun 1, 2013: Wayde explains why he went with the Randall Iso cab and Shure SM57 instead of the Jet City JetStream ISO12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet; he still had to adjust the speaker position, however. After extensive testing, Wayde decides to return the Wampler Triple Wreck, because although it's a nice pedal, it's not good for recording. Wayde orders a Randall RD20H, and also considers a Peavey 6505. Wayde observes that guitar manufacturers need to use their guitars for recording to make sure they don't have all kinds of noise. Nick updates News page.

May 31, 2013: Nick waxes nostalgic over his first computers. The guys continue discussing health ideas. Nick shares a video to a Queensryche song called Jet City Woman. Nick makes real plans to get back to a regular exercise regimen. Jeff shares a quote by Glenn Gould about the justification of art. Wayde's Carvin Belair is having problems with channel two, after already being returned for problems with channel one. Nick uploads stand-in still photos for Jeff to use while creating initial TAR video versions. Nick complains about Atari not releasing the Blood source code.

May 30, 2013: Wayde purchases both the Insanity Asylum workout and the MMA Tapout workout. Jeff creates a composite in Blender that makes a flat image look like it's a part of the 3D scene. Jeff shares an article on cell phone cracking. Wayde updates his Facebook and Twitter pages. Jeff updates his Facebook page and JRS web site. Jeff and Nick discuss how to shoot the TAR video raw footage. Jeff uploads the release version of Vampire Desire to the CAT server. The guys discuss exercise and healthy eating issues. Jeff and Nick talk about the details of copyright. Nick adds the CDBaby Music Store app to the CAT Facebook page, allowing listeners to hear entire songs instead of short clips.

May 29, 2013: Wayde continues experimenting on guitar tones with his equipment, and feels closer to achieving the best possible tone. Jeff proposes inserting two or four measures right before the bridge section of Ship Of Fools.

May 28, 2013: Jeff uploads a Hitfilm video test for a scene from a video he wants to make for one of his solo project songs, "Float the Boat." Jeff also shares plans regarding the 3D rendered aspects of the TAR video. Nick and Wayde have a fun Memorial Day weekend.

May 25, 2013: Jeff shares a video of Billy Joel being gracious toward a student onstage. Jeff and Nick continue discussing video footage details. Nick shares a link for Wayde, for a great green screen deal on

May 24, 2013: Jeff shares a video that demonstrates Hitfilm's ability to produce reflective drop shadows, and a video of a Randall Diavlo RD1 Amp. Jeff uploads a video test involving the particle simulator in Hitfilm. Jeff likes the optimum pickup configuration on the new Gibson guitars. Wayde likes his new Randall cabinet. Jeff and Wayde talk about cabinets and amps.

May 23, 2013: Jeff shares a video regarding expressing consonance and dissonance on guitar. Jeff and Nick discuss how to shoot close-ups in the TAR video. Jeff shares a link to a Facebook page devoted to awkward band and musician photos, a link to the Bizarre Records site, and a video of Phil Keaggy. Nick learns something surprising about Alice Cooper.

May 22, 2013: Nick completes the That's All Right video shot list and uploads it. Wayde shares photos of his brand new Randall Isolation Cab, and explains his initial plans for testing it. Wayde shares a video of going to the store with Meshuggah. Nick shares a video of Night Ranger's Don't Tell Me You Love Me.

May 21, 2013: Jeff uploads two more Hitfilm video tests, this time with blue galaxy star fields. Nick downloads Blender, to begin learning how to use it. Nick shares an article about musicians and social networking sites.

May 18, 2013: Jeff uploads a couple of Hitfilm video tests, displaying red space nebulae. Nick expresses concern over a certain executable file sanctioned by Windows XP. Wayde shows Nick a really cool command prompt test for investigating what .dll files a particular executable file is using. Jeff shares a video on how to EQ vocals.

May 17, 2013: Wayde likes the Jet City Jettenuator, but buys a Randall USM-IS012C cabinet.

May 16, 2013: Jeff likes the ESP LTD MH-1000 Evertune guitar in black. Jeff shares a video of a dog attacking a shark.

May 15, 2013: Jeff and Nick discuss the Ship Of Fools vocal arrangement. Jeff finds another fantasy artist online. Jeff and Wayde continue discussing re-amping and other guitar tone issues, including amp and microphone brands and models.

May 14, 2013: Jeff uploads two new mixes of Ship Of Fools; one with adlib vocal between bridge and solo, and one without. Nick definitely wants to dump the adlib vocal part from the song. Jeff and Nick discuss the SOF mix. Wayde shares his evening's experiments with re-amping. Jeff and Wayde discuss re-amping in detail. Jeff continues browsing in for video cards. Nick provides a few things to consider while shopping for a new video card.

May 13, 2013: Wayde talks more about Windows 8, and reports that Microsoft is possibly bringing back the Start button, and calling it Windows Blue. The guys discuss their respective weathers. The guys all continue audio latency discussions. Wayde mentions his love of swimming. Nick and Wayde talk about Rainbow singers. Wayde and Nick both recommend EVGA to Jeff for a possible new video card. Jeff peruses

May 12, 2013: Wayde upgrades his Digital Audio Workstation to Windows 8, and discusses his experiences with it so far. Jeff gets the latest Progression Magazine in the mail, with CAT's advertisement on page 105. Jeff gets a major sunburn from helping paint his father's house. Jeff shares a Rig Rundown video of Chris Squire and Steve Howe, and an early Rainbow video. Jeff and Wayde discuss audio latency issues that arise during the digital recording process.

May 9, 2013: Wayde buys an iLok so he can buy the Two Note Modern Cabinet Simulator software, and also looks at tube amps. Nick agrees that the adlib vocal before the solo in Ship Of Fools is not really appropriate. Jeff shares some results of first experiments with the Hitfilm software, and discusses some of its great features. Jeff and Wayde continue discourse on different ways to alter their guitar tones. Jeff mentions some important details regarding shooting video footage, in terms of limitations of the digital equipment and software that CAT are using. Nick shares a link for video card price/performance comparisons. Nick talks about 3D rendering ideas for future CAT videos.

May 8, 2013: Wayde and Jeff discuss more methods for getting good guitar tones. Wayde fires up his ancient Peavey Rock Master Preamp from the Axis days and it still works. Nick picks up Hard Reset at Half Price Books. Nick and Jeff discuss video games. Nick reminisces that his original bass amp, back in the day, was a Peavey.

May 7, 2013: Jeff buys Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. Wayde shares a cut called Voiceless, from his pending Metal CD. Jeff shares an article about possibly 15,000-year-old words. Jeff and Wayde discuss a harmony guitar part in Ship Of Fools. Nick hears a part from the guitar solo in Voiceless that he hopes could be included in the Devil In Disguise solo.

May 6, 2013: Jeff and Wayde discuss how to get superior guitar tones from their equipment, and Jeff shares some knowledge regarding compression, attack, release and thresholds. Wayde takes the day off from work and spends the entire day experimenting with this information. Wayde considers buying some additional guitar amps.

May 5, 2013: Jeff finishes recording his solo for Ship Of Fools. Nick shares his current CAT to-do list.

May 3, 2013: Nick still experiencing snowfall. Jeff shares videos of Quiet Riot and Rik Emmett. Nick shares a video of Sting from the Secret Policeman's Other Ball.

May 1, 2013: Jeff upgrades his NVIDIA drivers for Vegas 12, and plans on buying Hitfilm soon. Jeff also shares a list of goals to achieve in the next few days. Nick experiences snowfall today, while Wayde experiences 100 degree weather. Jeff likes the shape of the new DBZ Diamond Hailfire SM electric guitar.

Apr 29, 2013: Jeff temporarily mutes a vocal adlib by Nick in Ship Of Fools, to see how it sounds without it. Jeff and Nick experience temporary difficulties connecting to the CAT server, due to a recent install/password reset issue. Jeff and Wayde discuss their respective guitar parts in SOF.

Apr 27, 2013: Wayde prepares his new instrumental Metal CD for release on May 4th, and creates his own cover art for the CD. Wayde purchases "Cakewalk SONAR X2 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide" by Scott R. Garrigus.

Apr 26, 2013: Jeff downloads and installs Vegas 12 Pro, and experiences some incompatibility with his current NVIDIA drivers.

Apr 25, 2013: The guys discuss what song to work on after Ship Of Fools.

Apr 24, 2013: The guys all agree to finish Ship Of Fools next. Wayde shares a video from the band Heaven and Earth. Jeff loves his bass guitar. Jeff requests that Nick add a third overlay on the key change chorus in Ship Of Fools.

Apr 23, 2013: Jeff proposes including a CDBaby Music Store widget on the CAT Facebook page. The guys start talking about which song to finish next.

Apr 22, 2013: Jeff digs the tones on the Eastwood Joey Leone SUPERFAST guitar.

Apr 21, 2013: Jeff attends a funeral for his great aunt, a WWII war heroine. Jeff renews the CAT domain for another year.

Apr 20, 2013: Jeff has been experiencing massive deja vu all day. Jeff shares a video of Rush's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and the guys all comment on how the award was at least 20 years too late, and how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has become little more than a pretentious joke.

Apr 18, 2013: Nick breaks his late-adoption tradition and buys a version of Windows (7) while it's still relevant. The guys discuss the strange weather they're all experiencing. Nick shares a video regarding music video ideas.

Apr 17, 2013: Nick shares photos of his son. Jeff and Nick discuss Sammy Hagar. Nick does a survey of currently popular indie music videos.

Apr 16, 2013: Jeff and Nick discuss shot angles for the TAR video. Jeff shares a video of tanks and avalanche control. Jeff shares the Star Wars Filibuster from Parks and Recreation.

Apr 15, 2013: Wayde is inspired by the movie "Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet."

Apr 14, 2013: Jeff re-dimensions the virtual stage for the TAR video, in Carrara 3D, using the floor plan mapped out by Nick. Jeff then shares many excellent screen shots of his work rendered in Carrara 3D, at different angles and with different virtual camera lenses. Jeff makes revised TAR music files available with adjusted 8 count beats in beginning. Jeff creates and uploads a video file with time code for reference in building the shot list for the TAR video. Jeff shares a list of still photos for placeholders, for both Wayde and Nick to provide. Wayde shares information about his Metal CD project with Jeff and Nick.

Apr 13, 2013: Jeff uploads a special version of That's All Right that includes an 8 count in the beginning, for syncing performances with the music in the video.

Apr 12, 2013: CAT's third single, Vampire Desire, is officially released! The guys continue dialogues regarding reality. Jeff shares some Sonar knowledge with Nick, to help him with manipulating effects while recording his vocals. Nick uploads Vampire Desire lyrics to CAT web site's Music page. Nick gives an impromptu pep talk.

Apr 11, 2013: Jeff discusses some cool rendering ideas he has for CAT videos. Jeff posts some Blender experimental work, this time of a sphere that has some mass dug out around the letters C, A, and T. Jeff has already mowed his lawn for the first time in 2013. Nick thinks the Elysium trailer looks good. Nick shares a link to a comparison video for three different kinds of recording equipment, and discusses how he plans to build his own lighting rigs for his video recording set. Nick is surprised by the movie Red, White & Blue. CDBaby gets their act together and guarantees that Vampire Desire will be live online by tomorrow.

Apr 10, 2013: Nick shares a link to Freshmen by The Verve Pipe, and gets excited by the prospect of a new slurpee machine with Mountain Dew as one of its flavors at a gas station near his house. Nick discusses an idea regarding how to shoot part of the TAR video footage.

Apr 9, 2013: It's now been five days since Jeff uploaded Vampire Desire to CDBaby, and they're still dragging their glutei, so Jeff sends them an email. Jeff finds a cool example on YouTube of using panoramic photos as an environment map.

Apr 8, 2013: Nick uploads the stage map for the TAR video. Jeff shares a link to the Gittler Guitar.

Apr 7, 2013: Nick maps out the stage positioning for all three CAT members and the five camera angles being used for the TAR video. Wayde is digging the new Eddie Van Halen guitars. Wayde makes a band connection with Takayoshi Ohmura, and falls in love with some Japanese guitars. Wayde shares links of several good Japanese rock bands. Wayde shares a link to the very cool Leap Motion site, and orders a unit for himself. Wayde shops for green screen equipment, and a nice new camera. Wayde is a fan of Galneryus.

Apr 6, 2013: The guys discuss some promotional ideas now that CAT will have three singles released. Jeff makes plans for blocking out the TAR video in Vegas. Nick discusses more plans for shooting the TAR video. Jeff finds a Police/Ben E. King mashup, and a video about making videos. Jeff and Wayde trade videos of DGM and Michael Schenker.

Apr 4, 2013: Jeff uploads the final mix of Vampire Desire, with a few minor tweaks, for everyone's approval; everyone approves. Jeff ponders a You Rock Guitar as a cheap midi controller. Wayde shares a review of the guitar by Tom Quayle. Jeff shares a link to Brian Hunsaker's new YouTube video. Jeff uploads Vampire Desire to CDBaby.

Apr 3, 2013: Nick does a survey of the current top ten singles on the Billboard chart, and posts his observations to Jeff and Wayde. Jeff trims the head and tail off the final Vampire Desire mix. Jeff and Wayde get excited about 30-fret guitar high harmonies. Wayde considers advertising CAT at his state's university. Nick thinks of some more ways to "get the word out" about CAT. Nick hopes that T-Mobile's new no-contract approach will force the other cell phone companies to follow suit.

Apr 2, 2013: The guys all prefer the same Vampire mix, and so it is approved as the final version. Nick gets excited about the bit values of different chmod settings. Nick ponders the possibility of needing a bass player and drummer for live shows in the future. Jeff and Wayde wish Nick and his wife a Happy Anniversary. The guys remember that they initially started recording the unfinished 1992 CD in now defunct Triad Studios, which used to be located in Redmond. Nick and Wayde prepare the press announcement for the pending release of Vampire Desire. Wayde shops around for a good DSLR camera.

Apr 1, 2013: Jeff uploads three new mixes of Vampire Desire, each with a different volume for the vocals. Jeff uploads a couple of music CDs to the CAT server, and Wayde transfers them to his music server.

Mar 31, 2013: Jeff shares an article about the genetic transistors that Stanford says can be inserted into any living cells. Wayde buys the Intel 180GB SSD for the CAT server. Jeff shares a couple YouTube videos that feature good vocals.

Mar 30, 2013: The guys discuss what to do next in the project. Jeff plans on buying Hitfilm Ultimate in the very near future. Jeff thinks of a space-saving way to shoot everyone's footage for the TAR video. Wayde upgrades the hard drive on the CAT server.

Mar 29, 2013: Nick finishes and uploads his vocals for Ship Of Fools. Wayde shares some observations regarding the current Vampire Desire mix. Nick posts his current CAT project to-do list. Jeff shares links to some hilarious mashups, featuring The Beatles & Dio, Europe & Nirvana, and Stevie Wonder & Metallica. Nick admits his favorite aspects regarding Nirvana were the cheerleaders in the Teen Spirit video. Jeff shares some technology articles about the cosmos. Wayde posts the mashups on his Facebook page. Wayde thinks Painkiller is awesome and plans to buy it. Nick calls attention to recent developments from Stephen Wolfram and Ray Kurzweil. Nick goes off on another origin-of-life tangent.

Mar 28, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Vampire Desire, with some drum fixes and other minor tweaks. Wayde shares links to an amazing musician named Luna Lee, who plays the gayageum with incredible finesse. Wayde can't stop watching YouTube videos featuring Mafia II, and has plans to buy it. Nick tells Jeff and Wayde about Painkiller for PC, on a hunch that Wayde in particular would like it.

Mar 27, 2013: Wayde has prepared lots of cool ideas for the next song to be released, Ship Of Fools. Jeff shares a link to a recent Ratt live video. Wayde shares a link to a Whitesnake concert with Steve Vai. Nick shares a link to an inspiring video about Nick Vujicic.

Mar 26, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix of Vampire Desire, with adjustments to some of Nick's atmospheric background vocals. Nick shares a link to a video of twin babies 'talking' to each other.

Mar 25, 2013: Wayde notices that Depeche Mode is releasing a new CD. Nick tells Jeff and Wayde about his latest acquisition from Half-Price Books: Mafia II.

Mar 23, 2013: Nick stays up all night installing and testing Linux Lite, Kubuntu, Zorin OS, Mageia and Linux Mint 14; the winner, and Nick's new preferred Linux distro? Linux Mint 14 KDE. Wayde affirms the good choice of Nick's Linux migration.

Mar 22, 2013: Wayde resolves to go out the next day and look for a new soundcard that can handle his 32nd Notes of Doom. Jeff adds his own current snow story to Nick's and Wayde's recent discussion. Jeff shares a link to an old Vixen video. Jeff considers taking Paul Gilbert guitar lessons, just to get some feedback on his playing. Wayde reports much rain in the desert recently. Nick and Wayde heap praise upon Jeff for his excellent mixing talents. Nick goes wild and downloads five different Linux distributions for testing, despite Puppy 5.5 being fast and stable.

Mar 21, 2013: Wayde burns out his Presonus FireStudio Mobile external soundcard by playing too fast. Jeff uploads a new mix for Vampire Desire and comments that it's the most dense and complicated mix he's ever had the pleasure to work on. Nick and Wayde trade Linux distribution stories.

Mar 20, 2013: Wayde and Nick both approve the CAT ad copy for Progression Magazine. Nick decides to migrate away from his longtime favorite distro PCLinuxOS, due to the latest version dropping native support for his wireless NIC. Nick feels that Ubuntu is too bloated, so he opts for Puppy Linux 5.5 instead.

Mar 19, 2013: Jeff works on the Vampire mix some more; he removes the background strings in the chorus, and does more work on the drum tracks. Nick proposes some changes in the TAR video production that he hopes will simplify and improve the final result. Jeff also works on the Progression Magazine ad copy. Jeff uploads a draft of the ad for Wayde and Nick to see.

Mar 18, 2013: Jeff shares another Blender tutorial link.

Mar 17, 2013: Jeff makes good progress on the Vampire Desire mix.

Mar 16, 2013: Jeff shares a link to artwork featuring one of his favorite subjects: spaceships. Wayde shares a link to Dave Grohl's SxSW 2013 Keynote Speech.

Mar 15, 2013: Nick posts some new ideas for the TAR video. Nick and Wayde trade snow stories. Jeff works on levels for background vocals and other tracks. Nick is excited that Kickass has a sequel pending this summer. Nick carps about the thick ice on his sidewalk this winter that won't go away.

Mar 14, 2013: Jeff provides some great links to Blender tutorials at YouTube, and discusses some possibilities for CAT videos with Blender. The CAT FTP server crashes today, due to a fried hard drive. Wayde gets it back up and running later the same day. Nick starts working through all the Tom Antos cinematography tutorial videos. Nick babbles about a new idea for his PC game.

Mar 13, 2013: Nick shares a link to a Japanese kid's cartoon excerpt.

Mar 12, 2013: The guys consider focusing solely on the TAR video after Vampire Desire is released. Nick talks about the things he needs to get done in preparation for the TAR video. The guys talk about the amazing changes in recording technologies since their Axis days in 1991/92. Jeff explains more details regarding his mixing methods, and the backing vocals he recorded for Vampire Desire.

Mar 11, 2013: Jeff offers to use his own ad space in Progression Magazine to advertise CAT instead. Jeff works on Vampire Desire mix, trimming heads and tails off all vocal tracks, separated tracks into groups. The song has over 100 tracks, setting a record for CAT. Nick compiles and shares an exhaustive collection of BSODs from all the Windows operating systems, as another piece of evidence that Microsoft continues to dumb down their OS with each successive iteration. Nick scoffs at the pending iWatch.

Mar 10, 2013: Nick stays up almost all night compiling a list of links for Jeff and Wayde, of songs from the 60's and 70's.

Mar 9, 2013: Jeff's dog Cindy's health improving. Wayde finds a great link to the Toto catalog on YouTube.

Mar 8, 2013: Nick uploads a quality-test video to the CAT server. Nick finally answers an HD camera question that Jeff posed to him and Wayde almost a year before.

Mar 7, 2013: Nick shares a link to an enlightening RFID video, and a link to an excellent video that accurately articulates the Build Engine's creation by Ken Silverman. Nick gets carried away and shares a link to a series about id software as well. Prompted by a CDBaby article, Nick comments that CAT needs to eventually step up their social media presence.

Mar 6, 2013: Nick offers to help Jeff with Blender production duties. Wayde returns from a three-day class for his day job. Wayde finds a cool TNT video on YouTube. Jeff likes the new Lifeson Signature Lerxst Omega Amplifier. Nick gets excited about Tunngle LAN emulation.

Mar 5, 2013: Jeff uploads another Blender test to the CAT server. Jeff comes up with a cool idea to animate the letters in Continuous Audio Transmission. Nick uploads a video of himself opening up the front door to show the guys how much snow fell the night before. Due to its large size, Nick takes 90 minutes to shovel half of his driveway before going to work. Jeff shares a YouTube video of a recent AC/DC concert, and Wayde is moved to observe that they kept it simple, and it lasted a lifetime.

Mar 3, 2013: Nick announces his frequent exposure to SpongeBob, due to his son. Jeff announces his love of SpongeBob.

Mar 2, 2013: Nick finishes and uploads his vocals for Vampire Desire. Nick and his wife acquire a Wii, and creates Miis of both Jeff and Wayde along with Freddie Mercury and Kylie Minogue. Wayde relates Wii adventures at his cousin's house.

Mar 1, 2013: Jeff finishes his background vocals for Vampire Desire. The guys discuss Jeff's rendering tests, and Jeff has his eye on buying Hitfilm 2. Nick shares pictures of his baby son with the guys. Nick discusses his lack of free time, due to being Mr. Mom during the day. Nick excitedly reports his first official use of the SDL graphics library: drawing a single pixel on a black screen. Jeff finds cool Europe concert on YouTube. Nick must waste a few hours moving messages from his IMAP server to local folders, due to a space limit notification from his provider. Jeff shares a link to a Spinal Tap video.

Feb 28, 2013: Jeff is feeling better after his doctor visit. The CAT web site is back online. The guys discuss Tom Keifer's voice. Jeff and Wayde discuss iZotope techniques. Jeff discovers rare Queen concert on YouTube. Jeff uploads another physics test with different camera angles and other features.

Feb 27, 2013: The CAT web site server is temporarily down (with no prior warning from the provider), making the CAT web site inaccessible, and Jeff contacts the provider to find out what's going on; they create a trouble ticket. Jeff shares a Cinderella concert YouTube video. Nick is excited about the "t=[x]h[x]m[x]s" YouTube address line parameter. Nick shares a link to a hilarious Hitler parody/Gangnam Style mashup video.

Feb 25, 2013: Jeff works out his harmony vocals for Vampire Desire; a lower harmony in the choruses. He also considers singing along with the lead vocal in the choruses as well. Jeff creates the Vampire Desire version (red) of the CAT single/CD graphic. Nick updates (this) News Page.

