Jeffrey Smoots

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots is a multi-instrumentalist and composer living in the Pacific Northwest. He has appeared in Guitar One and Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine. Jeffrey is endorsed by Dean Guitars, Dean Markley Strings, Morley Pedals, SONiVOX MI, and ADK Pro Audio Computers.

Jeffrey runs his own project studio and has done sound design work for SONiVOX MI, including their Rock Webpack, Blue Jay Drums and Symphonic Strings.

2011 marks Jeffrey’s successful foray into commercial music. Songs from Spank Your Inner Child and Loss for Words are available to license from

Jeffrey has also written guest columns for several websites (including Guitar 9 Records, Insane Guitar, and and has written album reviews for the progressive rock website

Jeffrey’s website ( is the central repository for JRS-related musical information, featuring his popular free online guitar lessons, drum sequencing articles, streaming and downloadable audio and midi files, bio, discography, news, and much more.


Band/Album: Rush ‘Moving Pictures’, Dream Theater ‘Images and Words’, Queensryche ‘Rage for Order’, Racer X ‘Second Heat’, Kings X ‘Gretchen Goes to Nebraska’

Movies: This is Spinal Tap, The Empire Strikes Back, The Princess Bride, The Matrix

Meal/Food: Mexican

Books: ‘Have Spacesuit--Will Travel’ Robert A Heinlein, ‘Rocket Ship Galileo’ Robert A. Heinlein, ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’ Robert A. Heinlein, The Narnia series by C.S. Lewis.

TV shows: The Simpsons, Antiques Roadshow, Family Guy, Iron Chef America, Pawn Stars, Nova.

Hobbies: Science Fiction, vintage Star Wars toys, 1st person shooters, computer generated imagery, computer animation, computer science, astronomy, physics (mainstream and fringe), conspiracy theories, genealogy.

Most memorable concert: Rush at Tacoma Dome, 1984 for the Grace Under Pressure tour.