Feb 24, 2013: Nick posts his entire current game plan for finishing the vocals for all the remaining CAT songs in the current project.

Feb 23, 2013: Jeff shares a render he created of a floating and moving object on an undulating ocean. Nick finds an entire version of Star Wars episode IV... all done in ASCII characters!

Feb 22, 2013: Wayde is pleased with the customer service he receives from Carvin regarding his blown amp. Nick is inundated with snow.

Feb 21, 2013: Wayde updates his trifecta server this morning, after installing a new Cisco Linksys EA4500 Media Stream N900 Smart Wi-Fi router of doom. Nick happens to find a much desired programming book at Goodwill. Nick also posts Jeff a link to the ioquake3 engine.

Feb 20, 2013: Nick watches Pirates of Silicon Valley for the umpteenth time while being Mr. Mom during the day.

Feb 18, 2013: Jeff's sinus infection still has not gone away, and he plans on visiting the doctor in the upcoming week. Jeff uploads a video he rendered that shows an object floating on the ocean. Wayde shares his next solo release "Salem Witch" with the guys.

Feb 17, 2013: Wayde experiences some unusual problems with CDBaby's song uploading function. Jeff adds foam to the ocean simulation. Nick gets fascinated by a particularly talented robot dancer's performance to a dubstep version of Pumped Up Kicks.

Feb 16, 2013: Jeff uploads a 15 second sample of an ocean simulation in Blender. Jeff and Nick discuss the heavy processing required for highly detailed graphics rendering.

Feb 15, 2013: Wayde's Carvin Belair amp blows from a bad pot. Wayde shares videos of the Russian meteor that injured around a thousand people. Jeff and Wayde discuss guitar 5th tunings.

Feb 10, 2013: Jeff shares some results from a fluid simulation he created using Blender.

Feb 8, 2013: Jeff uploads another simulation: a DAZ 3D Carrara Pro Bullet Physics test. Nick records some footage (with Fraps) of shooting action from his Unreal Tournament server's botmatch, and uploads it for the guys to see.

Feb 7, 2013: The guys consider soliciting some music reviews once they have four CAT songs released. Wayde and Nick continue talking about video games. Jeff discovers the talented drummer Emmanuelle Caplette on YouTube.

Feb 6, 2013: Wayde starting to feel better. Jeff uploads a physics test of a bouncing ball knocking down blocks. Jeff does more experimentation in Carrara with depth of field effects.

Feb 5, 2013: Jeff's Carvin V sells, giving him the capital to purchase Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. Jeff uploads a physics test video he created in Carrara. Jeff falls in lust with another Carvin guitar. Nick shares a YouTube video of Puscifer's Momma Sed, as one idea of what's possible with green screen effects. Jeff and Nick discuss some additions to the Vampire Desire vocals.

Feb 4, 2013: Jeff uploads a new mix for Vampire Desire. Nick and Wayde continue talking about their favorite video games.

Feb 3, 2013: Jeff works on learning Carrara's render parameters while watching the Superbowl; he shares some more test shots.

Feb 2, 2013: Wayde visits the doctor. Nick hosts a LAN party for some relatives and friends.

Feb 1, 2013: Jeff finds an episode of Frontline that directly relates to the subject matter in That's All Right. Nick takes note of its contents for possible use in the TAR video.

Jan 31, 2013: Nick finds a great picture of a female vampire on the Internet.

Jan 30, 2013: Jeff discovers an REM song that was seamlessly changed to a major scale, and shares it with the guys. Jeff loves the band Pagan's Mind. Nick shares a Christmas picture.

Jan 28, 2013: Nick uploads a ton of vocal tracks for Vampire Desire. Wayde comes down with the flu. Nick changes some key words in the No Umbrella song, and reworks the melody in the chorus.

Jan 27, 2013: Jeff decides to use the Soltero guitar for CAT videos, and shares more pictures of it.

Jan 25, 2013: Jeff uploads two new mixes of Vampire Desire. Nick and Wayde discuss JJ Abrams TV shows, such as Fringe. Wayde likes Warehouse 13 as well. Nick and Wayde continue talking about video games.

Jan 24, 2013: Jeff's Soltero arrives today; his overall reaction to it is positive. Jeff and Wayde discuss the possibilities now that JJ Abrams is directing the next Star Wars movie. Wayde dreams of owning more Fender guitars in the future, and creating a fusion jazz CD with them.

Jan 23, 2013: Dean Guitars find another Soltero to send Jeff; they say it's the last one they have in stock at the factory, and the model has been discontinued. Jeff adds Wayde's harmony solo to the Vampire mix. Jeff and Wayde discuss Dean guitars, particularly the Soltero 1000 series, and also the DBZ Bolero guitar.

Jan 21, 2013: Jeff still has no guitar from Dean, a month after FedEx lost the one they shipped him originally. Jeff still recovering from the bug he came down with in December. More dialogue regarding details in the TAR video. Wayde has some great solos worked out for Ship Of Fools. Wayde and Nick continue chatting about video games.

Jan 20, 2013: Wayde buys Samson Media-One Active Studio monitors for his recording studio, and shares a picture of his sweet setup, including his Wampler Sovereign. His Wampler Faux Analog Echo did not appear in the photo. Nick shares his love of Duke Nukem with a YouTube video of the High Resolution Pack.

Jan 19, 2013: Dialogue continues regarding details of the TAR video.

Jan 18, 2013: Jeff's 3D research continues with more examples of his testing, with more dialogue between him and Nick regarding the TAR video.

Jan 17, 2013: Jeff falls ill and visits doctor. Jeff posts a lot of great content from experimentation and research he's been doing on 3D room and model rendering. Jeff and Nick continue to work on details regarding the rendered room for the TAR video. Nick still gets a kick out of "F*** You" by Cee Lo Green, and shares it with the guys. He also shares a link to a video of his favorite YouTube LPer, a user named GameHorder.

Jan 16, 2013: Nick updates News Page on CAT web site.

Jan 15, 2013: Jeff uploads a short movie of him, Wayde and Nick on the rendered stage; only Jeff has motion at this time.

Jan 14, 2013: Jeff uses Carrara and Vegas to create the first version of the stage for the That's All Right video. Jeff uploads a rough still of all three CAT members on the proposed rendered stage for the TAR video.

Jan 13, 2013: Wayde renders synths for Vampire Desire for Jeff, and finishes re-recording both the harmony solo part at the intro, and his main solo part.

Jan 12, 2013: Nick finishes the TAR video shot log, and shares it, along with various details in text files, and an overhead graphic 2D rendering of the proposed TAR video stage. Jeff's Carvin DC700 sells; Jeff plans on the Sony Vegas upgrade bundle and Hitfilm software with the proceeds. Jeff shares more technical information with the guys for use in creating the That's All Right video. Wayde rebuilds his personal web site.

Jan 11, 2013: Jeff uploads a video test of him playing a portion of the TAR solo against a green screen. Nick wastes two hours on a "Does God exist" debate video on YouTube.

Jan 10, 2013: Jeff uploads latest mix for Vampire Desire. Jeff discovers Rickenbacker bass guitar patch for Native Instruments, posts an email, at the exact same time Wayde was doing the same thing. Jeff examines the sampling process for the Rickenbacker patch a little closer. Wayde shares his respect for Bill Evans.

Jan 9, 2013: Jeff learns even more about lighting.

Jan 8, 2013: Wayde has been coming up with new scale ideas. The guys discuss the timeless musical value of the blues.

Jan 7, 2013: Jeff likes Circus Maximus.

Jan 6, 2013: Jeff learns more about lighting during his green screen adventures. Jeff shares a YouTube video with Wayde and Nick, of Ann and Nancy Wilson's performance of Stairway to Heaven for the remaining honored members of Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center, and all three CAT members are blown away by Ann's voice.

Jan 4, 2013: Wayde replaces his six year old Cisco router with a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500. Jeff continues experimentation with green screen techniques and equipment. Nick discovers the free Muvizu 3D rendering and animation software, and files the information away for future reference.

Jan 3, 2013: Nick and Jeff discuss background vocal arrangements for Vampire Desire. Jeff discovers Mystica Girls and Sirenia during his YouTube travels, and Wayde enthusiastically approves. Jeff and Wayde talk about possible life on other planets.

Jan 2, 2013: Jeff makes good progress on mixing Vampire Desire. The guys consider having a weekend getaway when the current CAT project is finished; Nick and Jeff both offer to host.

Jan 1, 2013: The guys have an electronic group hug.

Dec 31, 2012: The guys all wish each other a Happy New Year. Jeff and Wayde ponder the excellence that is Paul Gilbert.

Dec 29, 2012: Jeff comes down with either a really bad cold, or the flu, but still uploads a new mix for Vampire Desire, and an updated bundle file for Wayde. Wayde verifies that everything is working perfectly with Sonar X2a running on Windows 7 SP1 64bit; this includes all his many musical software packages he uses in conjunction with his guitar to help create that kickass CAT sound. Nick and Jeff go down memory lane regarding arcade games they used to play at actual arcades when they were teenagers.

Dec 28, 2012: Nick orders his green screen, with plans to build his own stands and lighting rigs.

Dec 27, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of Vampire Desire, noting that much work is left to do, including experimenting with keyboard choir samples, re-recording solos and working on the cymbals. Jeff returns his green screen kit due to cheap plastic stands that break too easily under stress. Jeff re-records his solos for Vampire Desire.

Dec 25, 2012: The guys all wish each other a Merry Christmas. They also celebrate the first few days of year 1 in the 5,126-year 14th Mayan Baktun.

Dec 24, 2012: Jeff receives a bizarre shipping notification that his newly ordered guitar was destroyed at the customer's request.

Dec 23, 2012: Wayde upgrades to Sonar X2 and X2a. The guys discuss ideas for non-musical band videos. Jeff considers selling two guitars to pay for some of the production costs of making a CAT video.

Dec 22, 2012: Wayde finally gets his hearing back after recovering from the bad head cold. Wayde considers some green screen kits from Jeff works on mapping out studio setups for his green screen and lighting rigs.

Dec 20, 2012: Jeff gets his lighting rigs assembled and takes some test shots. The guys reminisce about Queensryche's glory days.

Dec 19, 2012: The guys are moved by a YouTube video featuring a homeless Korean boy who gives an amazing performance during his audition. Jeff finds some excellent pointers on green screen shooting techniques, courtesy of YouTube. Jeff also considers some of his own experiences with computer rendered environments.

Dec 17, 2012: Wayde comes down with a massive head cold.

Dec 15, 2012: Wayde updates the CAT web site to link to the artist pages on CDBaby, and iTunes. Jeff orders lights and a green screen. The guys discuss the CAT graphic color choice for the next release, Vampire Desire. Nick uploads the lyrics for That's All Right to the Music page of the CAT web site.

Dec 14, 2012: Nick shares a screenshot of his new computer's hardware specs.

Dec 12, 2012: Jeff creates a special folder on the CAT server with final masters for all CAT releases. More amusement for the band via the ongoing Tatesryche saga. Jeff notes with pleasure how there are still young musicians who decide to learn complex music on guitar. Jeff acknowledges the excellence of Rickenbacker bass guitars.

Dec 11, 2012: Nick uploads the press release for That's All Right's official release three days prior.

Dec 10, 2012: Jeff notices that More Than A Dream is on Spotify, an element in CDBaby distribution. Wayde is loving his 80 degree weather. Jeff and Wayde discuss guitar strings, most specifically Cobalt. Jeff and Wayde also discuss local music stores "back in the day" in the Puget Sound area, and take a fond trip down memory lane.

Dec 9, 2012: Nick experiences over 10 inches of snow.

Dec 8, 2012: CAT's second single, That's All Right, is officially released!

Dec 7, 2012: The guys all sign off for the most recent mix of That's All Right. Jeff begins the administrative processes for the single release. Wayde deals with auto update on the CAT server. Jeff begins shopping for green screen kits and lighting rigs. Nick comes down with a cold and temporarily suspends work on Vampire Desire; he redirects his energy toward finally assembling his new computer.

Dec 6, 2012: Wayde orders parts for a new computer he intends to build, so that his gaming computer can just be for gaming again. Nick and Wayde discuss computer parts with aficionado enthusiasm.

Dec 4, 2012: Jeff lists three important pieces of information for any musicians inquiring about how CAT creates their drum tracks:
1) We don't use loops/re-recorded drum parts. Everything is generated by us.
2) We often use an electronic drumkit to trigger the drum samples, for more realistic performance.
3) We use Steven Slate drum samples.

Dec 3, 2012: Wayde and Jeff ponder more headphone brands and models. Nick makes a video of his new, and as yet unassembled, computer's parts, and uploads the video to the CAT server.

Dec 2, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix for That's All Right, with a TON of tweaks and changes from the last mix.

Dec 1, 2012: Wayde re-records his intro guitar solo harmony part, and uploads it. Nick shares his admiration for Pink Floyd's songwriting.

Nov 30, 2012: Wayde finishes moving all the CAT project files from Google Drive to his home server, and closes the Google Drive account. Jeff considers Spaun, the "The Most Complex Simulated Brain Ever." Nick watches Barbarella.

Nov 29, 2012: Google Helpdesk says the CAT account is setup correctly, and agree to investigate further. The guys discuss returning to a self-managed server at Wayde's place. Wayde isn't content to wait for Google to get their act together, so he enables FTP on his home server and creates two new accounts for Jeff and Nick, and allocates 300GB of space for the project files. Both Jeff and Nick verify the ability to connect, so Wayde begins moving all the Google Drive CAT project files back to his own home server. Jeff uploads two new mixes of That's All Right to the new CAT server.

Nov 28, 2012: Nick finishes his re-recording of the Vampire Desire lead vocals, and uploads them. While trying to upload some new mixes, Jeff encounters space issues with CAT's Google Drive account, even though Wayde set it up for 105GB, and only 5 are currently being used. Wayde contacts Google support to find out why this is happening. Nick has his first vision of the simple, rendered environment for the That's All Right video, and discusses what is possible with their current resources.

Nov 27, 2012: Wayde records and uploads his harmony part for the intro guitar solo in That's All Right. Jeff sends back his import custom Dean Cadillac, due to various imperfections, then orders a Dean Soltero 1000 series instead.

Nov 26, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix for That's All Right. Dean Guitars acknowledges Continuous Audio Transmission. Wayde upgrades his mastering system to Ozone 5. Jeff and Wayde discuss their guitar presets. Nick shares advice from Paul Stanley about becoming "the band we never saw."

Nov 25, 2012: Jeff returns from an island vacation. The guys get more amusement from the ongoing Queensryche spectacle.

Nov 24, 2012: Wayde and Jeff discuss studio-quality headphones. Nick joins the discussion and they all talk about how marketing ploys and sexy packaging for musical hardware can promise much but not always deliver. Wayde decides on a pair of Sennheiser headphones instead of "Beats by Dre" for this very reason. Nick updates News page on CAT web site.

Nov 22, 2012: Jeff uploads a new folder with updated TAR bundle files for Wayde. The guys all wish each other Happy Thanksgiving. Nick shares a list of the parts he ordered for the new computer he's building, the Box o' Fragadelic Power, ver 2.0.

Nov 21, 2012: Nick records and uploads what may be the final background vocal tracks for That's All Right. Both Jeff and Wayde leave for Thanksgiving vacations. Jeff uploads the latest TAR bundle file for Wayde before leaving. Jeff shares a rant about the rich from George Carlin on YouTube, and Wayde mentions Brad Meltzer's Decoded series. Nick decides on an AMD FX-8350 for his new computer's CPU.

Nov 19, 2012: Nick's wife's computer dies, so he decides to build another, and asks Jeff and Wayde what their OS's, processors and boot times are for their current computers. Nick discovers Macarena Gomez, and wonders why she doesn't do more English speaking roles.

Nov 17, 2012: The guys discuss some people's abuse of tax dollars, and the necessity to carry handguns in some parts of the country.

Nov 16, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of That's All Right, with various volume adjustments on backing vocals. Jeff also cancels his Jango account due to lack of return for his investment. Wayde creates a custom graphic in recognition of the death of the Twinkie. Jeff has a cool idea about having a speed painting video for CAT artwork as Eryck Webb creates it, and the guys give an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Nov 14, 2012: Nick discovers the Interceptor Entertainment reboot of Rise of the Triad, which is being built with the Unreal 3 engine.

Nov 13, 2012: Wayde considers upgrading his video card on his gaming computer. Jeff considers dark matter in the universe. Nick suggests some adjustments to the final chorus background vocals in the latest mix of TAR.

Nov 12, 2012: The guys discuss Call of Duty II Black Ops, Dishonored and Halo 4, and their favorite gaming systems.

Nov 11, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix for That's All Right, including his final solo for the intro, reworked drums, adjusted midrange harmonies in backing vocals, and turned up guitar solo volume levels.

Nov 10, 2012: Jeff plays the just released Halo 4. Jeff decides to wait until current CAT project is completed before he invests in a 64bit laptop with lots of RAM for mixdowns. Wayde decides to install Windows 8 on his other two computers first, before he installs it on his DAW.

Nov 10, 2012: Wayde buys the upgrade for Cakewalk X2 Producer, and considers using Windows 8 on his DAW.

Nov 7, 2012: Nick and Wayde discuss the whole copyright infringement problem, and see points from both sides of the argument.

Nov 6, 2012: Jeff considers Hitfilm instead of Adobe After Effects, since Hitfilm's version 2 upgrade includes native support for 3D objects and camera matching. Jeff and Wayde talk about Gibson's lawsuit against Warmoth.

Nov 5, 2012: Wayde ponders the different vocalists that Yngwie Malmsteen has hired through the years.

Nov 4, 2012: The latest mix passes Wayde's workout song test at the gym.

Nov 3, 2012: Nick records and uploads a ton of extra backing vocal tracks for TAR. Jeff uploads two new mixes for TAR as well, which includes a new intro solo, guide harmony part for Wayde, flanger on the ahhs during Wayde solo, changed panning of backing vocals, adjusted slap back delay on lead vocal, more delays but turned down on lead vocal, adjusted decay time on vocal reverb, adjusted volume levels on higher pitched harmony vocals, moved some middle pitch harmony vocals around, and turned down volume levels for rhythm guitars. Wayde suggests that Jeff insure his ears for millions of dollars. Jeff suggests that the guys insure their vocal cords, fingers and other various talents.

Nov 1, 2012: Jeff plans on buying Adobe After Effects for its three dimensional processing abilities.

Oct 31, 2012: Jeff and Wayde discuss Disney buying Lucasfilm, and the possibilities for any additional Star Wars episodes.

Oct 29, 2012: The guys continue discussing green screen effects for CAT videos. Jeff mentions some vocal effects he hears for the TAR lead vocal.

Oct 28, 2012: Jeff finishes recording the intro solo for That's All Right.

Oct 27, 2012: The guys discuss the possibility of not releasing a physical CD, and sticking with digital downloads only, due to the changing face of music distribution. Nick finds the intersection he plans on shooting his TAR video footage at.

Oct 26, 2012: Nick shares some ideas he's working on for Vampire Desire vocals, and picks up another great technology book at Half-Price books.

Oct 25, 2012: Jeff has to reinstall his sound card again due to driver problems, but still records a guide track for the harmony part of the the TAR intro solo. After the CAT project, Jeff plans on buying a new sound card. Jeff reports that thus far, More Than A Dream has earned $1.48, and the guys all party like it's 2099.

Oct 23, 2012: Wayde updates his POD as well, using the Engle model for rhythms and leads in the CAT and his Death Metal project. For leads he runs the Engle model with a tube drive pedal model for a fat lead sound. Wayde also hopes they improved the clean sounds, but his Carvin Belair 2x12 is a monster clean amp when he has the Wampler Sovereign in front of it. Eryck Webb does some work for the TAR single art, and the guys all like it. Jeff downloads the new POD HD500 amp models and is unimpressed; he decides to stick with the JCM 800. Wayde likes the SLO-100's and the Mesa Boogie amps.

Oct 22, 2012: The guys discuss the ongoing Queensryche circus. Jeff is excited about the Soldano model from the POD farm plug-in, and updates his POD, wondering if he'll like it better than his current favorite patch which is a Marshall model with an overdrive pedal model pushing the amp a bit.

Oct 20, 2012: Jeff and Nick discuss the possibility of using the green screen effect for the TAR video. Jeff imagines CAT performing a cover of "For The Love Of Money," and Wayde agrees it would be cool; Nick has always loved singing that song, so it could be a possible addition to a future CAT project. Jeff shares a 30x magnification picture of a house spider.

Oct 19, 2012: Nick proposes some ideas for TAR vocal processing, and for the TAR video.

Oct 18, 2012: The guys decide on version 2 of the intro solos for TAR.

Oct 17, 2012: Jeff uploads nine mixes of the new intro solo for TAR, comprising multiple takes of each version. Jeff still coming up with more ideas for the bendy solo intro in TAR. Nick asks about doubling some background vocals, and Jeff suggests the high harmony and the more bassy low end track added recently.

Oct 16, 2012: Jeff plays so many takes of the bendy solo intro for TAR, he gets a water blister under the callous on his ring finger.

Oct 15, 2012: Wayde has a massive head cold.

Oct 14, 2012: Jeff records about six takes of ideas for the bendy solo part for the beginning of That's All Right. Due to a limitation of Zazzle, Jeff offers Wayde and Nick a 10% discount for any CAT swag they purchase from Zazzle.

Oct 13, 2012: Wayde comments on the background of his creation of More Than A Dream.

Oct 11, 2012: Wayde delays his own project's commissioned artwork in order to get CAT's done sooner.

Oct 10, 2012: Wayde returns from Las Vegas.

Oct 8, 2012: Jeff commissions Eryck Webb for remix single artwork for CAT. Jeff proposes ways to thicken and juice up the backing vocals in That's All Right during mixdown.

Oct 6, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix for That's All Right, including Nick's additional backing vocals and Wayde's new solo part.

Oct 2, 2012: Nick proposes that Jeff and Wayde add a simple solo riff to the introduction of That's All Right.

Oct 1, 2012: Jeff proposes, and the guys agree, to change colors and titles for the CAT single artwork.

Sep 30, 2012: Wayde records and uploads a new version of a portion of his That's All Right solo.

Sep 29, 2012: Jeff uploads a new bundle file for That's All Right.

Sep 28, 2012: Nick records several additional background vocal tracks for That's All Right, with multiple vocal timbres and octaves, to help thicken the sound, and uploads the new project file and audio files. Nick submits a first draft for a CAT single press release, for approval from Jeff and Wayde.

Sep 27, 2012: The guys discuss subsequent CAT press releases.

Sep 26, 2012: The guys discuss the lead vocal mix for That's All Right.

Sep 25, 2012: Wayde decides to re-record part of his solo in That's All Right. Nick and Jeff discuss backing vocals in TAR.

Sep 24, 2012: Wayde returns from helping his aunt and uncle move into their new place. The guys are fascinated by the impenetrable gas halo surrounding the Milky Way galaxy. Jeff uploads a new mix of That's All Right with his backing vocals, tweaks to drums and overall EQ.

Sep 22, 2012: Jeff offers to create a web site address icon using the tower graphic. Nick predicts the next book by Ray Kurzweil, called "How to Create a Mind," will succeed where all previous attempts at artificial consciousness have fallen short.

Sep 20, 2012: Jeff thinks about new guitar purchases with his tax return, and plans on playing the rest of the current CAT project with his POD HD, instead of buying a Fractal Audio Axe FX II. Nick updates the CAT News page and other CAT stuff. Jeff's been working out and getting quick results.

Sep 18, 2012: CAT commissions Eryck Webb to create the graphic for their next single, That's All Right. Jeff and Nick discuss the storyboard for the TAR video.

Sep 17, 2012: Jeff finishes recording his That's All Right background vocals.

Sep 16, 2012: Wayde is loving pyschobilly rock, especially the double bass playing.

Sep 15, 2012: Jeff creates a custom banner for CAT's artist page.

Sep 14, 2012: Jeff gets his DAW functioning properly again, and has more ideas for his solo in Vampire Desire.

Sep 13, 2012: Jeff experiences problems with his imported sound card on his DAW.

Sep 9, 2012: Nick uploads a new version of the second verse of TAR.

Sep 8, 2012: Jeff works on the CAT artist page for Jeff discovers that More Than A Dream is already on iTunes and

Sep 7, 2012: Jeff turns the knobs, and the CAT Zazzle store goes live. Wayde working on more ideas for the CAT web site. Jeff receives the test T-shirt from Zazzle and is impressed with its quality. Wayde puts Zazzle widget link on CAT web site, puts the three CAT wallpapers in the Extras page, and updates the main page photos.

Sep 5, 2012: After listening several times to Jeff's latest mix for TAR, Nick doesn't like how his vocals sound in the second verse, and decides to work on it some more.

Sep 4, 2012: Jeff and Wayde become impressed with ODD guitars. Jeff creates three different sized wallpapers of the CAT mascot, and Wayde puts them on the CAT site.

Sep 2, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of That's All Right. The guys talk about the background vocals that Nick has recorded so far for That's All Right. Jeff creates ten different pieces of CAT merchandise for sale on Zazzle.

Sep 1, 2012: Wayde uploads the new files, and Continuous Audio Transmission's web site, version 2.0, goes LIVE! Jeff works on Vampire Desire solos, and plans to copy over the bass EQ from MTAD to Vampire. Jeff orders a CAT T-shirt from Zazzle as a test. Jeff shares news of CAT with Dean Guitars and Jango. Jeff and Wayde express interest in banjos. Nick cleans his man cave.

Aug 31, 2012: Wayde creates a new style sheet that will apply to the entire CAT web site as a whole. Jeff uploads another mascot render for Facebook. Jeff reveals a CAT T-shirt design for band opinion, and both Wayde and Nick love it. Jeff works on Vampire solos some more. Jeff orders a test of the CAT T-shirt, and plans two other designs.

Aug 30, 2012: Wayde figures out the IE browser problem and requests Jeff's and Nick's equipment lists for the site.

Aug 29, 2012: Jeff activates digital distribution for MTAD. The guys discuss holding off on video production until they have both That's All Right and Vampire Desire released. Jeff creates two cool renders of the mascot, and Nick immediately uploads one to the CAT Facebook page as the cover photo. Wayde posts a link to the latest iteration of the CAT web site revamping-in-progress. CAT experiences the first sale of the MTAD single online! Nick uploads content to CAT's YouTube and Myspace pages.

Aug 28, 2012: The guys all agree to activate digital distribution with CDBaby, thus making MTAD also available on and iTunes. Nick uploads the first real content to the CAT Facebook page.

Aug 27, 2012: After over three and a half years of working together, all three members of CAT trade phone numbers. Jeff finishes the CDBaby pages. Wayde still working hard on new CAT web site, and having to deal with differences in how each browser renders the site; most particularly Internet Explorer. The guys all discuss their own methods of staying physically fit. Jeff test downloads MTAD from CDBaby, to make sure everything works as expected. Jeff plans on putting together some Zazzle designs for review. Wayde has an excellent idea for a poster, using four different colored versions of the album cover. Jeff uses his Jango account to notify all his solo music fans about the release of MTAD. The guys all agree that they should wait until they've got four songs released before starting a Jango account for CAT.

Aug 26, 2012: Wayde trying new techniques on the pending CAT web site, version 2.0, and uploads changes for perusal at a test address.

Aug 25, 2012: CAT's first single, More Than A Dream, is officially released! Nick and Wayde work on the CDBaby bio blurb for CAT.

Aug 24, 2012: Jeff uploads another possible final mix of MTAD for listening by Wayde and Nick, who enthusiastically call it finished. Nick finishes his lead and background vocals for That's All Right, and uploads the revised bundle file. Jeff and Wayde discuss bass EQ on both Vampire Desire and In The Stars. Jeff discusses various pending administrative issues with the guys, as a result of their first planned release. Jeff is excited about Curiosity touching down on Mars.

Aug 23, 2012: Jeff uploads another possible final mix of MTAD, after making some suggested changes. Jeff creates a special folder on the CAT server for all the Eryck Webb artwork, with plans to create several different renders of each piece. Jeff investigates Zazzle for possible CAT T-shirts. The guys praise Ronnie James Dio.

Aug 22, 2012: Jeff uploads a possibly final mix of More Than A Dream for Wayde and Nick to sign off on.

Aug 21, 2012: Wayde works on getting More Than A Dream registered with BMI. Jeff uploads all the logo, mascot and single release variations for perusal.

Aug 20, 2012: The guys all approve the final versions of the CAT artwork. Jeff records keeper solo tracks for Vampire Desire.

Aug 19, 2012: Jeff creates the world's first CAT mascot wallpaper! Wayde decides to use it in the revamped web site.

Aug 18, 2012: Final touches are put on the CAT artwork. Wayde revamping the CAT web site, utilizing the new graphics. Jeff works on the CDBaby page, in preparation for the release of More Than A Dream. Jeff uploads a new mix of In The Stars.

Aug 16, 2012: Eryck provides finished proofs of all the artwork commissioned so far; Jeff vets them, and particulars are discussed, including which ones everyone in the band likes best. Jeff has a cool graphic idea for subsequent single releases. Jeff uploads a 3D render of the CAT mascot. After reading an article about inappropriate comments by a particular rock star, the guys all agree that the stage is for music and entertainment, not a platform for political rants.

Aug 15, 2012: Jeff works on finishing Vampire Desire solos, lay down rough solos on Ship Of Fools, Blood On Your Hands, Crazy Where I've Been, and Fight The Good Fight. Wayde reviews his solo work on the project so far. Jeff posts a recap of all his most recent mixes for each song in the project. Wayde goes crazy with Cheese Wiz and records his solos for In The Stars, and uploads the revised bundle file.

Aug 13, 2012: Jeff works out some details with Eryck Webb regarding the single release artwork, and the guys are all very pleased with how the graphic is developing. The guys continue discussing the universe.

Aug 12, 2012: Nick discusses the work he still wants to do on No Umbrella.

Aug 11, 2012: Jeff finishes composing his solo sections for Vampire Desire, including a harmony part for Wayde to play in the last two measures. Wayde gets his DAW back up and working. The guys discuss what to release after That's All Right and Vampire Desire. The guys also blow their minds on science and spirituality, via some YouTube videos. Nick suggests an antique-radio effect for a portion of Ship Of Fools.

Aug 9, 2012: Jeff uploads a new bundle file for That's All Right, with extended portion near the end, and Sonar instructions for Nick to make the requested vocal changes. The guys approve the vertical CAT mascot graphic. Nick asks for recommendations from the guys for a portable guitar amp.

Aug 8, 2012: Jeff shares more excellent online how-to video tips. Nick still working on the storyboard for the pending new footage for the More Than A Dream video.

Aug 7, 2012: Eryck posts more developed versions of the CAT tower and mascot; the guys all enthusiastically approve of the artwork's progress.

Aug 6, 2012: Wayde receives his Carvin BelAir amp, and LOVES it. Jeff shares information he found regarding the Fractal Audio Axe Fx.

Aug 5, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of That's All Right with a part extended toward the end, as per request. Jeff also uploads a new mix of Vampire Desire, that includes some strings mixed in with Nick's vocals at the end of the song. The guys discuss their interest in the Atheism vs. Theism debate.

Aug 4, 2012: Wayde and Nick both post some pictures for use in CAT artwork, web site and social networking sites. Nick performs routine maintenance on his computer.

Aug 3, 2012: Jeff posts some pictures for use in CAT artwork, web site and social networking sites.

Aug 1, 2012: Wayde orders a Carvin BelAir 2 X 12 50W All-Tube Combo Amp. Eryck posts a hires vector of the CAT tower and mascot work-in-progress. Nick requests that everyone in the band start taking lots of pictures for the CAT social networking sites.

Jul 31, 2012: Jeff shares pictures of his mighty Carvin DC700 Koa guitar, the one he had made to replace his DC 800. Jeff's review of his DC700 includes the observation that it sustains FOREVER. Nick makes minor cosmetic changes to the CAT web site.

Jul 30, 2012: Wayde upgrades his Digital Audio Workstation and installs all the apps so he can finish his CAT solos and other updates. Jeff uploads a new mix for Vampire Desire that includes Wayde's new bass. Wayde collects another check from CDBaby for his solo CD releases there. Jeff continues to keep in touch with his Jango fans.

Jul 27, 2012: The guys decide to go with an idea Eryck had for any single release cover graphics. Wayde working on revamping the CAT web site with the pending graphics from Eryck. Nick begins tinkering with the CAT page in Facebook. The guys move their MTAD release date to August. Jeff has some orchestral ideas for the beginning of Vampire Desire, as well as some guitar harmony ideas for the solo section.

Jul 26, 2012: The guys all finalize their votes for which CAT logo graphic they like the best. Artist Eryck Webb hears CAT music for the first time, and it gives him more ideas for possible artwork for the band. The guys and Eryck discuss CD cover artwork possibilities. Jeff shares pictures of Tesla's work. Nick uploads the link graphics and song snippets to the CAT web site.

Jul 25, 2012: Wayde shares the font he used for the CAT web site, and Nick creates the button links for the song snippets.

Jul 24, 2012: Jeff uploads the first two song snippets for the CAT web site: More Than A Dream and That's All Right. Eryck shares his first draft of the CAT logo graphics, and the guys all vote on their favorites. The guys also like the mechanical cat first drafts.

Jul 22, 2012: Nick finally renews his old membership with BMI, giving CAT the last piece of info they need to register their songs with BMI. Jeff and Nick discuss how the CAT vocals are mixed in Jeff's studio. The guys agree that Continuous Audio Music is a good name for their record company.

Jul 20, 2012: Jeff receives his Carvin 7-string guitar today. Discussions continue between CAT and Eryck Webb regarding the CAT graphics. Wayde shares his secrets regarding healthy living. The guys agree that snippets of pre-release early mixes is a good idea for the CAT web site. Wayde can't stop listening to Maroon 5. Jeff finds more cool pictures of mechanical cats on the Internet. Nick offers to create the custom button graphics and links for the early mix pre-release song snippets. Nick tells Jeff and Wayde about witnessing an exceptional live vocal performance by a singer named Shena Ray at an amphitheater.

Jul 19, 2012: Wayde contacts Jolene Hauser again about possibly doing artwork for CAT. Jeff discovers Eryck Webb's art on, and contacts him; Eryck replies right away. The guys discuss Eryck's commission bid, and everyone agrees he's the best artist for the job. Jeff contacts Eryck with the go-ahead to start work. The guys discuss which CAT songs to have snippets of on the CAT web site, and agree on five: That's All Right, Vampire Desire, Blood On Your Hands, Roll That Stone, and Ship Of Fools. Nick comes up with a list of people and companies to lampoon in the That's All Right video. Nick reports that the Facebook staff finally moved CAT back to band/musician status.

Jul 18, 2012: The guys all sign off on the latest mix of More Than A Dream. Wayde decides to put a snippet of MTAD on his Facebook page as a teaser.

Jul 17, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mastered mix of More Than A Dream, with adjustments to vocal levels.

Jul 16, 2012: The guys discuss their mutual memberships with BMI. Jeff gets responses from four artists about creating artwork for CAT.

Jul 15, 2012: Wayde gets tired of his goatee and shaves it off. Jeff had shaved his off the previous week. Nick decided to keep his, at least for now.

Jul 14, 2012: Wayde buys a black 2012 American Standard Strat. Wayde and Jeff discuss the vocal mix for MTAD. Having worked in the past with analog equipment, Jeff sings the praises of digital mixing equipment. Wayde plays a Strat through a Fender Super-Sonic 22 Combo, and loves it. Wayde decides to play au natural with a Fender amp, but also using a Line-6 HD 500 and an Ultra-G cabinet simulator. Nick continues revamping scenes for the MTAD video.

Jul 13, 2012: Jeff uploads four new mixes of MTAD with different VTM and Ozone settings. Jeff and Wayde discuss Dave Mustaine.

Jul 12, 2012: Jeff decides to buy the Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine effect, as an additional production tool for CAT music. Jeff updates his Ozone to version 5. Jeff sends out more queries to artists for logo and mechanical cat art. Jeff posts a large list of artists that he's been collecting as possible artists for CAT. Nick enjoys one of Wayde's YouTube uploads. Nick sends another message to Facebook's administrators to kindly move the unauthorized re-categorization of the CAT page back to "band/musician" status, from the "community page" status they oddly assigned it.

Jul 11, 2012: Jeff uploads new mixes for More Than A Dream and That's All Right, as well as a new bundle file for That's All Right. Jeff experiments with the virtual tape machine. The guys discuss formats for the video interviews. The guys discuss how much the recently revealed band antics of Queensryche resemble Spinal Tap. Jeff does more tweaking to the MTAD mix.

Jul 10, 2012: Nick finishes cleaning up the CAT web site text, making it ready for public perusal. The guys talk about fretless guitars. Jeff decides to maintain a spreadsheet for the band's expenses. The guys continue discussing the virtual tape effect, and its possible use in MTAD. Another artist is solicited to work on the band's official logo. Jeff suggests that all three band members produce video interviews. Jeff receives his iLok2 today. Nick offers to start creating and maintaining the Facebook, YouTube and Myspace sites.

Jul 9, 2012: The guys come to a final decision about how to split any profits made from anything related to CAT. The guys brainstorm more ideas for the pending CAT logo before an artist is commissioned to create it.

Jul 8, 2012: Jeff creates a CDBaby account for CAT. BMI issues and the CAT logo development is discussed. Jeff considers trying a virtual tape effect on More Than A Dream.

Jul 7, 2012: With plans to upgrade his DAW, Wayde buys RAM, heat sink, an Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 BX80623I72600K, and begins searching for an appropriate motherboard. The guys continue various band administrative discussions. Jeff notices that CDBaby has very recently made more options available for releasing singles.

Jul 6, 2012: Jeff returns from a mini-vacation, but was working on That's All Right arrangements and More Than A Dream mixes while he was gone.

Jul 5, 2012: Recent developments in Cakewalk's integration with recent versions of Windows catches Wayde's eye.

Jul 4, 2012: The guys all wish each other a Happy Fourth of July.

Jul 3, 2012: Wayde approves Jeff's offer to reprise a guitar part from the original Vampire Desire, from their Axis days in 1992.

Jul 2, 2012: Nick changes a couple of lines in the lyric of That's All Right, and they meet with approval. Nick's A/C still isn't repaired, and it's the middle of a serious heatwave.

Jul 1, 2012: Jeff expresses concern over a line in the lyric of That's All Right. Wayde returns from three days in California. Jeff and Wayde ponder cameras mounted on guitar headstocks. Jeff finishes his re-recorded solos for That's All Right, including some wah pedal riffs that may or may not make the final cut. The guys revisit discussions regarding administrative issues that need to be addressed before their first release.

Jun 29, 2012: Nick finishes the News page text, which you are reading right now, and uploads it to the CAT web site.

Jun 28, 2012: The exit of Geoff Tate from Queensryche spurs Wayde to utter a great pearl of wisdom: "Never go outside of what makes a band a band."

Jun 27, 2012: All the members of CAT pronounce their first single, More Than A Dream, as finished! Nick posts a list of the things that still need to be finished on the CAT web site before releasing MTAD. Nick posts the words to a poem he wrote in 2006, as a possible new song for the CAT project.

Jun 26, 2012: Jeff practices soloing for two hours straight to prepare himself to re-record his That's All Right solos with a wah pedal, and has another dead tree removed from his property. The guys talk about how MTV truly changed the way music is perceived, and also opened the doors of stardom to hordes of mediocre musicians.

Jun 25, 2012: Jeff does some approximated number crunching, and calculates that CAT will earn .0871369295 cents per page view. Jeff decides, at least for now, to skip the ads on the Axis videos. Jeff and Wayde discuss Carvin guitars and basses. Wayde gets bored and puts on some Death Metal facepaint. Nick discovers that a YouTube user that had uploaded all of Jeff's solo project songs without Jeff's permission, eventually got booted from YouTube for too many copyright violation complaints.

Jun 24, 2012: Jeff gets a notification from YouTube that the Axis videos he uploaded back in 2008/2009 are getting enough hits that YouTube wants to place ads on them. Wayde likes the idea, Nick does not, but is willing to go along if Jeff and Wayde want to allow YouTube to place advertising on top of their creative work.

Jun 23, 2012: Wayde re-records the bass parts for Vampire Desire, and uploads a new bundle file for it to the CAT server. Wayde still does not like the overall sound of his bass guitar. Jeff uploads two new mp3 mixes of More Than A Dream, this time with the Exciter on and off, respectively.

Jun 22, 2012: The guys agree that the -8.2 threshold mix of MTAD is best. Wayde tries something different with Vampire Desire; specifically, he only plays the root notes of the bass during the intro, and adds the rest of the Jim Beseda-style bass part in with guitar instead. Jeff plans to add an additional measure to the end of That's All Right, so that Nick can record the same sort of lead vocal ending he did back in the Axis days. The guys discuss the rampant digital theft disguised as an "all information should be free" ethic.

Jun 21, 2012: Wayde experiences 110 degree weather. Jeff uploads three mixes of More Than A Dream, each at a different limiter threshold. CAT wonders if the people who think nothing of downloading music for free would they enjoy performing their jobs for 40 hours each week, and then instead of being paid, be told instead that they owe the fruits of their labor to mankind's free gratification?

Jun 20, 2012: Nick meets with his nephew Joe, to work on details for the MTAD video.

Jun 19, 2012: Jeff experienced a bit of paranoia, and generated a backup disk image of his laptop.

Jun 18, 2012: Nick asks Jeff if he would consider re-recording his excellent That's All Right solo with a wah pedal in part of it. Nick nearing completion of News page.

Jun 17, 2012: Jeff considers buying an SSD for his laptop.

Jun 16, 2012: Nick decides to use the freeware called Storyboard Pro to create the storyboard for More Than A Dream.

Jun 15, 2012: Jeff's solo project, Spank Your Inner Monkey, gets an excellent review from Progression magazine. Jeff requests Nick and Wayde to provide a list of their top ten favorite bands/artists, in order to get a more accurate idea of where everyone is coming from musically. Jeff assembles a list of all artists that CAT has been looking at so far as possible logo and CD cover creators.

Jun 24, 2012: Nick gets some inspiration for ways to shoot the MTAD footage from an Irish public service commercial about reckless driving. Nick also sets out to create a complete storyboard, remembering Jeff's excellent prior suggestion.

Jun 13, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of MTAD, with edited voice files and other tweaks. Nick's boiler motor and both heating zones are now fixed thanks to his brother, but now the A/C is broken.

Jun 12, 2012: Wayde changes employers to get out of working graveyard. Jeff mentions several seminal rock albums he intends to use for comparison as he mixes CAT music. Jeff posts more mockups of potential CAT CD cover art.

Jun 11, 2012: Instead of buying the Carvin guitar that he has his eye on, Jeff has to pay for the removal of a big old dead fir tree on his property. Wayde is waiting for his Jackson to sell so he can buy a Carvin DC727, ST300 or DC127. Jeff shares some visions he has for the CD cover art for the CAT project, and posts some mockups of a possible CAT CD art idea, and Nick and Wayde vote for their favorites.

Jun 10, 2012: Wayde uploads a video to YouTube of one of his original songs, called "Human Death Machine." Wayde's been working graveyard shift currently, and has been having trouble adjusting.

Jun 9, 2012: Wayde uploads a video to YouTube of himself playing the Scooby Doo theme song on guitar. Jeff develops a migraine.

Jun 8, 2012: Nick uploads even more background vocal tracks for More Than A Dream, triple tracking some parts and doubling some of Jeff's background vocals. Wayde shares a link to The work of an artist that Jeff found, Emmy Wahlback, catches Nick's eye.

Jun 7, 2012: Jeff shares a YouTube video regarding how to approach interlacing video issues, with the idea that everyone shoots their video interlaced, then it gets run through a converter at Jeff's place, then imported into Sony Vegas. Wayde discovers Jeff uploads 16 screen captures from the original MTAD video footage shot during the winter. Jeff takes another stab at refining the CAT radio tower logo concept. Nick still trying to get his furnace boiler fixed. Nick gives Jeff more in-depth pointers on singing techniques.

Jun 6, 2012: The guys agree that whichever artist they choose needs to produce both a cool band logo and a cool mechanical cat graphic. A solo CD of Jeff's, Inner Resonance, is almost sold out at CDBaby. Nick and Jeff discuss turning Nick's humming back up at the intro of More Than A Dream, as well as Nick possibly managing the Jango use for CAT. The guys agree on a mix volume level for More Than A Dream. Jeff notices some new information being included in his CDBaby account, in regard to digital download services.

Jun 5, 2012: Jeff enters the Eastwood Classic Guitar contest.

Jun 3, 2012: Just for fun, Wayde records his version of the Addams Family theme and uploads it to YouTube. Jeff and Wayde discuss the advantages and limitations of the Misa Digital Kitara.

Jun 2, 2012: Jeff finds an excellent still photo of a female vampire that inspires a shot for the Vampire Desire video. Wayde confirms his own preference for size 10 guitar strings.

Jun 1, 2012: Jeff uploads two new mixes of More Than A Dream; each with the background vocals at different volume levels, for comparison. Wayde and Jeff discuss their wardrobe for their upcoming performance video shoots (footage for More Than A Dream). Jeff now has 325 fans on Jango for his solo project. Jeff switches from 09 size strings back to 10's on his main CAT guitar. Nick works on the News page all night until 9:51am, in an effort to finish it up.

May 31, 2012: Jeff announces that if CAT succeeds and/or starts touring, CAT is going to set itself up with health insurance. Wayde has several job interviews set up for the week. The guys unanimously like the idea of a mechanical cat as a consistent symbol for CAT. Nick struggles with high stress levels at his new job.

May 30, 2012: Jeff continues to explore to find possible artists, and returns the Huge Bitch to Carvin.

May 28, 2012: Jolene Houser, a comic artist out of Arizona, is the first artist considered for the CAT artwork. The mechanical cat idea is still popular with the guys.

May 27, 2012: Wayde attends a local Comicon and meets several artists interested in working with CAT. Jeff creates a few more early versions of the CAT logo.

May 26, 2012: Jeff decides the Huge Bitch is a bit too huge. Jeff suggests that CAT explore the Deviant Arts web site as a possible place to find an artist to do our artwork.

May 25, 2012: Jeff suggests that Nick create a storyboard for the shoots of live actors.

May 24, 2012: Jeff's 8-string guitar arrives today, and he affectionately names it the Huge Bitch. Nick still working on News page for CAT web site.

May 23, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix for More Than A Dream, as well as a new bundle file. At Jeff's request, Nick gives him some pointers on how to effectively sing certain range-transitional notes.

May 21, 2012: Nick meets with his nephew Joe about taking over the Romeo role in the MTAD video. Jeff starts looking around for an artist to create a logo based on his best experimental logo concept. Wayde begins his new graveyard shift. Jeff plans on selling his Dean EVO 7, a 12-string bass, a Dean jazzbox, and Peavey XXX half stack.

May 19, 2012: Willie no longer returns phone calls, emails or text messages, so he is removed from the More Than A Dream video project.

May 18, 2012: Jeff starts experimenting with graphic logo concepts using broadcast tower images and the initials of Continuous Audio Transmission.

May 17, 2012: The guys discuss how to conceptualize the CAT project graphically into a coherent logo design. Jeff does a lot of editing to MTAD, including new fills and variations on the drums, muting the solo synthesizers, regrouping the backing vocal tracks and variegating their volumes, and placing Wayde's main solo on it's own track for panning purposes.

May 16, 2012: Jeff starts looking at artists for CAT artwork.

May 14, 2012: Jeff re-records a bunch of his vocal parts in MTAD. Nick is still adjusting to his new work schedule, due to working eight days in a row when his training schedule overlapped with his actual work schedule.

May 12, 2012: Wayde considers relocating himself to a different state. He also buys a new hard drive for his DAW rebuild.

May 10, 2012: Jeff is into day 10 of abstaining from cola.

May 9, 2012: Jeff finishes doubling Nick's backing vocal "ahhs" for MTAD's choruses, as well as doubling the higher backing vocal harmonies.

May 8, 2012: The CAT project files are officially housed on Google Drive. Jeff and Wayde discuss the POD presets they're using for the CAT project.

May 7, 2012: Jeff uploads a rough mix of MTAD with his backing vocals, and a rough mix of just the solo section of That's All Right.

May 6, 2012: Jeff works on recording his backing vocals for MTAD until his voice gives out. The guys discuss how much they all love reading technical manuals. Jeff and Nick discuss how best to complete the backing vocals for MTAD.

May 5, 2012: Nick still working on News page.

May 3, 2012: The guys settle on releasing CAT songs as singles as they are finished, and then releasing an entire CD when all songs are done. Jeff decides on a tone to use for the rest of his solos in the project. And he's in love with his new guitar.

May 2, 2012: Jeff works on his background vocals for More Than A Dream. The guys discuss release strategies for their project. Everyone agrees that MTAD is a great introduction to CAT. Wayde considers changing his solo in MTAD.

May 1, 2012: Jeff plays around with Vue 3D software.

Apr 30, 2012: Jeff considers data backup plans. Nick starts his new job, and the beginning of two weeks of intensive technical training.

Apr 27, 2012: Wayde purchases Google's drive storage package as an alternative to the CAT server. He begins transferring all the CAT files to Google. Nick continues to struggle with some serious home repairs.

Apr 25, 2012: Jeff's new custom Hornet guitar arrives today.

Apr 23, 2012: Jeff uploads new mix for More Than A Dream, including tweaks on the drum tracks.

Apr 22, 2012: Jeff finishes all his solo parts for More Than A Dream.

Apr 21, 2012: Jeff re-records his main solo for More Than A Dream, and writes the solo for the end of the song; Nick uploads his final background vocal tracks for the song as well. Nick also uploads a three-voice part for the intro of Roll That Stone. Wayde shares his POD patches with Jeff. Due to conflicting schedules and other logistical difficulties, Reinanda is officially removed from the CAT project.

Apr 20, 2012: Jeff buys the Film Effects plug-in, and Video Essentials II for the rack focus effect. The guys discuss guitars with up to 30 frets. Jeff's new monitor arrives today. Having the bodies of Jeff's and Wayde's guitars being the only colors in their black and white MTAD footage is discussed.

Apr 19, 2012: Jeff discovers incompatibility with Sony Vegas 11 and his video card. Wayde experiments with Twitter on his solo project web site. Nick gets hired on at a new company, with a start date of April 30th.

Apr 18, 2012: Jeff orders a 24 inch LCD monitor for video editing. Wayde and Jeff agree to Jeff playing a solo at the end of More Than A Dream. Nick encounters more frustration with the ham-fisted activities of Universal Music Group. Nick is being bogged down by house-related repairs and installations that are sapping his free time.

Apr 17, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of More Than A Dream. The guys discuss vocal harmonies for the song, as well as guitar harmonies. Nick finally has a chance to take some test footage with his new HD camera, of an iron sitting on the dining table. Nick buys a Rocketfish 47" Carbon Fiber tripod.

Apr 16, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of Fight The Good Fight. Reinanda's vocals are muted from the current mix of More Than A Dream, to maintain sonic continuity throughout all the songs. Wayde loves his Droid.

Apr 14, 2012: Jeff buys a new barebones HP computer with an i7 with 10GB RAM for video rendering. Nick re-posts the login information for Facebook, Myspace and YouTube, as well as the collective email contact address for all three.

Apr 12, 2012: Jeff does some experimental footage with his new video camera. Nick begins the mammoth job of transcribing the highlights of over three years of band email correspondence, to create an accurate chronicling of CAT activity, intended for use in the News page of the CAT web site. Nick creates a new Facebook page for CAT, as the previous one was classified as a personal page, and CAT's needed to be a commercial, or 'band' page.

Apr 11, 2012: Jeff's camcorder arrives today. Wayde updates the CAT web site with various texts from Nick, and adjusts some of the CSS settings. Jeff considers using Like buttons on his own solo project web site.

Apr 10, 2012: Wayde finishes and uploads his rhythm guitar parts for Fight The Good Fight. Jeff comes up with ideas for harmonizing arpeggios in the bridge and solo for FTGF, to help fill it out a little. Nick sends Wayde a list of all the things left to complete before the CAT web site is officially finished.

Apr 9, 2012: The guys discuss textual content for the CAT web site. They also start thinking about possible names for their music label, and possible t-shirts. Jeff considers buying a more powerful video card for video editing. The guys talk more about different ways they could use the green screen effect.

Apr 8, 2012: The guys all wish each other a happy Easter weekend.

Apr 7, 2012: Jeff has his solo for More Than A Dream completely written, and 80% of his solo figured out for That's All Right. Wayde buys Sony Vegas Studio HD Platinum 11 for editing his instructional DVD. Jeff and Nick discuss 3D creation software; Jeff already owns Carrara Pro.

Apr 5, 2012: Jeff looks into buying UV filters for all three HD video cameras. Jeff uploads a new mix for Crazy Where I've Been.

Apr 4, 2012: Jeff uploads a new mix of Blood On Your Hands. The guys discuss the politics of giving two weeks' notice when you decide to quit a job.

Apr 3, 2012: Wayde purchases a Sony HDR-CX190/B and a 32 gig Digital High Capacity memory card. Nick's HDC-SD80 arrives. Jeff brings up green screen possibilities for the Vampire Desire video. Jeff orders a Panasonic HDC-TM900. Jeff finds more cool instructional filmmaking videos on YouTube.

Apr 2, 2012: Jeff uploads new mix of That's All Right, with Wayde's added rhythm and solos, Jeff's redone rhythm, and Jeff's bass. Jeff experiments with Hitfilm video editing software, and compares it to Adobe After Effects.

Mar 30, 2012: Jeff considers buying a more powerful video card for the computer he renders video on. Wayde and Jeff discuss the Kontakt 5 Player. Wayde considers last minute options for his pending HD video camera purchase. The guys discuss current IT job particulars.

Mar 29, 2012: Nick comes up with an amusing way to film the That's All Right video.

Mar 28, 2012: Wayde finishes his rhythm guitar parts for Blood On Your Hands and Crazy Where I've been, and uploads them. Jeff buys a video converter application that can convert 60i to 24p. The guys discuss green screen possibilities. Nick finally decides on his HD camera, and orders it today: a Panasonic HDC-SD80.

Mar 25, 2012: Jeff finishes the bass lines for That's All Right. Nick buys a 32 port Ethernet switch for future LAN parties.

Mar 22, 2012: Jeff adds clean funk guitar to the choruses in That's All Right. Nick plans on including a link to a PDF file of a book he wrote called The Mantis, on his personal page when the CAT web site launches.

Mar 21, 2012: Jeff and Nick discuss the importance of depth-of-field for getting a film look out of the CAT video footage.

Mar 20, 2012: Wayde's new place has lots of amenities, and he's loving it. CAT server back online. Nick borrows his brother's HD camera to see if it is high enough quality for the CAT videos, and it isn't. Nick's friend Bill D'luhosh and his country singer Kate Turner are on the radio in Portland.

Mar 19, 2012: Jeff does even more in-depth investigation into video formats and what would best work for CAT videos.

Mar 18, 2012: Jeff tries Neoscene for video conversion. He also settles on a workflow for CAT video editing.

Mar 17, 2012: Wayde moves into his new apartment. Jeff searches for video converters online. The guys discuss what video output formats they should be planning for, and decide that YouTube is the most important in the beginning. Jeff re-records his guitar parts for That's All Right. Nick takes a bunch of stills at the new graveyard location, with his nephew Joe as a stand-in, then takes more at the indoor location with his other nephew Brandon and Brandon's girlfriend Ashley.

Mar 15, 2012: After much deliberation, it appears Panasonic and Canon are the top choices for the CAT videos. Wayde takes the CAT server offline at 5pm for his move to his new apartment. Nick finds an excellent series on cinematography on YouTube, uploaded by Tom Antos. Jeff tries Upshift for video frame rate conversion. Nick waxes nostalgic over his former customized 1969 Volkswagen Beetle.

Mar 14, 2012: Reinanda cancels her background vocal session for the third time in a row. Jeff gets a picture of his custom built guitar, that is near complete. Wayde sells his Schecter 8-string guitar on eBay. The guys decide that all their YouTube releases for CAT will have comments disabled, simply because they're an unnecessary distraction. They also discuss some special color effects for the band performance parts of the MTAD video. Wayde experiences a power outage due to an unfortunate cat. More discussion about HD video cameras.

Mar 13, 2012: Jeff suggests that they post screen caps of video footage on the CAT web site. Jeff and Nick discuss 3D game engines. Nick uploads the balance of the MTAD raw video footage.

Mar 12, 2012: Jeff examines his Jango demographic statistics. Jeff uploads a cool screen capture from the raw MTAD video footage. Nick scouts an even better graveyard location for the MTAD video.

Mar 10, 2012: Wayde prepares to vacate his current apartment.

Mar 9, 2012: Willie's parents are in town to visit, so any video shoots are postponed for the next two weeks.

Mar 8, 2012: Reinanda cancels her scheduled background vocal session again.

Mar 6, 2012: Due to logistics and 'real life', Nick considers that CAT may never play live, thus realizing how important the CAT videos truly are.

Mar 5, 2012: Jeff uploads new mixes of Ship Of Fools and More Than A Dream. Wayde finds out he's laid off, but has six months to find another job. Jeff uploads a new rough cut of the MTAD video. Jeff doesn't like his new Super-Vee Mag-Lok, and removes it from his guitar. HD video camera discussions continue. Jeff provides Nick and Wayde with some excellent PDF files to help them choose their HD cameras.

Mar 4, 2012: After extensively watching the current MTAD footage, Nick realizes his mistakes and plans on re-shooting all of it. This means they probably won't have a cool snowy graveyard shot, but the quality of the final video is far more important.

Mar 3, 2012: The guys discuss HD video camera options some more.

Mar 2, 2012: Jeff proposes an edit decision list using time codes of media players for CAT video reference points. Nick thinks of an alternative opening scene for the MTAD video. Nick swims on his back for the first time in his life.

Mar 1, 2012: Willie, Desirae, Heather and Nick meet up again at the restaurant, to get some accent footage that was forgotten during the first shoot. Jeff uploads a how-to-play video for Crazy Where I've Been. Jeff and Nick discuss which public figures to feature in the That's All Right video.

Feb 29, 2012: Reinanda cancels her scheduled background vocal session. Another coworker of Nick's, Ricky Cordry, expresses interest in being the main character in the pending Vampire Desire video.

Feb 28, 2012: Wayde works out a deal with the apartment manager of his new place, enabling him to move in two weeks into March. Jeff converts original 1080p footage in it's native format to 24fps avi files, and uploads them to the server, along with the shot log.

Feb 27, 2012: Jeff has more great ideas for how to get the best shots in the story scenes of the MTAD video. Heather Beckman sends Nick the stills she took of the restaurant scene, and they're perfect.

Feb 26, 2012: Jeff and Nick discuss the footage shot so far as it compares to the script.

Feb 25, 2012: Jeff getting deep into video editing issues while working with initial footage for the MTAD video. He creates the first rough version of the video. Jeff also purchases the Rack Focus filter. Jeff uploads a color and a black & white version of the video rough cut. Jeff creates a shot log of all the current MTAD raw footage video files. Wayde uploads a new bundle file for Ship Of Fools, with his rhythm guitars recorded.

Feb 24, 2012: Nick starts looking at HD video camera options for himself, as the camera he was borrowing to shoot CAT video footage will soon be unavailable. Nick attends a LAN party until 5:30am at his brother's house, which has been anticipated since New Year's Eve.

Feb 23, 2012: Jeff uploads a how-to-play video for Fight The Good Fight. Jeff presents more cool editing ideas for CAT videos. Wayde's new apartment was given to someone else accidentally, leaving him with having to find another. Nick gives Reinanda a copy of Ship Of Fools, as the next song for her to record background vocals on.

Feb 22, 2012: Nick uploads all the HD footage shot so far for the MTAD video. Jeff uploads a how-to-play video for Blood On Your Hands.

Feb 21, 2012: Nick and Willie practically freeze to death shooting their respective footages for the MTAD video in a snowy graveyard with subzero temperatures and relentless wind. Jeff uploads a how-to-play video for Ship Of Fools.

Feb 18, 2012: Reinanda finishes recording her background vocals for More Than A Dream, and Nick uploads them. Wayde finds a female vocalist for his Technical Death Metal project.

Feb 17, 2012: Jeff orders a Super-Vee Mag-Lok Tremolo Anti-Deflection Device to allow him to play double stop bends that stay in tune.

Feb 16, 2012: The first-ever footage is shot in a restaurant booth for the More Than A Dream video; Willie, Desirae and Heather are all in attendance, and it goes very well.

Feb 15, 2012: Nick meets with another coworker, Willie Wilson; Willie accepts the part of Romeo for the MTAD video.

Feb 14, 2012: Nick emails out a revised version of the script to everyone involved in the MTAD video project. Alex Sertic backs out of his lead role, citing college responsibilities. The guys discuss ideas for each of their individual performances for the video. The possibility of including a fan forum link on the CAT web site is discussed.

Feb 13, 2012: Jeff considers shooting his scenes for the MTAD video in the graveyard his mother's family is buried in. Jeff also offers to do the CAT video editing, with Sony Vegas. The guys discuss techniques to get what they want from the video footage. Nick tries to coordinate the first video shoot with the schedules of everyone involved. Nick agrees to write lyrics for some of Jeff's older songs that are not part of the CAT project. Jeff's solo project fans on Jango continue to rise in number. Nick bags his C++ studies, and decides to code his game in C.

Feb 12, 2012: Jeff uploads new mixes for More Than A Dream and That's All Right. Wayde looks for a female vocalist for his Technical Death Metal project, called Out From The Asylum. Nick offers to play some of the songs for Reinanda, to see if she's interested. Nick works on several details with Alex Sertic, such as wardrobe.

Feb 11, 2012: Reinanda's first attempt at recording vocals for the CAT project look very promising. Jeff runs a 5K race.

Feb 10, 2012: Nick hurts his knee playing raquetball.

Feb 9, 2012: Jeff takes a good look at CDBaby statistics for 2011. Wayde uploads new bundle file for That's All Right, complete with new rhythm and solo guitar parts.

Feb 8, 2012: Jeff accepts the position of video editor for the CAT project. The guys discuss what kind of HD video camera each plans on buying for CAT videos. Nick finds a cool graveyard location with very old-style gravestones. Nick sends out a group email that includes the actors (Alex Sertic and Desirae Diestler) and the photographer (Heather Beckman). Nick sends Jeff and Wayde pictures of the actors.

Feb 7, 2012: Wayde scouts out an old spooky looking church next to a graveyard for a possible location for his scenes in the More Than A Dream video. Wayde comes up with some ideas to spice up the rhythm in That's All Right.

Feb 6, 2012: Nick stays up all night to finish the screenplay for the More Than A Dream video. The guys discuss the possibility of using green screen video effects for the MTAD video. Jeff and Wayde talk about Jeff's ISP Decimator pedal being used in conjunction with his POD Farm.

Feb 5, 2012: Jeff uploads new mix for More Than A Dream.

Feb 3, 2012: Jeff approves of Devolution as a potential CAT song.

Jan 31, 2012: Nick posts the chord progression to Devolution.

Jan 30, 2012: Nick finishes creating a demo for Devolution, and uploads it to the CAT server for review by Jeff and Wayde.

Jan 29, 2012: Jeff uploads new mix for Ship Of Fools.

Jan 27, 2012: Jeff uploads new mix for Roll That Stone.

Jan 26, 2012: Nick writes a new song called Devolution.

Jan 25, 2012: Nick works on improvements to the No Umbrella vocals.

Jan 22, 2012: Jeff makes alterations and uploads new mix of No Umbrella, and uploads new mix for Roll That Stone. Wayde out apartment shopping.

Jan 21, 2012: Jeff uploads new mix of No Umbrella.

Jan 20, 2012: Jeff gets ten inches of snow at his house. Jeff and Wayde discuss the ridiculous prices being demanded for high end guitars.

Jan 18, 2012: The guys discuss Wayde's and Nick's strong stances against legislation like SOPA and PIPA; in particular, they don't think the man on the street should be punished or harassed because companies vending intellectual property are too lazy to fix their outmoded deliver method. They also discuss their disillusionment with all current political candidates. Jeff finishes his rhythm guitar on No Umbrella.

Jan 17, 2012: Jeff's Jango numbers keep rising. Wayde considers using Jango with his previous solo releases. The guys discuss Nick's blog entry entitled "Money corrupts music." Nick explains his general approach to lyric writing.

Jan 16, 2012: The guys discuss Jeff's and Nick's snowfall stories, while Wayde basks at 72 degrees.

Jan 15, 2012: Nick creates his first Xtranormal video.

Jan 13, 2012: Wayde works on slap guitar technique.

Jan 11, 2012: Wayde still working on guitar solos and adding pieces and parts to various songs.

Jan 10, 2012: The guys discuss verbally abusive bosses, and what a disappointment they are to work with. Wayde still searching for a new residence. Nick discovers the inspiring speech Charlie Chaplin gives in The Great Dictator, and is awestruck. Nick is also impressed with the group Anonymous and their activities.

Jan 9, 2012: Jeff compliments Wayde's web site, and Nick chimes in. Nick likes the way Wayde has his songs posted for easy 99 cent download, and suggests that the CAT web site should have the same kind of interface. Jeff is under the weather with some bug. The guys discuss why technical bands often feature "Cookie Monster" vocals. Nick doesn't like his experimentation with the Fight The Good Fight vocals, and decides to just stay with the original melody. Nick thinks of a way to tie in two other future CAT videos with More Than A Dream, creating a three-part story.

Jan 8, 2012: Jeff and Wayde discuss the Line-6 Pod HD versus the Axe Fx 2, and also Mesa Mini amps.

Jan 7, 2012: Jeff finishes his rhythm parts for Roll That Stone. Various mixing schemes are discussed for Roll That Stone and other songs.

Jan 6, 2012: CAT server briefly offline; the guys use an alternative file transfer method until server is restored. Nick records the bridge vocals for Ship Of Fools and uploads them to his own web site, for Jeff to grab for inclusion in the bundle file. Nick also does the same with some improved vocals he recorded for No Umbrella. Jeff's Roland Drum machine goes toes up, and he considers other options, including Alesis.

Jan 5, 2012: Nick records additional vocals for Roll That Stone, and uploads them. Jeff orders a custom guitar (Hornet) from US Masters. Wayde records more guitar parts for More Than A Dream, and uploads new bundle file. The guys discuss the possibility of releasing one single at a time instead of waiting to complete an entire CD. Jeff suggests that CAT use Jango, due to his success with that service in his solo project (Spank Your Inner Monkey). The guys discuss bass lines on That's All Right; they elect Jeff to play the parts. They also discuss SoundScan statistics from 1991 to 2012. Nick adds links to all lyric sheets on the CAT project file status page. Bill D'luhosh, a good friend and former musical partner of Nick's, is working with a country singer named Kate Turner, who has recently released her first music video.

Jan 4, 2012: Jeff and Wayde discuss the Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver to possibly improve bass EQ. Vampire Desire is officially moved to orange (2nd of 3 tiers) status. Nick provides links to Jeff and Wayde for Theodore Kaczynski's short story that inspired Ship Of Fools, and his so-called Unabomber Manifesto, also known as "Industrial Society and Its Future."

Jan 3, 2012: Jeff and Wayde discuss custom-made guitar options. Wayde uploads new More Than A Dream bundle file with his solos.

Jan 2, 2012: Jeff's excellent-sounding bass (Mike Lull bass with J-bass style single coil pickups) on Fight The Good Fight is discussed. Nick is not happy with portions of his Fight The Good Fight vocals. Nick creates a superior replacement for the "bundle status" page and names it the "CAT project file status" page; this one provides an at-a-glance summation of the stage of development of all CAT songs, utilizing an easy to read, color-coded system for demarcating each stage.

Jan 1, 2012: Jeff and Wayde solo options for Fight The Good Fight, Blood On Your Hands, and Crazy Where I've Been. Jeff uploads new mix and bundle file for Fight The Good Fight.

Dec 31, 2011: The guys all wish each other a safe and happy New Year's Eve. Nick grumbles some more about the latest indignities visited upon the masses by the rich. Nick hears his niece Reinanda sing at a New Year's party, and is impressed by her power.

Dec 30, 2011: The guys discuss arrangement options for That's All Right. They also talk about how physical CDs seem to be becoming a thing of the past, in terms of music delivery.

Dec 29, 2011: Wayde decides to blast out all remaining solos over the weekend. This includes writing some harmony guitar parts for Jeff to play on some of the solos.

Dec 28, 2011: The guys ponder the success of Louis CK, who sold a live performance recording at a very low price to somewhat thwart digital theft.

Dec 27, 2011: New modem comes in; CAT server back online. Jeff uploads the new mix files and bundle file for More Than A Dream.

Dec 26, 2011: Wayde's landlords jack up his rent, and he starts looking for a new place. Nick is highly disappointed in the greedy behavior of Netflix.

Dec 25, 2011: The guys all wish each other and their families Merry Christmas.

Dec 23, 2011: Wayde orders a new modem from Century Link. Jeff gets his guitar parts re-recorded for Fight the Good Fight, and also adds a acoustic guitar at the bridge intro, and chunky guitar in various places to make it heavier. Jeff begins learning the rhythm guitar parts for Roll That Stone and No Umbrella. He also plans on making videos for Wayde on how he plays his parts on his songs.

Dec 22, 2011: Jeff buys latest Steven Slate Drum samples for improved cymbals. He also buys a Breedlove C25/CRe-H acoustic guitar for parts in Fight The Good Fight and Vampire Desire.

Dec 21, 2011: Century Link resets Wayde's modem due to faulty firmware; CAT server still offline.

Dec 19, 2011: Jeff produces new mixes and bundle file for More Than A Dream, and Wayde starts working on his solo for it. Jeff makes a list of start and end times for the solos Wayde is to play on the songs Jeff brought into the project.

Dec 17, 2011: Wayde takes CAT server offline to move it to another location.

Dec 16, 2011: Nick's full vocal range has finally returned, post flu attack.

Dec 15, 2011: Jeff and Wayde discuss their favorite aspects of guitar parts, including neck thickness, and body and neck wood. Jeff decides to return his SG, due to imperfections. Jeff considers ordering a 7-string Carvin instead.

Dec 14, 2011: Jeff receives his new SG, and loves it.

Dec 13, 2011: Wayde and Nick talk about Roller Derby.

Dec 12, 2011: Jeff orders a black, 24-fret Gibson SG.

Dec 11, 2011: Wayde and Nick are very happy with Jeff's mix for Roll That Stone. Jeff and Wayde discuss Line-6 Pod HD presets. Wayde spots himself in the audience of a couple of Mr. Big YouTube videos.

Dec 9, 2011: CAT agrees that they are all willing to pitch in some healthy dollars at professional artwork.

Dec 7, 2011: Jeff uploads new mix files for Roll That Stone, including a Sonitus workaround for Nick's version of Sonar. CAT discusses logos and artwork for the project.

Dec 5, 2011: Heather Beckman agrees to being the official photographer for the MTAD video project.

Dec 1, 2011: Alexander Sertic contacts Nick about pending video shoot. Wayde works on Roll That Stone rhythm guitar parts and solos, including creating tabs for all his parts. Jeff agrees to make some how-to videos of his rhythm parts for the songs he introduced to the CAT project.

Nov 30, 2011: Jeff works on Nick's vocals and drum sound triggering for Roll That Stone.

Nov 28, 2011: Jeff checks out Nick's blog (Sponge Freddie Speaks). Jeff also receives Nick's manuscript for the unpublished The Mantis in the mail.

Nov 27, 2011: Nick's bad cold turns out to be the flu, something he hasn't had in years.

Nov 24, 2011: CAT members wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 22, 2011: Wayde considers geographically relocating to Nick's neck of the woods.

Nov 21, 2011: CAT discusses the meticulous nature of well-done remixes. CAT has a good laugh about the latest "death of the PC" propaganda.

Nov 20, 2011: Wayde agrees that the lyrical topics in the CAT project pretty much cover the gamut. Jeff confirms that Nick's recording levels are five by five. Jeff working on mix for More Than A Dream. During the project file import process, Jeff discovers that Wayde had re-recorded all of his parts for Roll That Stone, including drum sequences. Nick comes down with a bad cold.

Nov 19, 2011: Wayde continues jamming to all CAT songs in order to formulate cool solo ideas. Wayde also takes down server for 24 hours in order to install additional RAM. Jeff continues working on songs mentioned on November 18th. Entire band agrees to use Steven Slate Drum samples for all songs, to establish continuity in sound. Jeff discusses his use of Pro Channel in Sonar. Jeff also requests that Nick bump his levels up a bit during vocal recording. Wayde shares a photo of the CAT server (Dell PowerEdge 1850 - Running VMware ESXi 3.5 - VM server is Microsoft Server 2003 R2 SP2); his preference is Linux, but wants to see how easy it was to setup FTP on a Windows server. Jeff downloads Roll That Stone bundle. Jeff's replacement Wechter acoustic guitar fails horribly; he decides to send it back. Jeff mentions his use of Ozone 4, but also his intention to upgrade to 5 Pro.

Nov 18, 2011: Nick finishes and uploads the background vocals for More Than A Dream. Jeff incorporates new vocals for More Than A Dream from Nick into mix, creates new bundle file, works on both Roll That Stone and Fight The Good Fight.

Nov 17, 2011: Nick sends his niece Reinanda an email, checking on her progress with practicing her CAT background vocals.

Nov 16, 2011: Wayde uploads first version of CAT web site to host server for testing.

Nov 15, 2011: Jeff sets up login information for Wayde and Nick, for the GoDaddy admin interface (for the CAT web site).

Nov 14, 2011: Wayde shares his Facebook page with Jeff and Nick, to demonstrate how effective Facebook can be as a redirect to the CAT web site.

Nov 13, 2011: Jeff sends a copy of a Facebook marketing document to Wayde and Nick.

Nov 12, 2011: Jeff does an intensive survey of several rock star vocalists, to examine how the producers processed the vocals, as well as whether or not the vocals were single or double-tracked.

Nov 9, 2011: Wayde installs new hard drive in the Dell PowerEdge 1850, and decides to go with Windows Server 2003.

Nov 8, 2011: Wayde expresses his thoughts in a rare rant about militant gay organizations, bible beaters, galactic physics, the origin of life, religious fundamentalists, gay marriage, flying saucers and aliens.

Nov 7, 2011: Jeff and Wayde discuss and consider Prominy V-METAL software. Jeff creates two distorted guitar sounds to use for Fight The Good Fight.

Nov 5, 2011: CAT decides on the 16:9 form factor for their videos, due to that being the most used format on YouTube.

Nov 4, 2011: Nick requests that both Jeff and Wayde go solo-crazy and pull out all the stops with their guitar work in That's All Right. Jeff explores Jango's statistical features more closely.

Nov 3, 2011: Due to horrible upload and download speeds from CenturyLink, Wayde contemplates using Cox for the CAT server ISP. Hosting at home turns out to be a better option than using a hosting service.

Nov 1, 2011: Jeff tries out the Jango service for his solo project release. Due to a failed SCSI drive on the new CAT server, Wayde temporarily creates an FTP server on his own personal computer (AMD Quad Core 64-bit, 8GB RAM), running Server 2008 R2 Standard, until he can purchase a new 300GB drive. When the new drive is installed in the new server (Dell PowerEdge 1850), it will of course be running Linux (Red Hat).

Oct 31, 2011: Jeff's back almost returned to normal.

Oct 29, 2011: Jeff creates some pictures of the CAT project (in Sonar) for CAT web site.

Oct 28, 2011: Jeff already beginning to feel better.

Oct 27, 2011: Jeff goes to doctor for his back.

Oct 25, 2011: Jeff severely hurts his back. Wayde finishes rhythm guitar, bass, solos, and completely revamps drums for Roll That Stone.

Oct 22, 2011: Wayde buys Wobble software. Jeff and Nick discuss vocal engineering for CAT music. Nick does more in depth research into the vocal processing techniques used for artists he admires.

Oct 21, 2011: Talks continue regarding Taxi commercial licensing options. Wayde does some experimental dubstep mixing. Jeff and Wayde discuss the possibility of acquiring SONiVOX Wobble. Nick decides to try connecting his keyboard to his Firebox to record some experimental music in Sonar.

Oct 19, 2011: Wayde cancels his Hostgator account, and moves the CAT files to his home FTP server. Wayde also working on the CAT web site, and bass and lead guitar parts for Roll That Stone. Jeff makes the decision to convert all future raw CAT video footage from high resolution interlaced to 24fps progressive. Jeff starts researching additional music and video editing options.

Oct 18, 2011: Both Alexander Sertic and Desirae Diestler are confirmed to be the principle actors in CAT's first scheduled video, for the song More Than A Dream. Nick discovers that the Facebook page he created for CAT must be dumped, as he mistakenly made an individual page instead of a band page.

Oct 17, 2011: Wayde decides on a slim web site concept to exclusively concentrate on band members and promote CAT's music only, due to many other band sites being too cluttered or too simple. Each band member's self-promotion will occur on their bio page only, and perhaps the Links page. Jeff adds a couple of chunky parts on bass for Fight The Good Fight.

Oct 16, 2011: Intro arrangement to In The Stars discussed.

Oct 12, 2011: Domain for CAT web site goes live. CAT decides on economy package with Go Daddy hosting service. Jeff decides to pay for hosting, Wayde decides to provide creative and administrative resources, and Nick decides to compose and maintain most of the content. Nick submits a new audition for the Queen Extravaganza, this time with musical accompaniment, and they accept it.

Oct 11, 2011: Wayde finishing up FTP server config for new CAT server. Wayde working on template for Band page of CAT web site. Nick finishes writing band history for CAT web site.

Oct 10, 2011: Jeff and Nick review a lot of popular rock songs to come to a decision regarding how best to arrange the vocals for CAT songs. Also being discussed is the possibility of releasing multiple mixes of each song to the public.

Oct 7, 2011: The Queen Extravaganza contest committee tell Nick they can't accept his audition because he must play the provided music while singing. Nick says to heck with the contest and uploads his audition to YouTube instead.

Oct 6, 2011: Wayde acquires the Dell PowerEdge 1850 server and installs CentOS 6, replacing the former CAT file server with a more powerful unit. Nick creates a page on his personal domain with links to the lyrics of all the songs in the CAT project. Nick finds a video converter online that will convert the video audition to a useable format, and submits his audition.

Oct 5, 2011: Nick records his video audition for the Queen Extravaganza, a cappella. Nick realizes he doesn't have software to convert the proprietary file format to one that the contest committee will accept.

Oct 4, 2011: Wayde does some tweaking to the CSS for the CAT web site. Nick decides to trash his current background arrangements on More Than A Dream, and start over again with new ideas. Nick creates a simple home page that links to the CAT web site. Nick starts working on new arrangements for his MTAD background vocals. Nick's brother loans him a video camera to use for his Queen Extravaganza audition.

Oct 3, 2011: Jeff uploads two new snare mixes (More Than A Dream) to CAT server, as well as new bundle file. Effects rendering for lead and background vocals are discussed. Nick doesn't like how all his background vocals came out on MTAD, once he hears Jeff's rough mix. Nick asks Jeff and Wayde for several different details regarding their musical history, in order to start writing the band history for the CAT web site. CAT also discusses the possibility of utilizing Taxi listings.

Oct 2, 2011: CAT discusses ways to compliment the lead vocals with instrumentation, and possible ways to arrange the background vocals. Jeff plans on two different drum mixes for More Than A Dream; he reviews more than twenty different snare drums to arrive at his choices.

Oct 1, 2011: Jeff completed bass track for Fight The Good Fight, his Fishman Aura pedal arrives, and he's warming up his voice to start recording background vocals. Wayde offers to add an mp3 player to the CAT web site. Jeff proposes creating some 15 second audio clips of CAT songs in their current state as teasers.

Sep 29, 2011: Wayde buys a Dell PowerEdge 1850 server so he can host his own dedicated FTP site again, as a more affordable alternative to paying monthly to use a third party maintained server for the CAT server. Jeff uploads music equipment graphics for Wayde to put in the CAT web site. Jeff shares his press kit again with Nick, for Nick's compositional urges.

Sep 28, 2011: Nick records and uploads background vocals for More Than A Dream. Wayde still saving money to move his remaining belongings from Colorado to his current state of residence. Wayde and Jeff continue to discuss the best way to share files throughout the CAT project. Wayde is recording guitar for Heaven.

Sep 27, 2011: Wayde quits the Melodic Death Metal band he was in, because their member communication was too sparse. Jeff continuing to work on the bass line for Fight The Good Fight. Wayde proposes a possibly better scheme for CAT's file trading activities. Jeff discusses his bass setup, which includes a tuner, a Tech 21 Bass DI, and the sound card, maple fret boards and single coil Fender Jazz style pickups. Wayde considers getting some of Jeff's bass equipment to improve his own bass sound, and also thinks about buying some stainless steel bass strings. Jeff asks Nick if he'd like to play bass live again when CAT gets back onstage at some point; Nick declines, as it would severely stifle his natural kinetics.

Sep 26, 2011: Nick tells the guys that he's considering entering the Queen Extravaganza contest, but doesn't have a video camera. Jeff offers to loan his for this purpose.

Sep 25, 2011: Wayde suggests they leave Roll That Stone in the key of E flat, and Jeff and Nick agree. Nick composes a first press release for the CAT web site.

Sep 24, 2011: The guys discuss whether or not to include Twitter in the CAT social networking structure. Jeff posts a list of his personal 'favorites' for the CAT web site, as well as a complete list of gear he's using during the recording process. Nick has a major scare when his NTK microphone get accidentally knocked off the dining table onto the hardwood floor; fortunately, it still worked afterwards.

Sep 23, 2011: Wayde adds more features to the CAT web site and uploads the latest version, as well as providing a list of content that needs to be added to the site, including all three members' musical/personal bios. Wayde also opens a discussion on how the Band page should display pictures and bios; the page currently opens up an individual bio when that member's picture is clicked on. Nick composes his bio for the site, as well as the blurb for the main page.

Sep 22, 2011: Jeff provides his press kit to Nick, so Nick can see an example of something that already works for promotional purposes. Jeff suggests for the creation of any CAT merchandise. Wayde discusses some of his plans for the technical structure of the CAT web site. Wayde proposes that all CAT members include a list of their favorite things in their own personal bios. Jeff comments that music companies prefer to work with non-crazy people. Wayde finishes getting the web site main template spliced and linked, using iFrames, and begins working on the table structures. A friend of Nick's tells him about the Queen Extravaganza contest.

Sep 21, 2011: Jeff looks at another music library publisher at Wayde uploads the first version of the CAT web site, and asks Jeff and Nick for any ideas they may have to enhance the site. Wayde and Nick discuss HD video cameras.

Sep 18, 2011: Lux Drummerette's musicianship impresses Wayde.

Sep 17, 2011: Jeff uploads a new bundle file and mp3 mix for Blood On Your Hands, as well as a new bundle file for Crazy Where I've Been. Jeff also uploads his pictures for the CAT web site. Jeff currently learning the bass line for Fight The Good Fight.

Sep 15, 2011: Wayde is starting to come up with a theme for the CAT web site. Nick re-posts a list of administrative things that CAT needs to attend to before their first release.

Sep 14, 2011: Jeff plans on borrowing his father's acoustic 12-string guitar for some of CAT's songs.

Sep 13, 2011: Wayde has never liked 3-way of 5-way switches, so he's been replacing the tone pots with 3-way toggle switches on his Ibanez and Schecter C1+ guitars. Nick comes up with a new vocal arrangement for the pre-chorus of No Umbrella, never having really liked his original arrangement for that section.

Sep 10, 2011: Jeff discovers that all members of CAT were added to the Encyclopaedia Metallum at This comes as a surprise to the guys because they have no idea who added the information (a user named apokalyptika). Wayde uploads his how-to videos to the CAT server for Roll That Stone and No Umbrella. Wayde and Nick wish Jeff and his wife a Happy Anniversary.

Sep 9, 2011: Jeff shares his current plans for things he needs to do in the CAT project. Wayde creating how-to-play videos for No Umbrella and Roll That Stone. Wayde also creates accounts for Jeff and Nick on his music server.

Sep 8, 2011: Jeff uploads a new mp3 mix of Ship Of Fools, with real bass instead of midi. Jeff uses the 1176 limiter emulation and other processing on the vocal tracks and bass track as well.

Sep 7, 2011: Jeff considers buying a Eastwood CLASSIC 12 Guitar, to play layered parts in some CAT songs, such as Vampire Desire.

Sep 6, 2011: The guys discuss possible CAT merchandise again.

Sep 4, 2011: Jeff sells his Wechter Nashville tuned acoustic guitar on eBay. Wayde buys a new car. Nick and Wayde discuss the real significance of Black Sabbath's lyrics.

Sep 2, 2011: Jeff finishes Duke Nukem Forever. Jeff lists four of his guitars on eBay. The guys discuss the US government's bogus raids on Gibson's warehouse due to alleged use of "protected" wood.

Aug 31, 2011: Wayde changes employers. Wayde reveals that he uses stainless steel strings on all his guitars.

Aug 30, 2011: Jeff considers having a violin double the guitar solo in Crazy Where I've Been.

Aug 27, 2011: The guys decide unanimously that the only good option for the 2012 presidential election is Kirk/Spock of the Federation Party.

Aug 25, 2011: Jeff hooks up his bass and rehearses the bass line for Ship Of Fools.

Aug 22, 2011: Nick's trip to the doctor today nets him a nice new boot cast, which not only allows him to shed the crutches, but also allows him to stand again; thus he is free to record vocals again.

Aug 18, 2011: Jeff finds out his treatment options for his ailing dog. Jeff also has been working on his guitar arrangement for Fight The Good Fight.

Aug 16, 2011: The guys all discuss their favorite video games, and how gaming has become a legitimate sport, with its own Olympics, called the World Cyber Games. Nick refuses to buy Starcraft II because of its deliberate omission of a LAN option in multiplayer.

Aug 15, 2011: Jeff is pleased that the most recent Sonar X1 update returns the piano roll behavior he liked in Sonar 8x. Due to his forced respite from recording, Nick discovers GameHorder on YouTube, king of the Let's Play entertainment format.

Aug 12, 2011: Nick receives an email from one of his personal heroes, Ken Silverman.

Aug 11, 2011: Jeff considers buying back his father's long lost Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe, after he finds out where it ended up.

Aug 9, 2011: Due to his forced respite from recording, Nick discovers Rasputina on YouTube.

Aug 8, 2011: Nick goes to the doctor for x-rays of his toe, and gets crutches and no less than two weeks off from work for his trouble. Nick's preference for standing while singing means any vocals are also delayed by this event.

Aug 7, 2011: Nick accidentally breaks the baby toe on his right foot, at the third bone in (the proximal phalange). The guys discuss the possibility that Mars once had water.

Aug 6, 2011: Jeff's 11-year-old dog has surgery.

Aug 4, 2011: Jeff works on keeper bass track for Ship Of Fools. Wayde becomes fascinated with flash mobs after witnessing several at a local market.

Aug 3, 2011: Jeff uploads an new bundle file and mp3 mix for Roll That Stone.

Aug 1, 2011: Inspired by Jeff's to-do list, Nick posts his own.

Jul 31, 2011: Jeff posts his 'to do' list for the CAT project, detailing everything he has to do for the near future in the CAT project; it's a long list.

Jul 29, 2011: Nick experiences some royalty-reporting discrepancies with CDBaby, in regard to an account he and Bill D'luhosh share for their CD "Red and Black."

Jul 28, 2011: Wayde finds out that Mr. Big will be playing three miles from him, and plans to attend the show. Jeff uploads a new bundle file for Fight The Good Fight. Jeff adds a fourth spring to his Carvin Walnut V with a brass L-block, and likes it so much he considers five springs. Jeff also puts stainless steel screws on the locking nut, to resist corrosion. Wayde put four springs on his Jackson 7-string and in his ESP LTD.

Jul 26, 2011: Jeff's solo project earns $17.00 from Sounddogs; Jeff celebrates by buying 3 packs of guitar strings and a Pepsi. The guys discuss the possibility of writing commercial jingles or movie themes at some point, not as CAT, but just for extra revenue.

Jul 24, 2011: Jeff uploads a new bundle file and mp3 mix for Your Future Lies In The Stars. Wayde finishes uploading the last of the CAT files to the FTP server.

Jul 22, 2011: Wayde begins uploading all the CAT files to the FTP server.

Jul 20, 2011: Jeff has had a bad cold for the past week, and his work has been very stressful as well, interrupting his usual enjoyment of music-making. CAT FTP site is back online. Nick comes up with an idea for a video for That's All Right, which would feature a montage of pictures of corrupt CEOs and other greedy miscreants.

Jul 19, 2011: The guys continue to discuss what are the best HD video cameras for the CAT project.

Jul 17, 2011: Wayde prepares the FTP server, which will be a Virtual Private Server through HostGator. Wayde also creates a checkout sheet for the band to use so everyone knows who is working on what, and when. Jeff finishes his rhythm guitar parts for Your Future Lies In The Stars.

Jul 16, 2011: Heaven and Your Future Lies In The Stars are officially changed to "More Than A Dream" and "In The Stars." Alex Sertic, a coworker of Nick's, agrees to star in the video for More Than A Dream. Nick begins work on the screenplay. The guys all consider buying their own HD video cameras to shoot footage for the CAT videos in their respective hometowns.

Jul 15, 2011: Nick creates CAT accounts for Facebook, Myspace and YouTube, and posts the login information for Jeff and Wayde.

Jul 14, 2011: As of today, there are rough mixes with lead vocals for all eleven songs in the CAT project. Jeff proposes that CAT change the name of Heaven, in order to differentiate it from the Warrant song of the same name. Inspired by Jeff's suggestion to change Heaven's name, Nick suggests they change the name of Your Future Lies In The Stars to "In The Stars" for aesthetic reasons. Nick shares the song order he uses for his CAT rough mix CDs. Also inspired by Jeff's suggestion regarding Heaven, Nick proposes two different new names for the song: "More Than A Dream" and "Far Away From Here."

Jul 13, 2011: While trying to fall asleep, Nick suddenly realizes that the song Heaven is a perfect candidate for CAT's first video; he formulates the entire story in a few minutes and gets out of bed to email Jeff and Wayde about it. Wayde passes his HDI Desktop Support Technician and Support Center Analyst with flying colors, and signs up for two Microsoft certification exams. The guys discuss particulars regarding shooting live footage for their CAT videos, and Jeff offers up some great pointers on how to make the process the most productive. Jeff sends Wayde some pictures of himself for the CAT web site. Jeff uploads a new mix for Ship Of Fools, with Nick's vocals. Jeff notes that the keyboards are missing from the mix because the Quantum Leap Play VST soft synth does not play nice with the Teutonic Native Instruments VST soft synth in Windows. Later in the day, Nick uploads a large list of possible scenes for the proposed Heaven video. The guys get excited about the idea of all three of them shooting their performance footage in local graveyards, which is extra cool as they all live in different states.

Jun 11, 2011: Nick re-uploads the Ship Of Fools bundle file with his vocals on it, due to the original file going missing from the CAT server.

Jul 10, 2011: Jeff accepts the invitation to do the editing for CAT videos, and adds that his father, who is a professional cinematographer, can help out with valuable suggestions. Nick resolves to try and pick a CAT song that is most suited for a simple video production with live actors. A coworker of Nick's looks like a Disney hero, and Nick gets the idea of hiring him to be an actor in a future CAT video.

Jul 9, 2011: Jeff suggests the possibility of using live actors in a CAT conceptual video. Wayde encounters some problems setting up a home FTP server, and considers setting up a Virtual Private Server hosting scheme.

Jul 8, 2011: Wayde has all his email back online and is working on a new FTP site that will be hosted by him, and takes the FTP server down for testing.

Jul 4, 2011: Jeff 90% done with his parts for Future.

Jul 1, 2011: Wayde starts looking for a different service provider for the CAT FTP site. Due to the disappointments with trying to find animators for Vampire Desire, the guys start reconsidering their video options.

Jun 30, 2011: Wayde has some ideas for the CAT web site and again requests photos from both Jeff and Nick to use in it. Nick uploads 12 photos from his session with Heather Beckman. Jeff considers buying Duke Nukem Forever. Wayde runs into problems with IPower, who claim that although his contract includes unlimited bandwidth, data, disk space and email accounts, he's now in violation of his agreement, since his supposedly "unlimited" bandwidth usage is in excess of a "normal" user. So basically, their claim to provide unlimited use for 'X' dollars turns out to be a false advertisement. Jeff and Nick both offer to use their own personal hosted web sites for the CAT server.

Jun 29, 2011: Jeff considers cutting up, mangling, distorting, and adding delays to Nick's ending vocals in Devil In Disguise. Jeff suggests that he can point the domain at Wayde's FTP server. Jeff is getting bored with Call of Duty Black Ops.

Jun 28, 2011: Nick commissions photographer Heather Beckman to shoot him for his CAT web site pictures. Nick adds more information and dubs the check in/out web page the "bundle status" page. Nick offers to create the Facebook, Myspace and YouTube accounts for CAT.

Jun 27, 2011: Jeff uploads a new bundle file for Your Future Lies In The Stars, and a new mix for Fight The Good Fight. As per Wayde's suggestion, Nick creates and uploads an updateable web page for Sonar bundle file checking in/out, for the band to use to keep track of which files are being updated and when. Nick extols the joys of DOSBox. Nick's copy of Duke Nukem Forever arrives today.

Jun 26, 2011: Jeff uploads another new mix of Your Future Lies In The Stars, with some eq, distortion and compression on the lead vocal. Wayde reorders the CAT ftp site, and proposes a "check in/check out" system for the bundle files.

Jun 25, 2011: Nick finishes the vocals for Fight The Good Fight and uploads them. Jeff uploads a new mix of Your Future Lies In The Stars.

Jun 24, 2011: Due to other obligations and anticipation of the demands of her pending school year, Alex Boatman bows out of her involvement with the animated CAT video for Vampire Desire. Jeff shares what he knows about Jim Beseda, as Nick never really knew what caused him to pass away. Jon Kalin, an accomplished Pacific Northwest artist, and longtime friend of Nick, shares an idea for a CAT logo.

Jun 22, 2011: Jeff opens a discussion about possibly creating a Wiki page for CAT at some point. Nick opens a discussion about which social networking sites CAT should plan on using for promotion.

Jun 20, 2011: Jeff does some tweaking to the hi-hat and overall mix to Your Future Lies In The Stars, including a low pass filter and frequency alterations to the guitars. Jeff approves of Sonar's X1, but is irritated with a few changes they made to the user tools and interface. The guys discuss possible future integration for the CAT project of Sonar into Pro Tools. They also discuss the groundless stigma music production suites like Sonar acquire, and the relative lionization of Pro Tools, when Sonar not only is comparable, but has some cool features that Pro Tools doesn't. Jeff shares some instrument definitions for the SSD kit and ToonTrack with Wayde. In the spirit of the Pro Tools and Sonar comparisons, Nick and Wayde heartily scoff at Apple computers, as compared to PCs running Linux.

Jun 18, 2011: Wayde and Jeff discuss Pro Tools. Jeff decides to try Taxi again for some of his solo project compositions; he also plans to keep his eyes open for any Taxi listings that sound like they might be suited to CAT songs. Wayde upgrades his Sonar to X1, and ponders purchasing Pro Tools 9 later in the year.

Jun 17, 2011: Nick makes adjustments to his vocal arrangement in No Umbrella.

Jun 16, 2011: Wayde has his Technical Death Metal project almost together. Wayde also getting a little bogged down by being in two other projects besides CAT; the third being a Melodic Death Metal band called Sky Burial. Jeff uploads new bundle file and mix for No Umbrella, new mix for Fight The Good Fight, and a new bundle file for Crazy Where I've Been.

Jun 15, 2011: Jeff makes plans to eventually buy Axe FX II.

Jun 14, 2011: Nick and Jeff are both happy about the US release of Duke Nukem Forever. Jeff and Nick discuss the possibility of a montage of still pictures for their first video. Jeff still under the weather for the second week running. Jeff and Nick discuss possible ways to process the lead vocals in No Umbrella. Jeff reveals that he added strings to Crazy Where I've Been, and has been tweaking the EQ on each track, removing any frequency buildups. Jeff also shares a million and one ways he uses effects and other technical parameters in Sonar to get just the right sound. The temperature where Wayde lives gets up to 104 degrees. Nick proposes a new ending for Fight The Good Fight.

Jun 13, 2011: CAT talks continue regarding how to end Fight The Good Fight.

Jun 11, 2011: Nick records the new lead vocal part for the third verse and chorus in Blood On Your Hands; he also finishes the lead vocals for No Umbrella, and uploads both songs to the CAT server.

Jun 10, 2011: Nick hears one of Wayde's solo project songs for the first time, called "Welcome to the 21st Century," and is blown away.

Jun 5, 2011: Jeff opens a discussion about how to arrange the CAT version of Fight The Good Fight, in particular the ending.

Jun 3, 2011: Nick leaves for a trip to Washington State.

Jun 2, 2011: Jeff uploads three new mixes, for Blood On Your Hands, Crazy Where I've Been, and Devil In Disguise.

Jun 1, 2011: Nick writes to Guy Ben Shetrit, to praise him for his work in Eatliz.

May 27, 2011: Nick ponders resurrecting a concept album he wrote the lyrics for in 2003, called "number." He asks Jeff and Wayde if they'd be interested in working on it with him after the CAT project is done, and they both say yes.

May 26, 2011: As per Jeff's request, Nick adds a third verse lyric to Blood On Your Hands.

May 25, 2011: Jeff finds some excellent mechanical cat pictures online. Wayde finishes his rhythm guitar parts for Roll That Stone with his ESP, and decides to re-record the bass parts. Nick stares in horror as the temperature gauge on his computer suddenly start rising; all the way to 75 degrees Celsius before he manages to shut it down and blow the dust out of the CPU and case.

May 24, 2011: Jeff uploads two new bundle files, for Blood On Your Hands and Roll That Stone, and opens discussion about vocal arrangements around the third verse. Wayde buys two new hard drives and revamps his system for better performance.

May 21, 2011: Nick records the lead vocals for Ship Of Fools, and uploads them, sans the bridge vocals, which he feels aren't ready yet. Jeff uploads a new bundle file and mix for Heaven, with Nick's lead vocal, low-level strings, drum fills, ghost notes on hi-hat and other drum ornamentation. Jeff also uploads new bundle file for No Umbrella.

May 20, 2011: Nick and Wayde discuss Wireshark and Ethereal. Nick consolidates all previous ideas regarding band promotion into one list, and posts it.

May 19, 2011: Nick uploads the finished lead vocal for Heaven, despite the fact that his neighbor was operating a chainsaw while Nick was recording. Jeff uploads new bundle file for Ship Of Fools. Jeff has some keyboard ideas for the beginning of Heaven, and opens a discussion regarding the instrumental dynamics of where the first verse goes into the first chorus. The band discusses methods of proliferating their music when the project is done. Jeff culls some excellent female vampire pictures from the Internet to illustrate his ideas for the lead character in the Vampire Desire animated video. The guys discuss eventually streaming their songs from the CAT web site. Jeff experiments with his solo project logo. Nick offers to write the bios for Jeff and Wayde, if they wish. Nick considers asking his nephew Brandon to produce a simple logo for the band.

May 18, 2011: Due to an earlier email from Alex Boatman regarding an animated video on YouTube called "Hey," Nick is inadvertently introduced to Eatliz, a music project he immediately recognizes as brilliant.

May 17, 2011: Jeff uploads new bundle file for Heaven; the guitar parts sound great with no crackles or pops. Wayde decides to re-record his chorus rhythm parts in Heaven. Wayde explains to Nick how to install Kontakt 4 player for the SSD.

May 16, 2011: Wayde recommends ToonTrack's EZDrummer with Drums from Hell add-on, and Steven Slate Drums to Nick. Jeff still under the weather. Wayde is dialing in tones and making sure his system is working correctly for recording, as well as making instructional videos for YouTube.

May 15, 2011: Nick finishes the lead vocals for Blood On Your Hands, and uploads the bundle file, along with a few more adjustments to the lyrics. Wayde uploads new bundle file for Heaven, with re-recorded rhythms, including clean guitar, after having found a clean tone he likes.

May 12, 2011: Jeff uploads new bundle file and mp3 mix for Heaven, with concerns regarding some clicks that he can't remove with his studio tools. Wayde decides not to go see one of his all-time favorite bands (Loudness) play live, because he heard they don't play solos anymore and only play their grungy songs.

May 10, 2011: Jeff receives his first payment in commercial licensing for one of his songs, "Cornfed."

May 9, 2011: Jeff finishes editing .wav files for Devil In Disguise, and uploads the new bundle file, along with new mp3 mix. He makes several changes, including some pickup notes between drum fill and first guitar chord, harmonized part over intro, clean guitar chord hits, and scratch solo. Jeff abandons his clean guitar experiments with Heaven. Alex Boatman responds with interest regarding the animation for Vampire Desire.

May 8, 2011: Jeff and Wayde discuss their different drum maps. Jeff applauds Peavey's lawsuit against Behringer, for Behringer ruining Mackie, and putting so many musicians out of work.

May 7, 2011: Nick finishes the lead vocals for Your Future Lies In The Stars, and uploads them to the CAT server. Jeff falls ill with a fever, and several police cars show up in front of his house. Jeff updates the Steven Slate drum kit preset to include two new crash cymbals.

May 6, 2011: Wayde uploads Roll That Stone to the CAT server. Nick contacts Alex Boatman, a friend of a friend and student at Ringling College, about possibly doing the animation for the Vampire Desire video.

May 5, 2011: Jeff's drum module kick drum input breaks. The guys discuss the unfortunate reality of people downloading music without compensating the artists.

May 4, 2011: Jeff finds the first instance of Spank Your Inner Monkey on a torrent without his permission. Nick and Wayde discuss beefing up the vocal chorus on Roll That Stone.

May 3, 2011: Wayde finishes rhythm guitars for Roll That Stone; he adds eight more measures of differently played chorus chords near the end, and suggests that Nick double-track his lead vocals in the choruses.

May 1, 2011: Due to no return calls or messages for quite some time, Nick decides to drop Brandon from the animation project and seek another artist.

Apr 30, 2011: Jeff uploads several pictures of his recording studio, and finishes his distorted guitar rhythm tracks for Heaven.

Apr 29, 2011: Jeff continuing to work on his parts for Heaven and Your Future Lies In The Stars. Jeff plans on adding delayed clean guitar to Heaven, and considers some acoustic strumming in different places. Jeff and Wayde discuss Wayde's percussive muting playing technique. Wayde makes a video of himself playing Heaven and Your Future Lies In The Stars, and uploads them for Jeff to reference.

Apr 28, 2011: Wayde works on guitars and bass for Roll That Stone, using the ESP and the Floyd Rose tremelo. Jeff ditches the acoustic guitar intro to Fight The Good Fight. Nick uploads pictures of his man-cave and vocal studio.

Apr 27, 2011: Jeff finishes up his rhythm guitar tracks for Devil In Disguise. Jeff also comes up with a ton of ideas for DID. Jeff plans to double the clean parts on his Nashville tuned acoustic guitar for Vampire Desire. Wayde fixes his chorus rhythm guitars for No Umbrella, and records the final bass track, finishing all his rhythm tracks for the song, and uploads it to the CAT server.

Apr 26, 2011: Wayde finishes the rhythm guitar tracks to No Umbrella, and uploads a picture of his home studio. The first person to purchase Jeff's new solo CD online is someone from England.

Apr 25, 2011: Jeff is 90% finished with keeper guitar rhythm tracks for Devil In Disguise. The guys discuss their standards for future CAT video quality. Nick discovers the secret of musical success: be produced by Poofy Diddler or feature Lutefisk on your song.

Apr 24, 2011: Jeff sends copies of Spank Your Inner Monkey to both Wayde and Nick.

Apr 23, 2011: Wayde is using his ESP of Doom for his rhythm guitar tracks, his Ibanez once in a while for solos or heavy guitar tracks, and both of his Schecters for his Technical Death Metal project. Wayde asks Jeff and Nick for pictures for the CAT web site. Nick is still so ill that he has to cancel on going to a special Easter dinner.

Apr 22, 2011: Wayde finishes his new personal web site, Jeff finishes his keeper guitar rhythm tracks for Ship Of Fools.

Apr 20, 2011: Jeff's solo CD "Spank Your Inner Monkey" is now online at Wayde and Nick congratulate Jeff on his achievement. Wayde uploads a bundle file for Heaven with his new tracks, but isn't happy with the clean guitars yet. Wayde considers buying an acoustic guitar to record the clean guitar parts. Jeff enjoys himself playing with his new HD500 until 2am. Nick is still sick and unable to sing well enough to record.

Apr 19, 2011: Jeff's HD 500 is DOA, and he exchanges it at Guitar Center for a working one.

Apr 18, 2011: Jeff picks up his Pod HD 500 from Guitar Center. Wayde finishes recording the rhythm guitars for Heaven with his own HD 500. Wayde searches for the right clean guitar sound and bass sound for Heaven.

Apr 16, 2011: Nick hears about the death of Alice In Chains' initial bass player Mike Starr, who was once in a band with him back in 1981/82, called Leadfoot.

Apr 15, 2011: Jeff runs his Pod Farm through his new computer and plays Fight The Good Fight for about half an hour. Jeff orders a Pod HD 500. Jeff loads Acronis on the DAW and does a full OS drive backup onto a separate drive. Jeff falls in love with some PRS guitars at Guitar Center, and considers buying one. Wayde confirms his already existing love for PRS guitars. Wayde likes his Pod HD 500, runs s/pdif at 24bit/44.1KHz, and plans to record Heaven with it.

Apr 14, 2011: Jeff gets his new computer up and running, despite the case and power supply issues. Jeff considers a custom heat sink, as well as several BIOS and motherboard settings. Two of the hard drives are not functioning as expected. Jeff plans to use his current tone to record all the rest of his CAT rhythm parts, and use his Pod HD for the lead tones. Jeff experiments with narrow EQ notches, reducing fizz sounds in the Line 6 gear.

Apr 13, 2011: Jeff's new computer parts arrive. The power supply won't fit in his previous rack mount case. Wayde and Nick offer some suggestions for cases and power supplies.

Apr 12, 2011: The guys discuss the excessive reach and overly aggressive behavior of the Universal Music Group. They decide that any management company they associate with can't be so obviously driven by greed.

Apr 11, 2011: Jeff has a vivid dream, and asks Nick if he'd be interested in recording an unplugged version of Red Barchetta when the CAT project is finished; Nick says it's very possible.

Apr 9, 2011: Nick comes down with a cold, making professional quality recorded vocals not feasible; he spends his time tweaking the melody for Blood On Your Hands. The other three newer CAT songs' melodies are already finished: No Umbrella, Roll That Stone and Ship Of Fools.

Apr 8, 2011: Jeff cancels his DAW order with ADK Pro Audio, in order to build his own custom PC; he orders all the parts from Nick takes a rare trip to the cinema to view a movie called Sucker Punch, in an effort to settle the Internet debate for himself. Jeff finds out someone got a hold of his credit card number and charged all sorts of items to it; Nick and Wayde share how they both had their identities stolen before. Jeff updates the Your Future Lies In The Stars bundle file with SSD tracks rendered.

Apr 7, 2011: Jeff orders a new Digital Audio Workstation from ADK Pro Audio. Jeff posts a list of parts he likes, on the contingency of him building his own machine. Wayde working on finer details of his guitar tone. Jeff outlines all the troubleshooting steps he's gone through so far for his DAW.

Apr 6, 2011: The guys discuss ways to portion out any monies earned with the CAT project. Increased security for the CAT server is discussed; Wayde implements it. Jeff and Nick have been listening to the CAT rough mixes every day on their drives to and from work.

Apr 5, 2011: Nick finishes and uploads the lead vocals for Roll That Stone, and makes some changes to the lyrics for Blood On Your Hands. Jeff uploads a new mix for Roll That Stone to the CAT server. Jeff considers having a company custom build him a computer. Nick and Wayde offer their opinions on the parts list for the computer Jeff is considering buying from an online company.

Apr 4, 2011: Nick works on his vocal melody for Blood On Your Hands. Jeff agrees to sing backup vocals on the CAT project. Jeff's DAW starts freezing again, despite 5% CPU usage and 1% hard disk usage; he decides to get a new computer, as he doesn't want to waste any more time troubleshooting.

Apr 3, 2011: Jeff uploads a new mix for Fight The Good Fight, and Nick decides he'd rather stay close to the original vocal melody than improvise too much. Jeff thinks about what kinds of components he'd like to have in a new DAW, including the possibility of an SSD; he also considers moving to a 64bit OS, instead of staying with 32bit. Jeff restores his OS drive from an Acronis image from October 10, 2011, and it seems to be working fine.

Apr 2, 2011: Nick offers to help Jeff build a new computer, in an effort to dissuade him from wasting his money on a brand name machine.

Apr 1, 2011: Wayde heads to Las Vegas. Jeff's DAW is freezing again, this time right in the middle of laying down rhythm guitar for Fight The Good Fight. Jeff considers computer shopping.

Mar 31, 2011: Jeff uploads new mix for Ship Of Fools. Nick puts the finishing touches on his vocal melody for Ship Of Fools, including some lyric changes that resulted from the process. Jeff and Wayde wish Nick and his wife a Happy Anniversary.

Mar 30, 2011: Wayde gives up for the night on recording Heaven; the energy for the song seems off. Nick announces his intention to eventually dust off his keyboard and start playing piano again.

Mar 29, 2011: Jeff uploads new bundles files and mp3 mixes for Devil In Disguise and Heaven, as well as new mixes for Your Future Lies In The Stars and Ship Of Fools. Jeff and Wayde discuss pops and clicks on Wayde's guitar tracks. Jeff also uploads some time stretched examples of Future to help everyone decide the best speed to play it at; they all vote and arrive at 133bpm. After that, Wayde records it at 133 and uploads the bundle file to the CAT server. Jeff and Wayde discuss the X version of Sonar, and Wayde mentions how stable X1 Studio 64 is on his AMD 640 Quad core and Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H motherboard with 8 GB RAM, all running on 64bit Windows 7. After due observation, Jeff posts a list of things to avoid while creating a music video for YouTube. Jeff decides to demo the Izotope Nectar Complete Vocal Suite. Wayde mentions his Toontrack EZMix software (with all the plug ins). Wayde figures out what is causing the weird sizzle noise in his Line 6 HD.

Mar 28, 2011: Nick comes up with a vocal melody for Roll That Stone that he really likes. Jeff preparing to release his electronica project, Spank Your Inner Monkey. Wayde and Jeff both help Nick with his Sonar settings. This spurs a discussion about CDbaby and all the download services it plugs into the artist.

Mar 27, 2011: Wayde finishes final guitars and bass for Heaven, and uploads the bundle file to the CAT server. Wayde points out how Nick's vocals will be needed on Roll That Stone and No Umbrella before subtle changes can be made with the guitar parts. Jeff and Wayde discuss increasing latency of sound card to address clicks and pops in guitar recording. Wayde and Jeff discuss arrangement for Future. Wayde tries several different tempos for Future, and settles on 126bpm, and uploads the new bundle file to the CAT server.

Mar 26, 2011: Nick notices his download and upload speeds are extremely slow while trying to download bundle files from the CAT server, then figures out his neighbor probably installed something that was causing too much interference; Nick changes the router channel and gets his speed back to normal.

Mar 25, 2011: Wayde finishes his rhythm guitar parts for Devil In Disguise, and uploads the new bundle file. Wayde and Jeff discuss guitar arrangements for Devil In Disguise. Jeff and Nick continue to discuss guitar and vocal arrangements for Ship Of Fools.

Mar 23, 2011: The guys discuss what to do about the Devil In Disguise drum intro; Jeff comes up with a two-measure drum fill, and uploads the mix to the CAT server. Wayde and Nick love the new drum intro. The guys all vote on the best way to end Crazy Where I've Been. They also discuss the possibility of a CAT instrumental song. Wayde recording parts for Devil In Disguise. Jeff and Nick discuss arrangement of Ship Of Fools. Inspired by Jeff's and Wayde's CAT to-do lists, Nick posts his own.

Mar 22, 2011: After listening to the rough mix CAT CD several times, Jeff suggests that Your Future Lies In The Stars could be slowed down by a few beats per measure. Jeff decides against a fade-out on Crazy Where I've Been. Jeff considers recording his Nashville tuned acoustic guitar on clean part of Vampire Desire. Wayde lays out his plans for the rest of the month; this includes a lot of recording on Devil, Heaven, Future, Roll That Stone and No Umbrella.

Mar 21, 2011: Nick isn't 100% satisfied with his lyrics for Roll That Stone, and makes some changes; he also explains what he's actually talking about in the song. Nick and Jeff discuss the order of vocal recording; specifically, recording lead vocals before final drum tweaks, to make sure the drums don't step on the vocal parts. Nick decides it would be best to record all eleven lead vocals before doing any backgrounds. Wayde starts setting up in his new living space.

Mar 20, 2011: The guys discuss making a few changes to the original arrangement of Fight The Good Fight, such as dropping the synthesizer intro. Jeff uploads new mixes of That's All Right and Devil In Disguise, with Nick's vocals. The hi-hat lead-in for That's All Right gets voted out of the arrangement, so that the only instruments the listener hears at the beginning are the rhythm guitars.

Mar 19, 2011: The basic rhythm tracks for all songs have now been recorded, uploaded, and mixes made available by Jeff for download.

Mar 18, 2011: Nick records and uploads the lead vocals for Devil In Disguise and That's All Right. Jeff expresses an interest in recording the first rhythm guitars for That's' All Right. Jeff also uploads mixes and new bundle files for Roll That Stone and No Umbrella, both with rendered Steven Slate Drums. Brandon begins work creating the 3D bedroom that the entire Vampire Desire video will take place in.

Mar 17, 2011: Nick makes his first CD for listening to CAT song rough mixes while driving to and from work; nine of the eleven projected songs are on the CD.

Mar 15, 2011: Jeff converts Devil In Disguise midi drums to SSD, and fixes the first chorus, and uploads the changes to the CAT server, along with an mp3 mix. Nick asks Wayde about increasing the first chorus measures in Devil In Disguise, to allow enough room for the lyrics as written. Nick also sends his video story ideas to his nephew Brandon, and proposes that CAT use a radio tower image as the official symbol for the band, since the band name draws a mental image of some kind of transmitting tower.

Mar 14, 2011: Wayde receives his black ESP LTD MH-327 guitar via UPS, with the intention of using it for all his CAT recordings.

Mar 12, 2011: Wayde runs errands and does shopping for his pending move. Jeff and Nick discuss the guitar solo arrangement for Ship Of Fools. Jeff uploads three new bundle files with SSD rendered drum tracks: Future, Heaven and Ship Of Fools. Jeff also uploads an all-midi mix of Fight The Good Fight for reference, and begins working on making a CD of mp3 mixes of CAT songs in their current forms.

Mar 11, 2011: Jeff's home computer's OS goes down for the count.

Mar 10, 2011: Jeff uploads new mix of Ship Of Fools to CAT server, along with some SSD Platinum note names for Sonar. Jeff uploads new mixes and updated Sonar files with midi drums changed to SSD for Your Future Lies In The Stars and Heaven. Jeff experiments with discussed Vampire Desire imagery in Carrara 3D software, and finds some excellent pre-rendered 3D models on

Mar 9, 2011: Jeff explains how he processes the vocals for the current mixes. It is Jeff's intention to making a mix of all the CAT project songs, no matter what state of completion they are in, in order for all CAT members to be able to reference all the songs in one collection. Jeff does some minor arrangement adjustments to Vampire Desire. Jeff also updates some guitar parts on Ship Of Fools. Jeff converting midi drum data on Your Future Lies In The Stars to Steven Slate Drums, and creates a Sonar Instrument Definition for the SSD. Jeff and Nick bounce ideas back and forth for a Vampire Desire video. Nick describes his vision for the video, complete with a bunch of female vampire pictures he scoured from the Internet, as inspiration for the vampire in the video.

Mar 8, 2011: Wayde still making preparations for his move on March 18th.

Mar 7, 2011: Jeff and Nick discuss possible vocal choir effects for Vampire Desire. Nick reports that his niece did just fine; with some work and practice, her voice sounds like it will be a good fit for CAT. Nick's nephew Brandon confirms that he'll create the animated video for Vampire Desire. The guys put their heads together to think of ideas for the Vampire Desire video.

Mar 6, 2011: Nick meets with his niece Reinanda to hear her sing Vampire Desire.

Mar 3, 2011: Wayde and Nick discuss their favorite distributions of Linux. Jeff gets his Dean Hardtail back with all changes implemented. Jeff also receives his Wechter Nashville tuned acoustic guitar. Nick decides to kick Ubuntu to the curb, due to its non-support of the Broadcom chip in his (common) wireless NIC. He goes with PCLinuxOS, which was his favorite Linux distro before he tried the over-hyped Ubuntu.

Mar 2, 2011: Jeff proposes extending Ship Of Fools by four measures, and the guys discuss the arrangement. Nick makes some small but important changes to the lyrics for No Umbrella.

Mar 1, 2011: Jeff does a quick mix of CWIB with Nick's vocals, and upload it to the CAT server, along with an updated bundle file with drums rendered. Jeff and Nick discuss db recording levels for the vocals.

Feb 28, 2011: Nick buys a new WD hard drive from, and looks forward to dual booting instead of running Linux on virtual hard drives.

Feb 27, 2011: Jeff helps Nick with some Sonar features.

Feb 26, 2011: Jeff uploads a mix of Ship Of Fools, with midi bass to be replaced later. Wayde is working a lot of hours at his job, and still looking forward to getting into his new place on March 18th. Nick records the lead vocal for Crazy Where I've Been, and uploads the files.

Feb 25, 2011: Jeff uploads new mix of Crazy Where I've Been, with Steven Slate Drums, and he and Nick discuss the bridge arrangement. Jeff takes his main Dean guitar in to redress the frets and new pickup installation. Jeff also sells two Dean flying V guitars on eBay.

Feb 24, 2011: Nick sends his nephew Brandon a link to, a rough mix of Vampire Desire, and the lyrics as well.

Feb 23, 2011: Jeff and Nick experience snow storms; Nick's storm drops 15 inches onto Nick's considerably large driveway. Not a fan of snow blowers, Nick clears the entire driveway and sidewalk with a shovel.

Feb 22, 2011: Jeff finishes recording his rhythm guitar parts for Vampire Desire. Jeff and Nick discuss the Ship Of Fools arrangement. Jeff uploads a new Vampire Desire bundle file, and an mp3 mix as well; making this the first CAT song with everyone on it. Nick posts a web link to the lyrics for Ship Of Fools.

Feb 20, 2011: Jeff uploads a new bundle file for That's All Right, with drums and bass rendered as .wav files, and with scratch real guitar, replacing the midi guitar. Jeff also implements a file-naming convention "atr" for "all tracks rendered" as well as including the first initials of anyone who has parts recorded in the bundle file. Jeff also uploads an mp3 mix of That's All Right. Jeff uploads a new bundle file for Blood On Your Hands, with all tracks rendered, along with an mp3 mix. Philipp Stollenmayer replies that he can't work on any animated videos due to other obligations. Nick contacts Lindsey Olivares, another animator, who works at the DreamWorks animation studio.

Feb 17, 2011: Reinanda says she will have Vampire Desire down by the weekend. The guys discuss Vampire Desire guitar arrangements. Wayde has been working a lot of extra hours at his job. Nick contacts Philipp Stollenmayer, a computer animation artist, about doing the Vampire Desire video.

Feb 15, 2011: Nick goes through all the CAT songs in their current state to examine what needs to be done for vocals; six of them are ready for vocal tracks. Jeff requests that CAT come up with a song order for rough reference mixes of the entire project. The guys decide that an early mix of Vampire Desire is okay to send to an animator, since the time codes are set in stone. Jeff sends back his Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer. Nick is hearing cool vocal melody ideas for all four new songs in his head.

Feb 14, 2011: Jeff revises the drum performance a little on That's All Right.

Feb 9, 2011: Jeff comes down with another cold. Jeff's computer seems to run better after he disconnects the optical drive.

Feb 8, 2011: Jeff uploads a new bundle file for Vampire Desire, that contains Wayde's parts, Nick's vocals and the drums rendered as a .wav file. Jeff's DAW starts freezing again, despite the new cooler. Nick tells Jeff about the Core Temp program, to monitor his CPU temperature, and tips on things to check on his motherboard, as well as how to properly apply thermal grease. Reinanda vows to practice Vampire Desire for her upcoming background vocal session.

Feb 7, 2011: Wayde emails Dave with a message that all three remaining CAT members signed off on, basically expressing no hard feelings; simply a desire to get the project done with just Jeff, Wayde and Nick. Dave acknowledges the message and the issue is laid to rest.

Feb 6, 2011: Jeff comes down with a bad cold.

Feb 5, 2011: The guys vote unanimously to use Steven Slate Drums on all the songs for the CAT project, and also to allow Reinanda the opportunity to attempt some background vocals in the CAT project. Jeff installs new CPU fan in his DAW. Jeff and Wayde discuss changes to the mix in Vampire Desire.

Feb 4, 2011: Dave contacts Jeff, asking him if CAT still wants him to work on the drums. This renews the previous discussion about Dave's lack of commitment and the decision already made about Jeff and Wayde programming the drums for the entire project. Nick proposes that CAT give his niece a shot at trying to record background vocals for the project. After listening more to Jeff's mix of Vampire Desire, Nick decides to go back to the drawing board for his lead vocal arrangement.

Feb 3, 2011: Jeff does rough mix of Vampire Desire, using newly purchased Steven Slate Drums. Jeff uploads four different rough mixes of Vampire to the CAT server. The guys discuss which drum library they like the best for the CAT project.

Feb 2, 2011: Jeff emails Dimarzio for a potential guitar pickup endorsement.

Feb 2, 2011: Jeff considers upgrading his own DAW; his current specs are AMD Ahtlon 64 X2 on an ASUS MVP, in a rack mount enclosure.

Feb 1, 2011: Jeff orders a new cooling fan for his CPU.

Jan 31, 2011: Jeff experiences problems with his DAW, and discovers that it was overheating. Wayde's was doing the same thing, so he bought a Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H 64bit motherboard and AMD Athlon II 640 processor with 16 gigs of RAM, 1200W power supply and a 1GB Nvidia card. Nick examines his vocal tracks in Vampire Desire closely, and identifies the best ones, but resolves to re-record the lead vocals when the rest of the music is near finished. Nick offers Jeff some assistance regarding his DAW.

Jan 30, 2011: Wayde buys the Metalhead drums from Toontrack and applies them to Vampire Desire to a very effective result.

Jan 29, 2011: Due to Dave's lack of involvement in the project other than monitoring emails, Jeff, Wayde and Nick decide to limit their communications to each other only. The discussion comes to a head and they unanimously vote to program the drums themselves, without Dave.

Jan 28, 2011: Jeff and Wayde discuss guitar arrangements for Vampire Desire and Devil In Disguise. The guys still working out the finer details of how to most effectively trade files during the project. Wayde working on clean tone parts in Vampire Desire. Wayde uploads a new bundle file for Vampire Desire. Jeff posts two more guitars on eBay.

Jan 26, 2011: Jeff proposes that he and Wayde don't double track their rhythm guitars as originally planned, but instead just record them once and pan them left and right.

Jan 23, 2011: Jeff shares some guitar and bass Pod Farm 2 presets with Wayde.

Jan 21, 2011: Jeff and Nick discuss vocals, mix downs and time tables for the CAT project.

Jan 20, 2011: Jeff and Wayde discuss a workflow method to expedite the project files and an overall approach to most efficiently record the CAT project. Jeff and Nick discuss how best to record and deliver the files to the CAT project. The guys discuss how to best arrange Vampire Desire.

Jan 15, 2011: Jeff and Nick talk about guitar synthesizers.

Jan 4, 2011: Jeff asks Nick if he'd like to write vocals for some of his older instrumentals, when the CAT project is finished; Nick says indeed he would.

Jan 1, 2011: Jeff shares some excerpts from his solo album tracks.

Dec 31, 2010: The guys all wish each other a Happy New Year. Wayde still trying to recover from a massive head cold. Jeff finishes mixing the final song for his electronica album.

Dec 28, 2010: Jeff and Wayde discuss POD HD and POD Farm 2 tones for the CAT project.

Dec 24, 2010: Nick uploads his lead vocals for Vampire Desire, barely making good on his declaration to have them done by Christmas.

Dec 14, 2010: Circumstances bring Dave's involvement in the CAT project into question.

Dec 13, 2010: Jeff provides information regarding the legalities for recording Fight The Good Fight.

Dec 7, 2010: Nick gearing up to record his lead vocal for Vampire Desire.

Nov 25, 2010: The guys wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 23, 2010: Nick considers the possibility of his niece Reinanda singing some background vocals in the CAT project.

Nov 22, 2010: Jeff takes a look at Izotope's Nector Complete Vocal Suite.

Nov 7, 2010: During a discussion about old video games with Nick, Jeff mentions his love of an old text adventure called Zork. Nick enjoys a extended trip down memory lane regarding all his previous computers. Nick also shares a screenshot of his Virtual PC hack that reproduces the green monochrome look of his first PC, an IBM XT286 running 3.2 MS-DOS.

Nov 5, 2010: Nick shares his desire with the guys to write a research paper on the structure of reality.

Oct 26, 2010: Jeff orders Prominy's SR5 Rock Bass. Nick and Jeff discuss their respective computer programming languages. Jeff agrees to play-test Nick's video game if he ever finishes coding it. Nick announces his intention of having all lead and background vocals done for the CAT project by June 30th of next year.

Oct 22, 2010: Wayde returns from two weeks spent in Ohio, training for his new job. Nick is still suffering from his cold, now via a nagging cough, making him still unable to record any serious vocals; he buries himself in computer programming in the meantime.

Oct 21, 2010: Jeff finishing up the mixing for his electronica project, Spank Your Inner Monkey, and sells a custom airbrushed guitar on eBay.

Oct 3, 2010: In honor of Wayde's impending trip to Ohio, Nick writes an amusing program that capitalizes on some of the quirks of Ohio residents he encountered during his years in Columbus.

Oct 2, 2010: Wayde is moved into his new place, and has all his music equipment set up and ready to go.

Sep 6, 2010: Nick comes down with a bad cold, further delaying the recording of the Vampire Desire lead vocal.

Sep 1, 2010: Nick considers using clips from the movie Jennifer's Body for the Vampire Desire video.

Aug 29, 2010: Nick proceeds in earnest on Vampire Desire vocals, as he returned from the trip up north to rave reviews regarding the quality of the performance, microphone quality, and overall recording quality.

Aug 28, 2010: Jeff purchases Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit. Jeff also finishes recording Spank Your Inner Monkey, and begins mixing it.

Aug 23, 2010: Nick leaves for a several-day family outing up north.

Aug 20, 2010: Jeff finishes recording song 9 out of 13 on his electronica album.

Aug 18, 2010: Nick uploads a test recording of Vampire Desire on a single .wav file, so Jeff and Wayde can verify that his recording levels are set correctly.

Aug 17, 2010: Nick opens a discussion with more ideas for creating CAT videos.

Aug 14, 2010: Jeff provides Nick some written tips on decibel levels during recording, as digital rules aren't the same as the analog rules of yore.

Aug 13, 2010: Nick experiences some frustration with track volumes in the monitor mix while trying to record his Vampire Desire vocals, and seeks advice from Jeff and Wayde.

Aug 8, 2010: Nick's PC still hasn't crashed, so he re-installs Sonar and starts working on Vampire Desire.

Jul 31, 2010: It's been three days since Nick's switching of the RAM positions, and the PC has not crashed.

Jul 28, 2010: Nick finally confirms the problem with his PC as the #1 RAM slot on the motherboard, and begins the RMA process with Gigabyte. Then he suddenly wonders if RAM positioning on the motherboard actually requires the first slot to be used; he checks the manual, and it doesn't. He moves his RAM to slots 2 and 4.

Jul 27, 2010: Wayde decides to leave Colorado for another state in the next month and a half.

Jul 25, 2010: Nick still struggles with bizarre computer problems that have been happening ever since he returned from Pennsylvania.

Jul 24, 2010: Due to inconsistent crashing, Nick has still not confidently identified the true source of the problem with his PC, despite buying spare parts to validate the troubleshooting process.

Jul 16, 2010: Nick reveals that ever since returning from his Pennsylvania trip, his computer has been randomly crashing, making any Sonar recording near impossible. His initial troubleshooting indicated the root cause to be a brief power outage the day he returned from Pennsylvania. At this point, he's still trying to isolate the actual damaged part.

Jul 15, 2010: The guys discuss Jana Doniger, who was once a photographer and friend of Axis, back in the day. Jeff plans on using Zazzle for his merchandise generation. Dave offers his wife's t-shirt creation talents to Jeff instead.

Jul 12, 2010: Jeff gets a rendering of his logo for his solo project.

Jul 7, 2010: Jeff moves his home recording studio upstairs to a room with a window, and is ninety percent done with his electronica project.

Jun 21, 2010: Nick leaves for vacation in Pennsylvania.

Jun 20, 2010: Wayde asks Jeff to render the drums in Vampire Desire so Nick can hear them on his version of Sonar, and uploads a new bundle file for Vampire Desire.

Jun 18, 2010: Wayde returns to his former job. Wayde updates the FTP folder for Vampire Desire, and uploads a new bundle file with basic tracks. Nick expresses his guilty conscience about how long it's taking him to record his initial lead vocals.

Jun 17, 2010: Nick makes some slight, but important, changes to the chorus lyrics in Ship Of Fools. Nick asks Wayde if he'd extend the end of Vampire Desire by one chorus, as it's one chorus-length shorter than it was back in the Axis days.

Jun 16, 2010: Wayde votes for Vampire Desire to be CAT's animated video. Nick contacts his nephew Brandon, who knows how to create 3D computer art and animations, so see if he's interested in working on CAT's first animated music video.

Jun 10, 2010: Wayde experiences an exceptionally dangerous storm with high winds, huge hail and flash flooding.

Jun 9, 2010: Jeff still searching for reliable Anti-Virus software, and expresses a keen interest in Eyes Of Time being added to the CAT song list.

Jun 5, 2010: Nick verifies that all the CAT material will be recorded at 24bit and 44.1KHz. Nick suggests finishing Vampire Desire first. Wayde asks Dave how the drum programming is going. Nick gets irritated at the metronome setting in the CAT Sonar files.

Jun 4, 2010: Eyes Of Time comes up again as a possible song for the CAT project. Wayde says he'd like to re-record all the old Axis material someday, but doesn't want to really deal with that until the CAT project is finished.

Jun 3, 2010: Wayde considers geographical relocation. Nick and Jeff discuss the joys of virtual computing. Nick switches from Norton AV 2003 to AVG, due to Symantec finally doing something about the reformat method of avoiding charges on AV updates.

May 28, 2010: The guys all trade pictures of their humble abodes.

May 20, 2010: Nick and Jeff discuss Eyes Of Time, and what a great song it truly was; Wayde expresses interest in possibly reviving it for CAT.

May 18, 2010: The guys discuss how sad they are about Ronnie James Dio's passing. Jeff deals with an exceptional jerk while trying to sell a guitar on eBay. Nick offers that he could definitely see himself re-recording the vocals for an old Axis song called "Eyes Of Time."

May 14, 2010: Wayde and Nick discuss extending the solo section of Devil In Disguise if CAT ever plays live. Nick nukes his C:\ drive for periodic maintenance of his Windows OS. Nick also reviews all the CAT songs in their current state.

May 2, 2010: Wayde works with his guitar tone and records most of the rhythm parts for the CAT project, creates tabs for Jeff to reference, and continues to learn Jim's bass parts from the original Axis recordings.

Apr 25, 2010: Dave's lack of input to the project, both in music and correspondence, is finally brought up for discussion between Jeff, Wayde and Nick.

Apr 22, 2010: Nick announces that the two house projects he's been buried in should be done sometime in May, and then he'll be able to actually start recording some vocals.

Apr 7, 2010: Nick tells Jeff he could definitely see himself singing to Cornfed.

Apr 6, 2010: Jeff asks Nick to write some vocals for his solo song, "Cornfed."

Mar 29, 2010: Jeff uploads a revised rhythm guitar submix for Blood On Your Hands.

Mar 25, 2010: Nick proposes that CAT's first video could be animated CG.

Mar 19, 2010: Jeff uploads a revised rhythm guitar .wav file for Crazy Where I've Been.

Mar 12, 2010: Nick explores the joys of virtual PC environments by reproducing all his previous OS's including MSDOS 3.2. He hacks the virtual hardware to display a green monochrome screen, just like his original IBM XT286.

Mar 10, 2010: Nick returns to serious computer programming in C, with his eyes on eventually creating a simple video game.

Feb 26, 2010: Wayde seeks part time employment as a teacher at the School of Rock in Denver.

Feb 20, 2010: Jeff joins and adds some of his music.

Feb 16, 2010: Nick shares his plan for recording vocals.

Feb 15, 2010: Nick puts in his two weeks' notice at his current job, so he can return to his previous job. Nick is still searching for a good pair of headphones for recording.

Feb 13, 2010: Wayde almost finished with his Death Metal project.

Feb 11, 2010: Jeff practices Wayde's songs, to get up to speed, while also trying to finish his electronica album. Jeff also looks into

Jan 27, 2010: Jeff uploads updated bundle files of Blood On Your Hands and Crazy Where I've Been, with drums rendered as .wav files. Jeff also uploads all of Wayde's songs, with the drums rendered as well.

Jan 26, 2010: Wayde sees a doctor for a very painful dislocated jaw.

Jan 24, 2010: Nick announces that his voice-warping cold and cough is now completely gone.

Jan 22, 2010: CAT server down. Jeff confirms that all his songs are ready for vocals. Nick offers to provide text content to the CAT web site and any social networking sites they end up using.

Jan 21, 2010: Wayde lets Nick know that Future, Heaven, Devil and Vampire are all ready to put vocals on. Wayde also looks at for merchandising. Wayde asks Dave when he plans on doing some drum programming for the project.

Jan 5, 2010: Wayde takes the CAT server down to update its BIOS. Nick suggests that Jeff should sneak his Cuatro into the CAT project somewhere.

Jan 4, 2010: Jeff offers up some arrangement ideas for Fight The Good Fight. Nick uploads the first recording with his NTK, an a cappella snippet of Fight The Good Fight.

Jan 3, 2010: Jeff's dad loans him a 12-string acoustic guitar for recording parts in CAT songs. Wayde decides to learn how to use Dreamweaver. Jeff and Nick send him pictures for the web site.

Jan 2, 2010: The guys wish each other a Happy New Year. Nick offers up some arrangement ideas for Fight The Good Fight.

Dec 31, 2009: Jeff and Wayde discuss Jeff's excellent bass sounds and presets; Wayde buys Scarbee Jay-Bass as a result.

Dec 28, 2009: Wayde passes his VCP-310 certification. Nick and Jeff discuss data backup schemes.

Dec 24, 2009: Nick states that he had a laptop once, and the experience was so bad that the only way he'd ever get another one would be for LAN parties on the bus if CAT ever tours.

Dec 23, 2009: Jeff uploads a midi version of Fight The Good Fight. Jeff's laptop hard drive dies, setting him back three weeks on finishing the mixing for his electronica CD.

Dec 22, 2009: Dave has been sick with the flu for over ten days. Nick and Jeff discuss how far away they want to step away from the original arrangement for Fight The Good Fight.

Dec 21, 2009: Wayde decides to change the CAT server OS to Red Hat 5.4; server back up and running.

Dec 19, 2009: Wayde takes down NAS to upgrade the OS on the CAT server, moving from CentOS to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES).

Dec 18, 2009: Jeff working on Sonar file for Fight The Good Fight. Wayde reveals his server specs: two Dell Poweredge 1750's clustered together (30.6Ghz CPU x 4 CPU and 32 GB memory each) on VMWare ESX 3.5, with 4TB of NAS disk space.

Dec 17, 2009: Wayde tells Dave what he uses for drum programming: Ezdrummer and EZX addons, as well as the Drumkit from Hell addon. The guys discuss how to store the music files on the CAT server.

Dec 16, 2009: Jeff asks Dave if he wants to start editing drum tracks, and also uploads another mix of Heaven, as well as Future, Devil and Vampire. Jeff also designs the file naming conventions for all future CAT files.

Dec 15, 2009: Jeff begins rendering drum parts for all CAT songs, so Nick can hear the drums in his version of Sonar. Jeff uploads a rough mix of Heaven. Wayde reports that Future, Heaven, Devil and Vampire are all ready for vocals. Nick still has a terrible cough, and can't sing for ten seconds without a fit of hacking.

Dec 12, 2009: Nick asks the guys what song they think he should start working on.

Dec 9, 2009: Jeff creates a PDF document for Nick with some handy tips for recording in Sonar. Jeff plans on using his Dean Hardtail for recording his parts on Wayde's and Nick's songs, along with Line 6 software and his Soldano emulation. Nick's bad cold continues, preventing him from recording real takes.

Dec 2, 2009: Nick is amazed when he plays back a test recording with the NTK. He can hear a radio playing in the background; the radio is on another floor, at the other side of the house, and volume is set low.

Nov 30, 2009: Nick loads a bundle file into Sonar for the first time. Jeff helps Nick with setting up his new recording equipment.

Nov 29, 2009: Jeff loads his CAT files onto his main computer, and has a momentary scare from an unplugged hard drive.

Nov 25, 2009: Wayde buys an 8-string Schecter guitar.

Nov 24, 2009: The guys discuss CAT music delivery methods, including commercial song licensing options. Jeff and Nick observe that jazz is more fun to play than to listen to.

Nov 19, 2009: Nick posts new lyrics for another of Jeff's contributions, and names this one "Riding Rainbows."

Nov 18, 2009: Dave elects to wait until all lead vocals and guitar solos have been recorded before he adds his finishing touches to the drum tracks, changing the way the rest of the band was planning on arranging their own parts (around the drums). Nick posts new lyrics for one of Jeff's songs that was still being considered for the CAT project, and names the song "Do Androids Dream Of Human Sheep?"

Nov 13, 2009: Jeff finishes recording all parts for his electronica CD.

Nov 12, 2009: Jeff expresses concern about whether or not Nick's new vocal recording equipment will be able to process on the BFP with less than 10ms of latency.

Nov 11, 2009: As of today, Wayde has copied files to the CAT server for the following songs: Blood On Your Hands, Crazy Where I've Been, That's All Right, Your Future Lies In The Stars, Heaven, Devil In Disguise, Vampire Desire.

Nov 10, 2009: Nick receives his R0de NTK and Presonus Firebox.

Nov 9, 2009: Jeff starts uploading all his current Sonar files for the CAT project. Jeff also rearranges bridge part of Crazy Where I've Been.

Nov 7, 2009: Wayde creates an FTP account on his home file server for CAT files.

Nov 5, 2009: The guys discuss possibilities for how to shoot CAT videos. Jeff getting closer to finishing his electronica project.

Nov 4, 2009: Nick orders a R0de NTK microphone and Presonus Firebox.

Nov 2, 2009: Jeff and Nick discuss extending the middle section refrain for Crazy Where I've Been.

Oct 30, 2009: Wayde gets hired at VMWare, allowing him to leave his wacky CEO behind.

Oct 29, 2009: The guys discuss their experiences with different Windows operating systems, and how it relates to recording music.

Oct 28, 2009: Jeff has been sick with a sinus infection and headache for the last ten days. Wayde is fed up with his wasteful, joke of a CEO at his company.

Oct 26, 2009: Nick posts all CAT's song lyrics online for the band to access. The guys decide how they wish to display songwriting credits to their songs.

Oct 21, 2009: Steven Slate digital drum samples catch Jeff's ear.

Oct 20, 2009: The guys discuss how grunge ruined music for over a decade, and made it cool to not play guitar very well.

Oct 19, 2009: Nick starts training for a new job, despite still getting over the flu.

Oct 18, 2009: Jeff proposes that Wayde play Jim's bass lines in That's All Right, as Wayde spent a lot more time playing with Jim back in the day.

Oct 16, 2009: Jeff attempts to replicate Jim's bass lines in That's All Right. Wayde indicates his intention to record his solos on all the songs after the lead vocals have been recorded.

Oct 15, 2009: While working on the bass parts for Vampire Desire, Wayde comments on what a great bass player Jim Beseda was. Nick and Jeff discuss the rabid obsession with Object Oriented Programming.

Oct 14, 2009: Jeff posts the final CAT song list with progress notations: Blood On Your Hands, Crazy Where I've Been, Devil In Disguise, Heaven, No Umbrella, Roll That Stone, Ship Of Fools, That's All Right, Vampire Desire, Your Future Lies In The Stars, Fight The Good Fight (Triumph cover). Wayde and Jeff discuss recording Heaven. They also discuss the doubling of all their guitar parts. Nick decides to sing Fight The Good Fight in its original key. Wayde finds a really cool clean guitar sound to use on Heaven.

Oct 13, 2009: Wayde approves of covering Fight The Good Fight, making it official.

Oct 12, 2009: The guys discuss recording That's All Right. Wayde finishes all the guitar rhythms for Devil In Disguise. Wayde uses (AMT Electronics) Du Hast on Future and Metalizer on Devil In Disguise.

Oct 2, 2009: Dave emails from a hotel in Visalia, CA to tell the guys that he's installed the drum programming software on his computer, but hasn't spent much time on it yet. Wayde and Jeff working on sampling rates and recording techniques. Wayde acquires his Dean VMNT Flying V guitar and a bunch of AMT Electronics pedals, and updates his version of Sonar to 8.5.

Oct 1, 2009: Jeff is trying very hard to finish his electronica album's guitar tracks, so he can focus exclusively on CAT. Nick has been ill for over a week.

Sep 18, 2009: Jeff and Nick discuss the possibility of Nick's niece Reinanda singing some background vocals for the project. The last part arrives for Nick's BFP, and he builds it.

Sep 15, 2009: Jeff and Nick discuss sound cards, dating all the way back to SoundBlaster days.

Sep 11, 2009: Jeff provides Nick with more tips on his impending sound card choice and eventual usage.

Sep 10, 2009: Nick orders the parts for his Box o' Fragadelic Power (BFP) from

Sep 5, 2009: Jeff approves of covering Fight The Good Fight. Nick posts a current list of all songs slated for the CAT project.

Sep 2, 2009: Nick looks at the E-MU 1616 and the M-Audio Fast Track Pro for his sound card. Wayde and Nick discuss an arrangement idea for the beginning of No Umbrella.

Sep 1, 2009: Nick seriously shopping for recording equipment, and Jeff provides a ton of different setups to choose from. Nick considers buying an internal sound card for the computer he's building this month.

Aug 25, 2009: Nick proposes that CAT cover the song Fight The Good Fight by Triumph.

Aug 18, 2009: Wayde and Jeff discuss the Future song, and how Jeff should add his tracks to Wayde's existing bundle file.

Aug 14, 2009: Nick leaves for vacation.

Aug 8, 2009: Wayde announces that he has to fly to London for his job, and will be gone between August 9th and August 23rd. Jeff and Nick wish him a safe journey.

Jul 26, 2009: Jeff provides Sonar instructions for Nick, and attempts to get Dave more involved again.

Jul 8, 2009: Jeff mails his songs on flash drives to Wayde and Nick, including multiple versions of Nick's song, That's All Right.

Jul 10, 2009: Nick recalls his paranoia back in 1991 when Wayde cut his finger really bad cutting meat at work.

Jul 7, 2009: Wayde breaks his pinky finger diving into a pool during vacation.

Jul 1, 2009: Jeff discusses how best to send his first recording of That's All Right to Wayde and Nick.

Jun 26, 2009: Jeff provides Nick with some good advice for digital recording with a microphone, since the last time Nick recorded vocals, it was to analog tape.

Jun 25, 2009: Nick gets Sonar set up on his computer.

Jun 18, 2009: Jeff continues attempting to get Dave more on board with emails. Dave still getting slammed at work.

Jun 12, 2009: Dave reports that he's on the east coast, and won't be back until the following week. Nick realizes that everyone in the band either is working or has worked at an IT job.

Jun 11, 2009: Jeff continues attempting to get Dave more on board with emails.

Jun 7, 2009: Jeff encourages Nick to release his solo project on CDBaby, and uploads the four he digitized for the guys to hear. Jeff attempts to get Dave more involved with communicating to everyone in the band.

Jun 4, 2009: Dave explains his extremely low involvement: he has been getting slammed at work for the last few weeks. Jeff and Nick discuss Nick's solo project, and how Nick used to play a blue Rickenbacker 4001 bass back in the day.

Jun 3, 2009: Jeff buys two 8GB flash drives in order to send his songs to both Wayde and Nick.

Jun 1, 2009: Jeff thinks the songs from Nick's solo project show real promise for use as CAT songs.

May 24, 2009: Jeff receives Nick's cassette tape of four songs from Nick's 1990 solo project.

May 22, 2009: Nick decides to write new lyrics for That's All Right, as he no longer feels the original lyrics reflect his life or values anymore. Nick posts them a few hours later.

May 20, 2009: Nick sends Jeff four songs from his solo project.

May 10, 2009: Nick mentions some songs he's considering sending to Jeff on cassette tape, from a previous solo project in 1990, as possible songs for the CAT project.

May 6, 2009: Nick highly agitated by the closure of 3DRealms, and abandonment of Duke Nukem Forever.

May 5, 2009: Nick posts new lyrics for Jeff's song "Get It Right Tomorrow," and renames it "Ship Of Fools." Nick explains that he didn't base the lyrics on the Sebastian Brant poem, nor the Katherine Anne Porter novel, but on the short story by Dr. Theodore Kaczynski.

May 4, 2009: Jeff experiments with 3D logo creations for CAT.

May 3, 2009: Nick mentions his artist friend Jon Kalin, as a possible artist for CAT graphics.

May 2, 2009: Wayde suggests the band attempting to make its own graphics.

Apr 29, 2009: Jeff registers the domain name with Jeff proposes that Wayde or Nick create the band's web site. Nick posts new lyrics for Wayde's other new song, and names it, "No Umbrella." Wayde considers taking Crying In The Rain off the CAT project list. Jeff tinkers with an original band graphic featuring an old fashioned Beat Frequency Oscillator. Jeff also proposes a bunch of ideas for the web site, including song preview snippets. Jeff researches album artists. Nick proposes a CD cover with a mechanical cat.

Apr 28, 2009: The list of possible band names has grown incredibly huge. The top choice, based on votes by band members is Graviton Machine (3 votes). Jeff, Wayde and Dave all weigh in with votes for Continuous Audio Transmission, making that the official name for the band formerly known as Axis.

Apr 27, 2009: Nick proposes "Continuos Audio Transmission" for two reasons: the irony of the name for the band's history, and because of the acronym (CAT).

Apr 26, 2009: Jeff proposes a bunch of three-word band names that all start with "Continuous Audio." Wayde really likes four of them: (ending in) Progression, Energy, Syndicate and Damage.

Apr 25, 2009: Jeff proposes a bunch more band names.

Apr 24, 2009: Wayde proposes five more band names. Nick proposes four.

Apr 23, 2009: Nick discovers that "Painting With Hammers" is already being used as a band name. Jeff proposes "Satan's Halitosis" for an instrumental song name. Nick posts the ever-growing, massive band name list again.

Apr 22, 2009: Jeff and Wayde discuss Devil In Disguise. Nick gets sick from food poisoning.

Apr 19, 2009: Dave mentions that he's still planning on working on the drum parts with Jeff's help when the time comes. Wayde shares his music server with the guys. Wayde also finds the tone he wants for the three songs just mentioned on the 15th.

Apr 15, 2009: Wayde having difficulty finding just the right guitar tone for Vampire Desire, Heaven and Future; Jeff offers his Soldano preset. Nick likes 124 BPM best for That's All Right's tempo. Jeff and Nick discuss Second Life as a possible promotional tool.

Apr 10, 2009: Jeff uploads five new tempo midi versions of That's All Right.

Apr 7, 2009: Jeff and Nick discuss tempos for That's All Right. Nick posts a current song list for the project.

Apr 6, 2009: Wayde and Jeff congratulate Nick on his marriage.

Apr 1, 2009: Nick gets married in a very private ceremony, with no family or friends present.

Mar 30, 2009: Jeff uploads another new contribution to the project, a song of his called "Get It Right Tomorrow." Nick moves out of his apartment.

Mar 27, 2009: Jeff uploads seven different tempos of That's All Right midi versions to help everyone decide on the best tempo for the song.

Mar 26, 2009: Jeff uploads new version of one of his acoustic songs. Nick comments that the current version of That's All Right has too swift of a tempo.

Mar 24, 2009: Wayde getting all his gear ready and is re-learning all the old Axis material that is being re-recorded.

Mar 23, 2009: Jeff finds the Axis Triad sessions bass player who still owes Nick $300.

Mar 20, 2009: Jeff uploads an mp3 of another new acoustic song.

Mar 17, 2009: Jeff uploads an mp3 of his new acoustic song. Nick proposes "Bandwidth Resistance" for a band name. Nick finds the top seventeen favorite band names are all already being used.

Mar 16, 2009: Jeff contributes another original song to the project.

Mar 13, 2009: Jeff offers up more Machine band names.

Mar 12, 2009: Nick and Jeff discuss computer technologies, and how they affect music recording.

Mar 11, 2009: Jeff updates That's All Right midi file and uploads.

Mar 10, 2009: The guys discuss using one initial from each of their names to comprise an acronym band name. Nick proposes SiBi ViCi, which would mean "Masters to Themselves" in Latin.

Mar 9, 2009: Nick proposes five more band names.

Mar 7, 2009: Jeff offers up some band names based on feral humanoids.

Mar 6, 2009: Nick posts new lyrics for one of Wayde's new songs, and names it "Roll That Stone." Nick also posts a gargantuan list of band names, including all that have been suggested, and all that have been found to be already used.

Mar 5, 2009: Jeff uploads a rough midi version of That's All Right to have the guys all test the tempo.

Mar 4, 2009: Jeff and Wayde discuss how to best approach recording the fundamental tracks for the songs, and offers up more band names. Nick and Jeff discuss the arrangement of That's All Right.

Mar 3, 2009: Jeff begins working on initial Sonar file for That's All Right.

Mar 2, 2009: Jeff recommends Sweetwater to Nick as a great place to look for microphones, pre-amps and sound cards.

Mar 1, 2009: Wayde comments on how this is the easiest and most fun band collaborations he's done in years. Nick posts a time code breakdown of Wayde's two new songs, to verify he's identifying the sections properly.

Feb 28, 2009: Jeff and Wayde talk about composing an instrumental together for the project.

Feb 27, 2009: Wayde proposes another long list of names. Nick adds a huge list of Machine names to the list.

Feb 26, 2009: Jeff creates a private folder on his domain for file collaboration, and proposes that the band name be alliterative. Wayde proposes a list of sci-fi/medieval band names, and also "Parallel Machines." Nick does his periodic format and reinstall of Windows to his C:\ drive.

Feb 25, 2009: Jeff proposes a long list of two-word names that end in "Machine."

Feb 24, 2009: Wayde proposes six band names based on dragons.

Feb 23, 2009: An updated list of the project's possible songs includes a name for the instrumental (Shred of the Titans), Blood On Your Hands, Devil In Disguise, new Wayde song, new Jeff song, and a possible new Nick song. Jeff and Dave discuss possible equipment for Dave's drum programming. Another favorite choice for band name, "Turing Machine" is found by Jeff to already exist.

Feb 22, 2009: Wayde discovers the name Simplexity is already being used, and offers up mp3's to the guys of the two new songs for the project. Jeff begins a band dialogue regarding how percentages and royalties may be paid out to individual members of the project. The general consensus of the band appears to be using a credit system based on contribution.

Feb 21, 2009: Wayde returns from vacation, and talks about offering up two songs from earlier projects that didn't make it to release.

Feb 20, 2009: The guys are still buzzing about all the possibilities for their new project.

Feb 19, 2009: Jeff likes the name Sobriquet for the band or a song. Nick expresses his joy over creating music again, after quitting completely it for eleven years.

Feb 18, 2009: Jeff burns two Sonar projects to DVD, to send them to Wayde and Nick.

Feb 17, 2009: One day later, per Jeff's request, Nick writes new lyrics for Tighten The Chains, and renames it "Blood On Your Hands." Nick proposes they name the band Shred Of The Titans, and Jeff jokes that he doesn't know if he can live up to that name.

Feb 16, 2009: Dave, recognizing the greatness of the song, tries to talk Jeff into using the original music for Crazy Where I've Been, instead of writing new music for Nick's lyrics; Nick chimes in as well. Jeff considers this and offers to include both Crazy Where I've Been and Tighten The Chains in the new Axis project, and provides the guys mp3's of both current versions. Jeff asks Nick how he feels about writing new lyrics for Tighten The Chains. Jeff thinks a blue-based color scheme would be good for the project's graphics. Nick confirms using "Crazy Where I've Been" as the final title for the song. Nick asks Jeff how he feels about collaborating on background vocals.

Feb 15, 2009: Jeff compiles the first official list of the new Axis project songs: Vampire Desire, Crazy, Heaven, Future, Crying in the Rain, an unnamed instrumental, a new song by Wayde, a new song by Jeff. Everyone agrees that programmed drums are the best idea to keep things consistent for the entire project.

Feb 14, 2009: Dave says he doesn't want to use the drums from the 1992 Triad recording sessions, due to poor clarity. Dave hears some sampled drum kits that match his sounds, and elects to use them for programming the drums instead of his own sounds. Nick decides to compile and maintain a list of all band names suggested. Nick also posts four more song lyrics: Heaven, Your Future Lies In The Stars, That's All Right and Vampire Desire. Wayde offers the band name, "Broken Earth." An issue about how much personal time Dave has to devote to the project appears; his offer is to only work on groove and fills after the rest of the drums are already programmed by Wayde and Jeff. Jeff still not keen on using his music for Crazy Where I've Been, and offers to write new music for the lyrics instead. Jeff offers to create the Sonar project for That's All Right, the one song where the music is penned by Nick.

Feb 13, 2009: Nick finds all the lyrics for the Axis songs in a poetry book he kept back in the Axis days, and posts two of them: Crazy and Devil In Disguise. Wayde leaves for vacation. Jeff considers changing the music a little on the song "Touched," to differentiate it from the version on his solo project. Nick renames it "Crazy," and Jeff proposes naming it "Crazy Where I've Been," in order to avoid people confusing it with other songs. Dave proposes Simplexity as a band name. The guys discuss good times from way back when. Jeff and Dave discuss drum programming possibilities, including sampling Dave's live drum sounds. The option of tweaking the drums digitally that were recorded on analog tape back in 1992 is also discussed. Nick proposes several names for the band.

Feb 12, 2009: Jeff starts creating Sonar files for the songs from the former Axis project. More procedures for recording the new project are discussed, as well as using CDBaby for digital distribution. Jeff wonders whether they should keep the name Axis or not; Wayde, who named it Axis in the first place, does not want to keep the name for various reasons. Wayde provides the first list of possible names. Jeff provides the next list, with 52 entries. Jeff creates and makes available two songs from the former EP project in mp3 format. Dave offers to learn how to use drum programming software from Jeff. Nick is amazed that the kids he works with really like the original Axis demo made in 1991.

Feb 11, 2009: Nick declines Dave's offer to fly him out to the Pacific Northwest to record his vocals in a commercial studio.

Feb 10, 2009: Jeff ponders if the new project will include any ballads. Nick is sick with stomach flu, and suggests "Big Violins Can Shred" as a name that uses the first initials of all four members' last names, as well as another called "Bevacosm" that does the same thing (meaning 'billion electron volt universe'). He also starts digging for old solo songs to possible bring into the project, as well as old copies of lyrics sheets from songs he wrote with Wayde and Jeff.

Feb 9, 2009: Jeff posts a list of songs based on everyone's input, and it includes slots for as yet unwritten selections. It is decided that a song by Jeff called Tighten The Chains will not be included. Wayde proposes that everyone come up with a new name for the project instead of "Wayde Cooper's Axis."

Feb 8, 2009: Jeff offers to give Nick his M-Audio 2496 PCI sound card for recording his vocals.

Feb 7, 2009: Wayde presents his list of songs that he'd like to record. Dave weighs in on the process, and with that action, all four remaining members of Axis are officially in the loop. The entire band discusses at length how to proceed with the project.

Feb 6, 2009: Jeff and Nick discuss microphones and amplifiers. Jeff also gives Nick a crash course in the general fundamentals of digital recording, such as the decision to record everything in 24bit. Cakewalk Sonar is the software that Wayde and Jeff already use, so Nick decides to get the same program to make working together as easy as possible. Jeff provides a list of all possible songs from the Axis days, in order for everyone to discuss what they'd like to reprise.

Feb 5, 2009: Nick starts looking at music recording equipment, and nominates bringing back Tighten The Chains from the Axis days.

Feb 3, 2009: Jeff contacts Wayde with the intent to see if he'd like to revive the Axis recording project. Wayde's enthusiastic response includes curiosity about what Nick's ideas/goals/expectations are for the project. Jeff provides Nick with an initial list of vocal recording devices to consider before buying. They discuss Jim Beseda's suicide.

Feb 2, 2009: Jeff and Nick talk about all kinds of subjects as they relate to the new project, including how Kurt Cobain eliminated the guitar solo from popular music by making it chic to not play guitar very well. They discuss the possibility of including more of Wayde's compositions.

Jan 29, 2009: Jeff compiles a list of the four songs that were being worked on for the second CD in 1992, plus more songs from their catalog that they feel worthy of updating and adding to the revived project.

Jan 27, 2009: Jeff decides to contact Wayde, and tell him about these recent developments. Lengthy Jeff-Nick dialogue continues.

Jan 26, 2009: Jeff and Nick discuss That's All Right, the only song from the Axis days that Nick wrote the music for.

Jan 23, 2009: Jeff writes back to Nick, and accepts his offer to help complete the unfinished Axis second CD from 1992.

Jan 20, 2009: Nick writes back to Dave and catches him up on his own activities since the Axis days.

Jan 18, 2009: Dave answers Nick with an email detailing his life since the Axis days.

Jan 16, 2009: Nick finds Jeff Smoots' web site, and contacts him to thank him for putting the live videos of the 1992 Axis show on YouTube, which spurred many happy memories. Jeff writes back to Nick the same day.

Jan 12, 2009: Nick writes back to Dave Beardsley, who found him on MySpace in December 2008 before Nick deleted his account.